The Latest False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria: A Casus Belli

Remember Assad Gave Up ALL Chemical Weapons!

Proof: Trump, Bolton, Israel behind Syria chemical attacks - confirmed


CORONAVIRUS: USA/NATO Biological Terrorism

Russia Safe - Stay Calm and Start a War Crimes Tribunal

NOTE: Biological Experiments themselves are war crimes. Article 8 of The Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court (ICC) defines biological experiments as war crimes. The US, however, is not a state party to the international treaty, and thus believes it cannot be held accountable for its war crimes. In reality the USA has thus placed itself outside of the law in an effort to maintain their impunity and is thus literally the definition of a Rogue Nation.

CORONAVIRUS: USA Biological Terrorism

9/11 The Historic False Flag and Catalyst for Everything You See Here

US/NATO INF Exit, Full Spectrum Dominance: A Nuclear Pistol at Moscow's Head


Intelligence Report: US Hides False Flag Attack Evidence by Bombing Evidence

Understanding the Forces at Work Trying to Fabricate a "New World Order"

Syrian Attacks: War Crimes Cover Up for Israel


The Oded Yinon Zionist Plan: Why War Everywhere



Russia's New Defenses and the Global Strategic Shift


False Flags Companies and Crisis Actors and False Flag Operations

Stop the US/NATO/Israeli Destruction of Syria

Russia's New Military Supremacy

The CIA. The Reason for all of the Wars Worldwide

US Military/CIA Social Media Global COINTELPRO Psy-Op on Truthers

US Bellicose Brinksmanship and Why Word War III Will Not Happen

The New World Order: The Global Architects of Endless War and Misery

Another UC/CIA Case of Disastrous Meddling and Nation Destruction

Crisis Actors and Companies Engaged in the Bussiness of Mass-Murder for Show

Yet Another US False Flag to Change Policy and Make Millions

IzraHell and MOSSAD: The Real Ruler of the MIIC and the Destroyers of the ME


Understanding the Forces at Work Trying to Fabricate a "New World Order"

False Flags Companies and Crisis Actors and False Flag Operations

Stop the US/NATO/Israeli Destruction of Syria

Srebrenica: You Have Never Heard About the First Srebrenica

Hunting [Q] "ANON" - J Exposes Q Anon

The Murderous Clinton Crime Empire

9-11: The MOSSAD/CIA/SAUDI Black Op

The Terror Vortex: How Zionists Plan to Start World War III


Libya and the CIA/MI6 Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi


The Truth About NATO

The CIA's Continuing Attacks on Russia and the Russian World

Serbia the Beginning of the US/NATO Attempt to Take Over the World


Expose25A News, Evidence, Files and Intel on August-September 2018 False Flag Attempt

Active False Flag Operation Staging in Syria

Russia Gearing Up for Major Confrontationn

«Это крупнейшее со времен маневров "Запад-81" мероприятие по подготовке Вооруженных сил, которое приобрело статус международных учений, имеет беспрецедентные масштабы, как по пространственному размаху, так и по численности привлекаемых органов военного управления, войск и сил», - сказал Шойгу.«Это крупнейшее со времен маневров "Запад-81" мероприятие по подготовке Вооруженных сил, которое приобрело статус международных учений, имеет беспрецедентные масштабы, как по пространственному размаху, так и по численности привлекаемых органов военного управления, войск и сил», - сказал Шойгу.
Russia military: Fifth day of Vostok 2018

Vostok-2018 military manoeuvres

Военные манёвры «Восток-2018»
Больше 40 самолетов нанесут групповой авиаудар в рамках маневров "Восток-2018"
Russia Launches Largest Military Drills in Decades: 300k Troops & Thousands of War Machiness
Russia planning to hold biggest war games in nearly 40 yearss

Russia responds to US actions with Vostok-2018 military drills — senatorr

From Siberia to the Mediterranean, Russia holds largest military drills in its historyy

Russia military drills 'designed to send robust message to the West''


More US/NATO/MOSSAD WWIII LUNACY for Israel!!! - Latest News

F UK US IzraHell Active False Flag Operation

Russia holds Israel accountable for Russian aircraft downing, reserves the right to respond

Москва назвала действия Израиля враждебными

Syria - Israel Provocation Kills Russian Soldiers - Moscow Will Take Political Revenge

Moscow Accuses Israel Of Using Downed Russian Jet As "Cover" During Syrian Attack

Russian MoD: Terrorists prepare for staging chemical provocation in Idleb countryside

Newly released photos raise questions about French military role in Syria's Deir Ezzor

Russia warns about US attempts to prepare global public opinion for new attack on Syria

US Destroyer Enters Mediterranean As Syria Tensions Build; Carrier On Standby

Militants kidnap kids to stage chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Idlib: Russia

Shulgin calls on OPCW to prevent provocation using chemical weapons in Idleb

Army finds weapons, ammunition, and telecommunication devices in al-Mayadeen, Deir Ezzor

Weapons and munitions left behind by terrorists discovered in al-Rastan, Homs

Russia at the OPCW: Moscow calls for preventing any chemical provocation from taking place in Idleb

Al-Moallem: the US uses chemical weapons as pretext to justify aggression on Syria

Special Message to President Trump regarding the False Flag Plot in Syria

Western Military Powers Scheming To Justify Illicit Bombing Of Syria

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Demand That Trump Vacate Syria

Staged Filming of False Flag ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib: Russian MoD

FOX Perpetuates Fake News About Syrian False Flag Chemical Attack, Promotes Zionist Agenda

Globalists Triggering Regional War with False Flag Attack in Syria

Democratic Leadership United With Deep State Support of Trump’s Illegal War In Syria

It’s Official: U.S. Military will bomb Syria again after staging yet another false flag chemical attack

Idlib Represents the Total Failure of the Neocon Zionist Control of America’s Mideast War Policy

UN warns of 'worst' crisis this century as thousands flee Syria's Idlib

US Military Preparing For "Options" In Syria

Russian, Syrian Aircraft Pound Opposition-Controlled Idlib Province
Terrorists & White Helmets met in Idlib to prep for final stage false flag chem attack – Russian MoD

Israel Secretly Armed Syrian Rebels and Then Abandoned Them ...

Israel Censors News on Its Support to Al Qaeda Militants in Syria

New details surface about terrorists’ preparations to stage chemical attack in Idleb and Hama

Putin: Russia has proof that militants prepare provocations with chemical weapons in Syria

Al-Jaafari: Liberating Idleb will be the last nail in the coffin of terrorism

Putin hopes terrorists in Idlib will wisen up and lay down arms

Rouhani affirms need to continue combating terrorism… Putin: Syrian state has the right to impose control

Trump Admin Makes Up Charges About Another Chemical Attack, CIA-Israel Behind Every False Flag Hoax in Syria

NEWS ON F UK US AGGRESSION - See News Page for Latest

Al-Moallem: US allegations about chemical weapons blatant attempt to justify potential aggression on Syria

Weapons, munitions and medicines of terrorists’ remnants discovered in Quneitra countryside

Syria Delivers Evidence to UN Showing Peparations for False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

Syrian children kidnapped to be used in false chemical attack in Idlib: Report

Russia says Syria’s Idlib province hotbed for terrorists, warns of inaction consequences

Syria Presents UN with Data on Militant Plans to Stage False Flag Gas Attack

Minister al-Moallem: F UK US want to carry out triple aggression on Syria to protect Jabhat al-Nusra

White Helmets accompany large delivery of poisonous chemicals to militants in Syria – MoD

Turkish truck transports gas cylinders to Idleb to fabricate “new chemical attack”

Russian ambassador warns Washington against another act of aggression in Syria

Syria: Bolton’s ‘Damascus Chemical Weapons Plot’ Lacks Motive, Credibility

Al-Jaafari: Terrorists preparing biological attacks on civilians, any aggression on Syria will support terrorism

Russian military say White Helmets hand toxicants to Ahrar al-Sham grouping

Russian envoy, UN chief to discuss possible chemical weapons provocations in Syria

Russia's UN envoy responds to UK’s statement on data provided by Russian Defense Ministry

Syria presents UN with data proving plans for terrorist chemical weapons attack in Idlib

France threatens to strike Syria regime if chemical weapons used again

Мэй и Эрдоган выразили озабоченность возможностью применения химоружия в Сирии

US seeking to use fake chemical weapons attack to strike Syria: Russian MoD


Foreign specialists planning chemical attack in Syria: Russia

Nasrallah: West preparing to stage new chemical incident in Idleb

Major provocations using chemical weapons planned in Syria - Russia’s Ministry of Defense

US-UK Chemical Weapons Plot in Syria Exposed

US official visits Syria's Kurdish-held territory

Russian MoD: Experts speaking English preparing fake chemical attacks using chlorine bombs in next two dayss

Russian Defense Ministry affirms that what is called “White Helmets” prepare for staging a fake chemical attackk

Военные РФ сообщили о возможной инсценировке химатаки в Сирии в ближайшие двое сутокк

Russian MoD: Terrorists readying chemical attack in Idleb to justify new aggression on Syriaa

Russian Defense Ministry: Confirmed 8 packages of chlorine Intercepted for Chemical Weapons False Flagg

Foreign-made weapons discovered during sweeping operations in Deir Ezzor southeastern countrysidee

Russia: US plans new Syria strike with false flag attackk


Russias MOD and Intel Ties US to False Flag

By PRESS TV - August 27, 2018

Source: US seeking to use fake chemical weapons attack to strike Syria: Russian MoD

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov

The Russian Defense Ministry has warned that the United States may use a fake chemical attack carried out by foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib as a pretext to launch possible airstrikes on Syrian government forces.

“The United States keeps building up the group of cruise missile carriers in the Middle East region, connected with the preparation of a regular provocation with alleged 'use of chemical weapons' in the province of Idlib," Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov told reporters on Monday.

Konashenkov added that the destroyer USS The Sullivans armed with 56 cruise missiles had arrived in the Persian Gulf several days ago, while a US В-1В bomber carrying 24 air-to-surface AGM-158 JASSM cruise missiles has been deployed at al-Udeid airbase in Qatar for this purpose.

Additionally, guided-missile destroyer USS Ross armed with 28 Tomahawk cruise missiles entered the Mediterranean on August 25, and the vessel is capable of hitting any target in Syria.

The warning came only a day after Konashenkov said foreign special agents are preparing to commit major provocations in Syria by means of chemical weapons.

“According to the information that the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria received today from the residents of the Idlib, English-speaking foreign experts have arrived in the Hbit settlement south of Idlib de-escalation zone to stage a ‘chemical attack’ using chlorine-loaded missiles,” the senior Russian military official said on Sunday.

Konashenkov highlighted that militant rocket launchers will strike Kafr Zayta settlement within the next two days.

“The interested trans-regional forces are once again preparing major provocations in Syria using poisonous substances to severely destabilize the situation and disrupt the steady dynamics of the ongoing peace process,” he pointed out. 

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service announced in a statement on Monday that the Admiral Grigorovich and the Admiral Essen, two frigates of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, are heading to the Mediterranean Sea in order to bolster Russia’s military presence in the region amid reports that the US is preparing to strike Syria.

PressTV-'Foreign specialists planning chemical attack in Syria'

“Foreign specialists” have arrived in Syria and are planning to stage a chlorine attack which they will blame on the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The US has warned it would respond to a chemical weapons attack by Syrian government forces with retaliatory strikes, stressing that the attacks would be stronger than those conducted by American, British and French forces back in April.

Early on April 14, the US, Britain and France carried out a string of airstrikes against Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attack against the city of Douma, located about 10 kilometers northeast of the capital Damascus.

Washington and its allies blamed Damascus for the Douma attack, an allegation rejected by the Syrian government.

Pentagon said in a statement that at least 58 missiles had struck Shayrat airbase in the western Syrian city of Homs. An unnamed US official said Tomahawk missiles were used in the strikes.

The United Kingdom's Royal Air Force said four Tornado GR4s fighter jets joined in the operation, while France said it had deployed Mirage and Rafale fighter jets.

Russian General Staff spokesman General Sergei Rudskoy, however, said Syrian air defense systems had intercepted at least 71 cruise missiles fired during the US-led aggression.

Bolton Now Commander of Al-Qaeda

VIDEO25 F UK US Perpetual False Flag in Syria and Death of Mass-Murderer McCain

F UK US Planning ANOTHER False Flag in Syria + McCain

Russian MOD: Chemical attack in Jisr al-Shoughur will be done with participation of MI6 and used by F UK US as pretext for aggression against Syria and financial targets


Expose25A News, Evidence, Files and Intel on April-May 2018 False Flag Attempt (Stopped)




ISRAEL is Responible: US/NATO/MOSSAD WWIII LUNACY!! - Latest News


Someone Finally Listened to JAR2 - BDS the US




Syria: Militant evacuation resumes in Homs and Hama

Девять человек погибли при подрыве двух автомобилей в Сирии


Takfiri militants hand over Israeli-made munitions to Syrian troops

Власти Сирии призывают бежавших из Пальмиры жителей вернуться домой

Syria will not hesitate to retaliate against Israeli attacks: Envoy

War on Syria

Жертвами израильского удара по Сирии стал 21 иностранный боец

Israel Now Faces New Rules Of Engagement In Syria

Russia Says No S-300 Missiles For Syria After Netanyahu Visit

UK Accidentally Admits use of Horrifying, Organ Rupturing Weapons in Syria


US Troops Create New Military Base in Syria, Despite Turkey Threatening to Attack

Iran says Syria has every right to defend itself against Israel

Israeli attacks on Syria meant to prop up terrorists: Iran

Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag

США поддержали удар Израиля по иранским позициям в Сирии

The US-Israeli Plan To Assassinate Iran's Elite Revolutionary Guard Commander

В Кремле отвергли планы поставок С-300 Сирии

Terrorists leave Syrian towns south of Damascus under government deal

Has Israel opened a new front in Syria's war?

28 Israeli jets fired about 60 rockets in overnight strikes on Syria - Russian MoD

Сирийские военные назвали число погибших от авиаудара Израиля


Israel acknowledges striking dozens of Iranian targets in Syria

Russia says Syria shot down half of Israeli missiles

Британский премьер поддержала ракетные удары Израиля по территории Сирии

Израильским ударом уничтожен комплекс "Панцирь" сирийской армии

Syrian army says destroyed most of Israeli rockets

Вывод боевиков из района лагеря палестинских беженцев "Ярмук" в Сирии завершается

Syria downs Israeli rockets after Quneitra shelled

Syrian government forces carry on with anti-terror operations



Разминировавший Пальмиру «Уран-6» показали в действии


Israel Will 'Eliminate' Assad if He Continues Letting Iran Operate From Syria, Senior Israeli Minister Threatens

Израиль передумал и решил воевать с Ираном

Iraq says its warplanes targeted Islamic State jihadists in eastern Syria

Turkey will carry out more cross-border offensives into Syria, Erdogan vows

Iranian Academy: Syria’s Douma chemical weapons attack fabricated

Iran jails 16 women for joining Daesh in Syria

Iraqi aircraft target Daesh commanders in northeastern Syria


The War on Iran Has Already Begun — and Russia Must End It

Terrorists continue leaving southern Damascus


Evacuation of militants continues around Damascus

Pentagon Seeks $300 Million in Weapons for 65,000 US-Backed Forces in Syria

UN Inspectors 'Planning To Exhume' Bodies Of Syrian Gas Victims


Syrian govt. forces discover Israeli-made arms smuggled to terrorists

Российские военные сообщили о начале вывода боевиков из южного пригорода Дамаска


Лавров обвинил США в подготовке боевиков в Сирии

Russia's Su-30 fighter aircraft crashes into Mediterranean Sea in Syria

Russian Su-30 Jet Crashes Off Syria Coast, Both Pilots Dead

Российский истребитель Су-30СМ разбился в Сирии

МВД РФ опубликовало ролик с личными вещами серийного убийцы Чикатило

UK admits killing civilian in airstrike on Syria

Militants begin leaving south Damascus under govt. evacuation deal


"Iran presence in Syria at request of Damascus, people"


Hezbollah accomplishes mission in Syria, prepares to defend Lebanon against Israeli aggression

Assad: Aggressors against Syria are just angry that Syria defeated their terrorist proxies

Боевики обстреляли сирийский Хомс


Massive Fireballs Light Up Syrian Sky After Israeli Strike; "Dozens" Of Iranian Soldiers Reportedly Killed

Weapons Inspector Refutes U.S. Syria Chemical Claims

"Вражеской ракетная атака" в Сирии спровоцировала землетрясение

Сирия заявила о новой ракетной атаке на свои военные базы

Military bases in Syria's Aleppo, Hama targeted by missiles

Syrian army advances in southern Damascus


Qatar dismiss Saudi ultimatum for troop deployment in Syria

Syrian army hits Daesh targets in southern Damascus

US stumped by a Russian e-war

Unique footage of Russian military police units entering Douma от Джон Роблес на Rutube.


The endgame in Syria could get ugly really fast


Drone warfare: New Russian electromagnetic weapons to be baptized in Syria


Drone warfare: New Russian electromagnetic weapons to be baptized in Syria

Sample of F/UK/US/NATO Ship Being Destroyed

US to Syria: 'Bow down to us before we go ahead and really do something crazy!'

Russia To Send Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syria, Warns Israel Of "Catastrophic Consequences"

Russia to Upgrade Syria’s Air Defense System, Escalating Tensions With Israel

Правительственные войска Сирии взяли под контроль территорию Восточного Каламуна

Франция увеличит военное пристутствие в Сирии

В Восточную Гуту вернулись свыше 60 тыс. сирийцев

Last batch of militants evacuate East Qalamoun: Syrian media


Пять жителей Дамаска погибли при обстреле боевиками

Illegal foreign presence in Syria serves to revive terrorism front: Iranian official

Syria shot down 46 US missiles: Russia

SOTT FOCUS: The U.S. Role in the Destruction of Syria

MSM Is Frantically Attacking Dissenting Syria Narratives, And It Looks Really Bad

Russian Defense Ministry shows fragments of 'smart missiles' shot down in Syria

The aims of the criminal bombing of Syria by the Transnational Elite and globalization

No deals for remaining Daesh terrorists in southern Damascus: Syria minister

Israel vows to destroy Russian s-300 missiles in Syria if warplanes are targeted

Panic over Russian S-300s in Syrian hands? CENTCOM general makes 'secret and unprecedented' visit to Israel

F.UK.US strike on Syria worst military fiasco in 70+ years - Did Russian electronic warfare help make it so?

PROXY WAR: Trump administration won’t abandon regime change in Syria

US CENTCOM Chief Makes "Secret And Unprecedented" Visit To Israel As Russia Mulls Arming Syria

Turkish President Erdogan Blasts The US For "Sending 5,000 Trucks Loaded With Weapons To Northern Syria"


62,5 тысячи жителей Восточной Гуты вернулись домой из лагерей беженцев

Американский самолет провел разведку вблизи Сирии и российской базы

Российские ПВО на авиабазе Хмеймим в Сирии уничтожили неизвестные цели

Dankof: Israeli-Saudi alliance behind war crimes in Syria

Russia to deliver S-300 air defence systems to Syria for free


The failed US strike on Syria: Lies, deception and quiet desperation

Syrian fighter jets strike militant positions near capital Damascus: Report

US-led military strikes will fail to stop Syria's terror fight: Assad

Daesh second-in-command killed in Iraqi airstrike inside Syria

Беспилотник США провел разведку вблизи Сирии и базы ВМФ РФ в порту Тартус

US-"liberated" SPECIFICALLY DESTROYED Raqqa: The UN saw destruction unlike anywhere else in Syria

44-21/04-22-2018 WEEKEND

Chemical Inspection Team Reaches Douma, Negates ‘Russia Cover-Up’ Claim

Weapons inspectors visit site of Douma 'chemical attack'

Chemical weapons experts collect samples from Syrian city

Russian Journalists Find Boy In White Helmets Chemical Attack Video

04-20-2018 FRIDAY

Ex-UN commission member: Lab equipment found in Douma made in West, possibly UK or Germany

Local Eyewitnesses Say There Was No Chemical Attack In Douma

Attack Syria: Thumbing noses at the constitution and the law

British propaganda and disinformation, a longtime imperial and colonial tradition

04-19-2018 THURSDAY

STUNNING! Chlorine containers from Germany and smoke bombs from Salisbury (Skripal poisoning) found in Syria

Russia: German chlorine, UK smoke bombs found in Syria's Ghouta

Отец якобы пострадавшего от химатаки в Сирии ребенка опроверг применение химоружия

04-18-2018 WEDNESDAY

Russia military finds chemical weapons lab Syria’s Douma

US-led airstrikes on Syria condemned by MEPs

04-17-2018 TUESDAY

Russia accuses British special services of staging Douma chemical attack

НАТО официально отказалось воевать в Сирии

Syria gas attack false flag organized by UK spy services: Russia

US Senate moves to limit President Trump’s war powers

UK PM faces backlash over “illegal” Syria strikes

May accused of 'flagrant disregard' over Syria strikes

Macron hits back at MEPs criticising Syria airstrikes

Yemenis in solidarity with Syria

UK military embarrassed by lack of firepower in Syria attack

Russia to consider S-300 delivery to Syria after West attack: Lavorv

Российский адмирал оценил блокаду британской подлодки у берегов Сирии

Минобороны РФ нашло химлабораторию боевиков в сирийской Думе

Эксперты ОЗХО прибыли в сирийскую Думу

Силы ПВО Сирии выпустили несколько ракет по неизвестным самолетам

Сирийские военные сбили три летевшие в сторону авиабазы Думейр израильские ракеты

Сирийские силы ПВО отчитались о девяти сбитых израильских ракетах у Хомса

ВВС Израиля обстреляли сирийскую базу в Хомсе

Macron takes fire for Syria attack as France moves to revoke Assad's Legion of Honor

Protesters brand West's airstrikes on Syria 'illegal'

Douma hospital refutes terrorists claim about alleged use of chemical attack

Syrian air defenses repel missile attack on airbase over Homs

Сирийская система ПВО сбила ракеты рядом с Хомсом

Russia cannot limit Israel's actions in Syria, Lieberman says

ПВО Сирии сбила ракеты в районе Хомса

В сирийской Думе нашли более 1,5 тонн взрывчатки

Лавров рассказал о планах России отправить в Сирию комплексы С-300

Сирийская ПВО отразила новую ракетную атаку

'No release of chemicals - best proof there were none'

Trump allegedly wanted to bomb Russian and Iranian targets amid Syria strikes

04-16-2018 MONDAY

Постпред РФ при ОЗХО заявил о доказательствах британской провокации в сирийской Думе

Военные РФ пообещали ОЗХО возможность беспрепятственно работать в Восточной Гуте

Not in my name: List of emergency No War with Syria protests in the US

Россия официально обвинила Британию и США в сирийской химатаке

Мэр Пскова призвал "стереть пиндосов" с лица Земли

Китай раскритиковал удар США по Сирии

Дальний беспилотник ВВС США провел разведку у российских баз в Сирии

В МИД РФ поверили заявлениям Запада об отказе от новых ударов по Сирии

'God damn you, Trump': Syrians in Damascus react to U.S.-led airstrikes

Дипломатический источник не нашел данных о новом ударе США по Сирии


04-15-2018 SUNDAY

Заявление Президента Российской Федерации Владимира Путина

Говори, говори: американцы заявляют об успешности удара по Сирии

US troops not leaving Syria until objectives achieved: Haley

Tripartite US-led missile attack on Syria clear act of aggression: Assad

US-led strikes on Syria aimed at making up for terrorists’ defeats: Velayati

No country entitled to 'arbitrary' moves against others: Iran FM

Fate of thousands in question after terrorists leave Douma

Trump’s foreign policy completely under thumb of Israeli lobby: Analyst

US-led strikes meant to distract world opinion from Syria victories: IRIB world service chief

Президент Венесуэлы назвал удар по Сирии преступлением

Италия не предоставит базы для ударов по Сирии

Минобороны РФ отчиталось о полном выводе боевиков из сирийской Думы

Hazbollah: US strikes against Syria will achieve nothing

СМИ сообщили о гибели 20 человек при взрыве в Сирии

US-led strikes boost Syria's resistance in face of terror: IRGC

Qatar’s allowing missiles to be fired from airbase shameful: Syrian official

US-UK-French attack on Syria was a publicity stunt: Scholar

West’s proof of suspected chemical attack in Douma ‘ludicrous’ for experts: Lavrov

04-14-2018 SATURDAY

ASSAD RUSSIA Almost Win, Israel Launches Another Attack


Of 103 "NEW SMART ROCKETS" 71 were intercepted. No one died.

����������������������������������������������������ЭТО $442 900 000,00 ���������������������������� After this the Pentagon says they were ineffective

Пентагон назвал неэффективной работу ПВО Сирии

Владимир Путин припомнил США прошлогодний авиаудар по авиабазе Шайрат

На сирийском аэродроме Меззе развернули ЗРК "Бук"

Совбез ООН проведет экстренное заседание по требованию России

Глава Совета по внешней и оборонной политике предложил провести ревизию возможностей РФ в Сирии

British Tornados fighter jets prepare for bombing raid on Homs, Syria

Russian Defense Ministry says Russia has evidence proving Douma chemical attack was fake

Russian Navy admiral says Russia will torpedo US warships, if need be

США заранее предупредили Россию о ракетном ударе по Сирии

В МИД РФ прокомментировали секретный доклад Франции о сирийском химоружии

Мэй назвала удар по Сирии предостережением для других стран от применения химоружия

Меркель поддержала военную операцию США и их союзников в Сирии

При ударе западной коалиции по Сирии никто не погиб

Путин обвинил США в усугублении гуманитарной катастрофы в Сирии

Минобороны назвало объекты ударов США по Сирии

Дамаск насчитал 30 выпущенных по Сирии ракет


Появилось видео перехвата «Томагавка» сирийскими ПВО

Пентагон рапортовал о завершении первого удара по Сирии

США обстреляли Дамаск «Томагавками»

В нанесении ударов по Сирии участвовали четыре британских самолета

Сирийские военные рассказали о сбитых ракетах США и их союзников

Посол РФ пригрозил США последствиями за удар по Сирии

В Пентагоне рассказали о разовом характере ударов по Сирии

Посольство РФ не подтверждает данные о пострадавших россиянах после удара США

Власти Сирии сообщили о завершении удара США и их союзников

Центр Дамаска в результате авиаударов не пострадал

Корабли и авиация вооруженных сил США задействованы в нанесении ударов по Сирии

Эмманюэль Макрон рассказал о целях совместного удара по сирийским объектам

Глава Пентагона заявил о единоразовом ударе по Сирии

США предупредили Россию о начале операции в Сирии

Британский премьер заявила о приказе военным приступить к операции в Сирии

Мишенями ударов США стали военные базы в Дамаске и исследовательский центр

СМИ сообщили о взрывах в районе Дамаска

США совместно в Великобританией и Францией начали операцию против Сирии

Трамп отдал приказ нанести удар по Сирии

США решились атаковать Сирию

04:15 Reports Say US Bombing Damascus

04:19 Twitter Blocks Partner's Reserve Account for 12 hours


04:25 Трамп внезапно приказал нанести точечные удары томагавками по Сирии. Удары также нанесут Франция и Великобритания. Очевидцы в Дамаске сообщают о взрывах. В общем, началось....


В Дамаске взорвались первые американские снаряды

СМИ сообщили о планах Трампа ударом по Сирии заставить «заплатить» Россию и Иран

Putin warns Macron against any ‘dangerous actions’ in Syria

SOTT FOCUS: How London and the White Helmets Staged the Douma "Chemical Attack"

Sky News anchor cuts off British general after he asks 'Why would Syria launch a gas attack now?'

Bolton and Mattis argue over attacking Syria Strike as Assad moves weapons

Сирийская армия обнаружила химическую лабораторию боевиков

What the result will eventually be for the US

Trump launches 'precision strikes' in Syria

Trump orders military strike against Syria

04-13-2018 FRIDAY

Авианосец «Гарри Трумэн»: ВМФ России vs Гордость ВМФ США

Российские военные не нашли следов химоружия в сирийском городе Дума

America’s Long History of Trying to Determine Who Rules Syria

Russia ready for military operation in Syria, warns of catastrophic consequences

Russia takes its warships from Tartus into open waters of Mediterranean Sea

Trump weighing Syria options as Russia warns it 'cannot exclude' prospect of clash

UK action in Syria nears as PM wins Cabinet approval

Russia: We will protect our troops in Syria

War between Russia, US can't be ruled out: Moscow

Syrian Girl reveals Saudi Arabia may have been behind Syria chemical weapons false flag

SOTT FOCUS: Shilling for War: The Syrian American Medical Society's Push for Death and Regime Change

Is WWIII On Hold?

Fake Chemical Weapons Attacks Are West’s Strategy For Undermining Russia in Syria

Trump, neocons and the push for a Faustian bargain with the most evil people on the planet

04-12-2018 THURSDAY

Britain's ex-MI6 chief thinks Western intervention saves lives, really wants to bomb Syria


US Intervention in Syria Will Kill Far More Children than Assad’s Alleged Chemical Attack

PM to ask Cabinet to back military action in Syria

Российский флот вышел навстречу флоту США

Россия ввела в сирийский город Дума военную полицию

Разведка сообщила о покинувших сирийский Тартус российских кораблях

Британия направила подводный флот к берегам Сирии

В США заявили о неспособности России сражаться на море и в воздухе

Russian combat aircraft buzz French warship - warning against missile attack

К российским базам в Сирии направился третий за сутки разведывательный самолет США

Важно: в Вашингтоне заявили о возможности удара по российским военным в Сирии

The 911 NeoCons are Back for War and Headed by Drumpf

The Whole Thing Was Staged! Everything…It’s All Fake News! But The Repercussions Will Be Very Serious!

04-11-2018 WEDNESDAY

Animal Trump hides behind Syrian children to kill them

Сирийская оппозиция захотела создать хаос после возможных ударов США

Russia will shoot down all US missiles and sources of fire, Russian Ambassador says

Algerian military plane crashes after takeoff, killing 257 people

Russian-made Il-76 transport aircraft crashes in Algeria killing about 200

Военно-транспортный самолёт Ил-76 разбился в Алжире, более 200 погибших (ВИДЕО)

REALchemical weapons attack: Canisters fired at Gaza protesters by Israelis cause convulsions unconsciousness

Russia vetoes Syria chemical weapons inquiry

Russian UN envoy drops truth bomb: US 'brings global chaos' & 'has no real friends'

В Кремле призвали не опираться на "эфемерные" источники СМИ при оценке ситуации в Сирии

Missiles fired from Yemen intercepted over Saudi capital

Afghan police destroy poppy field in Nangarhar

Syrian Army Finds White Helmets' Video Shooting Location

Syrian Army finds White Helmets film set for propaganda videos in Eastern Ghouta

Trump threatens Russia: Get ready, 'nice, new and smart' missiles will be coming to Syria

Twitter users blast NATO mouthpiece Higgins for refusing to debate MIT physicist on chemical weapons use in Syria

Paul Gosar (R-AZ) called for congressional approval of any military operations in Syria (Audio)

The Whole Thing Was Staged! Fake News! Trump Is Taking The Country To War Illegally Based On False Flag Lies

Neocon Warmongers Determined To Plunge The World Into War

“A criminally insane government in Washington…leading the world to destruction.” — PCR

US envoy to NATO accuses Assad of 'genocide', calls for military strike

04-10-2018 TUESDAY

UN says it's unable to 'independently verify allegations' of alleged chem attack in Douma

Crazed warmonger Haley threatens US will act against 'monster' Assad with or without UN

UN says it's unable to 'independently verify allegations' of alleged chem attack in Douma

Russia jams US military drones attempting to collect data to attack Syria

US, Israeli actions in Syria meant to boost terrorists' morale: Iran

Israel air strike against Syria will not go unanswered: Aide to Leader

China files trade complaint against U.S. over steel, aluminum tariffs

Запад проигрывает России выигранную войну

В МИД оценили возможность войны России и США в Сирии

Human Trafficking of Domestic Workers in the United States

Syria warns about ‘dangerous repercussions’ of Israeli assaults

US warned over 'grave repercussions' of attacking Syria: Russia

Минобороны РФ: удары по сирийскому аэродрому нанесли самолёты ВВС Израиля

РФ готова принять свой проект резолюции о расследовании химатак в Сирии

Syrian chemical weapons attack was false flag operation, Fox News host suggests

Британские войска приведены в повышенную боевую готовность для удара по Сирии

USS Donald Cook brings Tomahawk missiles next to Russian base in Syria's Tartus

Россия должна пригрозить Западу признанием ЛДНР

США заявляют о блокировке Россией радиосигналов ряда дронов в Сирии

Ongoing FBI Use of Entrapment in Terror Cases

США приготовились к удару по Сирии

Russia and the US exchange fierce words at UN over suspected Syria chemical weapons attack

Минобороны РФ: удары по сирийскому аэродрому нанесли самолёты ВВС Израиля

04-09-2018 MONDAY

Iran, Russia must boost cooperation in Syria until security restored: Rouhani

Israel's attack on Syria blatant violation of international law: Iran

Douma chemical attack to trigger large-scale military conflict between Russia and USA in Syria

ZIO-AMERICAN PLOT: Israel Would Never Have Attacked Syria Without Trump’s Explicit Approval

Российские военврачи не нашли у сирийцев в Думе химического отравления

Syria 'gas' attack part of 'wider abuse of norms'

Israel Told US Officials About Plans To Strike Syrian Air Base

False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria

Chemical weapons agency investigating Douma attack

Израильский генерал раскрыл тайну удара по "аэродрому с русскими"

Израиль атаковал Сирию: каким будет ответ Москвы и Тегерана

Israeli general indirectly confirms attack on T-4 airbase in Syria

Kremlin: Assumptions on chemical attack in Syria 'dangerous, wrong'

UK urges 'strong international' response to alleged Syria gas attack

Israel Launched Deadly Airstrike Against Syrian Airbase: Russia

Russia, Syria say Israeli warplanes hit Syrian military airport

Russia blames Israel for missile attack on Syrian airbase


False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria

Russia ‘ultimately’ to blame for Syria attack, US says, calling for emergency UNSC meeting

Russia, US urge Security Council meeting after Syria attacks

Russia blames Israel for missile strike on Syria base that killed 14

BEST OF THE WEB FLASHBACK: Trump in December 2016: 'We Will Stop Toppling Foreign Regimes'

BEST OF THE WEB FLASHBACK: Syrian Army finds militants' chemical weapons workshop in Eastern Ghouta

FLASHBACK: Russian military warns of terrorists planning chemical attack on E Ghouta residents

FLASHBACK: Reports allege White Helmets planning false flag chemical attack to be blamed on Syrian gov't

FLASHBACK: Terrorists claim Syria did chlorine gas attack after Syrian intelligence warns of imminent false-flag

FLASHBACK: Russia warns that militants in Syria are preparing false-flag gas attack against civilians

FLASHBACK: Russian MoD gives warning: US is preparing a chemical false flag attack in Syria for illegal airstrikes

Syrian T-4 airbase in Homs province hit by airstrikes - UPDATE: Israel did it

Paris: Macron, Trump exchange information 'confirming' chemical weapons use in Douma

MSM Napalm Propaganda in Syria: Vanessa Beeley's visit to rebel 'Chemical Weapon' sites in Eastern Ghouta

The Kremlin Calls For Calm Amid Media Lies and Hysteria

В Кремле призвали не опираться на "эфемерные" источники СМИ при оценке ситуации в Сирии

Syrian Army Finds White Helmets' Video Shooting Location

Russia will shoot down any missiles fired at Syria and strike launch sites, says Moscow envoy to Lebanon

США подняли в воздух самолет «Судного дня»

В Пентагоне не стали комментировать твит Трампа об ударе по Сирии

Натовский самолет AWACS начал разведку у границ Сирии

Russia will shoot down all US missiles and sources of fire, Russian Ambassador says

Сирийская оппозиция захотела создать хаос после возможных ударов США


Weapons meant for US-backed militants handed over to al-Qaeda: Report

By PRESS TV - May 16, 2018


The file photo shows a weapons arsenal, in which many of the arms were reportedly issued through US training programs.

US military equipment and ammunition, sent to Syria as part of a failed effort to arm “moderate” forces to battle Daesh, were instead handed over to an al-Qaeda group in the country, according to a report.

“I communicated with al-Qaeda’s branch, Al Nusra, to protect and safely escort me and my soldiers for two hours from North Aleppo to West Aleppo,” Maj. Anas Ibrahim Obaid, who said he brokered the deal, told Fox News from his home in the western Aleppo area.

“In exchange, I gave them five pickup trucks and ammunition,” said the man, who is better known on the battlefield as Abu Zayd.

The US issued those trucks and ammo to him in 2015 under the administration of former President Barack Obama, as part of a $500 million program to "train and equip" a new "ideologically moderate" force to fight Daesh terrorists.

Zayd said the program, one of at least two designed to funnel arms to rebel groups in Syria, was rigged with inconsistencies and incompetency.

Zayd, who said he defected from the Syrian Army to the opposition in 2012, said that in order to be included in the program, he had to show proof of association with a group that had fought Daesh.

After receiving training in Turkey, the first group of 54 trained militants crossed back to Syria in July 2015 where they were almost instantly ambushed by al-Nusra terrorists, who kidnapped several of them and stole their US-issued weapons.

Zayd said he was part of a second batch to be dispatched into Syria, but this time without proper firepower.

The US trainers "wanted us to go into Syria without weapons because of the ambush, and said we could get the weapons inside instead. This was crazy,” Zayd recalled. “We refused.”The US issued those trucks and ammo to him in 2015 under the administration of former President Barack Obama, as part of a $500 million program to "train and equip" a new "ideologically moderate" force to fight Daesh terrorists.

Zayd said the program, one of at least two designed to funnel arms to rebel groups in Syria, was rigged with inconsistencies and incompetency.

Zayd, who said he defected from the Syrian Army to the opposition in 2012, said that in order to be included in the program, he had to show proof of association with a group that had fought Daesh.

After receiving training in Turkey, the first group of 54 trained militants crossed back to Syria in July 2015 where they were almost instantly ambushed by al-Nusra terrorists, who kidnapped several of them and stole their US-issued weapons.

Zayd said he was part of a second batch to be dispatched into Syria, but this time without proper firepower.

The US trainers "wanted us to go into Syria without weapons because of the ambush, and said we could get the weapons inside instead. This was crazy,” Zayd recalled. “We refused.”

Abu Zayd's ammunition warehouse, believed to hold some American-issued items.

After the weapons issue was worked out, the militants began their journey to Syria on September 19, but were stopped by Turkish border guards, who found something else in their bags: Syrian government flags, rather than the flags of militants.

Zayd said militants charged back to their base in Turkey, demanding answers and US trainers took the blame for the “flag mistake.” He added that the following day the militants continued back to Syria.

Zayd said his group of 72 shrank to just 25, adding, like other militants, he became quickly fed up with the program and decided to go back to his hometown in western Aleppo but that meant he would have to move through al-Nusra territory. That is when he called the al-Qaeda-affiliated leaders and made the arrangement to give them the five US-issued trucks and scores of ammunition, in exchange for free passage and an armed escort home.

“The Americans were so angry when they found out, they cut my salary,” Zayd said nonchalantly. “But this was our only option through their territory to get home without getting killed.”

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The Syrian government says the US, Israeli regime and their regional allies are aiding terrorist groups that are wreaking havoc in the country.

A US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against what are said to be Daesh targets inside Syria since September 2014 without any authorization from the Damascus government or a UN mandate.


Russian Military Specialists have Found No Signs of Chemical Weapons in Douma

Российские военные не нашли следов химоружия в сирийском городе Дума

VIDEO25 Israel Attacks Syria With Fake Chemical Attack

Files/VIDEOS/Israel_Attacks_Syria_Trump_Bolton Prepping_More_Strikes.mp4

ISRAEL STAGES CHEMICAL ATTACK ON SYRIA, US BOMBS, Syria Intercepts от Джон Роблес на Rutube.

CIA MOCKINGBIRD Freaks and Fake WWIII Hysteria: The Imperial Western Hegemon

Has No Clothes, Empire Desperate. There Will Be No WWIII Because It Will Come to America (4-11)

There Will Be No World War III: It is All Another Western Psyop - However...

Мы надежно защищены!️ Клали мы Биг Бен на санкции️ - Браво Путин ️ от Джон Роблес на Rutube.

US/Israel/NATO WWIII False Flag Casus Belli for WWIII: The Truth About Syria

REAL SYRIA The Truth About the Chemical Attack in Syria! What really happened от Джон Роблеснана Rutube

The Al-Nusra-White Helmets-CIA-MOSSAD False Flag School for Children

Welcome to the Al-Nusra White-Helmets False Flag School от Джон Роблес на Rutube

Syrian Army Continues to Discover Israeli and NATO Weapons in Syria

Syrian Army Continues to Discover Israeli, NATO Weapons Systems Supplied to ISIL

Israel Attempting to Start World War III, on the Right Typical Media Operation

Germany, Britain, America, Israel - VT proof of chemical warfare and war crimes.

By GD - April 8, 2018

Proof: Intel Drop, Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed ONE

Proof: Intel Drop, Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed TWO

False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria

VT has long covered the “aiding and abetting” of terrorists by the US coalition, and by derivation NATO, for some time now. We view its going on unchecked as a major national security threat to all countries.

Unfortunately Western corporate media, with financial resources far beyond VT, has played Mickey the Dunce on this whole story, the case usually being that the respective country intelligence agencies have warned them to stay away from it all, or suffer the consequences.

VT has also followed closely the long series of false flag chemical weapons attacks, both sarin and military-grade chlorine because we knew the Syrians would never be so stupid as to hand their heads to the US Coalition in a silver platter by doing something with no chance of any gain, but exactly the opposite.

We were also concerned that the longer “they” got away with doing this, the more innocent people would be murdered by the alleged protectors of freedom and democracy in the world, but who we know to be currently among the worst enemies of mankind.

Unfortunately, despite our best labors, the citizens of these countries have done almost nothing to hold those accountable in their own countries.

Now that might have changed, with our long pleadings for the Syrians to give us photographic proof of the chemical weapons assets they have been capturing – serial numbers and all – so we could cram it down the throats of the guilty, thinking maybe someone inside the respective countries might want to start asking some hard questions.

The SAA capturing this chemical weapons facility was a huge turn of events. The guilty parties knew what the Syrians had on them now. We have been waiting to see who would do what.

The flurry of military accidents also caught our attention, as we know historically that this method is used by the military to hide overseas combat deaths for which any public investigation would be embarrassing.

In Vietnam, if a thousand of our troops were lost in one week, the announcement would be spread out, the families lied to. Welcome to the dark underside of America.

The impending attack on Damascus by the US was partially due to what the SAA might uncover in East Ghouta; and because they were able to move fast, they overran the US Coalition’s chemical weapons operations faster than anyone thought possible.

Our pleading with Syria has been rewarded with these new photos. The SAA has US Coalition chemical weapons officers in custody; and Russia has told the US, Brits, Israelis, and Saudis that they will have to deal with Damascus.

How long US media and our own Congress can pretend they know nothing about who some of the major terrorist elements are that most are afraid to mention? Their house of cards is crumbling, and “they” will be more dangerous in that situation, as we are talking about some serious crimes here.

We are suspicious of why the Brits would throw together what appears to us to have been a sloppy false flag, even to use against Russia, for putting Russia’s feet in the fire to get the Brits people back from Syria and keep this story out of major news distribution.

Is now the time for some of the really guilty to have to pay the piper? We shall see. But for that to happen, what is left of non-compromised public institutions has to step up to the plate, when they have shown a hesitancy to do so when their countries really needed them.

Today another chemical weapons stockpile was found in East Ghouta, produced in Germany, fully weaponized and commercially produced by Merck.

Merck was the primary producer of chemical weapons for Germany in World War I and George Merck founded the War Research Service along with Frank Olson in 1944, which using captured Germany and Japanese scientists and research facilities, took control of America’s biological and chemical warfare production which continues to this day in facilities at Fort Meade, Maryland and at the Lugar Lab in Tibilisi, Georgia in partnership with the current government of Ukraine.

Chlorine gas-filled shell from Porton Down, Salisbury, found in East Ghouta with al Qaeda

Last week, Russia and Syria announced the capture of British chemical weapon stockpiles in East Ghouta along with the capture of a “coalition” command and chemical weapons facility with all personnel. Taken from the combined statement censored from the western press, from March 25, 2018

“The Syrian Arab Army and with the help of Russian captured a shipment of chemical weapons destined for the Eastern Ghouta. These were British weapons produced at Porton Down in Salisbury. Russian suspects that the Skripal incident is related as by their records, Skiripal was working at Porton Down as a chemical weapons trafficker in partnership with a Ukrainian firm. Russia denies attacking Skripal but admits he was under surveillance for his activities involving support of terrorism in Syria and arms trafficking.

Russia also confirms that there are British, American, Israeli and Saudi intelligence officers who were caught by the Syrian army in one of the heavily fortified operations rooms during the invasion of the Syrian army and its allies of the East Ghouta.”

VT asked the Syrian government for serial numbers and closeup photographs of chemical weapons used. Syria sent them to us today.


Today, the Syrian Army captured the following German made poison gas shells, shipped into Syria though Ukraine and Turkey and delivered to Jeish al Islam by a US CH53 helicopter, according to statements “allegedly” gotten from POW interrogations.

American, British and Israeli military personnel captured in Syria have confirmed they were ordered to stage chemical attacks in East Ghouta by their governments.

The Americans are still being held along with Israeli’s while British prisoners are being negotiated for. Sources in Damascus told us that representatives of Oman in Damascus approached the Russian Office of Reconciliation on behalf of Britain for the return of British chemical warfare personnel.

The shells in the above video are identified as VX gas from British stockpiles.

Russian officials in Syria informed Britain through Oman that they would have to directly deal with Syria for the return of their personnel. We have received no further information since, Damascus has remained silent on how or if negotiations were proceeding.

We do know that US Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a US Army combat veteran of Iraq, met with both President Assad and Donald Trump, in order to arrange for covert exchange, for substantial financial consideration, of captured Americans.

Initial introductions for this meeting were done by VT.

Israel bought back a Brigadier General (they claimed he was a colonel) in 2015 that we know about.

The recent gas attack in Syria, timed as the last terrorists were surrendering for relocation inside the Douma region of the Ghouta pocket, was planned personally by nominated presidential advisor John Bolton and President Donald Trump personally, according to highly placed sources.

Our sources in Russia, highest level, told us the attack was coming based on information they received from US and Israeli prisoners taken in East Ghouta after an evacuation attempt failed.

US casualty announcements in this effort have been released over the past few days as happening in other areas to cover US complicity in terrorism. This dishonors families of the dead, not just in the misuse of service members to support terrorism but in lying to families about combat deaths. This shame goes directly to coward Trump!

“The Marine Corps identified four Marines killed on Tuesday in a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crash near El Centro, Calif. The Marines were assigned to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH) 465, Marine Aircraft Group 16, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

“The loss of our Marines weighs heavy on our hearts,” Maj. Gen. Mark Wise, commanding general of 3rd MAW, said in a statement.
“Our priority is to provide support for our families and HMH-465 during this critical time.”

The four Marines killed in the crash were Capt. Samuel A. Schultz, First Lt. Samuel D. Phillips, Gunnery Sgt. Derik R. Holley and Lance Cpl. Taylor J. Conrad.”

Other US casualties were listed as a US Air Force F16 that allegedly crashed at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and up to 6 Americans who the US claims were killed by “Kurdish forces” in the north of Syria.

All died in a failed combined US/Israel rescue operation to remove not only communications and command personnel but also chemical weapons operations teams as well.

Last week, VT Damascus received evidence that Americans, US Army Special Forces along with Israeli chemical weapons officers had been captured in East Ghouta. We were told that not only was a command facility captured with modern weapons but a stockpile of British made 81mm poison gas mortar shells, numbering in the hundreds, was seized as well.

Video’s were viewed by former MOD weapons specialists who identified the green stripe on the shells seized in East Ghouta as VX gas from British stockpiles.

The Obama administration investigated alleged chemical attacks in 2012 and 2013 and advised Syria to turn over chemical stockpiles as a way of discouraging terrorists from continuing to stage chemical attacks to blame on Damascus.

Most efforts had their roots in Britain’s MI6 and its affiliates, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the White Helmets.

The US is currently facing combined military operations against its occupied zone in Syria by Iraq, Syrian and Russian forces. The US has been told to remove forces from Syria or face a wider conflict.

The US and Russia have been at war against one another inside Syria for about a month now.

More coming…


Last Update: 11/19/2023 20:01 -0000



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