The Demonization of John Robles II and the Creation of JAR2


 JAR2 Was Created in 2003 and began hosting any intelligence related material that was forbidden in the US and the West including 911 revelations, secret intelligence files and our original leak, the MI6 lists. We have exposed over 100,000 Western Agents and Spies.

The site's owner John Robles then became a target of Western Intelligence Agencies who could not touch the site or control it's contents so they came after him in Russia where he obtained asylum. John Robles continued his journalistic work exposing the crimes of the USA and the 911 global criminal cabal and attained an important position at the Voice of Russia World Service where he continued to expose 911 and US/Western crimes against the people and state of Russia and the peoploes of the world. The CIA then launched operation Snow Den and Operation Ukraine and the VOR was liquidated using CIA Assets planted after the collapse of the Soviet Union. John has tried to counter the attacks on himself and his family using this site but has had little success due to censorship, Russophobia and public antipathy to refugees and anything connected to Russia.

As the first Taino Indian and Ex-US Citizen with asylum in Russia John continues to attempt to dispel public misconceptions and fight for the truth and his own good name while be the object of ongoing internet operations being orchestrated by Western Military Intelligence Operations including Mirotvorets, QANON, MI6, US Army Psychological Operations, CIA and US Marines and Navy Intelligence Operations all of which have attempted to damage John in Russia and orchestrated the arrest of his son. These attempt have included the actual documented writing of slanerous letters written to the Russian Government and Russian Security Services and on the ground physical attacks and attempts to cause fatal car accidents and finally the complete and total black listing of John on all employment data-bases.

JAR2 continues publishing and has yet to see ANY international support from organizations such as the United Nations which should be up in arms over the targeting of an officially recognized ASYLEE but who have proven to be mere US tools.

We encourage you to explore the site and the documents contained on JAR2 and keep in mind that the author is living under conditions which are not generally conducive to the work he has set out on and he contines to be attacked on-line and his work marginalized and ignored by the CIA and ZIONIST controlled world media who went so far as to create WikiLeaks in order to poison and eradicate the truther movement of which John was in fact one of the founders but of course will never be recognized in the West for his monumental contributions because he has asylum in Russia.

I hope that is concise enough and I hope you enjoy your visit. 

  JAR2 versus WikiLeaks:

Paul Hawkins, who you know as Julian Assange, is a fake. We have known that since day one but the global MOCKINGBIRD media has ignored all of the evidence and continues to use him and WikiLeaks as a template for what asylum, truth and whistleblowing are about. It is ALL a FAKE.

  John Robles, JAR2 com and biz Paul Hawkins, WikiLeaks
Real Political Asylum Since 2007 With children after passport revocation on false grounds. In 1995 John tried to expose CPS fraud and child trafficking. USA said John owed child support for the same children who had lived with him in Russia since 1996. We were told to close this "fucking site" by Moscow CIA COS Joseph Moone Since June 2012 after occupying Ecuadorian Embassy "feeling abandoned" and being charged with rape.
9/11 Since its creation JAR2 has attempted to expose the truth about the False Flag attack that occurred on September 11, 2001 plunging the world into a US/NATO endless war paradigm of imperial takeover and genocide for the New World Order and Israel. JAR2 has released thousands of documents, conducted interviews, posted thousands of evidentiary material and written investigative articles. Hawkins (Assange) stated in 2010: "I am annoyed by false conspiracies such as 911". WikiLeaks released some cell phone records to support the LIE that cell phones worked in aircraft in 2001.
Israel/MOSSAD Fights for Palestinians, has exposed over 37,000 MOSSAD Agents. Connected MOSSAD to 9/11. Researched the ZIonist conspiracy and the genocide based, Rothschild state of Israel. Run by Israel and Rothschild. Never exposed anything damaging about MOSSAD or Israel.
Agents and Operations Exposed tens of thousands of agents and illegal operations No agent ever exposed by WikiLeaks
Crimes John has never been charged with a crime during his entire life. Charged with multiple rape count, failure to appear and bail jumping. Also evidence of fraud, facilitating illegal surveillance and entrapment of UK citizens, violations of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Missions, complicacy in covering up illegal State Terrorism, conspiracy to commit, coverup and obfuscate War Crimes, usurption of legitmate power, active attempts to facilitate regime change, blackmail of governments and high level officials, media manipulation and character assassination through slander, active material and informational support to facilitate Crimes Against Peace, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and an attempted world takeover, international fraud and manipulation of media outlets, running an extra-sovereign intelligence operation for profit, tax evasion, identity fraud, active support and complicacy in covering up the genocide in Palestine and the crimes of Israel, violations of fundamental journalistic ethics by ignoring and cherry picking information, illegally serving as an information clearing house for the CIA, participation in mass mind control and subversion, extra-territorial election meddling in third countries, covering up and facilitating pedophilia, false arrests and war crimes, illegally facilitating and cooperating in multiple cases of entrapment, renditions and assassinations, obtaining citizenship under false pretenses, money-laundering, revision of history, providing informational, tactical and other support for terrorist organizations including nazi groups in Ukraine, supporting and participating in multiple regime change operations, facilitating the international tracking and targetting of real whistleblowers, leakers and hacktivists, tampering with witnesses and evidence, racketeering, banking fraud, interfering with the asylum of others, assisting in the fabrication of evidence and targetting of journalists and investigators engaged in their professional duties, subversion of multiple state and civilian media outlets, facilitation of destabilization and terrorism by undermining legitimate governments and bodies, perpetuation of illegal operations engaged in by the rogue state of Israel and much more. NOTE: Given that WikiLeaks is an intelligence operation every leak now has to be looked at in the context of what it covers up, tries to hide or distract from and who it serves.   
Passport/Citizenship John, who was born in Puerto Rico, has never received or been offered a passport after his US passport was revoked Hawkins was granted Ecuadorian citizenship and had his Australian passport renewed.
Leaks JAR2 has published more agent names and outed more illegal operations than WikiLeaks. JAR2 has published all leaks RAW and unedited without editing or political motivations.  Cherry picked, edited, redacted and fake leaks serving the Israeli CIA agenda
Respecting Host JAR2 has always respected and supported the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin. John is fluent in Russian. John has never criticized the Russian Government except for Western backed and installed CIA elements who carried out the arrest of his son. WikiLeaks and Hawkins have posted personal pictures of the bedroom of the Ecuadorian President and treat Ecuador with disrespect, not even bothering to learn the language of the country in which he is a citizen.
Funding JAR2 is not funded by anyone except a very small number of random donors. WikiLeaks and Hawkins are a mega money making media operation being funded to the tune of 10 million dollars a month, according to Hawkins. WikiLeaks has received not only Rothschild's support but millions form the global CIA MOCKINGBIRD media and its agents supporters and confused minions.
Media Support Completely ignored or demonized no matter how big or serious the information it published. The global CIA MOCKINGBIRD Zionist media, fawns over WikiLeaks and Hawkins providing instant default coverage of every miniscule event WikiLeaks promotes, regardless of its truthfulness or newsworthiness. Books, movies and endless media fawning by famous people and HASBARA operatives makes WikiLeaks a Corporate tool.
Backlash Citizenship stripped, passport revocation, arrest of son, destruction of career, raids on family, seizure of property, liquidation of media employer, destruction of family, finances and reputation, intimidation and surveillance of family and supporters. Visa, PayPal sanctioning. Complete block from all crowd funding platforms. Temporary block from VISA (For show)
Lawyers None A Rothschild and every possible famous lawyer specializing in everything.
Sources/Associates None lost, all protected, none turned over. All arrested, murdered or destroyed after having been turned over to the relevant governments and spy agencies.
Journalism Not considered or called a journalist. Has written thousands of investigative critical and cited articles, conducted hundreds of interviews, received awards and even written books. Worked as an editor, social media manager, newsreader, head announcer, correspondent and translator for the Voice of Russia Wrold Service in English and was even a WikiLeaks media partner before the truth was known. Has been leaking agent lists and documents since 1999 and personally run his own blog and site since 2003. Has been cited for exposing Boston, Srebrenica, the TPP and more. Demonized and black listed for exposing NATO, the CIA 5th column in Russia, the Ukraine takeover and supporting Palestine against the genocide being carried out by "Israel". Called a journalist yet writes nothing, has never conducted an interview and has never carried out a real investigation. Is called the world's greatest leaker and "exposer" and receives every award possible for publishing cherry picked documents.
Racism Not racist. Represented the North American tribes in a bid to have Russia recognize the Two Row Wampun Treaty. Promotes master race template and genocide of Palestinians and the narrative that all Latin American countries are banana republics not intelligent enough to rule themselves.
Russia Supports and loves Russia Follows Russophobic line
Servers Personal servers located in Russia Multiple corporate servers based in FVEY countries
Malware Zero CIA Malware discovered in pdf files.
Real Hackers Support JAR2 Turned over to FBI and arrested
Cat Healthy and loved Sickly and neglected
Greenberg/Snowden Has tried to expose the truth presented evidence Snowden is a CIA Avatar installed in Russia to control and manipulate the narrative and infilitrate Russian asylum and intelligence structures. Assists in supporting LEGEND
Social Media Banned for life from Twitter Never banned or blocked
Politics Supported Russia, Occupy, Hacktivism, Truthers, some Greens, the poor, Palestinians, Serbs, American Indians, Russians in Donbass, Venezuela, Iran, repressed peoples worldwide and US third party candidates Supports Western establishment, Israel and elites
Founded/Owned Founded, registered and run by John Robles II (100% transparent) Founded by Kristinn Hrafnsson, registered by John Young, run by hundreds of unknown individuals operating in secret (0% transparent)
Intelligence Operations Exposes truth Runs intelligence operations against UK and Western whistleblowers, hackers and leakers from the territory of the Ecuadorian State in the UK.
Crimea Helped stopped the invasion of Crimea by CIA paramilitary forces and NATO, saving millions of lives. SIlent on Ukraine coup and all NATO operations
Google and Linkage Almost non-existent 100% support and saturation

WikiLeaks is a FAKE

 From Wikipedia:

John Anthony Robles II is a Taino Indian born in Puerto Rico.

In 2007 under false pretenses his US Passport was revoked and he was left stateless in Russia. John worked for the Russian Government and was granted asylum along with his two US born American children. John left the US in 1995 after attempting to expose CPS child trafficking and initiating the formation of a Grand Jury. On the day the Grand Jury was to convene with Robles providing testimony John was detained but not charged and accused of working for the KGB and the Russians. He was forced to leave the US with his children of whom he had full custody and to seek asylum.

John Anthony Robles II    Contact: Cell +7-965-131-5479 E-Mail

 I Called a Grand Jury: Child Trafficking Pelosi Becomes Speaker: CPS Cover-Up

US House Democrats nominate Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker

AI Predictive Programs Being Used by CPS to Take and Sell Children

CPS Is Taking Kids Away Based on 'Predictive Analytics' Computer Program To Judge Parents

 Giovanni Di-Stefano, Michael Ratner et al Lawyers Helping JAR2 in Prison or Dead

 Give up my kids as collateral for the return of my passport and pay child support for children I raised by myself and who have lived with me here in Russia since 1996 and in the US since 1992. LIARS.

 Proof the US Officially Lies: US Embassy CIA Chief of Station Joseph Moone LIES! Passport revoked, stamped VOID, punched with two holes and given back to me. The letter states it is in the US Embassy when it is in fact in a safe in an official place here in Russia.

 1995 - October 26th, 1995 and the Fallout (New Documents to Be Released Soon)

A Secret Grand Jury, US Government Raids, an Electro-Magnetic Engine and Requesting Asylum

After contacting several bodies regarding my ideas connected to my invention of an electro-magnetic engine I was contacted by the Department of the Navy and told my invention could be taken and used under the aegis of National Security and I would not be enumerated.

Afterwards, on the morning when I was supposed to appear at the Secret Grand Jury that I had myself called and upon arranging to travel to Russia, all of my family's homes were raided, an attempt to stage a False Flag was staged, I was accused of working for the Russians and all of my property was seized by FBI and CIA Counter Intelligence and the Federal Protective Service. The US Government thus appropriated 5 automobiles, my home, all of my personal property including furniture, paintings, computers and an extensive library. Officially the US Government, under the direction of the CIA, has denied all of the events stated above, and lied, has lied and continues to lie with regard to the accusations that I was working for the Russians, that I had called a Grand Jury and that the Department of the Navy wanted the plans for my electro-magnetic engine. 

MAY 23, 2019

I promised some documents and I always keep my promises so here they are.    

The documents below are from our time in Belize Central America where I sought asylum in 1996 and the United Nations secured the return of our passports as we were able to prove that we had not committed any crimes, yet Belize which is for all intents and purposes nothing but a British Colony even today, did not have the political independence to grant us asylum. The US lied to the Belize Government and hence everything I said was deemed to "lack credibility", it was the United Nations which in fact helped us and in fact verified everything I had stated. As you see we have been refugees for over 20 years now and we remain stateless today. These also show my children were with me when I left the US in 1996 making their "child support" claims completely laughable and in fact criminal. For those demonizing me this is hilarious because as you see I worked in a Children's Home.

The document (airline tickets) below is almost the only thing I have left from my time in Cuba where I also sought asylum. The Cuban Government did not grant us asylum however they did protect us from the CIA and for that we will be forever grateful. Again three tickets for me and my children. Travel to Cuba was a Federal Offense in the USA and the equivalent to treason at the time.

The documents below show the signatures of engineers and scientists who I explained and demonstrated my electro-magnetic engine to in Mexico in 1996 after leaving Cuba. This was the engine the US Government wanted. I did not want it used for war and killing so I gave the idea away for free to governments who might develop it for peaceful purposes. Which governments? Mexico has one. Who else?

Finally in this release the document below proves that: A) CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence did in fact seize all my property and backs up my claim that they raided all of the homes of my family and relatives who were then given National Security Letters and told never to have any contact with me again; B) The US Government lies as standard policy; C) exposes another CIA Officer working under State Department cover; D) proves the United Nations finding that I am not a criminal and was not wanted for any crimes as the CIA and FBI had no evidence to back up their accusation that I was working for the KGB or the Russian Government at the time and finally E) as the letter was also sent to the Government of Belize which it then used as the basis for their finding about my "credibility", it proves the US Government interfered with my attempt to seek out and obtain asylum. As you can see I have lived as a refugee for over 20 years now. A fact that perhaps warrants the attention of anyone interested in really defending "Human Rights".

Since my file did not even show I spoke Spanish nor Russian and the US Government never actually obtained the plans for the Electro-Magnetic Engine, coupled with what must have been major displeasure when they heard me on the Voice of Russia exposing all of their crimes and getting in the way of Michael McFaul and preventing the Maidan in Moscow, you can imagine how many questions they must have and therefore why I am seriously concerned with the safety of my children whom the CIA will try to use to get to me. That is a given and that must not be allowed to happen.


 Proof the US Lies and Engages in Child Trafficking: 1992 - 1995 Our entire lives ruined by one "clerical error" initiated by corrupt "officials". I called a Secret Grand Jury in 1995 after I learned that CPS was not only attempting to obtain my children by destroying my life but committing Federal Welfare Fraud in the millions claiming children who were being taken care of were in the custody of officials and their families thus facilitating the obtaining of Federal pay outs.

Struggling single father classifed as a "dead beat dad" to facilitate taking of children by CPS! Proof of child trafficking and federal welfare fraud for which I called a secret grand jury to convene. I was the sole custodial and legal guardian of my children, the same children they are demanding money for. As you can see support was zeroed out and then restarted after I left the US with my children. Actually this was all made up to allow for the revocation of my passport.




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