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Thousands Arrested, the World Lied to, Time to Wrap Up the Hawkins Op

May 18, 2018 -

POST THREE: I despise corporations and big business as they are quite simply instruments of enslavement and instable greed which give nothing at all back to the people of the world and they are truly root of all evil so I would hate to do anything to help them but.... but but but... This time I will make an exception since it is fun to watch them eat each other alive. This is a continuation of the Social Media issue and you can file it under FRAUD)))

How much did Soros and the Illuminati Banksters lose when they trusted Greenberg and his Fakebook to deliver them data regarding the past election? Since they play both sides of the field not much but I am sure the Clinton Crime Family lost billions believe Greenberg would deliver them the election. Unless you believe the official propaganda this was the real collusion and subversion of democracy that occurred last election. Not Russian ads on Facebook but Zuckey bitch promising things he could not deliver. How much has the CIA lost and invested in Fakebook seeking data on "enemies of the state" (rather than internally targetted psychological operations)? 100s of billions? 

No real opposition an no real enemy of the US is going to go anywhere near Twitter or Facebook and these are the people they need to MKULTRA Mind FAK but they can't and they won't so these platforms are useless with regard to containing or countering threats and the influence of "enemies". Zuckey has failed and should take the big trip but since he is a Rockefeller the US State is his play toy, just like it is Trump's Private slush fund.

It has been know for over a decade that Fakebook and Twitter are Intel Ops. Which means those against the MIIC have been reverse engineering the actual data and using it against the corporations and the MIIC... I laugh hard when I think that there are actually people who believe these bastards)))



POST TWO: The NSA and the CIA use USB dlls and backdoors in all Windows Programs to spy on you, I just let me guard down and forgot to unplug a USB device and they just deleted the text I had written here. Apparently the reinstatement of Google IP addresses included the ones they use to hack into and spy on computers in Russia. Literally it went like this: I was editing the site live directly onto the Server and the program I used froze up and then minimized itself to the task bar. I completely lost control of it and then it maximized itself and the three paragraphs I had written about their Psychological Operations in Russia had conveniently disappeared. So here it is again written from memory:

The CIA, MOSSAD, FVEY and the NSA must be congratulated, they continue to run their network of Russian Agents and Traitors with almost no interference from the Russian Government and the Russian Security Services. Who got the bribe this time to protect them? They also must be congratulated for carrying out yet another Color Revolution in Armenia almost completely under the radar.

Another congratulations must go out to the CIA and their treasonous Moscow Agents who have successfully deleted all of my articles on Color Revolutions, influence Operations and the CIA from the Russian Internet, while at the same time suspending me 13 times now and removing me from all Western Based social media including blocking the entire country of Russia from GAB. US Military Psychological Operations is working overtime and they are so obvious that any idiot could see yet they continue to operate with impunity by paying off corrupt Russian officials and running fake Distractor Operations so the public is fooled and continues to be duped like a bunch of sheep.

This time the Mass Psychological Influence and Image Operation is as follows: they throw out the Telegram "scandal" to discredit the FSB using (WTF is Durov?) and pretend to be after NSA Facial Coordinate Database Facebook to protect their real treasure Twitter. Yes the CIA/Google/Facebook days are waning now they have Amazon/Twitter which is far more promising. Twitter is more effective for the CIA, that is why they installed the SIPRNET interface and have moved away from Fakebook, evidently the people were waking up and they realized what I did long ago, and that it was a useless echo chamber once all the "unwanted voices" were censored out, the same with Twitter. So what justification does the CIA have for pouring billions into Twitter/Amazon and the like, if the anally retentive Zionist ass lickers, censor out all the dissenting voices? Do you understand what I am getting at? By their own public actions they are exposing all of their "secret" intentions, all wore on their sleeves for the world to see. What I am talking about is SECURITY, the only legitimate reason the CIA has for infiltrating Twitter and the like, and what I am saying should be so obvious as to be merely rhetorical, that is that once all the "evil" dissenting pro-Putin users and Russian Bots are eliminated, along with those "evil" pro-Palestinians "anti-Semites", which they have been, who the hell is the CIA monitoring? Aaaaaahhh? You didn't think about that did you? They are monitoring you and they are manipulating you and they are mind-controlling YOU, the already subservient slave to the machine. All the BS about "Election Interference" and countering "Russian Influence" are just the new catch-phrases since "Al-Qaeda" and 911 do not work anymore.

Now the Zionist Shadow Government and the dual Israeli Mueller controlled Zionist Deep State, who slaughtered 2,999 people on 911, just want to keep things as they are, and continue with their New World Order plans.   

So what to do with Twitter, which has unleashed an army of Bots, is using AI, Shadow Banning, downgrading, blue-ticking info-repressing, pedo-supporting, Zionist ass-kissing algorithms and policies (Twitter Rules) to try to perpetuate government and Zionist psychological operations and bullshit? THEY MUST BE BANNED FROM RUSSIA FOREVER!

We have presented enough evidence of targetting, suspending and repressing any pro-Russian "Influencers" and anti "Zio Axis" accounts and users but it is clear they have paid some official in Russia millions to make any talk of a ban not even part of the public debate. TWITTER MUST BE BANNED!!!   

POST ONE: After October 16th 2016 we knew and we hopefully have prevented others from falling into the trap. Soon hopefully they will be wrapping it up and we will never know the fate of Hawkins. Was he executed in Antarctica or is he in a torture dungeon in the Southern District of New York? No doubt the idiot who was posting in American 6th grade English will not be bothering anyone anymore. I give them 3-5 days more to announce he is in UK custody, this citizen of Ecuador who will never see Ecuador.

Meanwhile at the bunker we will soon release the neutron bomb of all leaks... Stay tuned!!!

On Red Sparrows, Traitors and Moles: The CIA in Hollywood and Outing the Q Op

May 17, 2018 - Those who understand will see the brilliance, those who don't won't.  Twitter, Q (ANON), Snowden, Lawrence, CIA Psychological, Influence and Media Operations, MKULTRA programming and everyone involved OUTED THEMSELVES with one Tweet after monitoring, targeting, stalking and terrorizing me for months))) They should have never put me in the [KILLBOX]. Those who understand will understand.

Truth, Truthers and The Fake News Agencies Destroying Reality. We are not an OP

May 16, 2018 -

POST TWO: Yes I know about your operations on Twitter and other Illuminati crap to make it look like I am compromised and working for the Globalists. No I am not.  My interest in raising global awareness to issues has nothing to do with Illuminati bankster demon operations or the control or destruction of countries and population nor with the advancement of the MIIC or the global attempt by corporations to facilitate a world takeover. I am not on the side of the Globalists nor will I ever be. So the people running around saying I am a shill for Putin and that we serve the Khazari mafia and the Illuminati are just ignorant hacks who have no idea as to the real intricacies involved in taking these bastards down. And we will take them down.



POST ONE: The horrible events in Gaza including the use of illegal lethal munitions on demonstrators and the blatant indiscriminate organized and pre-meditated state murder of Palestinians are truly among the most horrible blatant and clear examples of complete and total brutal lawlessness in modern times. The West has forever lost any claim to moral superiority and every single media outlet that refuses to report on or seeks to cover up these events has now been exposed for the accessories to war crimes that they are. I keep dropping sources for news faster than I can replace them which only goes to show the extent of Zionist control of the global media. Today the Pravda Report, where I foolishly sought employment years ago and still publishes some of my work:


,won my Zionist media award for the day with an article actually not only ignoring the events is Gaza and the crimes of Israel but attempting to redirect the focus and switch the flip with an article accusing the Turkish leader Erdogan of exactly what the Polish lunatic Miliekowski is doing.


So Pravda Report joins a growing list of others recently guilty of spreading false, fake, misleading or outright fabricated information to the public, or for outright failing to report on events that are truly important and involve the loss of human lives and who have all be dropped by jar2 completely for their open lack of journalistic ethics and pandering to the Zionist occupiers in Palestine. You know I do not share news from Sputnik because they produce nothing of their own but regurgitate Western and Zionist propaganda add a Russian twist here and there, they same can be said of RT which strives to be a Western Style reflection of America with a Russia "twist" which distorts the reality of the information and is only good for entertainment purposes, while unlike Sputnik they do produce a very small amount of their own reporting, mainly on lighter issues, they also run an endless stream of Zionist fabricated and US centric "truth" and Limited Hangout bollywop. None of these "News Agencies" are reporting on the real murders of civilians in Donbass nor now the mass-murders going on in Gaza. Yes I know there are a few reports and they try to promote an image of being fair and balanced and doing real journalism  but they in no way truly and honestly reflect the entire horror of the events I mentioned and no one dares counter the Zionist machine. So okay RT does report a little. On the other end of the spectrum in the area of non-reporting and totally dropping the ball on anything resembling journalism we have Tass which has completely ignored all of the horrors in Gaza except for quoting a statement or two by Russian Officials, which they MUST do. They were dropped over a month ago for aiding the West by failure to report. These should be investigated as crimes against the state and all of their state funding should be removed if they are not even capable of serving the state that sponsors them.

As you see on the jar2.com news page I had no problem finding 60 news items to match the 60 people slaughtered by the Zionists! Tass, RT, Sputnik, the Pravda Report which went so far as to post pro-Netanyahu anti-Erdogan propaganda posted how many yesterday? Take a look at their sites. One or two or three items involving the UN or officials. They have no concern whatsoever for the human beings being slaughtered in Palestine. Oh and I got suspended from Twitter for the 13th time and what was I reporting on all day? The Crimean Bridge opening and the horrors in Gaza. There is not even a point in mentioning the Western MSM, they are of course lock step with the Zionist criminals, facilitating and legitimizing the murder of civilians! 

I disagree with the statement that the first casualty of war is truth, even, in fact especially, during times of war the truth must be reported and those failing to do so are just as guilty of the war crimes they are covering up.   

Twitter: Nothing but Fake Anons and Fed Informant Rats Silencing the Truthers

May 15, 2018 -


Soon US ISPs will block all sites from Russia so enjoy JAR2 while you can.


POST ONE: This Anti-Globalist is a Fed and was exposed by real Anons. Anarchadia Digger is probably the same and is a fishing operation trying to find information on John McCarthy and Anarchadia.

On Durov, Greenberg, Hawkins, Limited Hangouts and a Free "Non NSA" Internet 

May 14, 2018 -  I have been leaking secret US and Western Government documents on the RU net since 1997, yes I admit it and I am proud of what I have accomplished. My releases have helped expose massive illegality in the US Government and the real perpetrators of 911. I have exposed so much that the list is too long to write about here but the revelations have been in the thousands, enough to warrant the creation of WikiLeaks and Operation SNOW DEN which has all but succeeded in wiping us out. 

I make no secret that I am very fond of the FSB and the Russian Security Services, they are the Salt of the Earth and trying to defend the Russian people and the Russian State after the CIA destruction of the USSR and the installation of a CIA controlled Shadow Government in Russia is a task that is horrendous in its magnitude and complexity.

I know that the FSB does not have time for things like meddling in social media like the CIA, NSA, MOSSAD and FVEY countries do so when they say there are terrorists using Instagram to communicate I believe them. But it is not only terrorists, it is the 5th column and the CIA networks that also communicate and gather data using Telegram, as they do with Twitter, Facebook and all the other Western Social media that has embedded itself into the RU NET. Compared to the FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, GSCHQ, MI5/6, MOSSAD and FVEY manipulation and interference in the Internet the FSB has done almost nothing except perhaps blocking and countering foreign backed destabilization and terrorist operations, and this is wonderful and I thank them for that.

The Western NET is completely under control yet they allow pedophilia, racial hatred, nazi/Zionist propaganda, propaganda promoting sexual perversion of every type and every kind of moral degradation possible, YET exposing the crimes of the CIA and the Governments is forbidden. Publishing Secret documents that expose the crimes of the state is forbidden, writing serious critical investigative article and sharing information exposing TRUTH is forbidden and there is much more. The opposite is true of the RU NET!!

The West is so indignant that the terrorists can not communicate on Telegram and that the FSB wants the encryption keys because A) the terrorists are their agents and B) once the FSB sees the communications between the 5th column in Russia and their Western controllers the CIA will lose thousands of Agents and yet another tool for spying on Russians and for destabilizing the country.  

When the Western backed Neo-Liberal "human rights defenders" and now "Internet Freedom" hacks get their panties in a bundle over anything you can bet one thing is true: IT IS BAD FOR RUSSIA!

A Destabilization Provocation Against the State and the FSB by the West, the CIA and the Globalists

Make no mistake when the US Government laid out $40 million dollars to "Counter Russian Propaganda" which is in reality almost non-existent and being created by the US itself in another Straw Man budget theft, they want some sort of results and the result they want is to destabilize Russia and depose President Putin and install a puppet government and a Rothschild's Central Bank (but of course that is not all)! That is the real reason for the budgeting of such sums! They whine and scream that Russia is attacking them and spreading propaganda and meddling in elections and everything under the sun in order to obtain money to do exactly that to Russia.

The CIA budget for foreign operations comes under the State Department therefore the State Department is in fact the real instigator and guilty party in all of this but that is not what we are looking at right now. The CIA wants to destroy Russia, to put it simply as it has failed to bring it under the level of control it wants, largely due to President Putin and the FSB. As for the budget can you imagine what the reaction would be by American taxpayers if the CIA said to them "We know the poor, the young, infrastructure, jobs, education and healthcare are in need of finances but we want $40 million to play nation destroyers because Rothschild does not like Putin." Hopefully they would not be pleased, hence they create the Straw Man because sooner or later it will become clear what they are doing and hen they can say, "We were protecting American interests"! While US veterans are homeless and people are dying in the streets.

We who are opposed to making Russia the next US Client State and who know what is going on happily watched as all of their Presidential Election operations failed one after the other and we have watched as every attempt to cause mass-unrest has also failed. But as long as there are Russian traitors like Sobchak who are willing to run to the State Department/CIA for grants and monies these provocations will continue, and as long as they keep failing, which they will, it is funny to watch the US dish out so much money for nothing. They really believe that liars like Sobchak and Navalny who say they can over-throw the government are actually able to do so because they want to believe that. They do not have any idea other than the words of these traitors and Neo-Liberal scum, as to the real situation here in Russia and as long as that is the case we can keep watching them fail.    

Greenberg, who you know as Snowden is supposed to be the mole to monitor and instruct and guide the 5th column operations. He is also supposed to serve as an individual who the people will listen to, so whenever there is a technical point he is rolled out by the 5th column to discredit the President and the Russian State. He is a fugazi media operation, a Limited Hangout Influence and Perception Operation that fails and will continue to fail time an again. Nobody but the West and the 5th columns cares about what he says or in reality what Durov says. Yet here they are trying to cause mass-unrest and demonstrations and anti-Government, and in this case specifically anti-FSB sentiment, sentiment amongst the populace. But they have failed. Again.

Durov, according to my information and my knowledge of the systems and sites involved is protecting CIA Assets, Agents, Operations and methods. But the Russians know and this is a good thing. This is clear by the blocking of MILLIONS (1.7 million IPs) of IP addresses that have been blocked. Russian Cyber Operations is very well aware (I am speculating) of all of the myriad ways that Microsoft, Google, Amazon and all of the other CIA/NSA/MOSSAD connected internet resources are being used to collect data on Russians and Russia and actively run operations against, for example myself, and other enemies of the US here in Russia.. This is also WONDERFUL and for me it has meant an almost complete halt in the attacks that were perpetually rebooting my servers and causing all kinds of havoc.

Durov will never hand over the encryption keys because it will expose his treason to Russia, that is my conclusion, and soon he will probably run away to America and seek asylum (another poor victim of the regime) in the US. Hence his desperate attempt with the help of Snowden to cause mass-unrest and allow him to continue serving his Western masters. As for Greenberg/Snowden he should be arrested and evicted from Russia immediately for his anti-Russian statements and actions. In particular his Tweeting to his US military followers about how Russian hackers are meddling in US elections and the like. Yes it was Greenberg who began the whole fairytale about Russian hackers. This is funny because whatever he can "know" about Russian hackers is simply made up in his own mind. No real Russian Hackers and no real whistleblowers and no real truth seekers would ever trust the fugazi. He is a self-deluding operation of the CIA. Which is also a good thing.    

We who know the Russian NET and like myself have almost literally lived on it since the 1990s, know that the Russian Net is free, and this is a wonderful thing. Those who are claiming Instagram being blocked is reducing their freedom are merely CIA puppets and in reality supporting terrorism and traitors to the Russian people, the Russian State and the Russian NET.

I don't want the CIA and NSA in all of my devices and I sure the hell do not want them able to track me and know everything about me here in Russia, so I thank the FSB from the bottom of my heart and hope they continue to protect Russia and the Russian NET and keep it free from US/CIA meddling, which is REALLY what this is all about!!

If you want to know about the Russian NET better to ask me, a person who has lived on it almost since the very beggining, rather than a CIA Operative sent to shut us down.


The title promised something on Hawkins, the other Limited Hangout Operation you know as Assange/WikiLeaks, and so I will give you this little tid-bit. The article is yet another media hype fawning over this peice of sh!t but there are a few interesting facts in it:


Assange whose real name is Hawkins and who we believe was actually killed in October of 2016, but who is supposedly now an Ecuadorian Citizen, therefore not an asylee as the media continues to falsely state, may be symbolically handed to the UK and then to the US so they can close the ENTRAPMENT OPERATION that is WikiLeaks as it has lost its effectiveness as nobody trusts it any longer! 

Real truthers, whistleblowers, hacktivists, hackers and anyone worth their salt already know that it is an Op!!! So finally the theater will be closed. This is also a wonderful thing.


Thoughts, Ideas, Racism and Entropy: Thank You for the Racial Attack))) 

May 13, 2018 

POST THREE: Is America Stupid or are They Being Brainwashed?

With an Ignorant Racist War Criminal Rothschild/Israeli Slave in the White House, the US Media and Propaganda Complex continues to demonize and blame the country's endless disgraceful problems created by the elites on the only black president in its history. Never mind 911 Bush and all of the Bush/Kennedy Assassination/911/Nazi connections which led to the fake Global War on Terror for Israel and the world timeline we are trapped in today, let's all blame the black is the American racist sub-text and for apartheid racist/Zionist America it is apparently working.

GOOGLE: Является ли Америка глупым или они подвергаются промыванию мозгов?

С неистовой расистской войной преступник раб Ротшильд/Израильского в Белом доме, Американский медиа и пропагандистский комплекс продолжает демонизировать и обвинять страны в бесконечных позорных проблемах только на единственном черном президенте за всю свою историю. Не берите в голову Буша 911 и всех связи Буша на убийств Кеннеди/911/нацистов, которые привели к поддельной Глобальной войне с террором для Израиля и текушие мировому порядок, в который мы оказались в ловушке сегодня, давайте все обвиняем черный - это американский расистский подтекст и для апартеида расистской / сионистской Америки он, по-видимому, работает.

POST TWO: There are so many things going on right now that are all interconnected but soon they will all collapse. I am laughing every day because I am still working on all of the stuff I was Tweeting about and more but now they have no idea what I am doing.... Yes I knew all along that you were watching so you have to ask yourself now what did I say that was misinformation and what was real... You will never figure anything out. Check, Bishop takes Queen

POST ONE: The day started with a depressing but uplifting racial attack. You may wonder how far down someone has to have been stomped on when a racial attack is merely described as "depressing" but that is the only emotion is brought and only because it came from a Russian "friend" on VK, you may also wonder how a racial attack can be uplifting, as something such as this for any normal person would not be, so let me explain as it is in the explanation where the point of all this is made.

As you know I am one of the most hated and censored writers on the web because I fight for truth and can in no way be compromised or brainwashed by their endless psychological operations and provocations, so I am of course targeted all of the time and insulted, threatened and what have you, so a racial attack is something I am unfortunately used to and in fact expect every day, although after being suspended for life from Twitter where I was racially attacked ever single day if not every single hour, and deleting myself from almost all the western social media, they have all but stopped, they are still depressing and thus given all of that perhaps you can understand then why such an assault on my human dignity is not cause for alarm. However how can such a horrible thing be uplifting??? 

Well I do as I always do and posted the racial attack on-line on the platform it appeared, this time VK, and asked anyone and everyone who agreed with the statement that "You are too tanned for life in Russia" to take their best shot. Basically I invited all racists to attack me like they so love to do on Twitter, and the uplifting thing is that not one person attacked me. Zero. Nobody. Had it been Twitter there would have been a Twitter storm of hate and no doubt I , as the victim, like Twitter does, would have been suspended. Nobody said a single bad word and I did not lose 5 thousand followers or even one in fact. Then as evening came the person in question apologized. On her own without me have to complain against her account or write her a letter  or anything. So there are still intelligent thinking and decent people on this earth and for me this is uplifting. In fact it is the most wonderful thing that has happened in a long long time. I am aware she may have only apologized because I publically posted her private message, but nevertheless, given the shameless open hatred I grew accustomed to on CIA Twitter where no one apologizes or i punished, it was still nice.

So thank you Elena for ruining another day of my life because of the color of my skin, it was a very positive and wonderful thing in the end as people judged me for who I am and not a color, something that I think only Russians are still capable of and it is a beautiful sign that all of the Zionist CIA hate programming that they are doing in Russia is NOT WORKING!



Working in the Background

May 12, 2018 - I keep laughing to myself at the all the censorship on Twitter and on the Web and how the censors must be congratulating themselves on the job-well-done in silencing me, it is ludicrous all of the millions of dollars they have spent on the WikiLeaks and Snow Den operations and the result other than hundreds of arrests and murders they committed of whistleblowers and truthers is actually the opposite of what they hoped for. I laugh when I think about all of the time I spent on Twitter making them believe it was so vital when in reality the numbers just did not bear the effort. There was minimal click through and no effect on my Web traffic, and in reality the reach was not real but the result of their own algorithms, although we did do dome good work exposing Zuckerberg who apparently has recovered after inviting pedophiles to comment on whether they should be able to ask kiddies for nudie pictures. It is incredible how quickly the sheeple forget, but it is not the sheeple I am concerned about, they are hopelessly lost, it is the few awake individuals who may believe the fight is over now that another voice for truth has been silenced. Well I have not been silenced and I will be releasing new files this weekend so please stay tuned. I am here only now rather than sitting on Twitter I have time to do real serious work that will cause real serious change and that they will never be able to shut down or silence. Do not fear the fight is not over, in fact it has just begun!

The Soviet Union was a country that was the victim of another CIA orchestrated "regime change" operation and Russia has suffered specifically as the people and the honest government officials have tried to rebuild under the black hands of the CIA and the Illuminati banksters. Even the educational system was corrupted to make children American patriots and the media has been used to convince the people that the only future lies in America and that everything America does is important and must be reported on and discussed. Hence on every Russian TV channel and every Russian mass-media every single day Russians are bombarded with news of Trump and all of the events of the United States.

These are clear BBG/CIA/MOCKINGBIRD image and influence operations through the use of brainwashing and manipulation. Older who people who lived through the 1980s and saw what was happening know what I am talking about 




May 11, 2018 - At what exact point does duplicity become betrayal? Millions of people are wondering if Putin is still Putin due to his invitation of Mileikowski to Russia during Victory Day and now Israel is bombing Syria and the Kremlin says it will not deliver S-300s.... I myself am beginning to wonder if there has not in fact been a real coup in Russia, and I am not talking about Putin. Hopefully this is all part of a bigger plan against the Zionist murderers.

If there were not active wars going on being waged by the illegal aggressors Israel and the United States we could call this diplomacy. But the US/Zionist Axis is currently bombing Syria and either bombing or violently destabilizing 8 other countries.

I believe in President Putin and thus that everything is not as it would seem so I did a little investigation into the photo he released to the press above. As you can see in the picture the only happy looking person is the one furthest from Mileikowski. In none of the pictures I saw was Putin directly next to the Zionist lunatic. There is always someone between the two. Look carefully at the picture above. Then there are the words in his father's photo.


Did a Yandex search for the combined letters. Which gives us Suicide Squad https://ok.ru/video/6962742728


Then for the word below which gives us a Soviet patent number for an anchor device

which tells us Putin is not simply "friends" with Satanyahu. He was invited for a reason.

Below is another mind warping photo.

We Thought Twitter Was Bad, Gab Just Blocked the Entire Country of Russia

May 10, 2018 - We had an account on Gab, which is filled with American racists and rednecks but claims to be a free speech zone, I guess the free-speech only applies to racist redneck American scum. My last post? I wished my followers a happy Victory Day!

Bittersweet Victory Day but all went by peacefully and well. Lot's of heart everywhere but life is getting harder for everyone.

The Zionists Are So Clever Now They Have

May 09, 2018 - First they start all this propaganda that you can only march in remembrance of Victory Day if you have a relative. Then they show up with any picture whatsoever and now they have associated themselves with Russia's Great Victory when we know they caused the war. I am done. Either Russians are totally blind or they just don't care. This war crimianl currently killing Russians in Syria was at Putin's side today.

I compared what is left of my work on Global Research and on Sputnik and it is a disgrace!



Поздравляем вас с Днём Победы!

JAR2 is Taking 24 Hours Off to Honor Victory Day

May 09, 2018 - Out of all of the holidays and celebrations around the world Victory Day will always be the only real and true celebration of a real victory of Good over Evil. Even though fascism and racism are back worldwide there is still a small hope in my heart that it will be Russia which eliminates the cancer of hate on all humanity, in all of its forms, that is the evil of fascism. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Ongoing Fundraising Drive in Progress - They are Killing the NET and No One Cares

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The Inauguration of President Putin 2018: West Has No Respect

May 08, 2018:

Compared to past inaugurations this time it was very modest and included the President walking from his office in the Kremlin to the Inauguration Hall and then to the area where youth and supporters were gathered outside, another very long walk, by the way and a very modest gathering. The Inauguration was very official and full of the pomp and ceremony befitting such an important occasion but compared to previous ones it was very low key.

I have been asked by several of my readers to comment on what the next 6 years hold for Russia and the world and someone sent me the following three erroneous points which seem to be spreading in the West and which I will briefly comment on.

Point number one regards a reported “rift between Putin and members of his own Intelligence Apparatus that has gotten so bad there are reports of a proxy war being fought in Ukraine between Putin and Members of his Intelligence Agencies.”

This is ridiculous and is only the creation of some American who thinks Russia works the same way as the United States and wants to spread some lie about Russia’s presence in Ukraine.

First there cannot be a “rift” between the Russian President and his own intelligence apparatus! Such can only happen in the USA. Why is this not possible? For the simple reason that they all serve the President and are appointed by him! If there is a rift they are fired, like he recently fired another group of Generals on the 6th of April.

The other point about some proxy war being fought in Ukraine between President Putin and members of his own intelligence agencies is so far from reality and such an incredible fabrication that it only shows that the West wants to continue creating the straw man of a Russian presence in Ukraine to continue it illegal war in the Ukraine and the Donbass and the perpetuation of the failing NeoCon policies, NATO expansion, the raping and theft of natural resources, the continued DARPA experimentation and the CIA control over the Ukrainian Special Services, the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine is now a de-facto US colony and the only legitimate reason for the US being there is the US created phantom boogey-man of a non-existent Russian aggressor.

In reality it has been the US fighting a proxy war in Ukraine between their nazi junta and the junta’s punitive nazi forces, who are slaughtering civilians using US supplied and funded weapons, and ethnic Russian civilians fighting for their very lives. Again all of this started by NeoCons as a Geo-Political nation game to damage their perpetual boogey-man called “Russian Influence”.

The rest of the points I will not even comment on as they are so ridiculous they do not deserve debate but I would ask that people making such statement provide independent and irrefutable proof as they are attempting to discredit and denigrate an entire nation and its beloved President.

Americans really need to wake up to their own problems back home and they need to realize that the countries of the world no longer see the US as a moral beacon or a bastion of democracy and sad as it may be for Americans, their opinion no longer matters.

So does Russia have some internal problems? Yes it does, but not the problems the West fictionalizes and creates in their fake MOCKINGBIRD media.

Will I report on the real internal problems facing Russia? Sure when people are ready to listen and stop labelling anyone who says anything positive about Russia everything from a Russian Troll to a Kremlin Bot. I would be more than happy to explain things to an educated and reasonable, open –minded audience and to provide generous amounts of verifiable and credible factual links and resources just as soon as they all lose the habit of blaming Russia for everything under the moon, from bad weather, to useless spies used in their own False Flags.

Sure Russia has problems but why would I discuss those with someone from the West? What is the point for the Western audience if they have no control over their own governments and policies and such information is only used to vilify and ridicule? I will discuss Russian problems with Russians and those seeking ways to resolve and find solutions to those problems.

Sound fair? I think so….

Have a nice day!    

Mileikowski to Bring Sulphur and Brimstone Back to Moscow (Or Secrets?)

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Dear President Putin,

May 6, 2018 - I hope you are well and the fight against....

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Truth as the New Hate Speech, How Indian Are You and Trolling the JAR


May 05, 2018 - I would highly recommend you take the 10-20 minutes, or shorter depending on how fast you read, and check out my latest articles here: http://www.jar2.com/Articles/John_Robles_2018.html in which I address the censorship of the censors, controllers and liars, who are desperate to promote and finally install their Fascist Corporate Satanic New World Order Enslavement of Humanity Operation and are seeing all of their plans failing as they come against Russia and nothing they are doing is working. (If you are in a hurry just skip to the FAKERY section below.)

The NWO is Desperate

The latest desperation moves by the New World Order, that are being pushed by the Satanic Illuminati Death and Control Cult, include trying to force all languages except English out of the UN, thus establishing Anglo-Saxon dominance over the world and repackaging their New World Order and Globalism into a falsely presented yet attractive package that they are trying to make the peoples of the world believe in. They of course have to obfuscate and make every effort they can so that their plan of enslavement and mass-genocide is not known, however that cat has long been out of the bag and watching them running around fabricating lies and promoting already exposed misconceptions only makes them look even more foolish and impotent and I must say that I am very pleased that the truth has in fact gotten out there and been planted like a seed and there is nothing they can do to put the Genie back in the bottle.

English as a Tool for Anglo-Saxon Supremacy

Unfortunately I can not write at a level I am satisfied with in Russian or Spanish or French or Italian or German and since I suffered the colonial genocidal programming of the "American" state, have been programmed with the English language as my native tongue, I am forced to write in English and thus in this regard, whether I want to or not, am in fact serving the Anglo-Saxon agenda. However as my audience is international, and English is an international language now, this is still the optimum way to communicate and is fine as long as we remember and keep the language as a tool to facilitate communication and not one to convey imperial thinking or Anglo-Saxon supremacy. This is the main reason I stopped teaching English after 20 years of being a professional Cambridge certified ESL teacher. All of the Western educational material being used to teach English includes subliminal programming to promote and establish mastery of the Anglo-Saxon world.

I will Not Just Shut Up and Go Away

As a staunch critic of globalization and US/Western encroachment and enslavement on the rest of the planet, I can not in good conscience be a part of that system and unfortunately have paid a serious price. Yet to the chagrin of the globalists, whose insistence and erroneous belief of their own superiority and exceptionalism has established that anyone who is not white or Zionist must not be allowed a voice or an audience and must be censored out of existence, I am still here and still writing and still speaking out! They continue to believe that if they attack me and censor me and even blatantly target me specifically and carry out such operations as threatening me with a QANON persona or deleting my Twitter profiles for no reason whatsoever, that I will be silent and just go off and die somewhere. Such as the UK publicly stated to the enitre Russian world recently. That Russia should just shut and go away.

Yet Another in an Endless Stream of Attacks

I am writing about this again because I have been attacked again on a personal level (this time not on social media and not by you Brandie) with the standard package of statements that no one will listen to me, that my writing is not up to grade for whatever reason, that no one will take me seriously, etc., except my readership is up and the real traffic to the site is up and the number of my supporters, judging by the site traffic reports and the number of visitors is growing. The real problem is not even what I say, the real problem is what they can NOT say. The real problem is who I am. No one asks a white man, how white are you? No one asks a Khazari Ashkenazi fake Jew, how Semitic are? Although these are legitimate questions, yet I have to hear my race, citizenship and nationality questioned every single day.

If Don't Dance With the Devil They Will Attack

The globalists will promote and finance and sponsor and glorify anyone whose message they want to hear and anyone who is able to "dance well" with them (as the Russians say). The globalist scum do not care about truth, in fact they are the architects and creators of  lies and falacies, race, morality, ethics or anything else for that matter, are of no real import as they temselves are complete fakes and have no real identity. Unless you are their adversary or are too independent, then all of a sudden they pull out all the catch phrases they have in their bag of tricks. Then they attack your race, education, opinions and in the latest case related to me they have labeled my writing about the fake Skripal attack, the massive censorship and the horrendous illegal military attack on Syria, as hate speech. However the real hate speech demonizing Russia, Palestinians, American Indians and anyone else they have targeted for elimination, they are never concerned about.

Hiding the Lie of World Domination

The globalist scum must make the people of the world swallow their lie. Namely their wish to obtain complete economic and political control over all of the institutions and societal structure of sovereign nations and enslave the populations but in order to do so they must make or force the populations of these nations to submit. In effect and for all intents and purposes they must convince the populations to betray their own countries and peoples. Having lived in Russia for almost 25 years this is visible to me in all of its myriad emanations and as an American Indian has been known to me since childhood.

Only Believe the Fatherly ZIonist

Thus the older Zionist white man is the only dictator of truth and opinion, such as Chomsky and Jones, whose real agendas they hide and the rest of the show is filled with fakes and counterfeits. The entire Western media is a fraud and an affront to any half intelligent sentient person not under the influence of mind control, but that is exactly how the Globalists want it. 

The Fakery

I have written about the Globalists hundreds of time and their agenda but there is one area I have never really delved into because it is so obvious and seemingly benign, but now, as time has passed this benign area, seems to have become, if not the embodiment of the evil, then at least an integral and very important part of it, and is in fact a key step in successful mind-control programming, which the Globalists are using and attempting to spread in order to achieve their goals. I am referring to the creation and spread of falsehoods and fakery. Hence watching media figures, even here in Russia, speaking out about FAKE NEWS, which is what they create day in and day out, even simply by omission, as almost all of the Russian outlets do, by ignoring real news like the slaughter of Palestinians, or any number of other issues, such as 911, I am left with the bitter taste of bile in my throat and the almost uncontrollable desire to scream! 

Hiding Their Crimes Against Humanity  

The Globalists and all of their associated CIA and MOSSAD controlled think tanks, experts, institutions, foundations and others involved in mass-mind control and the creation of their "New World Order" are faced with the task of making people believe that somehow they (the Globalists) are superior and at the same time covering up their horrendous crimes around the globe and the very fact of their control grid and their infiltration.

First I must make it clear that this is all spreading from Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom with the support of the Saudis and other Globalist Axis powers. All of these countries are in fact illegitimate states, each for their own reason but the USA and Israel for their very foundation of genocide. This is a fact that they will do anything to cover up because it lies at the very root of the fallacy of their legitimacy and the corporations that actually make up the states. Therefore it is necessary for them to create fallacy for the populace and suppress truth wherever it may rise up. 

The CIA War on Truth: They Have Won. Or Have They?

As the CIA has so openly stated, when everything the American people believe is fake, they will have won, and that is exactly what is happening. My concern is not with the American people, just as they have no concern for me, but for the fact that this fake reality is poisoning the world and all of humanity as the Globalists attempt to spread their MKULTRA control grid. One reason why English is important and something that Greenberg and Hawkins have kept you from knowing while pretending to expose mass-surveillance and the Internet control grid. This last fact (along with assisting in the cover up of 911) is why the alarm bells first went off for me regarding the Snow-Den and Wiki-Leaks operations. Here we have these supposedly brilliant whistleblowers who are supposedly programmers, truthers and journalists or whatever they are being presented as, yet they have no idea and no comment on what these surveillance grids are being used for. This is the classic definition of a Limited Hangout (an operation which releases some information in order to hide a greater leak). These two operations were also instrumental in the 911 cover-up and the elimination of all leakers and real whistleblowers, but I have already gotten into that elsewhere.

The Internet as a Mind Control Tool

So returning to the fakery. The Internet could have been used and developed as a tool for peace and understanding and to enlighten and inform the entire planet and all of the richly varied people who inhabit it. I could have been used as a real instrument of peace and to facilitate a deeper and clearer understanding between all of us as people and human beings. However, along with the Western and Zionist controlled global media, the Internet is also being turned into a tool of mass mind control and the spread of fake news and fallacies.

Let's look at some examples and why these are important and in particular how they are connected with what they are doing to the media in the Russian Federation. In the US I am sure readers are aware of the fake Indian political appointee, the uneducated head of the Department of Education, men who pretend to be women everywhere and vice versa, whites who pretend they are blacks, sodomy equated to marriage, Satanism somehow connected to light, evil as a redemption from sin, the European Jews who pretend to be Semites, the rich millionaires who pretend to care for the poor, the reality show president who is an obvious Zionist puppet, a fraud and a war criminal, whistleblowers who work for the FBI, hacktivists who know nothing about hacking and the list goes on and on right down to Americans who are not even Americans but the offspring of Europeans and there the very foundation of the lie of that republic.

Then there are the war crimes and the selling of the stripping of rights as necessary and the creation of an endless fear factor for control and then the waging of endless monstrous illegal wars of aggression and the maintenance of the only illegal torture dungeon in operation on the planet and finally the continued cover up of 911 and the promotion of eve lie under the book to protect the guilty who now control the system.

We know about all this and I have written about it before but why is it important? First it is easy to mind control a populace who minds are filled with lies and endless distractions, second it is easier to make them believe the endless stream of new lies which cover up the crimes of the criminals in power. Hence critical thinking, investigative journalism, alternative-media, whistleblowers, leaking and anything that threatens to expose them are now the new terrorists and a general dumbing down of the populace and destruction of what used to be called "moral fiber" and the building blocks of family and community are also necessary.

If someone believes a white blue-eyed woman is an Indian and a man who chopped off his penis is a woman, then it is very easy to make such a person believe that slavery is freedom and evil is the light.

The Global MOCKINGBIRD Has Been Let Loose

On the global level and with regard to Russia, these attempt to create a fake reality are much more devious, but have proven harder for the New World Order, largely due to the higher educational level of Russians and the language barrier. Personally I have been affected by this as I am the first real US/Western asylee in Russia and a real whistleblower but the media pushes the fakes (Greenberg Hawkins) because were the truth to come out about what has been done to me and my family many many "officials" engaged in everything from fraud to human trafficking as well as horrendous crimes by the CIA and US Government would be exposed, so they gave you the fake Assange and Snowden and convinced Russia to go along in order to protect the "National Security" of the United States which is just the protection of the criminals who have taken power.

Fake Terror, Fake Chemical Attacks, Fake Media for Real Wars and Endless Death

Again back to the FAKERY! We saw recently with the Skripal False Flag, the fake White Helmets revelations, the fake chemical attack in Syria and the real war crimes committed by France, the United Kingdom and the United States for Israel that, the entire Western MSM is nothing but a controlled MOCKINGBIRD propaganda operation. We have seen with Twitter and Facebook and social media that they are the same and operating lock step with the Intelligence Agencies in creating the basis for illegal wars and this time a World War is what they want. So what can we do?

My Advice: Unplug

If you want my advice do what I did, at least to save your own sanity, stop watching television, completely and totally. Delete yourself from social media if you can. I have tried to but it is a necessary evil to communicate with some of my audience, even though I am not allowed to grow. Read books and educate yourself. Do not trust ANYONE the media tells you to trust or believe in and do not believe anything that does not agree with what you already know, which may require you to relearn a lot but is worth it.


In Russia they are trying to re-write history and for four years they have been pounding the public with nazi anti-Russian propaganda and ideas, but they are still failing so there is hope. And with that word hope I will sign off.

If you liked this piece please donate to the site as this is my only income. I will be getting into my serious analytical research in the near future but I hope you found this piece informative and that it gave you a little food for thought.         

911 and Truth: The False War on Terror Paradigm Continues Unabated


May 04, 2018 -

POST FOUR: Sands is back trolling me as Barbie. The FBI is on full panic mode as Million Man March takes on Rome.

POST THREE: Just deleted the reserve back up emergency Twitter I was given https://twitter.com/JBow22U369 but I had to reactivate it when I went to Gab and noticed that Gab is now completely useless as it has slowed down to the speed of nearly frozen molasses. Ten minutes have already passed as it attempts to load my page. This is completely unworkable and cancels Gab as an option to the Twitter Nazis. 

POST TWO: Factually the traffic to JAR2 and the amount of visitors has gone up since the Twitter ban. Being shadow banned on Twitter, and even while I had 123,000 followers, was in reality an exercise in futility only fooling myself that I was getting heard. Consider that my Tweets were only attaining an audience of less than 40 on average, even though they should have been reaching tens of thousands, and you will understand the deviousness of the censorship on Twitter. They basically but you in a locked and padded room where your messages can not be heard. Actual click throughs and referrals to my site and the articles I linked to were in the single digits so in reality Twitter cleverly manipulates the information and presents itself as a fantastic tool to reach the world when in fact it is a fraud and in reality has censored itself right out of the completive market. I am of course an advocate for freedom of speech and the free flow of ideas and find the practices of social media engineering companies, which is what they are, reprehensible. However being as they are paid and controlled by intelligence agencies the users are the last thing that these tech giants are concerned about. 

POST ONE: Dear supporters we are in another life and death end of funding situation and our Internet goes out at midnight again. Please make any size donation. I keep asking all of you to make small monthly donations but no one has. That would have solved all of these endless crises. It is so humiliating every month to tell the world we are out of food and on the verge of being evicted and get the non-response we get. It is through no fault of my own that I am in this completely horrendous situation and again ask for your help!!!

Ministry of Defense Not Happy With Benedict Arnold





May 03, 2018 - The Ministry of Defense has publicly bashed the lead 5th columnist at Echo of Moscow Benedictov. Hopefully he will finally have to answer for his years and years of work against the Russian State and the Russian people in his service to the CIA!

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

Минобороны России рекомендует Алексею Венедиктову сначала читать первоисточники, рассуждая на тему кто кого вводил в заблуждение относительно участия Франции в ракетном ударе по Сирии 14 апреля

«Алексею Венедиктову, рассуждая на тему кто кого вводил в заблуждение относительно участия Франции в ракетном ударе по Сирии 14 апреля, всё-таки порекомендовали бы сначала читать первоисточники, а не слухи.

Утром 14 апреля, в брифинге Минобороны России было дословно сказано: «анонсированное участие ФРАНЦУЗСКОЙ АВИАЦИИ не зафиксировано». Ни больше, ни меньше.

Это и есть правда, которая на тот момент была официально доведена общественности без каких-либо прикрас.
При этом на том же утреннем брифинге Минобороны России сообщило о 103 выпущенных по Сирии и обнаруженных крылатых ракетах. Хотя так называемая «коалиция» только к концу дня 14 апреля фактически подтвердила эту информацию, заявив о 105 выпущенных ракетах.
Куда улетели после старта эти две американские, британские или французские ракеты – неизвестно. Но погрешность в наших оценках около 1 процента говорит сама за себя.

А вот что касается эффективности ракетного удара 14 апреля, - здесь действительно имеются более чем серьезные расхождения не в пользу коалиции. И особенно Франции, честь и репутацию которой так упорно отстаивает А.Венедиктов.

Минобороны России не только заявило, но и предъявило российским и иностранным журналистам многочисленные обломки сбитых сирийскими комплексами ПВО, в том числе французских крылатых ракет с серийными номерами агрегатов.

Ничего противопоставить этим фактам не могут ни французское военное ведомство, ни их коллеги из США или Великобритании.

Более того, фактически замолчали ту презентацию реальных трофеев, уничтожившую миф об «умных и красивых» ракетах западной коалиции и на самой радиостанции «Эхо Москвы».

Впрочем, как замолчали и показания в ОЗХО живых свидетелей-сирийцев постановочного ролика «Белых Касок», якобы «пострадавших» в результате химической атаки «сирийского режима».

А ведь именно эта активно цитировавшаяся фальшивка, изготовленная мошенниками из «Белых Касок», и стала поводом для нанесения 14 апреля ракетного удара по Сирии.

Где же ваша хвалёная объективность? Хотя да, о чем это мы?»


 The CIA is Desperate


May 03, 2018 - When Russia was broken, shattered and weak the US and the CIA were all friendly. Now that Russian has risen up they attack

 On Syria L Says: 

L SENDS The Syria proxy terror war, exactly like the Iraq, Libya, & Afghan wars before it, is a pure hired mercenaries mass-murder op perpetrated by powerful jews... with the backing of every jewish temple, every jewish school, every jewish community group, business group, "cultural" group and lobby group in America, Europe... and across the world. It is NOT that "the Talmud SUPERSEDES the bible" - for the bible is rife with horrific, appalling acts of carnage perpetrated by jews against their peaceful neighbors, and even their former allies (notably Egyptians & Midianites). The bible stories of Phineas (killing a "mixed race" couple in their bed by surprise attack) and 2Kings10 *specifically* encourage TREACHERY and (literally) back-stabbing! The "genius" of Jews is using their WAILING! about mistreatment in the past (much of it alleged) to put themselves in positions of power & influence where they plot, scheme, & plan to... INFLICT EVEN WORSE ATROCITIES on those who were foolish enough to put any trust in them! - L

 The Zionists Control All Information: No Noise About Odessa


May 2, 2018 - Today marks 4 years since the 397 people were burned alive in Odessa and there have been no significant arrests, the Russian media is for the most part silent and the American flag waving Neo-Liberal Human Rights Defenders continue to be completely and totally silent. This silence is collusion with the Ukrainian nazis and the Russian media is just as guilty even having one of the know organizers on talk shows when he should have been arrested and sent to a tribunal, but the media legitimizes these horrendous criminals and treats them as if they are legitimate and respectable members of society whose opinion matters. This tells you who controls the media and it is the same Neo-Con supporters of the Nazi junta in Ukraine. I weep for the world! 

These scum in the media have even deleted all of my investigative work of the Odessa Massacre. It is all gone.

 Enemies of Humanity Entrenched in the Media - The Zionists Control All Information

Posting the news is becoming a more and more difficult task as I try to post only actual real news items and news that the MSM is ignoring. This includes news about Russia, the Donbass, Palestine, Syria, Indigenous peoples and the endless war crimes of the US Axis Powers of endless illegal wars. It is truly a thankless task that takes more time than I care to talk about and the benefits of which I am not seeing in the way of support.

The world is being informed by the same lunatics who now rule it and the sheeple apparently want it that way. How can one take seriously news outlets who are now blasting Trump being given a Nobel Peace Prize? We already understand that the Nobel is a war prize so they should change the name. Obama got one and was involved in nine wars, Trump just illegally bombed Syria for the second time and terrorized the DPRK to the point where the 2 Koreas may finally unite. This was not because Trump is some sort of diplomat or peace broker. It is because he is a raging lunatic Rothschild puppet frothing at the mouth for war, unstable and psychotic enough to cause even the staunchest enemies to unite against him.

Where can you read serious criticism or analysis of all of this now? It used to be in the Russian media but not anymore. The Russian media is filled with neo-Liberal US wannabes who pander like aging and unattractive whores to the US and Israel, thinking that if they kiss the asses hard enough and long enough they will be part of the club. The rest, all of the editors and media owners are on the direct payroll of the US State Department (CIA) or Israeli interests (MOSSAD) and there is absolutely nothing that will be done to get rid of them.

Where is the news and analysis in the Russia Press about the CIA coup in Armenia? About the atrocities being committed right now in Gaza, about Israel trying to start WWIII between the US and Russia? Nowhere. The last independent and free voice in the world was the Voice of Russia and the Zionists destroyed it and it will never return. We now live in Zion World and frankly I am just about done caring. What is the point if no one supports my work. The Zionists have done a wonderful job of demonizing and destroying me and my family and after four years of fighting I really don't see the point anymore. I had supporters but one by one they have all disappeared, too afraid or too indifferent or too attacked themselves to support our work further.  

Again the problem of truth strikes. Truth has no variants, no shades or meanings that can be manipulated, truth is like a plain piece of bread while the liars have endless opportunities to shape, market, twist, modify and sensationalize all of the lies they spew on a daily basis. Like the site Project Censored which has gone quiet I think it is time we do the same. Unfortunately as seems to be the case with Project Censored, I am certain no one will notice!  

May First is a day when the world's workers are supposed to unify in the fight for worker's rights. I will always support workers rights and any media outlet which publishes a headline such as this May Day: World Lefties' Temper-Tantrum Day! Annual Riot Hits Paris I can not link so. Along with TASS, Sputnik, Sky News, CNN, and most of the worlds MSM SOTT joins our blacklist. COngratualations you are fake news SOTT.

 Enemies of Russia Entrenched in the Media - Sputnik Has Deleted All My Work

It is becoming clearer and clearer with every passing day and the signs are so obvious as to who is controlling the Russian media that it is my hope the Russian authorities finally do something about it. Here the 5th column at Sputnik is also mocking the Russian Government by inviting users to use Instgram, which is just the same as Telegram while continuing their usage of Facebook and Twitter. Somehow the Globalist scum have convinced the Russian authorities that what they are doing by running counter to all Russian ideals, ideas and positions is somehow in the interest of the Russian State. They use phrases like some propaganda and subtle delivery of the message when all they are actually doing is eliminating the actual message by for example, their favorite move, putting it at the end where no one notices.

There should be an outcry from Serbs and anyone who is a Russian Patriot or against the New World Order or is fighting for truth that all my years of work exposing US illegality was simply deleted. Their next move is deleting me and my family. I will not allow this to happen.


The previous screen shot showed the first story which is not mine but has a link https://sputniknews.com/authors/20140713/190910097/Number-of-Russias-criminal-cases-against-Kievs-forces-continue.html to my deleted report.

Sputnik is not even hiding that they are pandering to the Ukrainian nazis and the US.

 Luciferian Zionists Killing the Real Semites and the Real Jews

Perhaps my brother was right, and we are part real Semitic Jews who have a connection to Queen Isabella of Spain and not only Taino Indians who are the heirs of Boriken, which would explain the Illuminati interest in my "bloodline"... Will be writing about this later... I thought it was crazy but now I am not so sure... Stay tuned...

 Message from the NWO: They Own Everyone!

 Message About the NWO: They Will Kill Everyone!

There is the aspect of the New World Order lunatics conditioning the world to the killing of white Christian civilians which is exactly what is happening in Donbass … Something no one is supposed to talk about and a fact for which there should be a massive global outcry but there is not.

All of the NeoCons are Fake Jooz and the Ukraine Junta and the Oligarchs are fake Jooz too. These are the same Zionists Ashkenazi Khazaris who slaughtered Hassidic and poor religious Jews during the Holocaust who refused to go to Palestine and take part in the Palestine genocide project for Rothschild. Hitler was a Rothschild if you know the history.

The Khazris and Ashkenazis have had a blood fued with Russia for over a thousand years. Even the word Nazi comes from AshkeNAZI not from National Socialist… this is a fact. And like they did in Germany they are doing in Ukraine. That is the truth.

The US secessionists you speak about will be very useful if they are well conditioned to killing white Christians for the Globalists and the New World Order when it comes time for REX84 and the mass genocide of current Americans. These are not conspiracy theories but historical facts I am telling you.

REX84 is real. FEMA Camps are real. All it will take is another mass casualty event or war that the people rise up against.

This “GREAT AWAKENING” if it gets going into violence will be the perfect instrument to implement the REX84 Protocols. Therefore the fact that QANON is an Op is critically important. His manipulation of the masses is very dangerous and is playing right into the hands of the Globalists.

 Why is the Main Mason in Russia Trying to Add Me on VK ?

April 25 2016 - The Masons are a cancer on Russia. I know who you are and what you are and I will not ever serve Lucifer as you do.


 Moving Beyond the Sphere of Their Understanding 

April 24 2016 - Watching the Globalists play their brainwashing games on Twitter and seeing their fear of truth is like watching lunatics trying to convince you that world is flat and the sky is green. The conclusion that they are using Artificial Intelligence and BOTS who Tweet 24/7 and paid military personnel to spread the lies of their psychological operations is something the Intelligence Agencies of every country must take measures against.

With the knowledge that Twitter is an extension of MKULTRA and by their admission Project BLUEBIRD (a program to force confessions) it is very clear (and this is a very imprtant piece of evidence) why Edward GREENBERG (Snow Den) was able to obtain so many followers so quickly (98% of his followers are military personnel all issued a directive to follow his account with their BOT GROUP) and like WikiLeaks and the fake Assange, is able to obtain a high following to maintain his credibility.

This information is now clearly know to Russian Intelligence so the only burning question is why they are allowed to continue to operate when it is clear that Twitter must be banned from Russia.    


 QANON Implodes Against Jar2 - QANON Outs Itself and JAR2 Gets Banned for Life


The Cyber War is Not Over: We Have Just Begun

  Today April 22nd We Wish JAR3 a Happy 26th Birthday

NEW When Criminals are in Power, Everything They Do Is a Crime

April 21 2016 - War criminal Trump thinks he has terrorized President Putin and PUtin will come to the White Hourse and kiss his ass


April 18 2016 - Oh they must be laughing. What am I supposed to say? Yeah it is okay to kill innocent people in Donbass? Yeah it is okay to kill innocent Syrians in Syria? Oh no problem killing Palestinians in the ongoing genocide in Palestine. They want me to say oh, yeah kill Russians, they CIA is cool. Why do I have to suffer for being RIGHT? For being moral and against these monsters? Why do I have to suffer for publishing and writing truth when no one else will and when everyone is too terrified of being targetted or to indifferent to even care or offending some animals who call themselves GOd's chosen but are only self-chosen and who insist on all of us being their slaves? I am not going to be anybody's slave. So what I have to die?

What do Noam Chomsky, Juli(e)n Hawkins, Edward Greenberg, Soloviev and even Alex Jones have in common? They never question 911 because Israel did it and they all are either Khazaris, Ahkenazim, Religous Chabads or never question the illegal genocide state of Israel. Plus they are all media operations and are given the status of "truthers' in the fake controlled opposition game. In 2018 the only truth is supposed to come from some anal retentive white Jew. Judging by the media there are no non-white non-Jewish journalists anywhere in the world.

Chomsky is a real prize, this quote regarding American Indians is a classic in the genre of Hasbara Zionist propaganda. This animal should be place in a very special room in hell for wha he has done to the world in his brainwashing and manipulations. This in your face "confirmation truth" regarding my people, with the Zionist multi-pronged propaganda lie is so devious and well constructed that people would not notice if they did not know what to look for. So again the Zionist scum liars and fabricators co-op and try to associate themselves with another race that has suffered and whom they themselves were responsible in a large part for annihilating while lifting up the poor Jews who refused to relocate to Palestine and Gypsies whom they also themselves slaughtered, to the same level as the American Indians who are still being genocided today and are the victims of the greatest genocide in the history of the world. Here the clever Zionist usage of Jews and now Gypsies, who they hide behind is very clear as is the usage of another so-called TRUTH outlet.

Finally the timing of the appearance and widespread usage over the brainwashing social mediia Twitter of this meme is the most telling. As the world is being made aware that it is the Zionist state that is trying to cause WWIII and has been using the US Military like its own dog squad.

You may hate me for being brown or red or Russian or whatever but I know a spade when I see one and you (my enemies) are merely slaves to the Zionist banker filth. This goes for you Macron, and May and ALL of you who are cheering or supporting the horrendous ongoing Zionist orchestrated genocide that is ongoing in Syria.

Statement on SSL
Well the “West” has now screwed up SSL certification. Our SSL Certificate miraculously expired all of a sudden and now we are blocked from producing or receiving a new one unless of course we use a paid service. Since we have no user data on our servers, SSL is not really necessary but it was a nice thing to have. We survived 14 years without SSL we will survive 14 more. Jar2 is still completely accessible without the SSL. We apologize for the inconvenience the New World Order is causing to the Web.



ENTRY 247:  Partial Post. Continuation....  After all of my research and investigations as well as inside information and intelligence I was able to obtain and glean from various sources and individuals inside certain organizations, I was able to present clear and irrefutable evidence that, in this instance Facebook, Twitter to a lesser degree, Visa and Apple I-Phones were being used to collect intelligence information on the population of Russia in general and on Government officials and the "elites" and their children in particular. This information I passed on to the Chairman Andrey Bistritsky and to my controllers. It was during this period that I was given control of the Social Media for the Voice of Russia World Service which was rather odd as I had called for such resources not to be used by the Russian Government whatsoever.

ENTRY 253: When CIA Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul appeared in Moscow and immediately began in earnest to interface with "opposition" forces operating as agents for the CIA (or the CIA's budgetary mother the US State Department, it makes no difference) I wrote several reports on his activities and one in particular about the offer of 640 million dollars for anyone who could bring about a military takeover of the Russian Government, which was published on the Voice of Russia and then with several hours deleted from their site due to a complaint by McFaul. My sources were solid and the information I wrote about was also published in Russian language press, so it was very odd that they would pull the material as I had followed the three source guidelines and everything had been cleared before publication. At the time it seemed rather odd that they would be so subservient to McFaul but it soon became clear why. The entire staff of the English Service of the Voice of Russia (the 5th Column were either directly or indirectly working for the CIA or MI6). Evidence to this built up over time and is included throughout this report.

Please Leave Your Comments






2018 Being Placed in a [KILLBOX] by QANON (WE FIGHT BACK) 

NEW The 5th Column Starts Taking Hits: I Am Hopeful for the Russian State

April 17 2018 - I woke up and checked the headlines to see if World War III had started or if Nazis had attacked Moscow like I do every morning and was very pleasantly surprised to see that Roskomnadzor has finally done something about the CIA Black Operations Social Engineering Operation called Echo of Moscow who I have been trying to expose for what they are for over a decade.

I am very very hopeful that this is just the beginning of the cleansing of Russia of all of the CIA infrastructure that was put into place to destroy the Russian State. It is a very very good sign for all of us and for Russia and for the Russian people. Russia is regaining her sovereignty and this is wonderful.

For me the recent blocking of Telegram and millions of IP addresses that were being used by CIA Google and CIA Amazon to collect data on Russia and Russians is also a wonderful and beautiful thing to see!!! They are finally protecting Russia's sovereignty and the Russian people and this includes me and JAR2. However there other worrying developments but we are working on those as well. The Intelligence gathering goldmine that was Telegram is dead, now hopefully Facebook and Twitter will follow.

People do not want to face the fact or accept that these platforms are used to gather Intelligence data that is being used to socially engineer societies and serves to assist the CIA to carry out its operations in Russia, fomenting dissent, censoring people it finds a threat and even targetting for death.

Rospotrebnadzor is the body they weren't expecting)))

To my supporters: I really really need your support!!

We have a dream

В работе твиттера произошел сбой 


Почему пендосый и 5й колона так переживает про Телеграма? Даже главне резидент ЦРУ Гринберг/Сноуден открыл паст??????

Telegram is used by criminals to sell narcotics, sex slaves and organize mass unrest.

Телеграмма используется преступниками для продажи наркотиков, сексуальных рабов и организации массовых беспорядков. Тот сайт JAR2.ru не моя. Находится во Франция. продають Русский девушки!

Telegram is used by the CIA and the NSA to spy on officials, communicate with agents and for social engineering.

Телеграмма используется ЦРУ и АНБ что бы шпионить и следит на должностных лиц, за богатый и их дети, что бы общаться с агентами и для социальной инженеринг и организаце акций.

1. На ползоваетли их на плевать

(Тем более что даже полная потеря 15 млн пользователей - это сейчас около ежемесячного прироста аудитории Telegram", - пояснил предприниматель) http://www.interfax.ru/russia/608976
2. Майдан стройт хотят с помочь Гринберга

(Есть ли вероятность, что недовольство пользователей мессенджера выльется во что-то более ощутимое, нежели гневные посты? Например, отразится ли на количестве участников протестной акции в мае, которую ранее анонсировал Алексей Навальный.) https://www.pravda.ru/news/expert/17-04-2018/1381257- 

NEW Who is Against World War III?

April 16 2018 - What is the point anymore when even on the brink of World War III people are more interested in how many likes they have and Lady Gaga? What is the point in trying to wake people up or trying to correct injustice when absolutely no one cares and no one listens. What is the point in trying to inform people of the truth when they do not even want to know the truth, even when their very lives depend on it.

The globalists have taken over the Russian media completely and totally. It is stunning that the Government still allows all of the media outlets to continue functioning. There is no one that I have heard of that is calling the actions of the US and Israel what they are, war crimes and crimes against humanity! Today I even heard a younger bradcaster mocking people who question 911! Here in Russia! This is a complete and total Globalist takeover. It is well known that the Russian media is only controlled by Jews but how is that even the Russian Government does nothing when we are talking about World War III and the possible deaths of millions of Russians. How are they allowed to continue to operate???? I am truly shocked!!

NEW The US/NATO/MOSSAD/911/NWO House of Cards is Finally Imploding


NEW Evidence Twitter is a US Intelligence Tool

NEW This is What the 5th Column Has Done to My Son. Payback happening

Their Narrative is that if you go against the CIA/NATO/Israel and are Pro-Russian This is How it Ends

Things are going on in the background that I can't talk about and we need your support! 


The CIA/MI6/MOSSAD control the criminal groupings in the Moscow Region and have judges and officials on their payroll in almost every ministry. This is a fact. I was being blackmailed into silence.

The US/NATO/MOSSAD 911 House of Cards is Finally Imploding

April 11 2018 14:44 - The Western MOCKINGBIRD media is melting down and although it is a horrible thing to watch it is quite funny seeing their house of card based on lies finally come crashing down. President Putin also mentioned today the chaos in the world but he could solve it. It could be solved with three very small steps that are all in President Putin's power. Three steps for world peace. 

The Bravest Most Honorable Person I Have Ever Known is My Son

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM "AWAY" Will Make Another Yearly List of Who "Friends" Are


April 10 2018 00:00 - Although he has been the victim of Machiavellian machinations that are historic in proportion he has behaved with honor, honesty and bravery as his life was taken away and his future destroyed. Today is my birthday but I am dedicating today to him and will be releasing material that I ask you all to spread in order to free him! We will start with Robert Steele the founder of Marine Corps Intelligence and a CIA Officer who specifically targeted me and my family and served as the paymaster or contact for CIA Black Operations in Moscow.

Marine Corps Intelligence is not a friend of Moscow, Russia, the Russian people or the Russian Security Services but they lie and pay and people take their money. They fulfill some of the blackest operations in the military sphere for the CIA including things like burning people alive in events like Odessa and other operations where the CIA is just too "soft".

We have been gathering intelligence for 20 years now and the results have been released. I will not allow their narrative against me and my family to continue. It was allowed to go this far in order for me to finish my investigation and it is now complete.

Their narrative is over.

I will not be posting today and will try to stay off-line to avoid the provocations and threats that happen every year. See you all in 24 hours!

Everything is Clear Now, My Ban, Deleting My False Flag Material

April 09 2018 03:00


The Extra Time and Lack of Stress from Leaving Twitter is Wonderful

April 08 2018 13:00 - It is an absolutely incredible sunny Spring day and I am actually in a wonderful mood. I was actually starting to think of leaving Twitter anyway because I was shadow banned and the amount of real Web traffic to the site was a complete and total joke. Twitter is over-rated actually.

God Bless Russia and President Putin and please protect my family.

April 08 2018 - 21:23 Like I said every year the CIA/MI6 5th Column launch some operation on my birthday. This has included car accidents, being jumped, being robbed, being mugged, having people trying to break into my flat, the filing of false reports and other pleasantries. It is one thing they do every year on my birthday, my son's birthday, my daughters birthday and Christmas. So seeing this tweet sent to me only verified what I know.


Who is Allowing This? Mirotvorets A Military Intel Op Has Free Reign






April 08, 2018 00:44 - After the now 12 suspensions, 4 yesterday alone, for doing absolutely nothing wrong, (I do not swear at people or threaten or do anything else illegal or outrageous, I never insult people or try to intimidate, I just try to wake them up to truths that they are not allowed to know), we are working on other things that all of our eternal "waking up" on Twitter were taking time away from but I must say a few more words on this in order for you to fully understand what they are doing if it is not already clear.

Since 911 I have investigated those events and intelligence related operations and have been active on the Internet since the day it was created and I can ensure you that what we are seeing with social media and in this case, with Twitter in particular, is an active real-time psychological operation attempting to manipulate and mass-mind control millions of people.

What we are seeing happening in the world today, right now, is what those in the truth community have been trying to tell the world for years now, and now everything that was predicted by those of who have been dismissed as "Conspiracy Theorists" and insane tin-foil-hat-wearing loons is coming true.

The worst part of all of it are the insane lengths they are going to suppress the truth. I just did a search on Twitter for JAR2. The only persons who have bothered to say anything about my suspensions are Anons, and only a couple and now the Psychological Operations lunatics have put out a tag Kuki_JAR2 so any search for JAR2 leads to that and no one will find out about anything that happened to me. What they are guilty of is criminal, in Russia at least, this specific targeting of a journalist and truther and their specific support of Ukrainian nazi filth who call children burned alive in Kemerova animals.

Those are the creatures who run the CIA and MOSSAD and the Ukrainian SBU, and those are the demons I have been fighting. Unfortunately they have unlimited resources and personnel and all I have are a few supporters and a site. However this shows me that my conclusion to the Skripal affair is probably about 98% right on the money and the Robert Steele and Litvinenko revelations added to that were reason enough for them to NUKE me right off of Twitter. By their own actions they have lost any credibility they had.

Finally my dear readers we are entering the darkest of times. If they get away with their plans for the "New World Order", which they will do in the West as there is no one who can stop them now, soon they will disarm the population (already happening) and launch another mass-casualty false flag and call up the REX 84 protocols and intern and execute millions upon millions of innocent people and eradicate millions more with a biological genocide.

I have never went that far openly but that is what the evidence shows is happening.

Unfortunately there is no one left who you can trust in the West for the truth. Assange, Snow Den and even Alex Jones have proven themselves to be participants in Psychological Operations and Limited Hangouts and entrapment operations. Time has shown this to be true as well. I am sorry I could not do more and I implore you all to get out if you can while you have the chance.

I will tell you one final thing right now, the wall, as I said and warned earlier, will be built not to keep out some poor Mexican farm workers or non-existent terrorists, but to keep Americans in!!!   

Every year around my birthday the scum who have been targetting me plan something and given that they think my only donations were coming from Twitter this may have had something to do with it too. However I think it is my Skripal work and what I mentioned above. Regardless please support the site and make a small donation today. http://www.jar2.com/Please/Donate.htm   

The Racist Neo-Liberal CIA Controlled 5th Column Human Rights Defenders

How the CIA Creates American Patriots and Racists to Destroy Countries from Within (Continued)

On my 9th (NOW 11th) Suspension from Twitler I ask: Where are the Neo-Liberal Rights Defenders?



April 06 2018 - Clearly 9 bans from Twitter for nothing and all the hell I have been put through would warrant the support of "Human Rights Defenders". These same human rights defenders who screamed bloody murder during the now clearly fake suspension of Anton Korobokov Zemlyansky who they tried to blame on the Russian office of Twitter which if it actually exists is just a covert CIA operation supporting Ukrainian Nazi filth. Where are these human rights defenders who ignore the plight of me and my family which has been broadcast on television and is known about by millions. The historically important fact that my family and I were the first Americans with asylum from the United States is simply ignored by the Neo-Liberal American Patriot Zionist Fascists who are committing treason and destroying Russia in order to try to remake Russia in the image of the Corporate Fascist State. 

Where are these defenders of bloggers, journalists, human rights, freedom of the press, freedom of speech and anti-corruption? Surely what you are reading is the very definition of what a blog is and all of my thousands of articles and interviews are in reality the very essence of journalism and freedom of speech.... Surely????

For me this is purely a rhetorical question being asked to remind everyone of the obvious, but in case you really don't know, the answer is they are nowhere because they are first, controlled by the CIA and the West and second, because they are all racist fascists at heart and I am the wrong race.

My hope is only with the Russians, that enough of them will see that the Neo-Liberal-Western-loving-scum who they have let take over their country are just racist genoicdal lunatics or idots who will do anything for money and have been brainwashed to become racist American patriots who are being programmed to destroy their own country and people from within.

Why am I writing about racism when I should be screaming about a double suspension from Twitter in one day? Because racism is the tool they use to make Russians ignore my plight and to divide the Russian people and it is racism that is the very essence of the Neo-Liberal Zionist.

It is racism that has made it impossible for me to get a job after the Ukraine operation began and the Neo-Liberal were allowed to take over the media with the constant discussions legitimizing Nazi-Racist thugs day in and day out, as if they were a legitimate political force, rather than an abomination and a violent perversion of hate which had taken over a democratically elected government. It is racism and the CIA control of the government that has prevented my family from normalizing our status in Russia for almost 25 years. 

Racism and xenophobia are powerful tools that the CIA programmers are expert as using and any

Russian who allows themselves to be taken down that road is a fool because to the fascists the Russian people are also "Sub-Human" "Mud People" and "no better than animals"!  Who spreads this ideology? Zionists do. Even hi-jacking the Semitic race to hide behind. The Khazari mafia does this and that is the truth and their blood feud with Russia goes back over a thousand years. Why does this concern me? Because I serve the Russian people and the Russian State and must fight for the future of Russia and for the rights of my children who all live here!

Look at this woman on the right. This is Svetlana Gannushkina. One of these so-called "Human Rights Defenders" whom we had the displeasure of meeting when the US Embassy left me stateless in 2007. She is a fraud and a fake. Her statements to me were that she could not help me because of her contacts in Strasbourg. Because all Human Rights Organizations in Russia are dependent on US funding and must follow the US and European guidelines which means that any asylee from the United States can not be helped! I remember this creature well, how she looked at me as if I was the worst worm in the universe and beneath her contempt when I was merely seeking basic help!


Well of course! It damages their fake narrative that Russia is bad and the United States is a bastion of democracy and the moral leader of the free world, when in fact the United States is a White Supremacist country based on genocide and slavery which maintains it power through brainwashing and force alone, just like the Promised Land of Israel. So who does this Svetlana and the other "Human Rights Defenders" serve? Russia? Refugees? The United Nations? Themselves? Well it is not Russia, that is obvious with my case so it must be the European and CIA/USAID Organizations that continue to operate in Russia and do so by continuing to pay their "protectors" to look the other way. These are traitors to Russia and are committing treason to Russia by serving foreign masters and are the most insidious of the traitors because the hide behind the guise of Human Rights while in fact denying the very people who come to them with no hope the very Human Rights they are supposed to defend.

Finally why does this matter? The damage has been done to me and my family. Because my son is rotting in a prison because of the CIA's scum in Russia and I must expose them, every one of them, to ensure his freedom. And because these scum create the fakes to lie and bamboozle the people.

We have had asylum in Russia since 2007. Did you ever hear of us? No but when you were about to they created Snowden to "Protect the Security" of the United States as this great "Asylee" who does not even have asylum. We have been leaking secret US Government documents since 1998. Have you heard about us? No. They created WikiLeaks and the Rothschild puppet Assange "the Refugee" while we have been forced to live hand in mouth as real refugees. Have you heard about all my work exposing Ukraine? No. They created Grisha Phillips, a skin head member of the WHITE RACE to tell the world how horrible the Nazis are and parade around the media wearing a British Flag to promote his colonizing country, while fooling the FSB and the Russian Government into thinking he is on our side, while they destroy the one true truther and journalist who IS on their side.

I will be here more often as I don't think I will be returning to the CIA MKULTRA site Twitter, which is a social engineering project of the CIA.

One last point why people like this Svetlana are so insidious and this is the real treason and treachery of these monsters: they report their "findings" to "International Bodies" (the CIA) who then use (as in my case) to further target and manipulate populations and individuals. And of course the traitors like this Svetlana can say "they are just doing their job". Except their jobs are killing people and destroying Russia from within.

NOTE: This piece was written from personal knowledge and information I gained in my dealings with the organization "Grazhdanskaya Sodestvia"! Their own actions and refusal to assist me as a refugee prove everything I have said. I have much more detailed information which I have provided to the Russia Government and which I will make public when the time comes to do so. 

Second Note: The Domain jar2 ru is a prostitution ring and it was set up to discredit jar2 com by the CIA. Please do something.     

We Start to Publish the Steele Files - Created the Jar Head Cybers at WL


Meet Samuel McCulloch Also Under Steele at Marine Corps Intelligence. Now all the Russians who helped him and committed treason are done but it is your fault. You should have left my son alone and the Russians shouldn't have knowingly helped the CIA !!!

NEW We Publish the Westward Files (Another MI6 Spook)

April 06 2018 - MI6 and the CIA were so desperate to "GET" me that they even tried this unreal crap. Writing to the Russian FSB and blaming me for the war in Donbass. That God it did not work but the intent is clear and the fact that I did not even know this person is disgusting, this guy wrote that the war in Donbass is my fault and sent all this incredible shit all over the Russian Government to damage me.

NEW We Refused to Participate in an MI6 Operation Against China

The Globalist Scum Are Preparing My Yearly Birthday Present

April 05 2018 - I am here for anyone who needs to talk to me!
USER NAME: Anything you want
Group Name: JAR2
Group Password: 123


I was asked to read this provocation against the People's Republic of China today. I refused. Sorry but I will never Dance with Nazis or Betray Russia.... Then......


LA LA LA (Twitter's Most Hated User) What are they so afraid of?




NEW Why was Snowden's Architect Reading Me on Twitter? Rhetorical Question

April 03 2018 - Meet the owner of the Snowden domain Joseph P. Ferrell a Doctor in Creating Fake History



NEW We are beginning to release ALL recordings

April 01 2018 - The first one is Jesselyn Raddack telling me that all Snow Den leaks go by the Government first! The second one is CIA Robert Steele... Just the part where he tells me to shut up!

Raddack https://rutube.ru/video/6d4a2d2731daba28d237ec3c1ea31172/

Steele https://rutube.ru/video/c0c6bd174cde34832d05e414d08946f5/

Hrafnnson can't comment on Ukraine https://rutube.ru/video/f68af056c73fa5caf93fd9dac755ca1d/

Anonymous Intelligence officer telling me the IRon Dome and the NATO shield are useless! https://rutube.ru/video/1b05cbf285720aefbb9902b0ed7213c8/


NEW We Are Humans and Thus Have Human Rights! You are not supposed to know that since 2007 there have been three former US citizens in Russia with asylum and that the CIA and MOSSAD have used all their Black Ops assets to destroy them, asylum being the only reason we have not been killed outright! You are also not supposed to know that..... but you will soon

March 30, 2018 04:32 -

The Quotes: Their Forced Narrative is a Tragic End if Anyone Fights Against the Zionists, the CIA and the 5th Column - My Family Are Victims of the 5th Column in Russia

March 27, 2018 04:32 - The US Embassy ordered the arrest of my son and the CIA was there at every hearing to make sure he was found guilty of a charge that would get him deported. As we have asylum and are refugees this was a violation of our basic rights as asylees and a complete and total scoffing at International Law and the Laws of the Russian Federation.

QUOTE: "Your son's arrest was ordered by the US Embassy and the operation was okayed at the highest level! Stated by a very trutstworthy source.

QUOTE: "TRAGIC" Kristinn Hrafnsson warned me if I continued exposing 911 and the CIA me and my family would come to a TRAGIC END. This has happened!

QUOTE: "We will do whatever we want to you! What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations?" Oleg Dmitrev one of the liquidators fo the Voice of Russia told me this when I was being illegally terminated for my journalistic work at the VOR! He accused me of writing a letter to the Presidentail Administration which I had. How he got it is a question for the security services.



NEW I Am Safe and Off the Grid and Site Was Taken Down: How?

(Update March 30th) March 27, 2018 04:32 - Money. For most it is only about the money. How can there be evidence that Roseman took a huge amount of money from the UK Ambassador, may involved in narcotics trafficking, is involved with and supporting nazis and forces trying to destroy Russia and there is nothing done about it? Money.

The series of events that brought down the site were as follows. I tweeted to Roseman, connectivity to Twitter went down twice, then the whole internet disappeared, I wait patiently and finally call in the evening and find out the cable for the whole area has been cut. Coincidence? Actually very obvious. I really hope someone is investigationg but...

We are currently having serious connectivity issues and may by going off-line on and off as they restore our service due to the main internet cable to the area and two nearby cities "being severed"! No foul play suspected meaning it may be construction related, however no details given. We will be back! Please donate through PayPal to jar2 [at] list [dot] ru (mobile).

Update: So what happened when we were off-line? Well the Kemerova fire happened, something we would have been reporting the details on and monitoring the suspects, but alas we were completely off-line. Of course it may be a coincidence except we don't believe in coincidences and as we are the only ones monitoring CIA Black Operations in Russia this would be an obvious step for them to protect their operation. The picture below is similar to the cable that was cut. If you believe this could happen accidentally I have several bridges I would like to sell you at a cheap price.

There is not even anything I can say anymore about the nazi filth in Ukraine. Just remeber I am an ethnic minority of one and these scum are lesse than a thousand mules from killing Russians and are on TV in Russia every day spreading their nazi hate and insanity.

I Really wish that it was only a bad dream but this is the truth and it is the reality of what the US and the CIA have done to Russia. This organization that has been hunting me and my son is calling the dead children who perished in that horrible fire animals. There is nothing left to say. These nazi filth have to be taken down.

The fact that the Russian Media never attacks Mirotvorets but uses them as a propaganda instrument to give credibility to persons they want to promote as Russian patriots should make it clear who is in charge of the media.

We can give them fancy names and call them the 5th column or the Illuminati but what they are is simply the Khazrian (Jewish) Mafia who goal is to enslave and destroy Russia!

I Am Safe and Off the Grid and Running the Site: How?

March 26, 2018 05:32 - Who gave the order? Who okayed the arrest? That is who needs to be gone after. NOW! Before he gets on a plane to the USA via Greece.

The questions that need answers to have become the list to end all lists and hopefully President Putin will finally be able to form a government of Russian patriots and people who will not sell out the country for an IPhone or to live in Manhantan and share their secrets with the Central Intelligence Agency. I am very hopeful.

I can now break a little quiet and state that the mountain of evidence that I have gathered has been released and is already being looked at and I am waiting for answers to start coming in.

No sooner said and posted that the Internet cable for the entire region was cut. Called the ISP and they are working on it. So while I am waiting I will work on a lot of other stuff and do some computer maintenance and try to make the bet of the down time. IS there something sinister going on? Not involving me and the ISP, there is no problem with my account or service but someone has serious damaged their infrastructure. We have been off-line about eight hours now, which is our biggest downtime period in about a year except when our financing ran out a couple of months ago.

We are have to remember that we are in a state of war and have to remain calm and keep cool heads and hopefully whoever is responsible for this will be quickly caught and be held responsible. Is this directly targetting JAR2? Judging from how desperate they are getting I would say there is a very good possibility.

I am going to get some shut eye and hopefully we will be back soon. Oh, and another "coincidence" is that I was supposed to talk to someone in Europe at about the time the Net went down. You know who you are, I will try to contact you ASAP as soon as you see the site back up!


NEW Attributing Cyber Incidents to Russia in Action

March 22, 2018 - This attempt to try to produce evidence that I am a Kremlin Hacker was stopped and reported on. So another fail for you! Ukrainian idiots again using the Bitrix System to control and manage IP addresses and fake e-mail domains under Yandex. This is a problem for Yandex Security and the Russian Security and police services to solve. Anyway I am not a Kremlin Hacker nor is any such e-mail coming from this domain attributable to me!!! After logging in which I did they gave assignments to download their app and to fill out all of my personal information. Therefore they would have had me legal connected to some account on an unknown server that was named Kremlin Hacker. At first the son of a bitch told me there was a group of people fighting the Ukraine nazis but when I saw that there was no group and the only member was me I knew it was a complete entrapment. No words for these SCUM!!


Just Some True Memes for the Racists. I know They Hate It!


This is Direct Evidence of Covert Communications and Targeting 


The Zionist/Globalists at Sputnik Have Begun Deleting All of My Work

March 16, 2018 21:28 - Или про мой сын так как у них информаце покуплен в Москве, что автор все мой статей про 9 11 и НАТО и всё отсалне является мой сын. Это спасибо Кочетков который сам сказал он занимается продажа информацый и котрый отравил меня в его офис. БУМ №1

By questioning the fact if I am trying to make money or denying me and my family the ability to have any form of income you are denying our right to LIFE. YOU ARE KILLING US! THAT IS A HORRENDOUS PREMEDITATED SLOW MOTION ASSASSINATION!!! An ILLEGAL MURDER!!

Skripal False Flag "Heinous Nonsense"

While MI6, MOSSAD and the CIA are killing everyone connected to

WikiLeaks they throw out the Skripal case. Distractor Operation. This

is also as MOSSAD assets in the Russian press methodically delete

all of my work from the Sputnik site. No one must know or care!


Blogger hounded by "venomous journalists" for objective stance on Skirpal case

I can't keep up!



March 10, 2018 -  No comment needed I think!

[ASTEROIDS] The World Bank/MOSSAD/CIA Killers are Cleaning Up

Top News: Sir Gay: MI6 and the Clinton/CIA




March 10, 2018 -  No comment needed I think!

[ASTEROIDS] The World Bank/MOSSAD/CIA Killers are Cleaning Up

March 07, 2018 21:28 - I have lived in complete and total isolation for almost 4 years now and I can now reveal another reason why this was necessary, other than my own physical safety of course.

Just went looking for a story I wrote about SOPA that went viral on Reddit after it was posted by Aaron Schwartz and discovered that Sputnik moved all my stories and articles on their site so they are no longer accessible from my site or the old links. Sneaky Zionist money grubbing thieves over there I see as usual, and I am not geting royalties or anything for all my content! Tomorrow I will be contacting an IP lawyer.




That is the problem with the Internet you start doing one thing and then get sidetracked which is exactly what Q is doing to half the world.

When I started this blog and my site, this site, the intention was to share knowledge and wisdom and things that would make life a little bit better for people, a song, a book, a poem, somelyrics to a favorite song or maybe a crossword or something nice like that. However I soon realized there was a whole universe out there of information that would help people understand the world we live in. There was also another hope as at the time I was completely isolated from my family on the other side of the world and that was that I would provide them with a place where they could find me and communicate with me. It was very simple. I hoped they would one day just do a search of my name and find me and at least let me know how they were doing. Unfortunately that never happened.

Now to Q: I have purposefully ignored Q from the start and like a hurt little rat he has put me in a [kill box] to force my attention. I spent one day analyzing what was sent and wish to spend no more. Either the [KILL BOX] is designed to intimidate me and get my attention as is the YouTube ban or it is a real assassination operation being facilitated by Edward Snowden/Greenberg or both.

Given that two people are reported dead who were being targetted at the same time and for the same reasons with the third who gave them what the wanted (SecureDrop) apparently alive and well, this could simply be a clever Op or message. Given their murderous inhumanity it would not be surprising to me if they had actually killed not only Aaron Schwartz but James Dolan and John Barlow after appearing in kill boxes just to send a message to all whistleblowers and journalists. 

As you see Contractor is Barlow on the 27th and he died 10 days later. 



Again we see WikiLeaks ignoring that these people worked with them and expresing no sorrow shock or remorse.

For more see the QANON page: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/J/Q_Anon_Op.html

As you see above this is not a leaker or a truther or a whistleblower. He is demonizing leakers as EVIL TRAITORS! The opposite is true!!

By deleting my Boston Bombing material the 5th column at Sputnik are showing that they are cowards and spineless lackeys for US criminals and that they do not support truth or real journalism. The way they have destroyed, poisoned and black listed me also shows that since we are in the Russian Federation they are committing treason to Russia. These are very serious charges and today I will release all my evidence.

[The Robles Family] Targets of CIA Covert Psychological Operations 

February 28, 2018 - Chapter from my book coming soon! A mountain of direct evidence and public statements on multiple occasions as well as testimony from a former colleague prove that Snowden is an active Covert CIA Operation!

The problem with being a public person is that you are open from attack at any moment from anywhere and when you are engaged in information warfare it is to be expected. What is unpleasant is when people who you thought were friends turn out to be trolls. Like the idiot below, some elite American kid, self inflated by his own white privilege and exceptionalism, who fancies himself a PHD and an Intelligence Analyst but can not believe that the orchestrators of false flags actually kill people. What kind of Intelligence he analyzes is beyond me if he has no understanding or even comprehension of Black Operations.

What earned his place of shame here is getting all bent out of shape when I told him people actually are killed in false flags and then retweeting his statement and my answer regarding birth certificates. After all it is a public platform and if he wanted to talk privately he could have DMed me, but what he wanted was to discredit me and then got all upset when I actually answered his drivel. How someone can be so thin skinned and get into a discussion about false flags is beyond me. Another attempt to discredit me along with his friend troll who discounts the Lanza killers testimony which he is aware about. So two more fucktards to my Black List on Twitter and really, I am done trying to wake the sheep up, if the sheep are going to fight back so they can be killed. Complete and total brainwashing.

Then he asked me "Who do you think you are?" To which I was supposed to say " I'm sorry master, let me clean those shoes for you!"


YouTube Now Also a CIA Asset for the Deep State

February 27, 2018 - YOU TUBE IS ON THE WAY OUT. I HAD TO REACTIVATE MY CHANNEL TO DOWNLOAD ALL THE VIDEOS. Now that I have them I have to go through about  6 years of stuff and see where I have links and replace the links with the new location of the videos oe Google AGAIN will penalize me in search for broken links... The whole idea is that they are supposed to kill us and take everything we have and we are supposed to just shut up. Of course you know me. I am fighting for my life. All I need is a normal doument and Russia has refused to do that because the US said no. But since I am no longer a US citizen the position they have put me is is one where the Russians know I will just simply die and someone will get all of my property. Free and with no problem in the same way they stole my car. In my son's case there is nothing I can do even with evidence bacause no on cares, no lawyer will take the case without huge money and no one will support us. SO really we are just supposed to die and NO ONE CARES. REALLY NOBODY CARES AT ALL!!!

It is horrible because I am not a criminal, I do not seek millions, all I wanted was a normal life and what is worse is that my son who never did anything wrong was punished and had his life destroyed because they wanted to hurt me.

Now I am working on more letters and going to finish the QANON crap because that is why they are trying to distract me, and the Parkland False Flag.


Please See the Following Link for the Ongoing Qanon Saga

February 26, 2018 - The previous post was continued at the link below.

I am busy but I will get to you whores who poisoned me and arrested my son later!

YouTube crap hijacked my plans


Snowden Activated: Apparently He Has Been Authorized to Kill Me - LULZ

February 20, 2018 - What THE F@CK?


The NWO and Lustration in Russia to Facilitate the Re-Writing of History and the Subversion and Destruction of the Russian State for the NWO by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Assets


February 18, 2018 - What happened to me and my family looks bad for Russia and that is why they think I will not talk about it or write about it, but the problem is not Russia, the problem is a 5th column of traitors who are trying to subvert Russia for the New World Order and who are hiding in Russia as Russians and patriots so they are not questioned to destroy Russia from within. They also think that because they have power and money and have already put my son in prison on orders from the US Embassy that I will not talk and that I will be too scared to talk, but unfortunately for them I do not care anymore and I am not afraid, even after being attacked, drugged and beaten on New Year's.

I will not write a long piece here because all of the details are now in my book and I have already published them elsewhere as well but I will comment on the very fact that it was all planned out and not just targeting me (I am grateful to Nikita Milhaikov for finally putting the last piece of the puzzle in place) in an operation that was what is called Lustration.

Lustration: The term "lustration" derives from the Latin for "purification." In the transitional justice literature, it refers to a means by which some countries deal with a legacy of human rights abuses: through the mass disqualification of those associated with the abuses under the prior regime. However in the Russian application it applies to the victims of human rights and other abuses and the ridding from the ranks of those who are not in agreement with the New World Order plans for the Russian State. In other words the lustration happening in Russia is one where the dirty elements "cleanse" the system of anyone who might oppose their plans and actions.

The Lustration in the case of the Russian media was very very clear and directed at those of us with very specific characteristics but other than my word until now I was not able to cite even one single source to corroborate my claims against some of the richest and most influential people in Russia who are members of the untouchable "elite" Zionist Jewish neo-liberal America loving class tasked with bringing the New World Order to Russia.

With the case of what I have been through and what I have seen the classic meaning of the word "Lustration" does not entirely apply for what has happened in Russia and in particular in Moscow also has elements of ethnic and racial cleansing and punitive actions against anyone who may be against the criminal subversive forces attempting to bring about the New World Order's conditions to Russia and the Russian State in order to facilitate its destruction and conversion into another resource and wealth donor to the New World Order.

In a wonderful video by Nikita Mihailkov which I have linked to on my Russia Report page at the link near the top this entry, he talks about the Neo-Liberal plans for the Lustration of Government Officials, an act which would be the equivalent to treason in most countries in the way that it was presented and by whom, along strictly age lines, and in particular, with the exact parameter that includes my generation, namely people born between 1965-1975.

To be precise this use of age was exactly what Mark Stolyar, Oleg Dmitrev, Ekaterina Pavlova, Margarita Semonyan and Dimitry Kiselev decided to use to get rid of me and most of my other colleagues at the Voice of Russia, and hearing it from Mihailkov was very vindicating given where and by whom these policies are being implemented.

The real agenda and the real Lustration is racial and ethnic but the ideological one is to only allow those in the media who will help in bringing in the New World Order and who are first and foremost loyal to Israel and the Zionist Agenda. The entire Russian media is now completely controlled and run by those who call themselves Jewish and who server first and foremost Israel and the New World Order. 

The age parameter was important because people of that age remember the tactics that were used in the media to dumb down and program the public and manufacture consent to destroy the Soviet Union. It was also people of my age who were the most vocal to the sweeping changes the globalist Zionists were carrying out in the Russian media. Unable to create and think up new technologies and methods the NWO lackeys are using the same exact topics to divide the Russian people and help the NWO demonize Russia to facilitate genocide and war on the Russian people. Just like in the 80s they are demonizing Stalin and attempting to re-write and dirty Soviet History, they are trying on their endless talk shows and political discussions on television, to rewrite and dirty the Victory in the Second Great Patriotic war and they are trying to normalize nazism and spread homosexual and sexual perversion propaganda under claims of free speech and "We want to show the people how stupid these things are!" This is totally fake and false and I am stunned that they are allowed to get away with it.

Other parameters they were looking for were patriotism to Russia and we were asked to write essays on how we felt about Russia and what we would do to advance its position in the information sphere. Everyone who was patriotic or had good solid ideas was terminated. My case was worse because they used me to formulate propaganda operations and developed editorial policies which were then turned around and used against Russia. They of course did not want any Muslims and they did not want an real Orthodox people or well read people or people who new history or had encyclopedic information in their heads about history or the illegality of the United States. Staff were also given pluses and kept who went to the Bolotnaya and were vocally anti-Putin which was stunning to me.

Everything I have just written covers crimes and treason against the Russian State and should have been looked at seriously and with great alarm but the Globalist now control Russia and it appears that it is not going to be possible to bring these traitors to justice!

They want young stupid easily manageable Jewish people who they can manipulate and who hate Russia and Russians deep in their hearts, and that is who works in the Russian media now. They even get awards for being heroes of Russia when they are in reality trying to destroy her!

Unfortunately for the people responsible the attempt to poison me and arrest my son failed and even more unfortunate is that all of the information here was given to the proper authorities who have done nothing. So why am I even fighting them? They should have never destroyed my family and had my son arrested.

The letter to the left is from a CIA operative named Max McCulloch who was brought in from US Navy Cryptography Anti-Russia Operations to work as a "Content Editor" his hiring and the hiring of CIA Officer Paul Craig Roberts to handle Russian propaganda should have been seen as treason. They were literally and openly subverting the state just by their very presence on Russian State media, but the globalists get away with anything and everything. Sergey Kotchetkov, who poisoned me in his office, told me himself, we can do whatever we want and if I simply do not like you I can fire you. Well he did but that firing was illegal and him poisoning me was attempted murder. Yet I am the bad guy who has to keep fighting to clear my name, I am the one who they stopped from getting Russian citizenship, even though I gave over 20 years of service to Russian Intelligence, and they knew this and they still did it.

This information MUST be checked by the investigative authorities and miore importantly by the FSB and Counter Intelligence and my son freed. This is all detailed in my book!

I swear that everything contained above is 100% true and correct to the best of my knowledge and will provide my book and all supporting evidence to the proper law enforcement and investigative bodies upon any request. Given that Ekaterina Pavlovna is being used by the CIA, I believe unbeknowst to her, and the fact about where her husband works, this is a direct threat to Russian National Security at the highest level.

John Robles II

Note: Echo of Moscow is the main distributor of Russophobic anti-Russia propaganda in the world. Based in Moscow, paid for by Russian tax dollars and run by GazProm Media. Which leads to the question of who is really in control of Russia. Millions of Russians detest the Neoliberal scum who bash Russia on this station day in and day out, and it is only listened to by the Neo-Liberal Russia haters who are organized, controlled and enabled by this media outlet. It is the main focal point and the main distribution outlet for the CIA and US State Department to spread propaganda and give instructions to their assets in Russia. I any normal country no such outlet would ever be tolerated, however even though everyone knows there is nothing done to stop them. I am at my end trying expose these traitors to Russia when nothing is done. In any healthy democratic country with a strong security apparatus this outlet, like I said would not be tolerated. The only solution is liquidating ECHO Moscow and installing media controls to stop the spread of Russophobic propaganda and ethnic hate against Russians. There is no other way! They must be stopped!!! 

Note: For over three years the 5th column manipulated the site statistics, for me in particular deleting likes and comments, and systematically destroyed and got rid of every single patriotic, Orthodox and pro-Russian program following the guidelines of the US State Department as briefly outlined below.

Note: Forgot to add Victoria Alhimova, my US Passport holding editor who told me "We eill help ALL special services" in reference to the CIA and FBI when I was breaking the Boston Bombing!

Morals: Answer to Reader, Tolerance Works Both Ways, This is My Opinion

February 16, 2018 - I sent the previous article (posting) below to my mailing list which left me with some very interesting and extremely depressing Intel. How do you teach a sodomite that sodomy is wrong? Why should I have to take over for parents who have failed? And yes my e-mails are getting to my former supporters who just do not support me and the site anymore.

Let's tackle the sexuality thing first. Having to explain this is like having to explain to Americans that they are not Americans but are occupying a foreign land called Turtle Island and that only several hundred years ago their ascendants were slaughtering the natives and building their cities on the backs of slaves whom they kidnapped from Africa! Or perhaps like explaining to a marine that they are not fighting for a country or their people but for parasitic elites and a corporation, since the United States of America is not even a country but a corporation registered in the city of London and owned by the Rothschilds.

Read this and I will get back to you:

http://www.jar2.com/Interviews/Robert_Gagnon.html    http://www.jar2.com/Topics/LGBTQP.html

Is it possible to explain this error in their belief system to sheep who have been programmed to accept and applaud sodomy and accept almost every form of perversion? Correcting this thus requires complete and total deprogramming from the cult-think first of all and then reprogramming with correct information. Is this possible? Unlikely and perhaps it is useless but I must attempt to do so because it is this phony corrupt belief that then spreads like a virus into all of the logical thought processes of the human mind and corrupts the very foundations of thought, our belief systems and the way we co-exist and interact with the world around us! It also weakens the mental defense mechanisms by causing a state when the very concept of right and wrong is not clear or is corrupted and it thus makes the mind and the individual susceptible to almost anything. Which is why the Illuminati use it and why they have tried to destroy the family unit as the foundation of healthy logical thinking human beings.

To deprogram should be simple enough and a matter of simply replacing the fallacied or incorrect information with a proper and correct data, however it must also be done after correction is made to all of the countless fallacies that have stemmed from this initial corruption the mind and a correction to all of the false information that has been programmed into the individual to support this initial false belief. Is this possible outside of a clinical environment? Seriously doubtful when it is the actual onslaught of subliminal and orchestrated cues in the environment and in the information given for intake that is chiefly responsible for the creation of the psychosis to begin with. In other words to use an allegorical type example, you can not take someone out of a world where it is believed the sky is blue and show them that in fact it is green and then put them back into the blue world and expect them to function correctly, this will not be possible without a support system in the blue world! In the case of homosexual and other perverted sexual practices the support system most accessible and logical may have been perhaps the Church, but the Western Anglo-Saxon Churches have all been corrupted and like the family unit have failed in this elementary and basic, yet extremely important and serious task.

We will start by listing some basic facts and truths that must be believed, then accepted then programmed into the minds as truths supported by logical arguments, scientific proof, a moral defense structure and finally with religious or other spiritual dogma or supportive beliefs.

I will first off only deal with the data that must be accepted, making these facts acceptable and the subjects receptive will take much more work and creativity even simply to reach the point where the individual can admit that there is something wrong with them, especially given the societal programming that has attempted to glorify homosexual practice and even equate it with marriage.


1. There are only two sexes.

For the healthy individual this is so self-evident that it does not need explanation or supporting argument.

2. The sexual function built into human beings is reproduction, a function that can only be carried out and fulfilled between a man and a woman.

3. Normal and acceptable sexual contact occurs between the two complements (man and woman) and anything else is unnatural.

4. Receiving sexual pleasure from other forms of contact is NOT acceptable practice, other than masturbation which has a physiological element and is actually necessary to maintain and keep the reproductive functions of the organism healthy and ready to reproduce.

5. It is widely accepted that the development of a child's sexual identity occurs for the most part before the age of five. Therefore proper care and upbringing of the child until this age is very important and must be carried out under the aegis and with the associated programming of fact number one.

6. Never under any circumstance whatsoever is sexual contact between an adult and a child acceptable. Never. Not even perverted religious practices such as those found in certain Luciferian, Talmudic and Islamic off-shoots. Those religions must be banned and relegated to the dark past.

7. Sexual contact must be only acceptable with the full consent of the partner, with a partner possessing complete and functioning cognitive processes and  partner who has reached the acceptable age of consent which can not be younger than what is recognized as an adult. Unless this occurs between same age minor members of the complimentary sex.

8. Marriage is only acceptable between a man and a woman, it is an establishment for the formation of a family and the family unit must be supported first and foremost by any society or government or ruling body as it is the key unit for the propagation of the human race and the society as a whole.

9. Sexual contact between humans and animals, dead bodies and the like can never be accepted.

10. Any deviant behavior such as sodomy, if taking place between consenting adults of equal and like mind and power, must be done in private and kept between those doing it, so as not to poison the minds of youth, the public or society at large. Grooming and propaganda tools espousing such behavior such as gay parades, rainbow flags and the like must not be accepted and any exposure to such deviant behavior to a child must be dealt with under the harshest penalties possible.

There is no such thing as a trans-kid or a kid who "gave consent" and the public perversion and promotion of children as sex objects or the attempt to normalize such behavior must be dealt with harshly and with no mercy. Given the seriousness of the offense reprogramming or psychiatric help may be provided if there is a will in the violator to correct their behavior.

The pictures below are for the person who responded that they disagree with the following phrase: "Most Russians like me are disgusted and shocked by the West's gay parades and public perversion involving children!" You do not live in Russia and you only listen and get Western propaganda, those "Russians" in the West screaming they want a gay parade are not Russians who represent the majority opinion in society but paid lackeys for the New World Order societal degradation operations.

99% of Russians, I would say hold with fact number 1 so keep your LGBTQPBD inside of your own country and inside of your own bedrooms. Your sickness is not a reason for pride and it certainly is not a reason for a parade!!!!!!

US fan defies Olympic Committee by waving Russian flag in support of "innocent" Russian athletes

New York Times ascribes Gaza's misery to 'Palestinian infighting'

Morals (Sent Out Under: Don't Listen to Their Hate of Russia and Putin)

February 15, 2018 - I deal with psychopaths and brainwashed lunatics everyday, not in a psychiatric institution but running free on the Internet. I spend far too much time on Twitter trying to wake up millions of sheep and brainwashed minions to a reality their Cognitive Dissonance will not allow them to be awoken to and to be honest it is a thankless hopeless task which I am hopeful that soon I can abandon.

I make it a rule to never answer trolls, as that would be a task that would lead to a state where that would consume all of my life and time and energy and it would make no difference to anybody, but when some idiot attacks me for my "morals" I have to answer back, especially when I am right.

This time the attack on me accused me having my "morals flipped" because I do not support the endless illegal US wars and this to my mind warranted an answer because it shows the essential problem we are all dealing with in the false news paradigm we are now trapped in. I recall the words, "...if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything", and this wonderfully and perfectly describes what is going on with anyone of us (and there are fewer and fewer of us with every passing day) who are of the world that existed pre-911 and the endless illegal and horrendous takeover of the world that is the US/NATO "War on Terror". 

Being against, and perhaps more importantly trying to expose, the endless illegality of the Cabal was easier before, there was the CIA, DARPA, the NSA, the Illuminati, the NeoCons and the Shadow Government, but now they have expanded, mutated and have taken complete control of the media and have even illegally weaponized the Internet and unleashed Military-Grade Psychological Operations on an unsuspecting and dumbed down distracted populace with absolutely no accountability and body or organization with the power to bring them under control or stopped them! Now with the complete and total takeover of the media and their control of WikiLeaks and other sites that people seeking the truth trusted, there is no fourth estate and with the corruption of the first estate and the helplessness of the third estate, the "elites" (the second estate) now have complete and unhampered control to do whatever they please and there are only a few remaining forces left on the planet who can bring sanity and order and rule of law back to the human race.

One of these forces is President Vladimir Putin and good salt of the Earth Russian people who have not been corrupted by the Luciferianism of Western Neo-Liberalism and it's New World Order normalization of pedophilia, sexual perversion and the corruption into nothingness of the entire human race.

This may all sound like a conspiracy theory if you just crawled out from under a rock and have not been paying attention for the last 20 years but in fact these are just some of the millions of Conspiracy Facts that I have spent decades now trying to inform the world about but it has been too hard!

Now that I am supporting President Putin and being more vocal in my support of Russia I have seen almost all of my supporters disappear and this is exactly what the Cabal wants!

I support President Putin and the good salt-of-the-Earth Russians who are also fighting the encroachment on their culture and their country because they share real moral human values which are worth dying for and which I hold dear to my heart and would hope you do too. If you are my age perhaps you remember a world where sodomy and pedophilia were outrages! Perhaps you remember the pre-911 world where to attack a country there had to be a Declaration of War! If you are like me you remember a world of rules and laws that no one was supposed to be above, a world where torture and rendition and extra-judicial execution by remote control were unheard of and could not even be imagined! 

Russia and most Russians share traditional values of family, normal hetero-sexual relations between men and women, not children and trans-whatever, but something that is normal and most importantly that is private and between two people only. Most Russians like me are disgusted and shocked by the West's gay parades and public perversion involving children and that will never be acceptable!

President Putin also shares these normal values and even though his persona and his character are used by those in the West pushing White Supremacy and racism, President Putin is not the white neo-nazis racist candidate and he promotes policies and politics which are good for all Russians, be they Christians, Atheists, Muslims or even Jews. What President Putin will not support and what most Russians are against are the perversions Sharia, Talmudic beliefs and Satanism in its many guises.

Russia does not want war, nor conquest nor to achieve "Full Spectrum Dominance" or "Global Hegemony" or a "New Russian Century", those are plans by the CFR think tank lunatics in Washington, whom I know many Americans do not support. Russia wants to do business and developed her own country culture and society without foreign interference! Russia also wants to have relations with other states as an equal partner with respect for international laws and conventions. Russia as the biggest country in Europe, loves Europe and loves Europeans and does not want to annex or invade or destroy anybody. These things I know and anyone who has told you different is a liar and is pushing neo-Atlantic thinking and Orientalist propaganda to demonize for war and the continued theft of Russian assets and wealth wherever they can be stolen! Russia wishes to be respected and have her history, culture, language and contribution to the human race and peace be respected as well.

What Russia does not want is NATO missiles in her face with some drooling incontinent Rothschild banker making up lies to steal Russian assets while calling them sanctions, or ordering the genocide of Russians in Donbass and blaming it on Russia. Russia does not want to become a vassal for the US or the City of London or the Khazarian Cabal and the Illuminati New World Order lunatics, and President Putin has fought these forces since day one and continues to do so and is thus continued to be demonized. This is why I support President Putin and Russia and pray to God they win over evil.

So please don't believe the Western propaganda and the lies they spread about President Putin and Russia every single waking minute of the day. Take a little time and do some reading or your own research and you will find that they are doing nothing but lying to you!!!


Writer's Block and the Terror of Rejection of Information That is Your Own

February 14, 2018 - I suppose, judging from some writer and author sites I was just on looking for ways to find readers and buyers for my books that fear of rejection is not only something I have to deal with. However given that it is the middle of winter and I am in a location where it is not possible to find any work whatsoever except what I can find on-line, which is almost impossible being in Russia, what with the sanctions and my anti-Western, anti-Zionist views and loud public statements, not to mention having multiple pages on a site being run by nazis and the CIA in Ukraine to target journalists and to top it off with my being the wrong race for many consumers of my genre, my fear and terror involve my very survival. I can not fail because if I fail I die. Therefore the pressure is exponentially greater for me perhaps than for other writers, which I unfortunately do not know because due to all of the aforementioned no other English language writers will have anything to do with me. Not only all of that makes me a shunned and ignored person but the fact is that things have grown so politicized with the CIA and the Western Intelligence Services now manipulating and controlling of the media and the Internet and with the damned demonization of anything Russian to bring about the Manufactured Consent for yet another Rothschild Illuminati US World War, that for me in my niche and because of who I am, which may have more to do with it than anything in our ultra-racist New World Order paradigm, it is almost impossible to write ANYTHING that will be widely accepted or cited or even read!

Take the who Pizzagate Pedogate stuff. They have politicized pedophilia for the Illuminati and the New World Order. Not the people themselves but the actual 911 lunatics who now control the United States and are attempting to start World War III to take control of the world in its entirety. The West has by its lack of serious debate on Pizzagate has shown that it is completely under the control of the Luciferian Illuminati who are in fact attempting to normalize pedophilia, and then bestiality as research has shown.

MONSANTO Attacks AVAAZ and I get this after posting the above


Dear Avaaz movement,

I'm sitting here with a sinking feeling in my chest. Looking at a 168-page court subpoena I just received.

It's from Monsanto's lawyers, under authority of a US judge, and it "commands" us to hand over pretty much every single private email, document, note, chat, or anything else that any Avaaz staffer has ever written or done on our campaigns to ban Monsanto's key herbicide, glyphosate.

This is big. Monsanto is a $50-billion megacorporation. Glyphosate is the cornerstone of their empire, and we've been the biggest opponent of it. They are infamous for legal strong-arm tactics to silence opponents. And now they're coming after Avaaz.

We urgently need to hire outstanding lawyers to go up against Monsanto's best -- even just fighting this subpoena will be costly.

But scaring people is what these guys do. So I'm going to turn that sinking feeling into determination. We're not backing down, because we're a movement of millions of people that just isn't afraid. Click to donate to help defend Avaaz, and let's send Monsanto a message: every time they come after us, they'll only make us stronger: We don't know much yet about why this subpoena is coming and what Monsanto will use all of Avaaz's private information for. But we do know this is happening because, year after year, we are defeating Monsanto -- from legislative and regulatory battles, to forcing the pullout of their largest plant in South America.

The subpoena indicates that it's linked to a class action case where cancer victims are suing Monsanto because they say glyphosate caused their illness.

If such class action litigation won, it could be a massive financial hit for Monsanto and a possibly final blow to glyphosate. We don't know what Monsanto's legal strategy is, but it might be that they are trying to attack Avaaz as a way of undermining the credibility of the regulatory decisions we've helped win on glyphosate. By fighting them hard, we'll not only be defending Avaaz, and fighting glyphosate, we'll also be helping legions of cancer victims whose illnesses may have been made by Monsanto.

Together, millions of us have beaten Monsanto in the legislatures, now let's beat them in the courts: There aren't many corporations in the world that are bigger and badder than Monsanto. The fact that we really can defeat them, shows just how real our movement's people power has become. If we stick together, with hope and determination, we really CAN change the world!

With hope and determination,

Ricken and the entire Avaaz team

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Free Flowing in the Matrix

President Putin 2018: A Letter to My So-Called Supporters (From Putin Page)

February 13, 2018 - Somewhere in the North of the Russian Federation


Dear Brainwashed Westerners, Fake Truthers and Neo-Liberal Russians,

         Let's cut the shit, put all of the niceties aside and get serious here for a minute while I still have a chance to get any kind of a message out! At the beginning of December I started showing support for President Putin on my site and on my social media such as Twitter. I immediately lost almost 20,000 followers and all my financial supporters from around the world who I thought supported my site and the truth. I also wrote articles bashing the so-called opposition based exclusively on facts and we exposed WADA and the OIC for the Anglo Saxon conspiracy that it is.

         The Anglo-Saxon conspiracy that is real and that is going on against Russia and the Russian people and in fact all cultures and language and cultural groups around the world, and make no mistake it seeks to enslave every nation with its New World Order. I have watched for over 20 years and fought and tried to inform the Russian people and people around the world but unfortunately there is no way one poor journalist and teacher can save the world, it is just not possible against the unlimited resources and wealth that they have.

           Here I have a special long withheld set of very harsh words for students of English (or any other foreign language for that matter) but especially English! I have watched as my career and my livelihood was taken away from me and watched as my former students became brainwashed empty husks of their former selves as they embraced and allowed themselves to be brainwashed by Western neo-liberalism, which is subtly promoted in all English language literature and teaching material. I will not to go into too much detail here, but it should be clear to any teacher or educational professional what I am talking about. The subtle, almost subliminal even neuro-cognitive programming that exists in all Cambridge, Oxford, McMillian and other "native" English teaching material, is a very important tool for brainwashing the children and the masses to bend to the will of the globalists and the Illuminati New World Order. However it is not just the material but the people who are pushing it that have caused me to lose my employment and to leave teaching even though I was a brilliant and popular teacher for almost two decades in the town where I used to live, I even had a student who came in second in a world English competition, but then everything became politicized and the attack on Russia began and I was not only not needed but blacklisted and not wanted because I am too anti-American! But regardless let me get to the point because nobody gives a crap about their old teacher and no one will support me because of their brainwashing, so I will tell you how it is and you remember my words. With every new language the brain changes, the passages of speech and even auditory information all mutate and change and developed in order to process the new information! This is exploited and manipulated by the Western programmers to force the student to believe information that may not agree with their real world cognitive experience and to foster a desire to submit to the programmers of their new language. Here is my WARNING for students of English and those who are in English environments: do not confuse learning the language with socio-political programming and do not allow yourself to be re-programmed with information that you know is morally, factually, historically or in any other way simply "wrong". DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR COUNTRY!!! This I must say because it has become normal and accepted and part of the Anglo Programming to submit to the false and destructive ideology and brain-washing of the New World Order! Neo-Liberal false "values" of homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality and sexual perversions and mental illnesses of every kind are not okay. Genocide on populations and endless war are  not okay! Destroying and homogenizing cultures and re-writing history are not okay! Palestine is real and destroying it for Khazaris is not okay! London is not the capital of the world and London Bankers controlling the world is not okay! Buying, recruiting, controlling and installing puppet governments around the world is not okay! And with that I end because with that my career and my life and my family were destroyed by the Neoliberal scum who run much of Russia, and that is definitely NOT okay! 

            So let me get back to why I was writing this in the first place and you can see my Russia Report for more of the details on the particular candidates. This is a message for all of you "Westerners" and Neoliberals who are supporting Western puppets and demonizing anyone who is against Putin. First off to all of my American ex-friends, you do not live here in Russia and who Russians choose for their leader is not your God-damned business!!! Am I clear???? Do you understand??? Or is your meddling in Russia's internal processes somehow justified by your belief in your own exceptionalism??? If that is the case see a psychiatrist!!! I am sick and tired of you demonizing Putin and acting like you know anything about Russia!!! You know nothing!!! And who is the President of Russia is not your damned business!!!!! Russia is the largest country in the world and has the right and the responsibility to be a world leader!!! Russian culture is moral and rich and beautiful and the Russian language is as well and have a right to be heard and experienced by all!!! If this were a civilized planet and not the Orientalist Satanic planet of the New World Order!!!

              Yes Russia has problems and I have problems with and have not been protected as I should have been from you and your minions and your CIA and your psychotic globalist leaders, but that is a Russian problem and it is not for you to meddle or decide so stop supporting and trying to install a president in Russia!!!!! In the last few weeks we have seen US support for a two time felon (Navalny) a cheap morally repugnant US copycat puppet girl who call Russians genetic garbage and a mafia boss who keeps billions of stolen dollars offshore and pretends to be a Communist to destroy the Communist Party of the Russian Federation from within. We have seen the slut go to Washington and the United Kingdom making speeches to promote sexual perversion and the breaking up of Russia and Russian Society, we have seen so called diplomats making statements supporting the fake Communist, we have seen nazi groups and others come together under US Color Revolution plans to support the offshore king and we have seen fake human rights mouthpieces come out in support of the two time felon, these are just a few of the small examples of US meddling in Russian elections. Stop meddling in Russian elections and if you are running to Cambridge or listening to Washington as to who the right president is for Russia and you are Russian why don't you go live there and enjoy your LGBTQPBD lifestyle? If you are from the West stop listening to their demonization of President Putin!!!! They demonize him the same way they demonized any leader who made their country strong and who they could not control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at Gaddafi and Chavez!!!!

              Finally why do I support Putin? Unless you are in Russia it is not really your business and yes I have issues with his government one being that I can not even vote and for over 20 years can not get citizenship because of the Neoliberals!!! But that is not a problem with Putin!!! He is against the New World Order!!!!! He shares my "Christian values" and has the moral fiber that everyone in the West has forgotten about!!!! HE is the guarantor of the Russian Constitution and the Russian State and the Russian World and has done an amazing job of pulling Russia up off its knees and from the brink of New World Order destruction that Yeltsin almost brought about!!!! And that is all I am going to say!!! So those of you who have abandoned me only pretended to support the truth!!! To you truth a political whim!!!! Like Satanic pedophilia which you all pretended to be against to get your fake Zionist prostitute into office!! For me truth is truth and it can not be politicized and neither can genocide, pedophilia, aggressive war and nazism. No evil but be allowed to exist because it supports or is supported by your political leader!!!!! 

             I support Putin because he is a good man and I am against Trump because he is a Zionist whore, an elitist, a racist, a divider, a liar, a dangerous war criminal and conman who is a puppet to his Masonic Rothschild Zionist masters and this has directly affected Russia. So for those of you who have abandoned me and my family because I support Putin all I can say is do some research and I hope somehow the truth will get to you, but I seriously doubt it, your Cognitive Dissonance is too strong and you actually believe your so called leaders who are nothing but liars, cheats and manipulators. You are living in a false MOCKINGBIRD reality and you  have turned your back on one of the few people left in the world who will tell you the truth in order to defend they lies they are programming you with. I have tried to bring you the truth and you have all rejected it. SO go one with you and LEAVE RUSSIA AND PRESIDENT PUTIN ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

On the left is you with your New World Order on the right is Russia and what Russia will become!!!! Good bye!!!!!



P.S. I can not tell you all how sad I am that you have behaved this way towards me and my family. I counted on your support but your racism and your Putin phobia have proven that I was wrong in believing in any of you! Sure there are about 2 of you who this is not directed at but the rest of you are really the shits. I can see by the interest in my book about Ukraine that nobody wants the truth! Good bye!!!! And leave Putin alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SEE RUSSIA REPORT http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Russia/The_Russia_Report_Second_Edition.html

I Finally Worked Up the Courage to Release the Book for Mass Consumption


I am almost ready to go. I have to finish my books.

February 10, 2018 - I am an old man now with little time left and don't care so you assholes trying to raise some emotional response to get me to give you my location or other provocations to raise a reaction are not going to work, like this one on Twitter just now. However watching them react tells me everything I need to know. This photograph cause the Right Sector's Sergey Belikh to come to my house during all of the journalistic work I was doing exposing the Nuland Nazis, now I am at it again and they show up AGAIN! Funny that! Hiding in Sweden is the biggest CIA Cyber base in Europe targeting journalists and whistleblowing enemies of the CIA in the EuroZone. So you guys keep coming after me and I will keep exposing you.



Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation


Гибель Романа Филипова, отдавшего жизнь в борьбе с международным терроризмом, встрепенула души миллионов людей во всем мире.

The death of Pavel Filipova, who gave his life in the fight against international terrorism, thouched the hearts and souls of millions of people areound the world

Однако нашелся Эйдман, который желчно усомнился в подвиге российского пилота.

However one Eidman cynically chose to cast doubt on the heroic feat of the Russian pilot.

Для такого манкурта, как он, являющегося «русским» лишь для соседей по квартире в Берлине, способность к самопожертвованию, верность долгу и присяге, мужество и честь, всегда имели только финансовый эквивалент.

For such a manchurian as he, being "Russian" is only for his neighbors in Berlin! The ability to sacrifice oneself, loyalty to duty and oath, courage and honor, are qualities that always only had a financial equivalent in meaning.

Поэтому им не дано понять, что значит быть русским офицером и тем более служить СВОЕЙ Родине.

Therefore, they do not posses the ability to understand what it means to be a Russian officer and, even more importantly, to serve their homeland.

Потеря совести и исторической памяти превращает человека в раба навязанных понятий и представлений, неспособного к переживаниям и состраданию.

The loss of conscience and historical memory turns a person into a slave of outwardly imposed concepts and understandings, making them incapable of experiencing pain, humilty, worry or compassion.

В своём мирке «либеральных ценностей» и псевдосвободы И.Эйдман позволяет себе озвучивать самые безнравственные помыслы, зная, что этот герой уже не сможет им ответить.

In his world of "liberal values" and pseudo-freedoms, Eidman feels he can allow himself to voice the most insulting and immoral thoughts, knowing that this hero who gave his life, can not answer them or defend his own honor any more.

Однако такие же манкурты, как И.Эйдман, никогда не стесняются аплодировать своим западным хозяевам за уничтожение целых государств, ковровые бомбардировки жилых кварталов и поддержку международных террористов.

However, these very manchurians, such as I. Eidman, never hesitate to applaud their Western masters for the destruction of entire states, the carpet bombing of residential quarters and the support of international terrorists and terrorism.

А недоступное им человеческое благородство и самопожертвование вызывает у них только пустую злобу и желчь.

For them human nobility and self-sacrifice are completely inaccesible concepts which cause them to be filled only with empty anger and bile.


February 09, 2018 - https://twitter.com/oksanaylia1/status/961744667791544320

Мы с детство (США) 60-80 годах только смотрели олимпиаде что видит Русский и команда СССР.... Без этого не интересно...)))))) Там СМИ так закрыто и так демонизировали что это была один шанс за 4 года видит народ СССР))

During my childhood in the white supremacist states of america during between the 60s and the 80s we only watched the Olympics ever four years so we could see the Russians and the team from the USSR.... Without that we would have never watched!!)))) The media was so closed and censored and demonized the USSR so much (with the constant air raid warnings and our bomb shelter basements from Soviet attack) that it was the only chance, every four years, to see some of the people of the USSR!))) 

И все спортсмен были таки хорошенки и чистый и мили что мы все по секретному болели за них. настоящий героев. не то что США все с свой элита набор говно который нормальнее люди в жизни не увидеть. Ещё была любимая Голос Россия)) Котрый мы слушали и который ЛИБЕРАЛОВ ликвидировали

And all of the athletes from the USSR were so talented, and humble and clean of heart and soul and it was visible! Not like all of the fake AMerican athletes who we knew were on drugs with all of their million dollar technology and coming from elite families who had all the things no normal people would ever see. Who the hell would support some fake ass american steroid taker over a genuine talent like Olga Korbut and  Nadia Comaneci from the Soviet Bloc! Who corrected me "Romania". Rememora


There was also the beloved Voice of Russia World Service which I listened to in secret and which the new Russian neo-Liberal filth liquidated in 2013.

Из за Голос Россия и эти спортсмен хорошенки и чистый и мили я любил Россия. За то что они были Руссками!!! Не как Семонян и прочь путайтся RT делат как дешёвы имитаце Американский дермовый СМИ. Либералов и сионитсов унычжтожает Россия как и моя семя

It was because of the Voice of Russia World Service and these wonderful clean and beautiful athletes that I fell in love with Russia at first. Because they were wonderful and they were Russian!!! No one, including myself, is going to love and appreciate Russia and Russians, like the neo-Liberals and Semonyan try to lie to Putin, by saying we need what they created, some cheap imitation of shitty American media that RT is! But they know that and like the Zionist neo-Liberals destroyed me and my family they are destroying and will destroy Russia from within unless they are stopped.   

Я скора ухожу из это гробаный жизни и даже если за 22 года под либералов не дали меня и нас гражданство РФ я всегда буду гордится что я был Голосом Россия и служил эту великую страну (по секретному) и пусть все либералов здохнут от свой сущности! Надежда только на ПУТИН!

I am leaving this horrendous primitive and brutal world soon and even if after 22 years neo-liberal filth did not allow me and my family to get Russian citizenship I will always be proud that I was the Voice of Russia and that I served Russia (secretly)! Let the neo-Liberal die like dogs from their own treasonous selling out of their own country and its people.

И под закаков от посольство (Майкел Мкфаул и ЦРУ резидент Джосев Мун) из за моя работа на Голос Россия и (по секретному) их Масонский 5й колона (мряз как грудин) посадили мой невиновному сыну. Что бы я совершил само убитсво. Вот и всё правда про жизни и смерт Роблеса... извините

Not only did they destroy my life but under the orders of the US Embassy (Michael McFaul and CIA Station Chief Joseph Moone) because of all of my work on the Voice of Russia and (secret work) exposing and getting in the way of their crimes against humanity and Russia, they ordered the arrest of my innocent son! So that I killed myslef! NOw you know the whole truth about Robles. Excuse the interruption!

I wrote about all of this in my book in detail but not ONE person is interested! Nobody givies a shit anymore. The world is no longer one worth living in really if humans have lost all of their humanity. What is the point if there is no justice?

UPDATE TO CAT STORY: GOT THIS MESSAGE FROM ONE OF MY READERS FOR MR PORSCHE. I say never touch a man's children, woman or wheels. But since they did all of the above to me, why not? Maybe the German US citizen will understand that Russia must be respected and fucking around here is not going to end well for him or maybe he won't, that is no longer my problem. If they think they can just come and give me an "Illuminati" eye and drug me and God knows what else they did to me, then yeah, All bets are off.





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3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);


The hit job on me to make it appear that I was against the Russian Orthodox Church happened when the Voice of Russia published an article I wrote in September 2012 regarding the manipulations of USAID in Russia. In the article which is still on-line there is no mention of the people I am accused of insulting and there is NO MENTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH which is amazing. But the hit job and the lies were put out there and no one defended me in getting them taken down. I wrote multiple letters to the authors and they did nothing. I also asked the Chairman of the VOice of Russia and he did nothing as well. The article was published on the VOR site. The problem is that for some reason Google and Yandex promote it and in any search for my name it comes up on page ONE! God Bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all of its leaders and members and thank you Russia for seeing the truth here. By the way the author Andrey Maklakov has been deported from Russia and has made many statements against the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church and in support of the Ukraine junta. http://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/2012_09_25/Russia-s-says-no-to-USAID-s-meddling/

06-14-2015 Answer to Andrey: The Smear Campaign Against Me Continues; After I wrote about USAID and their attempts to influence the Russian Orthodox Church, an article brought about by the arrest of the US religous affairs liason at the US Embassy here in Moscow, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in America decided to try to damage me here in Russia by writing lies about me in attempt to make it look like I have something against the Russian Orthodox Church. Nothing can be further from the truth but his accusation Episcop Andrey reveals that certain members of the Russian Orthodox Church were taking money from USAID. As I never once mentioned members of the Russian Orthodox Church in my article not did I insinuate anything against the Church, my entire article ws in exposing USAID subversion his accusation is clearly a smear campaign and proves his allegience to USAID and McFaul and the CIA. His "answer" to my article is full of slander and insinuation aimeed directly against me and as I said a clear attempt to dmdage me personally. While he hards on about the right hold demonstrations etc, he never mentions the right of jounralists to be free of harrassment and intimidation. I wrote to all of the people publishing this slander and to Andrey himself but they refuse to take down the material and have obviously never read the article for if they did they would know Andrey is nothing but a US backed liar. I thought this would go away but it is almost in number one position now on web searches rahter than all my work in expsoing the CIA and USAID and 9-11. The most insidious thing, other than attacking a refugee, is the fact that nowhere do these people include a working link to the article and any commentary on the baseless attack in closed. They know it is a fabrication and if anyone reads the article they will see that straight away. I attend the Russian Orthodox Church and have nothing but respect for the Russian Orthodox Church and have written many articles against those who attack it and they record is clear on that point. Andrey is a disgrace to Orthodoxy and attacking a marginalized person at the behest of CIA masters can in no way be in keeping with Christian values.

CIA Washington Post 


CIA Edward Greenberg (VERAX) (Snow Den) 


CIA WikiLeaks


CIA Voice of Russia Wipe 


CIA Black Operation on My Son



  The Imaginary Contract and the Real Consequence

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Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold Me and My Family. Traitor.


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If you are reading this you have good eyes. Can you ind the other secrets on the site?


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