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Warning to Russians Traveling to the USA - The Maria Butina Case +

Warning to Russians Traveling to the USA - The Maria Butina Case +


SVR Head Narishkin: USA Preparing for War Against Venezula

Глава СВР Нарышкин заметил признаки подготовки военной операции США в Венесуэле

Скончался депутат Госдумы, экс-глава ФСБ Николай Ковалев

April 05, 2019 Бывший директор ФСБ ушел из жизни на 70-м году после продолжительной болезни

Москва. 5 апреля. INTERFAX.RU - Экс-директор ФСБ, депутат Госдумы Николай Ковалев скончался на 70-м году жизни, сообщил в пятницу глава фракции "Единая Россия" Сергей Неверов.

"Умер Николай Дмитриевич Ковалёв. Впервые он избрался в думу в 1999-м году. Генерал армии. Был директором ФСБ в сложное время. Прежде всего, он был настоящим борцом и отзывчивым человеком. Много хороших и добрых воспоминаний связано с ним. Не верится, что его больше с нами нет. Светлая память", - написал Неверов на своей странице в фейсбуке.

Он выразил соболезнования родным и близким Ковалева.

В комитете Госдумы по безопасности и противодействию коррупции, в котором Ковалев работал, сообщили "Интерфаксу", что "Николай Дмитриевич скончался после продолжительной болезни".

Губернатор Орловской области Андрей Клычков в своем фейсбуке в словах соболезнования отметил, что Ковалев сделал много для развития России и Орловской области.

"Он достойно служил своей стране и народу в самые непростые годы. В Государственной Думе он стоял у истоков законопроекта, препятствующего оттоку капитала заграницу, боролся с коррупцией и фальсификацией исторических фактов. Орловцы запомнят его навсегда открытым, честным и готовым помочь в любой сложной ситуации", - написал он.

Суд приговорил полковника ФСБ Михайлова к 22 годам колонии

Сотрудник МВД работавший на ЦРУ обратился к Трампу...раскрыл своим кураторам имена нескольких сотрудников ФСБ

Сотрудник МВД работавший на ЦРУ обратился к Трампу

CIA USMC Intelligence Officer Robert Steele Vivas Protege Arrested in Moscow


Mr Expert-on-Everything CIA Officer/Founder of USMC Intelligence/Cyber-Ops Robert Steele Vivas

Self-Destructs in Attempt to be Credible and Takeover the "Expert/Truther" Role at the VOR

Now One of His USMC Boys is in Lefortova: Meet Paul Nicholas Whelan (Used Wedding as Cover to Try to Obtain a List of Russian Intelligence Officers)

05.24 Whelan to Remain in Custody

Суд оставил обвиняемого в шпионаже Уилана под арестом до конца августа

Profile: Interview with Whelan for Whelan Security


Paul and David Whelan are identical twins, a perfect dream come true for intelligence operations.

Whelan has US, Canadian, UK and Irish Citizenship.

Russia receives request from Canada to visit Whelan - Foreign Ministry

London worried about fate of Paul Whelan detained in Russia for spying

Russian diplomat says Britain requested consular access to Paul Whelan

Russia grants consular access to detained US Whelan - diplomat

U.S. Ambassador Huntsman visited Paul Whelan, American detained in Russia

US citizen detained in Moscow on suspicion of espionage oversees security at BorgWarner

Whelan detained in Russia may hold not only US and British passports, says source

Whelan promotes anything and everything including Russian holidays, the NSA, murderers of blacks and even Guy Fawkes Day on VK

Whelan Lived at 31260 WELLINGTON DRIVE #16301, NOVI, MI 48377 (248) 669-2831,-83.5084671,3a,75y,163.94h,79.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swQmMIoNeJLNSiOtXFSBcIg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

Whelan is a federally licensed firearms dealer with his license listing his business as being named the Kingsmead Arsenal located in Novi, Michigan near Detroit. In short he runs an arms business out of his apartment.

License: 4-38-125-01-7K-04423

Description: Title 1 dealer or gunsmith other than destructive devices. Can also deal in Title II NFA firearms with class 3 tax stamp.

From 1988 to 2000 Whelan served as a police officer in Chelsea, Michigan and as a deputy for the Washtenaw County Sheriff.

He has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's in business administration.

He served in the Marines reserves from 1990 to 2001.

Whelan owns a yacht.

In 2001 he joined Troy, Michigan-based staffing firm Kelly Services as an IT project manager. This allowed him to keep his ties to the CIA and US Intelligence hidden and also to be placed in any company that was of interest as a "temporary" employee. Kelly Services allowed him to maintain contact with federal law enforcement and even foreign embassy staff. Whelan has stated "Kelly Services is a global company, and we work with federal agencies all the time, whether it is OSAC or the LEGATT at the foreign embassies, or we work with HUD or DEA, FBI, ATF, whomever in the United States". He failed to mention USMC Cyber-Ops or the CIA.

In 2003, he served in Iraq and didn't return to Kelly Services until 2008.

In 2010 he was made senior manager of global security and operations at Kelly, meaning he was involved with military intelligence and security while in the marines. . He worked there until 2016.

Whelan joined automotive parts maker BorgWarner in 2017. CIA Front BorgWarner Burns Itself

Official BorgWarner Statement Regarding Paul N Whelan 010119.pdf

Who is speaking out?

Among those coming out in support of the CIA Operative is global criminal bankster cabal 911-mafia-chief Bill Browder who recently ordered the Skripal operation and whose documented contract hits against opponents in Moscow have been recently exposed, along with more details about the billions of dollars he has pilfered out of Russia.

The full US Government support and media statements mean his is 100% an asset and was doing their bidding.

The arrest of Whelan is just the tip of the ice-berg. So far the arrest has outed Browder as a CIA Asset and BorgWarner and Kelly Services as CIA Fronts but this is not only to Whelan's credit. The fact that Whelan was involved in USMC Intelligence and Security Operations and in particular was made an IT head upon his return from the Marines (a fact the Western media has been careful to ignore and even preemptively deny, by saying he was the head of physical security), means he was part of CIA Officer Robert Steele's USMC Intelligence Operation. According to unconfirmed sources Whelan was one of Steele's boys.

Whelan's VK page contains a wealth of information.



At Clinton Museum with USMC Snipers

In a Bombardier Challenger, the beloved aircraft of CIA Front Vista Jet for Rendition Operations.

The direct connection with active covert operations and Steele adds to our growing mountain of proof that the CIA was directly targetting me and my family and ordered the arrest of my son, with Gina Haspel, US Embassy Moscow and "Deep State" involvement in both the arrest and the 5th column destruction of the Voice of Russia World Service for CIA recruited Kisilev and RT figures who then proceeded to openly delete all information the US did not want known from the VOR resources.

Had I know who Robert (SHUT YOUR OWN DAMN MOUTH YOU SPOOK BASTARD) Steele was I would have never interviewed the piece of shit! Here is that interview in full, never released until now. In it you can hear my surprise when he said he founded USMC Intelligence and you can hear Steele making fantastic claims to being a hacker and the like, as well as telling me to shut up. At the end the interview cuts off abrubptly because I hung up on the son of a bitch)))

Almost five years have passed but we feel partially avenged and are enjoying our revenge served cool with a fine Chianti)))

Dear Steele: Watch the umbrella)))


Never Heard Interview With CIA Officer Robert Steele (High On Putin): Founder of Marine Corps Intelligence

Never Heard Interview With CIA Officer Robert Steele (High On Putin): Founder of Marine Corps Intelligence

Paul/David Whelan Was Steele's Marine Corps Recruit: According to FSB Sources Whelan was Arrested After Obtaining Russian Agent List on a Flash Card at the Metropole Hotel


Ukraine Violates Russian Territorial Waters in an SBU Provocation (All Details in Link)

Ukraine Violates Russian Territorial Waters in an SBU Provocation

Russian Security Chiefs Sucessfully Defend Russian Interests

US suspends sanctions against Russian security chiefs during their visit to Washington

Norwegian Spy Caught, Arrested and Being Prosecuted

Norwegian intelligence agent allegedly duped espionage suspect in Russia

Russia extends arrest of accused Norwegian spy until early May

Putin: Russia’s security services foiled over 60 terror attacks in 2017

FSB Liquidates Would Be Election Day Bomber

MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has eliminated a member of Islamic State (IS, a terror organization, outlawed in Russia), who had been plotting a terrorist attack in Nizhny Novgorod on the day of the presidential election, the FSB Center for Public Relations told TASS.


MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has eliminated a member of Islamic State (IS, a terror organization, outlawed in Russia), who had been plotting a terrorist attack in Nizhny Novgorod on the day of the presidential election, the FSB Center for Public Relations told TASS.

"The FSB has stamped out the activity of a member of the Islamic State international terrorist organization that is outlawed in Russia who had been preparing to commit a terrorist attack in Nizhny Novgorod," the center reported. "The criminal, who resisted arrest, was liquidated by FSB special forces."

"According to the received operational data, the terrorist, who is a citizen of a country of the near abroad, was ready to commit a terrorist attack during Russia’s presidential election day," the FSB noted.

During an urgent investigative action, at the scene police found a powerful homemade bomb and parts for production of several more explosive devices, as well as firearms and munitions belonging to the criminal, the FSB added.

The FSB Directorate for the Nizhny Novgorod Region is pressing criminal charges due to the participation of the international terrorist organization, the Islamic State, and for efforts in attempting to carry out the terror attack.

FSB and MVD Carry Out Mass Arrests of Neo-Nazi Gangs All Over Russia

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) working with coleagues from the Internal Ministry (MVD) have intercepted the activities of an armed radical Neo-Nazi right wing criminal grouping operating in the territory of the Moscow Region.

Федеральная служба безопасности (ФСБ) России совместно с коллегами из Министерства внутренних дел (МВД) пресекли деятельность праворадикальной группировки на территории Московского региона.

Searches of their apartments uncovered extremist literature, posters and flags with Nazi symbols, firearms, tear gas canisters and baseball bats.

В ходе обысков в квартирах молодых людей были обнаружены экстремисткая литература, плакаты и флаги с нацистской символикой, огнестрельное оружие, газовые баллончики, а также дубинки.

According to Ren TV the neonazis were part of a grouping arrested all over Russia.
Как сообщает телеканал РЕН ТВ, неонацистов, входящих в банду, задерживали по всей России.

FSB Arrests St Petersburg Bomber

December 20th We Celebrate Chekist Day

FSB Prevents 18 Terrorist Attacks in 2017

FSB Shuts Down Black Market Gunmakers in 21 Regions

FSB shuts down EU-Moldova-Russia narcotics pipeline

Заседание Общественного совета при ФСБ России!id=10438187@fsbMessage.html

20K+ Evacuated in Moscow Due to Bomb Threats

Если вы обладаете любой информацией о совершенных или готовящихся терактах, просьба обращаться в ФСБ России по телефонам: +7 (495) 224-22-22 8 (800) 224-22-22

FSB detains two planning separate 9-1 attacks in Moscow


US/NATO Refuse to Accept Strategic Loss and Attempt to Steal Hypersonic Secrets

July 30, 2013 19:48

NOTE: This is being published for informational and educational purposes only, we do not support the views or even the information contained in this report.

By Washignton Free Beacon Editor Bill Gertz

Russian FSB security and intelligence service agents have arrested two people in the defense industry charged with passing secrets on Moscow's hypersonic missiles to western intelligence.

U.S. intelligence agencies are closely monitoring the mole hunt first disclosed July 20 in news reports in Russia.

One suspect in the case is Viktor Kudryavtsev, a 74-year-old researcher at a Russian rocket and spacecraft design plant who was arrested July 19 by FSB agents.

A second person was reported arrested for treason as part of the investigation, Russian state-run news outlets reported Monday.

Kudryavtsev was charged with "transferring classified information on the technologies used in the development of hypersonic aircraft to one of the NATO countries," a Russian government source told the pro-government news outlet Kommersant, quoting a security source.

The source told the newspaper that as a result of the probe, "many heads will fly, and dismissals will certainly not be the end of the story."

Another Russian news report stated that the loss of hypersonic missile secrets in the spy case explains why the U.S. government has expressed skepticism about the Russian hypersonic missile program touted by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech last March.

Michael Griffin, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, told defense reporters earlier this month that Russia's strategic hypersonic gliders will augment its large and modernized ICBM force.

A major concern is the use of hypersonic maneuvering weapons for theater and regional conflict, including against ships, Griffin said. "Very quick response, high speed, highly maneuverability, difficult to find and track and kill," he said.

Griffin said Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile programs are spurring U.S. development of hypersonic weapons that is now a high priority for the Pentagon.

"We didn't see a need for it, but our adversaries get a vote, and they voted," he said, according to Defense News. "So we're going to see their hand and raise them one, in both offensive and defensive capabilities."

Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the Strategic Command, testified to the Senate in March that both Russia and China are making progress in developing ultra-high speed missiles for which the United States has no defenses.

Hypersonic weapons are launched atop ballistic missiles and travel at speeds of Mach 5 or greater, or more than 3,836 miles per hour. They are capable of maneuvering on the edge of the atmosphere where they can strike targets globally in minutes.

The spy investigation began July 20 when FSB agents raided the offices of the Central Scientific Research Institute for Machine Building, known by its acronym TSNIIMash, and within the offices of the director of the Unified Rocket-Space Corporation known as ORKK.

The searches took place at TSNIIMash in Korolev, an industrial zone northeast of Moscow that is known as a center for space research. TSNIIMash is part of the state space agency known as Roscosmos. The ORKK plant is located in Moscow.

A spokesman for Roscosmos, Vladimir Ustimenko, said July 22 that Kudryavtsev was arrested but he provided no additional details. "Investigative actions are now being conducted with him," Ustimenko said, adding that other employees at Roscosmos are under investigation.

The space agency also said in a statement that the Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin had directed all employees to cooperate with the FSB probe.

As many as 10 people are said to be the target of the investigation, Kommersant reported.

Another focus of the probe is Dmitriy Payson, director of research and analysis at ORKK, who may have been the origin of top-secret information supplied by the spies to western intelligence.

The hypersonic missile program is being carried out through a Russian firm called Tactical Missile Armaments that is not part of TSNIIIMash but works closely with the rocket company.

Kudryavtsev last year signed an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin that defended a Russian researcher, Vladimir Lapygin, who was sentenced to seven years in prison last year for treason.

The investigation and arrest were reported by state-run TASS and Interfax, in addition to Kommersant.

On July 19, a day before the first arrest, Russia's Defense Ministry disclosed that the Avangard warhead was ready for series production, the Moscow MK Online news outlet reported.

The MK report said the Defense Ministry provided an update on the Avangard that was described as a "gliding winged warhead" that travels at hypersonic speeds.

"The complex's development has been completed," the report said. "Industry enterprises have begun its series production. The gliding winged warhead flies at an altitude of several dozen kilometers in the atmosphere's dense layers."

The Avangard "possesses combat capabilities, which permit it to carry out the guaranteed penetration of any missile defense systems," Maj. Gen. Sergey Poroskun, deputy commander of Russian strategic rocket forces, was quoted as saying.

"The Avangard missile complex's gliding warhead is capable of flying with hypersonic speed and of conducting controlled maneuvering, both lateral and also based upon altitude, which ensures its invulnerability," he stated.

Mark Schneider, a former Pentagon nuclear specialist, said Russia has placed a lot of emphasis on developing hypersonic arms.

"In the aftermath of the Helsinki summit, Russian state media went into nuclear threat mode with a lot of emphasis on the hypersonic missiles that are part of Putin’s nuclear super weapons revealed in his March 2018 State of the Nation address to the Duma," Schneider said.

Between July 18 and 21, the main official news agency TASS published seven stories on superweapons.

"Contrary to what the American left is attempting to peddle, these are all real new weapons systems," Schneider said. "The hypersonic missiles in particular are very serious threats and we will not have any nuclear capable counterparts under the current U.S. programs."

The Pentagon is developing its own hypersonic missiles, including a system called the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon that is part of the Conventional Prompt Strike program.

The FSB investigation followed a CNBC report in May that said U.S. intelligence agencies had reported Russia's test of the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle that could be deployed by 2020.

Quoting sources with direct knowledge of intelligence reports, CNBC stated that the hypersonic vehicle will carry a nuclear payload but could also be used with non-explosive kinetic capabilities.

The Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle is expected to enter Russia's arsenal by 2020.

The weapon could be outfitted with a nuclear warhead but would be able to create destruction even without explosives.

The Avangard was tested twice in 2016, the report said, and once in October 2017 when the glider crashed seconds before reaching its target.

The report said the glide vehicle is fired atop an SS-19 intercontinental ballistic missile.

A fourth test of the Avangard is expected this summer.

The glide vehicle is said to be capable of defeating the most advanced missile defenses and is highly maneuverable.

In March, Putin revealed several new Russian military systems during a speech and video presentation that included two types of hypersonic missiles.

The first is an air launched hypersonic weapon called Kinzhal, or Dagger, capable of reaching speeds of Mach 10, or 7,672 miles per hour, with a range of up to 1,240 miles. The missile is said to be capable of being equipped with either a nuclear or conventional warhead and has been tested in southern Russia.

The second hypersonic glided was identified by Putin as the Avangard, or Advance Guard, that he asserted could travel at speeds of up to Mach 20, or 15,345 miles per hour.

The MK report said another hypersonic missile, the Kinzhal, is on alert with MiG-31 aircraft patrolling over the Caspian Sea. "From here, the MiG-31K high-speed interceptors are capable of delivering a Kinzhal to targets in the Black and Mediterranean seas in a matter of minutes."

Anna Chapman Falsely Accused of “Grooming” Kids by Late "Journalist"

July 30, 2013 19:48 By John Robles

Anna Chapman Falsely Accused of “Grooming” Kids by Late "Journalist"

Citing anonymous sources (as they alsways do when telling outright lies) including “current and former U.S. officials”, “people familiar with the long-running investigation” and “U.S. counterintelligence officials”, Devlin Barret at the Wall Street Journal published a story on July 26 making the wild claim that members of the Russian espionage team that was burned in the U.S. by Former SVR colonel and director of directorate “S” Alexander Vasilevich Sherbakov and assistant director Alexander Poteev, were grooming their children to be spies.

While some of the un-sourced statements made in the article are perhaps plausible the fact that the only cited source in the material, Peter Krupp a Boston lawyer who defended Andrei Bezrukov “Donald Heathfield”, called the accusations “crap” works to the detriment of the piece.

The attack on the children of the accused spies is a despicable one and the motivations behind it are to be questioned. Is the Wall Street Journal, a respected publication, simply attempting to improve their readership? Or perhaps the U.S. Government is feeding them information for political and other gain? Whatever the reason, the putting forward of such allegations without undeniable proof, accusations which could effectively black-list the kids for life, is unethical.

If one has any knowledge about the world of espionage and even just plain common sense one can come to the conclusion that not only are the allegations “expletive” but they are simply ludicrous for many reasons. The first one we should take apart is the allegation that Tim Foley’s parents told him that they were deep cover illegal Russian agents (illegal is the term for an agent operating under deep cover with a false identity and no diplomatic cover job), now who in their right mind, living decades to support their legend, would tell their teenage kid they were spies? The risk of capture or even death for the entire family would logically make such an “opening of the soul” unadvisable to put it lightly.

Second is the statement that young Mr. Foley then agreed to travel to Russia for intelligence training after the above-mentioned discussion. It is highly unlikely such an order was ever given from Moscow. For one if you are dealing with a second generation illegal and wish to groom him for service you do not, under any circumstances do anything that would blow the covers of all of the principles, agents involved in an operation that has been in place for decades. Nor would you do anything that might raise questions during a background check, one of the top alarm bells being foreign travel.

Using the allegations against young Mr. Foley, who is now not allowed to return to the U.S., the writer then somehow reaches the conclusion that of the other 7 children were also the subjects of some evil scheme to “groom” them to become spies, not all however.

Another claim the article makes is that all of the arrested “ring” members were “trained agents of the SVR”, this is also false as some had been recruited by their agent controller and had never had any official spy training. The author also cites “Moscow Center”, giving away the fact that he reads too many spy books which often use the term to refer to Moscow’s spy headquarters.

Due to these claims we again see the name of Anna Chapman being used by the world’s press, some headlines claiming she was grooming kids to be spies. They just can’t seem to leave her alone. The reason for this may be the fact that she is seen as being the team leader by some in the press, or the fact that she is so beautiful and caught the imagination of millions of people worldwide, or perhaps they just want to sell papers and increase readership and any time you mention Anna Chapman people are interested.

The process of choosing, recruiting, training and finally putting an agent into the field is a long, rigorous and secrecy shrouded one. You don’t just walk into SVR Headquarters and as one Russian “analyst” put it “enlist” so your kids can study English abroad and the state will foot the bill. You don’t just “groom” a kid to be a spy.

Such statements and articles, if they are to be believed would then make every Russian kid studying abroad a suspect for FBI Counter Intelligence surveillance. This is an example of irresponsible journalism and only goes to further Russo-phobia. But unfortunately the public eats it up.

So guilty or not, and I would just like to recall, that all of the “agents” in the Anna Chapman “spy ring”, were given a choice, innocent or not, they could plead guilty and be exchanged or they could plead innocent and stand trial, and of course they would have been found guilty. What choice did they have? As if the fact that innocent people may have been found guilty is not enough for the American public, they now want to vilify and go after the children.

I have one more thing to say to certain journalists, please stop reading spy novels and assuming everything they say is true, and please if you are going to make accusations which may damage people’s lives, make sure you have real-live-sources that can actually be verified, otherwise it all looks like another hack-job. And please keep the poor kids out of it, they have been through enough already or watch out, you never know, you might have a Ramon Mercader shadowing your every move. Give me a break!

Being an illegal is one of the most (if not the most) difficult jobs in the world. You give up your life and your very identity for your country and live for years under the intense pressure of being undercover, never being able to trust anyone, always having to live in fear for your life, giving your all and ready to make the ultimate sacrifice at any moment, it is not something everyone has the psychological fortitude to withstand and it is a life few would likely want for their children, especially someone who has been through it.

FSB catches CIA Agent Controller Red Handed

14 May, 2013 19:48

домодедово теракт фсб милиция

According to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) on Tuesday night May 13th a career US Central Intelligence Agency agent controller was arrested  while in the process of attempting to recruit a member of one of the Russian special services. The FSB has not specified which service the potential spy was supposed to be attached to but has said the CIA officer was caught red handed in the act of attempting to recruit an agent.

According to the FSB the CIA officer who was arrested was one Ryan Christopher Fogle who was working for the CIA under official cover as the Third Secretary of the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

The Political Section of the US Embassy, headed by one Michael Klecheski, according to the embassy site, reportedly: “… interprets Russia's major foreign, defense and security policies. Analyzes and reports on significant events and trends in Russian domestic politics (elections, political parties, Kremlin-regional relations, media, human rights etc.) and consists of three units: External Affairs, Political-Military Affairs, Internal Affairs.”

While the CIA may place an agent or officer under official cover in any position, even ambassador, it is important to note that the section this particular agent was working in would have been responsible for whatever operations the US has connected to the recent Russian opposition and meddling in the elections processes in Russia.

The FSB reports that that when Fogle was arrested he had in his possession technical devices, objects to disguise his appearance, a large sum of cash and instructions written in Russian for the person he was supposed to recruit.

The FSB was not specific on the exact nature of the technical devices but from photographs published in the media Fogle had in his possession an RFID shield, a foldable locking hunting knife, a service grade canister of mace, a US Army compass, a flashlight, a Moscow street map listing all buildings and addresses, what appear to be three envelopes containing money, 2 wigs, 3 pairs of glasses, a cell phone with an ear piece and a spiral notepad. The size of one of the stacks of 500 euro notes, a photo of which was published on the web, would indicate an amount close to the $100,000.00 the CIA was offering as first payment. From the fact that three white envelopes apparently containing money were in Fogle’s possession, who indicate that he was prepared to meet with 3 sources.

The most interesting and damning object in the possession of Fogle was a letter in Russian detailing the new “spy’s” relationship with the CIA. The letter starts out Dear Friend, and explains that “this” is an advance from “those who are extremely impressed with your professionalism”, the letter continues that the US is ready to pay the $100, 000 to discuss experience and cooperation but that they amount could be much higher if the source is able to answer concrete questions. The letter says that they are ready to pay $1 million dollars a year for long term cooperation with bonus money for information that “helps us”.

The letter then details how to set up an anonymous Gmail account, in an internet café and to write to the address unbacggdA[at] and then wait exactly one week and check for an answer.

The letter closes by saying: “Thank you for reading this. We are very anxious for the opportunity to be working with you in the near future. Your friends”.

The implications of the entire case are extremely damaging for the US and for their “covert” operations in Russia. The fact that a political officer at the embassy was used for cover is so old school that it is not even worth commenting on, what is interesting is the apparent desperation the CIA is operating under in attempting to obtain intelligence about Russia.

What is also interesting as far as tradecraft is concerned is the use of internet cafés and G-Mail accounts to communicate with agent controllers at the CIA. The name of the CIA Google mail account is also interesting as it gives insight into CIA naming conventions and code.

The FSB reports that: “Recently, the U.S. intelligence community has repeatedly attempted to recruit employees of Russian law enforcement agencies and special departments,” and that these attempts have been, “… recorded and passed to FSB Counter-Intelligence.”

It is not surprising that the CIA is desperate to recruit agents and spies what with new anti-corruption measures in Russia, the exposure of plots and groups exposed which attempted to foment and bring about color revolution scenarios, the expulsion of USAID and the widespread internal meddling they were discovered to be engaged in and the recent laws on NGOs and foreign agents. All of these things have made it difficult for the US Government, the CIA and the US Embassy to fulfill their secret objectives within the territory of the Russian Federation.

With the expulsion of USAID and new strict reporting measures regarding NGOs, there are less holes in the security architecture of Russia that are available to be exploited by foreign intelligence agencies. Although Russia has repeatedly offered to cooperate with the US and been continuously turned down on a number of fronts, the US continues to wage its secret war against Russia.

The capture of the CIA controller and the active way with which the CIA has been attempting to gather information points to the fact that there is no doubt a very large gap in US intelligence on Russia. This is good, it means that the Russian Government and the Russian Special Services are doing their jobs and keeping the country’s secrets secure.

The CIA is apparently desperate to find agents in the special services making one wonder if the Cold War in fact really ended. Advice to foreign agents: the FSB Counter Intelligence is on the job, better update your “Moscow Rules”.

The fact that FSB Counter Intelligence was able to catch an enemy of the state red-handed and then throw him back as apparently useless also quite frankly warms the heart. To know that true professionals are protecting Russia makes it possible to sleep well at night.

Once again we see the quiet professionalism with which the FSB operates, not only in countless unsung anti-terrorist operations but in dozens of anti-espionage operations. The US would have been wise to listen many times in the past and should seriously accept Russian offers of cooperation, rather than sending some half-baked clown with wigs and a back-pack to do the work of real intelligence officers.

It might be interesting to ponder why the FSB let Mr. Fogle go. Was he just a little fish or perhaps he was turned? Not that would be interesting.

Moscow CIA OC Officer Kyle Hatcher's Cover Blown by Johnson


Kyle Hatcher first Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and CIA OC officer, whose official responsibilities include liaising with members of the Russian religious community, including the highest levels of the Russian Orthodox Church and the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities, has been caught engaged in sex with various prostitutes by unknown individuals who filmed him in the act. CIA apologists claim that due to his legend he could not possibly be CIA but upon attempting to verify his legend it comes up hollow. Congratulations to the CIA on this one, once again it goes to show that when it comes to HUMIT operations and million dollar training, the CIA can't control their baser functions namely keeping their Johnsons under control. Kyle Hatcher and his little friend is our outed CIA agent of the month.

Video Here

Photo Here

MI6 Spy Rock Ring Dismantled by the FSB


Москва. 22 января. ИНТЕРФАКС

Russian Special Services Personnel Report Discovery of British Secret Service's Financing of Several Non-Governmental Foreign Entities in the Russian Federation  Moscow January 22 INTERFAX

Сотрудники российских спецслужб выявили факты разведдеятельности против России, осуществляющейся рядом сотрудников посольства Великобритании в Москве. Телеканал "Россия" 22 января в программе "Специальный корреспондент" показал кадры оперативной съемки, а также комментарий сотрудников ФСБ, которые доказывают факт разведдеятельности против России.

Russian special services personnel have uncovered espionage activities against Russia involving personnel from the British Embassy in Moscow. The TV station "Russia", on January 22 on the program "Special Reports", broadcast operational images as well as commentary by FSB personnel which prove the espionage activities against Russia. 

Всего интерес у российских спецслужб вызвали четыре британских дипломата - помощник официального представителя британской разведки в России Пол Кромптон, второй секретарь посольства Марк Доу, координировавший деятельность "Фонда глобальных возможностей" при МИД Великобритании и курировавший некоторые российские НПО, секретарь-архивист посольства Кристофер Пирс, который работает в России с 2002 года, и секретарь-архивист Эндрю Флемминг, который работает в России с 2004 года.

Of interest to Russian Special Services are four British diplomats; assistant to the official representative of the British secret service(s) in Russia, (Third Secretary for Political Affairs) Paul Crompton, Second Secretary for Political Affairs Marc Doe who were responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the "Global Possibilties Fund under the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and worked as couriers for several Russian NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). As well; Christopher Pirt, who has worked in Russia since 2002 and Andre Fleming, who has been working in Russia since 2004.

В программе утверждалось, что через М.Доу поступали деньги для некоторых НПО, в частности, для Московской Хельсинкской группы и фонда "Евразия". В эфире были показаны копии платежных документов с подписями М.Доу, согласно которым крупные суммы денег переводились данным НПО.

The program backed up claims that through Doe money was transferred to several NGOs, most frequently to The Moscow Helsinki Group and the Eurasia Fund. Copies of financial transfer documents signed by M Doe were broadcast on the program which point to large money transfers to the NGOs in question.

Как заявила в эфире пресс-секретарь ФСБ России Диана Шемякина, большинство НПО в России созданы, финансируются и существуют под патронажем правительств и общественных организаций США и их союзников по НАТО.

As was reported on the broadcast, FSB Press Secretary Diana Shemyakina stated that most NGOs in Russia were created, are financed, and exist under the patronage of governmental and public organizations in the US and by its NATO allies.

В телевизионной передаче также было отмечено, что контрразведчики обнаружили необычные технические средства, примененные британцами впервые в истории спецслужб. Осенью 2005 года К.Пирс привез в один из скверов на окраине Москвы камень со встроенным устройством, способным получать и передавать информацию. Оперативный сотрудник ФСБ России сообщил в телеэфире, что в определенное время в сквере появлялся российский гражданин, завербованный британской разведкой, который пересылал данные с переносного компьютера на аппаратуру, находящуюся в камне. Через некоторое время британский разведчик, проходя мимо камня, считывал информацию с помощью карманного компьютера. Российским контрразведчикам удалось задержать российского гражданина, который уже дал признательные показания.

During the program it was also noted that counter espionage agents discovered an unusual device used by the British for the first time. In the fall of 2005, Mr. Pirt placed a "rock", which housed electronic equipment capable of receiving and sending data, in one of the squares on the outskirts of Moscow. FSB operational personnel reported on the program that at pre-arranged times a Russian citizen recruited by British espionage, showed up on the square and transmitted data from a portable computer to the receiver in the "rock". A short while later his British controller would pass by the "rock" and upload the information onto a pocket PC. Russian counter-espionage agents were able to apprehend the Russian citizen, who has already provided incriminating information.  

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