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Victor Bout, Bush, the CIA and the 9/11 Cargoes

September 19, 2019 - One of the most interesting conversations I ever had and which I was not allowed to talk about or publish by the 5th column at the Voice of Russia was with someone very close to Victor Bout. The information continues to be hidden and the BOuts will not talk about it. The information concerned cargoes that Victor BOut was flying around before 9/11  for what turned out to be the CIA anf the Bush family. They were weapons and equipment used to carry out the 9/11 False Flag attacks. Victor BOut is still alive because he has insurance packages which can not be released as long as he is in US hands and the CIA and NSA are aware of this, so he will never be allowed to go free and he is not eliminated because they do not know who has the packages and if his death will trigger their release.  

Семья заключенного в США россиянина Бута впервые навестила его в тюрьме

VIDEO25 US/NATO Global Military Takeover


VIDEO25 New Video on Moscow Protests


FILM25A Dr. Judy Wood Two Hour Presentation Explaining "Cold Fusion" DEWS and 911


VIDEO25 Clinton Illegally Sold Nuclear Weapons to North Korea

FILM25A The Boston Bombing False Flag - Censored Worldwide, Sources Dead or Destroyed

BOSTON BOMBING: Censored from YouTube on Monday February 26, 2018 After 10K Views


FILM25A Kill the Messenger - Full Length Film Dramatization of Gary Webb's Revelations

The CIA is the Global Leader in Narcotics Tafficking for War and Black Operations for More War


FILM25A The Great Leaders of Turtle Island: A Historical Documentary



FILM25A Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance


FILM25A Clear Cut: New Year's Special Hosting

Clear CUT

FILM25A Loose Change - 9-11: A Trillion Dollar Coup d'etat (From FTP)


FILM25AVIDEO25 Russian TV Series "Sleepers" in Russian - Cериал Cпящие 2017










FILM25AVIDEO25 My Pet Goat: The 911 Manufactured Endless War on Terror Paradigm

Support My Pet Goat II


FILM25A Primer Timeline and Brief Explanation for Supporters


VIDEO25 Space Reserved: Insert Point


VIDEO25 Russia Identifes CIA Black Operations Maidan Commander Снаипер на Майдан


VIDEO25 Film on the History of Crimea in Russian

Documentary Film Crimea Rocks and Ashes


VIDEO25 Dr. Judy Wood Two Hour Presentation Explaining "Cold Fusion" DEWS and 911

VIDEO25 Lord James of Blackheath and the Missing 15 Trillion Dollars

VIDEO25 Tree Burning from the Inside Out After DEW Attack in California

The Endless Crimes of the CIA

VIDEO25NEW  Snodgres: CIA did OKLA City to destroy Agent-Orange & Clinton-CIA Files

VIDEO25NEW Anarchadia: Snow Den Secondary Target - Global Meth Epidemic


VIDEO25 Snodgres First Three Interviews (Audio as MP4)We Were First

Black Ops Agent Claims He Was Paid To Bomb OKC in the 1990s By Deep State; Hours Later Has A Car Crash





VIDEO25 Mass Murderer Mike Morrel Publicly Calling to Kill Iranians and Russians on Television

USA Moon Landing Global Historical Fakery: USA Never Landed a Man on the Moon

VIDEO25 Kubrick Post-Death Confession Part One


VIDEO25 Kubrick Post-Death Confession Part Two


VIDEO25 Serious Research of Speech Patterns and Statements of NASA Astronauts 

US War Crimes

VIDEO25 US Afghan Drive-By War Crime


VIDEO25 US Helmet Cam War Crimes Footage

Videos/Afghanistan/2018_Special Operations_Afghanistan_Helmet_Cam_Footage.mp4

VIDEO25 US Afghan War Crimes Footage


VIDEO25 Iraq: Infamous Video of Apache Firing on Civilians


VIDEO25 Iraq Trophy Video of Random Shooting of Civilian Vehicles

VIDEO25 Iraq Leak to Establish Credibility: Infamous Collateral Murder Video


VIDEO25 US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff

Zionist - NeoCon - Israeli - Crimes Against Humanity

VIDEO25 Hugo Chavez Condemning USA/IzraHell Terrorism

VIDEO25 USS Think Tank Psycho Admitting/Calling for Iranian False Flag for War


VIDEO25 Mohammad Tahimi Shot in Head by ZioNazis: Trophy Video by HAARETZ


VIDEO25 Haley/US Internal Meddling Fail Regarding Iran at the UNSC


VIDEO25 Netanyahu/Mileikowski Denies Holocaustt and Rehabilitates Hitler


VIDEO25 Mileikowski: Bragging How the US Will Go Along and How No One Will Stop Them

US False Flags

VIDEO25 Mandalay Bay Shooting Video of Hooters Shooting from MGM Grand

VIDEO25 Aftermath of Mandalay Bay in the Field of Victims, Bodies and Lights Out

US FEMA Crimes

VIDEO25 FEMA Operations in Texas After Harvey: Prison Boats, Shoots Civilians and more

VIDEO25 FEMA Real Video Evidence of FEMA Death Camps

US Killer Cop Crimes

VIDEO25NEW US Killer Cop Executes Man by Shooting in the Back for Wearing Ear Buds


VIDEO25 US Psychotic Killer Cops Compilation

US Pedo Evidence/p>

VIDEO25NEW Police Video of Inside of Epstein Home

VIDEO25 Podesta, Pizza and Pedos

US Voting

VIDEO25 Voting Machine Hacked (Not by Russian Hackers)


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