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Megabank Launders Terrorist/Drug Cartel Money

1990 CSPAN: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ISIS

FBI’s to Spy on High School Students Nationwide

West's Special Services Killed Vitaly Churkin

Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

McCain and His War Lobbyinging Bedfellows

Polish Press After Builder Currently in Russia

SC rules against UK Gov in MI6-CIA torture case





03-31-2017 FRIDAY 

Connecticut State To Give Police Killer Drones

1200 CIA/NSA Officers Control Ukrainian SBU


Russia vs NATO Domination Policy

NATO trains Ukro Forces for  Donbass

Another Yasen Nuclear Submarine Launched

North Caucasus Still Remains Hotbed of Terror

2,000+ Take Part Russian-Tajik Anti-Terror Drills

S-300 Missile Strikes Simulated in East Siberia

Russia to Split with Global Banking Cartel

South Korea's President Park Geun-Hye Arrested

Venezuela's Top Court Takes Over Congress

Two Journalists Sue Trump Over 'Kill List'

Russia: Jehovah’s Witnesses' Material Extremist

03-30-2017 THURSDAY

Ban of JAR2 by Twitter Part of Ongoing CIA Op

Putin Thanks CNBC Anchor for Crimea Comment

Putin: Russia to be largest LNG producer

 Leftists/Cheney/Clinton Want World War III

Turkey to Use Assault Drones Against Kurdist

U.S. Lifts Restrictions on Arms Sales to Bahrain

Iraq: Airstrike Vetting Changes Raise Concerns

US Dropping 500 Bombs Per Week on Mosul

Bahraini Police Attack Funerals for Teenager

UAE shows interest in Russian helicopters

Body of N.Korean leader on its way to Pyongyang

Lavrov: NWO Opposes Trump

French Guiana: ministers attempt to resolve unrest

Trump Kills Climate Regulations, China to Uphold

Why murder of NSA whistleblower handled differently

Russian Space Center receives first New Engines

Calls for calm in Paris amid clashes over police

The CIA, Bilderberg and European Integration

French: Deradicalisation Program Failing

Court Upholds Navalny’s Arrest for Resisting Arrest

DEA Stole $3.2 Billion in Cash From Innocent People

Harvard: ‘Stratospheric Injection’ Geoengineering

Deputy Has Breakdown Cops Show Up and Kill Him

More Hillary Clinton Law-Breaking Re: Classified Info

Russia to Remove International Banking System

Putin orders to draft over 140,000 men into army

Moscow, Tokyo use all mechanisms of cooperation

Over 3,300 Syrian receive Russian humanitarian aid

Visa-free travel between Russia and South Africa

Moscow slams West’s reaction to Russian protests

Putin orders Defense Ministry/FSB on Arctic

Science Speaks Out About Electromagnetics

Corrupt Weaponizing of Intelligence Collection

Britain celebrates and mourns the end of EU

Bye Bye, Internet Privacy

03-29-2017 WEDNESDAY

NATO Hiring for Flase Flags

Russia Threatens To Spill Obama Admin Secrets

Map Shows if Web Traffic Passes Through NSA Post

Google Home: Gov Acces to Private Conversations

Elon Company to Merge Brains and Computers

US Used Chemical Weapons on Natives/Activists

US World Takeover Brings Russia/China Closer

Mosul is the Latest War on Iraq

Mosul: Homes Destroyed With Families Inside

Russia/Iran Condemn Ambassador's Assassination

Iran Condemns US Terrorism Imposes Sanctions

Trump’s Bloody War in Yemen: A War on Iran

Sudan Opens Humanitarian Corridor for S. Sudan

Kremlin Assures FIDE President of Russia's Support

Nike Russia Serves Navalny With Ultimatum

Moldova Pres: Transnistrian Settlement this Summer

UK Students ‘Disciplined’ Over IsraHell Boycott

$10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon

Trump vs Neocon WWIII With Russia

Child Pornography Victim Comey “Victimized Me”

Hillary Clinton Child Rape Victim Speaks Out

Podesta Violated Federal Law: 75,000 Stock Shares

Tony Podesta Made $500K Lobbying For Chinese

It Begins: ICE Raids LEGAL Family Kills Dad

Political Movie Projected On the Subconscious

A Soulless Man Cannot Serve Justice

Monsanto's Glyphosate Weed Killer in Food

Legal to "Hunt" Hibernating Animals

US Govt Sued Over Laptop, Cellphone Searches

Today In Trump: Make America Miserable Again

Charleston shooter: Judge allows lawsuits against FBI

Good Cop Quits After K9 Mauls Innocent Man

03-28-2017 TUESDAY

US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare - JSOC

US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare - JSOC

Intelligence Operations/Metrics in Iraq/Afghanistan

Intelligence Operations/Metrics in Iraq/Afghanistan

Israeli Government and Expert Sources on ZION

Israeli Government and Expert Sources on ZION

Shadow Government CFR "Interested in Intel" List

Shadow Government CFR "Interested in Intel" List 

Janus Associates: Deep State Cyber War Racket

Janus Associates: Deep State Cyber War Racket

Contact Details for Almost Entire UK GOV 2012

Contact Details for Almost Entire UK GOV 2012

The Aspen Security Deep State War Racket

The Aspen Security Deep State War Racket

CIA MK Project Stargate Remote Viewing Report

CIA MK Project Stargate Remote Viewing Report 

NSA Exceptionally Controlled Information List

NSA Exceptionally Controlled Information List

U.S. To Escalate Two Year War On Starving Yemen

US admits killing 200 civilians in Mosul air strike

Iranian president arrives in Moscow

100,000s in Protest to US/Saudi Terrorism in Yemen

Mossad Turned French Spies Into Double Agents

Another US War Crime

Somalia: Reported US Covert Actions 2001-2016

US Media in Love With Unhinged British Witch

What is Church of Scientology Doing in Israel?

Efforts increasing to destabilize Russia

Putin wants Russia to ensure security at FIFA World

Navalny's suspended sentence to become prison term

Serbia to get Russian MiG-29 fighter jets within weeks

UK foreign secretary postpones visit to Moscow

EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine

British Special Forces Deploying to London Streets

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 03/27/2017

Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 03/27/2017

North Dakota Oil Spill Vastly Underestimated

$10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon

US to Test Drugs on You Secretly

NYPD Spills Weiner Laptop Info — Clinton Cooked!


03-27-2017 MONDAY

US Blocks Syrian Army: Prepares for Partition! US and Israel Supporting Terrorists in Syria for Illegal Eratz IsraHell

Top 15 Security/Hacking Tools & Utilities

Internet Connected Medical Sterilizer Hacked

Palestinians Shot with Live Ammunition

Jewish Protesters Calling for End to Israel

Russia conducts six humanitarian operations in Syria

Deadly New Zealand SAS Raid in Afghanistan

Another Journalist Killed in Mexico

Burma: UN Takes Key Step for Justice

Kenya: Protects Somalis Facing Conflict and Abuses

Putin Unveils Powerful Hypersonic Cruise Missile

Russian premier Iranian president to discuss bilateral..

Russian, Italian top diplomats to discuss economies

Meeting Putin of exceptional importance for Serbia

NATO Destabilization Agenda: Black Sea & Caucasus

Brussels Slaps UK With €100 Billion Bill For EU Army

Election in Moldova shows support for Russia - Socialist

Georgia: Drug Raid Aimed at President

Huge Surge In UK Human Trafficking Cases

Mysterious ‘Doomsday Trumpets’ Heard Across UK Skies

Protests Disrupt Start of Pro-Israel AIPAC

Judicial Watch File New Clinton Email Lawsuit

283 People Already Killed by Police this Year

$10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon 01

$10 Trillion Missing from Pentagon 02

CIA whistleblower leaks 47 hard drives h

Trump = Obama = Bush = Clinton On 4 Core Issues

Antidepressant Increases Suicide Risk Over 800%

Meet Trump's 'terrifying' ambassador to Israel

Pizzagate troll tells 60 Minutes fake news stories are ‘1

Pedophilia: Is It The Currency And Kinship Of Elites?

Why Former AG Michael Mukasey outright lies

03-26-2017 SUNDAY

CIA Backed Russian "Oppositionist" Navalny Arrested

Navalny's Crew Desecrated Russian Monument

Nuclear Blast Filmed in Ukraine at Depot

Russia: 13 Ceasefire Violations in Syria in 24 hrs

2,190 Days Suffering: Syrians Describe Invasion

Ukrainian Launches 770+ Shells on DPR

100 Civilians Killed A Month in Yemen by US

America Digs Its Own Afghan Grave

Belarusian ministry confirms detentions

В Москве вручили премию Минобороны РФ

США ввели санкции против 8 российских компаний


UKIP loses its only MP

Дениса Воронекова похоронили в Киеве

The Billion Dollar Spy Agency You’ve Never Heard Of

Nuclear Convoys Use Unmarked 18-Wheelers

Ex-CIA Chief Discussed Transferring Gulen With Turks

How US Flooded the World with Psyops

Three Disruptive Technologies That Will Transform World

Pizzagate Protest Happening Right Now In D.C.

Deep State Goes After ‘Pizzagate Threats’

MSM Stifles Pedogate Truth With a Vengeance

FBI: 500 Missing Children May Be Pedo Ring

Dear Alex Jones: When Pizzagate children killed...

Washington Post: Obama May Face Criminal Charges

John McCain: NWO Under Enormous Strain

NC Troops Scammed $27M from Afghanistan Aid

Case Dismissed Against “Drone Slayer”

Cop Kills Man Gets Speeding Ticket

Cop Brutally Murders 6-Year-Old, Slapped on Wrist

Cop Rapes Woman and Not Charged

03-25-2017 SATURDAY

Russian Submarine Killer Makes Call at Namibia

Explosions Continue at Ukro Ammo Depot

Rome Declaration signed by the 27 EU leaders

The "Revelation of Method" by the "Cryptocracy"

McCain Files: 714 Files Possessing Key Word McCain

McCain Files: 714 Files Possessing KeyWord McCain

03-24-2017 FRIDAY

Srebrenica Massacre Gigantic Fraud: Dr. E Herman

Srebrenica (the West's pretext) was in response to the killing of over 2,000 Serb civilians, mostly women and

1999 Illegal Bomboing of Yugoslavia


Le Pen Calls for End to EU Sanctions on Russia

Serbian Children Recall 1999 NATO Horrors

Tradecraft: 50 Survival Myths Debunked

100s of Civilians Dead in US Airstrikes in Mosul

Syria: Anti-terrorism should be priority at Geneva

US/Saud Killed 106 Yemeni Civilians in 1 Month

Russian Ind Zones in Other Countries after Egypt

Vatican Museums Hope to Attract Russian Sponsors

Angola Is on Its Way to Ban Abortion Entirely

Watch These Geopolitical Flashpoints Carefully

UN Expert: Israel Subjugating Palestinians’ Humanity

U.S. and Romania Practice Attacking Russia

Yemenis Protest 2 Years of Saudi Aggression

Venezuela Finds US Army Uniforms in Paramil Camp

Russia Saves Croatian Strategic Food Concern

CNN/MSNBC Caught Faking Live Interview

Putin and Le Pen Meet in the Kremlin

Bank of Russia: Ruble Cutting its 'Oil Dependency'

Russian MIC: No Dependence on Ukro Components

Russia Wraps up Large-Scale Drills in Crimea

Duma: Ukraine Rapidly Turning into Terrorist State

Роском. Заблокировал 23+ тысяч Страниц за ИГ

Belarus Will Stamp Out Any "Maidans"

Pope Tells EU Not to Forget Founding Values

Russian MP’s Assassin had Military Background

Le Pen Blasts EU Diplomacy of Threats, Blackmail

Turkey to Scrap Migration Agreement with EU

Trump Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

FBI Director Unexpectedly Shows Up at White House

FBI Gathered Facial Recognition Data For Years

Surveillance State Goes After Trump

Pretending Israel Is Innocent of Apartheid

03-23-2017 THURSDAY


Tradecraft: Concealment, Weapons, Escape, etc

Tradecraft: Concealment, Weapons, Escape Techniques, etc

Tradecraft: Temporary Survival Shelters


CIA/MOSSAD Backed Terrorists Claim London

London Terrorist "Acted Alone": Police Arrest Eight

Immigrants Commit Fewer Crimes

US Computer Ban Has Nothing to Do With Security

USMil Personally Delivers Jihadis to Syria

Putin: Check Shows National Guard’s High Skills

Russia to Strengthen Froces West and Arctic

Marine Le Pen to meet with Russian lawmakers

Killer of Russia's former legislator dies in hospital

Moscow Shocked by Kiev Murder of Former Rus MP

Why Is Water Sacred to Native Americans?

Trump Facing NeoCon Zionist Regime Change Ops

No Credibility to "Russia Hacked DNC" Cyber Firm

FBI 'Grilled' on Extent of Facial Recognition Program

Bush Destroyed Eivdence Against CIA

Pizzagate/Pedogate Trafficking Gets onto MSM

D.C. Pedo Epidemic: Police: Kids To ‘Stay Home’

03-22-2017 WEDNESDAY

Ukraine Afraid of Russian Girl in a Wheelchair

Follow Julia on Twitter

Eurovision Board Disappointed in Kiev

Hundreds killed in US Air Strike in Syria

US Kills 33 Civilians At Syrian School

Lavrov on Israeli Targeting in Syria

Kremlin: Russia Fights ISIS Others Discuss

IS Terrorists Flooding Afghanistan - CSTO

400,000 Twitter Terror Accounts Suspended

Lavrov: Terrorists Want to Disrupt Geneva Talks

Switzerland: No Syrian Resolution Without Russia

Palestinian Leader May Visit Russia Soon

USG Data Shows US Interfered In 81 Elections

1,100 Anti-Russia NATO Troops in Poland

Trump Aid Connected to Ukrainian Money Laundering

Blacklisted: Exposing NATO Destabilization

DAPL Sabotaged Before it Goes On-Line

The Yazidi and 74 Genocides

Donbass to Become Own Country by Default

“THE HAMMER” Ultra-Secret System CIA/NSA System

Trump DOD Increase: WAR, WAR More WAR

Ivanka Trump Gets Access To Classified Information

US Gov Terrorizing/Targetting Immigrants

US Veteran, Two Tours in Afghanistan: Deportation

Jury Rules in Favor of Tortured to Death Veteran

WH Fence Jumper: 17 Minute Window as SS Clueless

The War on Water Is a Very Real Crisis

Kremlin: No Comment on Visits by Tump or SS

Trump to Iranians: Happy New Year after Banning

Brief History of CIA Drug Trafficking

Dr. Phil Breaks Open Worldwide Pedophilia Syndicate

Fort Knox Audit Documentation Finally Released

NYPD vs FBI: Laptop Shows Clinton Covering Weiner

03-21-2017 TUESDAY

Putin Bans Israel From Bombing Syria

Russia - USA: Who is the Aggressor?

New UN Report Blasting IsraeHELL

Download the Full Report from JAR2 Before UN Bans It

DPRK to Reduce US to Ashes If Preemptive Strike

US Drops 7,000 Bombs in Iraq, Syria in 2 Months

UN Commemorates the Late Vitaly Churkin

Daily Mirror's, UK Fake News on Russia

6,000+ Terrorists Exposed in Aleppo Since Dec.

Aleppo Governor Thanks Russia, China and Iran

EU PMs Speak Against EU’s Anti-Syrian Sanctions

Moscow - Beijing and Cooperation in War on Drugs

Tradecraft: Snares for survival

Massive Floods in New South Wales, Australia

IsraHell Arrests BDS Founder

US/Israeli Terrorists' New Attacks in Damascus

5 Good Reasons Rockefeller Won’t Be Missed

Trafficked Woman RFID Chipped Like an Animal

GMO PR to Cover Up Toxic Chemical Risks

US Electronic Device Ban on Middle East Flights

Assad: Oscar-feted White Helmets part of Al-Qaeda


At Least 18 die in Ghana Waterfall Accident

Role of African Women: A Key Issue at Dakhla Forum

Belarus: Radiation Levels of Plane 250 Times Norm

New Zealand Expels CIA Spook with Broken Nose

Thousands of Soldiers Leave the British Army

Nigerian Police Forcibly Evict Thousands From Lagos

Indian Genocider Cornelius Rhoads and Apologists


Russia to repay remaining USSR’s debt within 45 days

Putin, CIS Secretary Discuss CIS Activity

Tillerson Cancels NATO to Visit Russia

03-21-2017 TUESDAY

Putin Bans Israel From Bombing Syria

Russia - USA: Who is the Aggressor?

New UN Report Blasting IsraeHELL

Download the Full Report from JAR2 Before UN Bans It

DPRK to Reduce US to Ashes If Preemptive Strike

US Drops 7,000 Bombs in Iraq, Syria in 2 Months

UN Commemorates the Late Vitaly Churkin

Daily Mirror's, UK Fake News on Russia

6,000+ Terrorists Exposed in Aleppo Since Dec.

Aleppo Governor Thanks Russia, China and Iran

EU PMs Speak Against EU’s Anti-Syrian Sanctions

Moscow - Beijing and Cooperation in War on Drugs

Tradecraft: Snares for survival

Massive Floods in New South Wales, Australia

IsraHell Arrests BDS Founder

US/Israeli Terrorists' New Attacks in Damascus

5 Good Reasons Rockefeller Won’t Be Missed

Trafficked Woman RFID Chipped Like an Animal

GMO PR to Cover Up Toxic Chemical Risks

US Electronic Device Ban on Middle East Flights

Assad: Oscar-feted White Helmets part of Al-Qaeda


At Least 18 die in Ghana Waterfall Accident

Role of African Women: A Key Issue at Dakhla Forum

Belarus: Radiation Levels of Plane 250 Times Norm

New Zealand Expels CIA Spook with Broken Nose

Thousands of Soldiers Leave the British Army

Nigerian Police Forcibly Evict Thousands From Lagos

Indian Genocider Cornelius Rhoads and Apologists


Russia to repay remaining USSR’s debt within 45 days

Putin, CIS Secretary Discuss CIS Activity

Tillerson Cancels NATO to Visit Russia

8,000 to Provide Security in Sochi at 2017 FIFA Cup

Moscow Inks $400 Billion Deal With China

FM: Crimea Part of Russia, EU Won't Change That

Former Chelyabinsk Governor Charged

Parliament Calls For Inquiry Into US Media Outlets

Soviet Cemetary in Warsaw Damaged

French Presidential Debate Review

Le Pen/Macron: Same Words Different Meaning

The European Court has normalized ‘Hijabophobia’

Dutch Election Results: Far Right on the Rise in Europe

Poll: Le Pen Frontrunner in First Round

EU Should Welcome German Dominance


Striking the Heart of the USMIC

Americans Blindly Support MIC

Trump on Witness List for Pedophile Epstein Trial

Orwellian Social Engineering with Fake Pronouns

Republicans Are Afraid Trump Is Genuinely Nuts

Ivanka Trump Gets Office in White House

Vietnamese LM Removed from State Senate Floor

800 Families Sue Saudi Arabia for 911

First Democratic Official Tied Pizzagate Pleads Guilty

Chuck Berry: the First Poet of Rock and Roll

White House Intruder a ‘Pizzagate’ Whistleblower

Five Creepy Things ISPs Could Do if FCC Kills...

The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News

FBI Arrests Man Who Formulated Killer Tweet

Trump Sends Hate Group To Represent US At UN

US Military Machine Summed Up In An Infograph

03-20-2017 MONDAY

Lavrov: Moscow/Tokyo Need Common Approach

After Attacking Netherlands Erdogan Attacks Merkel

Slovak PM: Lift Sanctions Against Russia

Russia Summons Israel Over Syrian Airstrikes

Genetic Screening in the New World Order

Japanese Diplomat Praises Lavrov for Being Strong

Mayor Calls in FBI After Cops Accused of Child Rape

Weiner Turn's State's Evidence on Clinton

03-19-2017 SUNDAY

Only a Fool Would Trust Washington

New Evidence on MH-17 Ukrainian Shoot Down

Zionist Propaganda and Hollywood - XMEN

Trump Refused to Shake Merkel's Hand

DPRK Leader Oversees Rocket Engine Testing

Massive Flooding in Peru: 1,000s Homeless

Transfer of Power to New German Pres in Berlin

Ukraine Fires on Cities of Yasinovataya, Gorlovka

Medvedev Sends Birthday Wishes to Bolshoi’s Director

Tribes Wary of Trump Wall on Reservation Land

Ohio Mayor Pleads Guilty of Raping 4-Year-Old

Obama’s Brother ‘Banned From UK’ for Pedo  Offenses

US Launches WGS-9 Communications Satellite

03-18-2017 SATURDAY

 Namibia Tribes Case Over Genocide by Germany

Crimean Festivities at MSU Right Now: Donate

Operation Condor Dictator Gets Life

Vault 7 Another CIA Psy Op!(I was right again!)

Monsanto Not Feeding World-Killing Our Children

UN buries report accusing Israel of 'apartheid'

Bermuda Cold, Blizzards in China, Ice in Greenland

Engineer: Fukushima Could Last 250,000+ Years

M Sharapova Gives Interview to Tass on Comeback

Kuril Consultations to be Used by FMs

Russia/France to Cooperate on Intra-Syrian Talks

Criminal Proceedings into Murder of Roskosmos Head

Sappers: 120+ Explosives Found in Palmyra

Russia Warns UN SC on Storming Yemen Port

Kazakhstan Optimistic on Eurasian EU’s Future

Russia Delivers 6.8 tons of Aid to Syria

Putin Meeting with President of Moldova Igor Dodon

Britain’s Queen OKs Brexit Bill to Trigger Article 50

Orly: Man Shot Dead, Grabbed Soldier's Gun

St Patrick's Day: Pot of Gold at End of Rainbow

Night Wolves Demand Kiev Stop Donbass Genocide

Kiev Killed 12 Wounded 11 - DPR

  Selected Native American News Stories

Natives Have Most to Fear from Donald Trump's Reign

Pequot Museum Launches 2017 Season

Water Protectors Stand  Against Sabal Pipeline

Discussing the Black Snake: Pipelines, Mines, Threats

Police Ask for City’s Google Searches, Court Says Yes

When Equal Access Means Zero Access for All

Kissinger’s Legacy of War Crimes and Yale Visit

What’s Really Behind Fake Anti-Russia Hysteria

Israel an Apartheid Regime-U.N. Report

Rima Khalaf, the head of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) which published the report, announced her resignation at a press conference in Beirut on Friday.


Full text of UN Report on the aprtheid regime trying to wipe out Palestine

FBI/USMS: Arrest Congress, POTUS, FED

Alaska State Judge Anna Maria Riezinger (Anna Von Reitz), November 28th

Poklonskaya: Get Used to Crimea's Russian Identity

Russia Summons Israeli Amb After Israeli Attack

Le Pen: Media/Candidate Ties Must be Exposed

SS Laptop With Clinton/Trump Info, Radio Stolen

Anonymous Joins in Central Banks Crusade

Poll: Americans Anxious About Race Relations

Ukraine's Neo-Nazis Join Forces

03-17-2017 FRIDAY

Donbass May Hold Referendum on Joining Russia

The Surgeon: "Donbass is Russia"

Kremlin: Russia Not to Sacrifice Crimea for Sanctions

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Jet Supporting ISIS

Russia to Probe US Media’s Activities in Russia

Syrian Troops Liberate Eight Settlements From ISIS

Trump Warned: Saudi Arms = US War Crimes

Officers Execute Man in Firing Squad Fashion

Rothschild Fed: American Dream is Dead

Merkel Horror: Trump Accuses German of ‘Fake News’

US 2018 Budget Guarantees Aid Only for Israel

6 Years, War, Death, Destruction: Syrians Speak

Trump to Axe Appalachia Economic Programs

В Ялте учрежден комитет "Россия - Донбасс"

Russia Plans Steps to Settle Situation in Afghanistan

Kiev, Donetsk Agree to Exchange Prisoners

$3M Patriot Missile Takes Down $200 Drone

Trump's Barbaric Budget Proposal

Merkel meets Trump at the White House

US Airstike Hits Syrian Mosque Killing Dozens

German Newspaper Retracts "Netanyahu Crazy"

Maduro: CIA Framing/Jailing Venezuelan Officials

Kremlin: Following Russian-Armenian Talks

US Airstrike Behind Aleppo Mosque Massacre

Trump Adviser Member of Nazi-Allied Party

When America Interfered in a Russian Election

Russia: Latvia Stop Supporting Neo-Nazis

US Sends Additional 1,000 Troops to Back Daesh

03-16-2017 THURSDAY

Today it is 3 Years Since Crimea's Reunification With Russia

McDonalds to Trump: "Disgusting President..."

Kenya Uses Israeli Surveillance for Murder/Torture

Israel an 'Apartheid Regime' - U.N. Report

Full text of UN Report on the aprtheid regime trying to wipe out Palestine

Illegal Israel Plans to Target Civilian Infrastructure

Europe's Offensive Against Russia in the Balkans

The Hidden Government Group

Propaganda, Fake News and Media Lies

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report 03/16/2017

Sustaining Fires of Standing Rock: Movement Grows


IMF/WB: Asteroids Employers Getting Pay Back?

Interpol Issues "Red Notice" for North Koreans

Harvard’s Fake Guide To Fake News Sites

Violent Clashes in Brazil Against Pension Reforms

The Christian Genocide In Syria

Town Running “Debtor’s Prison” Must Pay $680K

Sunset Over George Soros‘ New World Order

Trump Guts Standards Protecting Public Lands

Putin: Good Prospects for Cooperation with Iraq

Japan develops technology to improve health

UN Aloof on IsraHell Apartheid Report

Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow

High-Level Gov Child Trafficking Rings Busted

Dutch Election Results: Prime Minister Rutte Wins

Gov Spyware Maker Doxes Itself in Amazing Self-Own

UN Concludes IsraHell an Apartheid Regime

Full text of UN Report on the aprtheid regime trying to wipe out Palestine

FBI Indictment Against "Russian Hackers"-Yahoo

download zip file from jar2        Open PDF copy from jar2

Rockefeller Admitted 911/NWO to Aaron Russo

download this video from jar2 in a zipped file

Tigers/Russian Forces Freeing Aleppo of ISIS

Hawaii Blocks Trump Muslim Ban v2

Actual court order and judges decision revoking Trump ban two

03-15-2017 WEDNESDAY

Le Pen Home Destroyed After CIA/MOSSAD Comment

Roger Stone is Now a US Intel Assassination Target

Terror Attack in Damascus Timed to Astana talks

Cambodia $500M Bill for US Genocide Services

Assad Asked: Guilt Over West's Syrian Genocide

Canadian Russia-Hating FM and Herr Nazi Past

FU Israel: Iran Gets Green Light For Naval Base

UN: 10,000 Killed in Donbass Conflict

Yemen: Saudi Violations Western Genocide

Turkey: Progress in Russian S-400 System Talks

Gazprom: Potential Swaps with Armenia and Iran

Russia Has Provided $6.7B Aid to Central Asia

Putin on Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis Resolution

Sberbank Hopes on Ukraine Vision on Russsian Banks

How Ukrainian Sanctions Will Affect Russian Banks

Sberbank in Ukraine’s Dnepr Blocked by Ukro-Nazis

Tank Divisions Get Advanced Defense Missile Systems

Russia Slams Remarks of UN Rights Chief on Syria

Reporter Crushed After Le Pen Says Santa Isn’t Real

Kremlin Says Merkel’s Visit to Moscow Agreed

Steep Rise in Turnout: Dutch Vote in Divisive Elections

Dutch Values/Identity Hot Topics this Election Season

EU Hits Back as Turkey Threatens Migrant Deal


Mohawk Nation News on Corporate Indians

Onondaga Nation News: This Side of the River

Onondaga Nation News: 2017 Indian Village Princess

Navajo Nation Police Officer Fatally Shot

NSA Monitors and Saves Americans’ Communications

Mandatory NAZI Genetic Testing in the NWO US

Trump's Buildng of NWO Goldman Gov Continues

Trump's Treasonous Meeting With 911 Murderers

Dems/Progressives/Neocons Demonize Russia

Cell Phone Searches At Border Surge 1,100%

Anarchists Fixing Potholes in Roads in Portland

Greens’ Stein Faults Two-Party System

Trump’s Quiet Outreach to Russia

US Charges Russians Over Massive Yahoo Hack

Pentagon Militarizes Climate Change

98-Year-Old Minnesotan Confirmed Nazi Commander

03-14-2017 TUESDAY


Tehran, Moscow to Sign Over 10 Agreements

Putin: Integrate South Ossetia Forces into Army

Threats Made to Disabled Russian Eurovision Singer

Russia’s Churkin Awarded S. Ossetia's Highest Award

Lavrov: No Presence of Russian Troops in Egypt

Russia Finds Apple Rus Guilty of Prices Fixing

Russia's Private Space Company to Launch at Baikonur

American Corporate MSM Merged With CIA in 1950s

CIA Murder by Drone Without Pentagon

FBI Need Not Tell How It Snoops on Journalists

Pentagon Wants More Global Battlefields

USSD Lobbied to Hide Churkin’s Cause of Death

6 Things Paul Ryan Doesn’t Understand About Poverty

U.S. Citizens to Provide Passwords Upon Return

US Kleptocracy: Trump Son-In-Law to Make $400M

White House Announces Major Retreat From U.N.


Patrushev: Destabilization Attempts Ongoing

USJSOC Preparing to Murder Kim Jong-un

US: Russian Condemnation Unfair to Suiciders

Lavrov on CIA Hacking: Where Do I Begin?

Putin on Netanyahu Bible Stories: Join Real World

Russia Blasts Global Media for Mosul Silence

Moldova Favors Strengthening Ties with Russia

Russia to Showcase Air Defense Sys in Malaysia

Turkey seeks Russian loan to buy S-400 systems

Romanov Descendants Seek Proper Burial of Children

 Erdogan: ‘West Arms All Terrorists’ in Mideast

Nearly 240 Bodies Found in State of Veracruz, Mexico

Xenophobic Nationalism: Threat and Opportunity

US Imperialists Threaten China on DPRK

Another Fake News Item Discovered by JAR2 Reader

03-13-2017 MONDAY

Midnight Moscow Time

Assad Praises Russia for Liquidating Terrorists

UN: Turkey Killing,Torturing, Raping Kurds

Egypt Orders Release of Ex-President Mubarak

UK BDS Campaigner Refused Entry To IsraHell

Merkel/Trump: Clash of Style and Substance

US Key Role in Worst Humanitarian Crisis WWII

US Destroyed Cambodia: Now Pay for Bombs


US-Led Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians in Mosul

Trump to Toss Obama Drone Rules to Kill More

World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

AWN Signs Memorandum With ViaLight

Sberbank Paid Podesta Group to Lobby

Scotland to have new independence vote

Gazprom and Tehran in Talks on Gas Projects

NATO seeks to engage in dialogue with Russia

EU prolongs sanctions against Russians

Sberbank’s head office in Kiev suspends work

Iceland Lifts Cash Movement Restrictions

Hungary's President Re-Elected for Second Term

Turkey to Impose Sanctions on the Netherlands

Catalonia's Mas Banned from Office Over Referendum

UKFS “No Evidence” Russia Disrupted Democracy

US military leak 'holy grail' of security clearance files

SWAT Team Destroys Innocent Family’s Home

WikiLeaks Release is 100% a Limited Hangout Psy Op

PIZZAGATE: FBI/NYPD Hard Evidence, No Arrests?

Murder Trial Opens for Cop Who Killed 6-Year-Old

Feds: Texas Gerrymandered Maps on Racial Lines

Paul/Gabbard PR Operation on Terror Funding

USG Now Has Less Cash Than Google

The ‘Rehabilitation’ Of George W Bush

Paul: NSA Monitors Americans Sans Warrants

Court: Cop Dogs Can Maul Innocent People

Fracking Burned Entire Family – No One Charged

Trump Sued For Axing Endangered Bee Protections

CIA/A Tech Arming Police, Intelligence Agencies

Jane Austen Died of Arsenic Poisoning


Assad: EU, US, Israel are Supporting Terrorists

JAR 3 Needs Your Support: Continues to be Beaten

Pyongyang: WWIII Threat=US/SK THAAD

US Refusing to Reveal Details on Churkin Death

Deadly Explosions Rip Through Somali Capital

Kremlin on Iranian President's Visit to Moscow

Turks Squeeze Oranges in Anti-Dutch Protest

Kremlin: Constructivity for Turkey-Netherlands

Hundreds of Flights Cancelled at Berlin Airports

SE Asian Countries Seek Russian Anti-Terror Expertise

CIA/MOSSAD Terror Forces in Mosul Will Die

Officials to Attend Economic Forum in Beijing

Russia to Kyrgyzstan: Clarify Journalist’s Expulsion

Le-Pen: NATO Instrument of US Influence

Kremlin Tired of McCain’s Absurd Accusations

7 Ways To Protect Yourself Elite's Depopulation

Review: Iran/Syria Base, Ukro PM Secret Visit to US

8,000 Docs Detail CIA Crimes US Media Silent

CIA: ‘We Kill People Based On Metadata’

CIA/CNN/MSM to Assault Putin, Trump, Assange

Trump Dystopian Nightmare: WWIII, End Times Clash

CIA Stresses Loyalty to AGENCY Over Constitution

FBI Foils Terrorist Plots — That It Creates

Exposing the Real Deep State

PizzaGate Explodes: Will Weiner Sink The Clintons?


Trump’s War on Memory and Critical Thought

CIA Leaks: Rapidly Moving Toward Totalitarianism

Kremlin: Fake News and Anti-Russian Hysteria In U.S.

SS Insider: 40 Man Tactical Team Could Grab WH

Pelosi Retools Communications to Battle Her Arrest

Hundreds of Officials Quietly Installed by Trump Coup

Not Hiding It: King Embraces His Inner Nazi

Fearful Parents Sign Papers for Kids in Case Deported

JFK, Executive Order 11110: Department of Treasury

Soros/Dems Seek to Lower Voting Age to 16

03-12-2017 SUNDAY

Assad: US Forces in Syria are Invaders

WWIII Trump Team=Anti-Russian Hawks

A Flawed UN Investigation on Syria: UN=Tool

How Trump/Bannon Mirror and AID ISIS/Israel

1,000s of US Troops to Kuwait for Zion/Israel

Trump Preparing For Israeli-Zion War With Iran

Dozens Killed by ISIS/CIA/Mossad in Damascus

Kiev Cuts Off Water to Lugansk: Rus Genocide

Yemeni Forces Destroy 13th Saudi Warship

Trump Aims to Destroy Latin America’s Left

Russia/US Discuss Syrian Com Channels

US Military Without Invitation Aggressors - Assad

More Civilian Injured by Ukrainian Shelling

Putin to Receive Moldovan president - Peskov to TASS

Target Zone: How Global Spies Can Get Trump

Prepare for the Summer of Hate, REX84 Years after the Summer of Love Prepare for the Summer of Hate

Native Americans Against Dakota Pipeline

Elites Chartering Getaway Boats in Case of REX84

CDC Document Bombshell the Drugging of World

Chemtrails Fully Exposed: Establishing Control

Soros Drugs (Captagon) Protestors for Black Ops + WH Not CIA in Control of WikiLeaks and Anonymous

Fake Assange Stories Continue in the CIA/Press

Paul Introduces Gabbard’s Psyop "Act” in Senate

Senators Pretending to be Against the CIA: BS

03-10-2017 FRIDAY

Deep State Hayden Spews Anti-Russian Propaganda

Moscow blasts Canada for encouraging Kiev’

FM Slams Allegations of Russia's Supporting Taliban

Russian Nuclear Submarines Hold Torpedo Duel

Russia’s prison population hits all-time low

Hamas to Accept Palestine Along 1967 Borders

Two Dead as SK Removes President From Office

Press Review: Trump Picks Ambassador to Russia

Bitcoin Soars Above $1300 For First Time


Conflict within Deep State Now Open Warfare

CIA’s Creator Came to Regret It

8 Signs Clinton May Be Arrested And Charged Soon


Sberbank Hiring Podesta Group for Lobbying

Putin Meets with ExxonMobil CEO, Kremlin Quiet

ROC Adds Western Saints to Orthodox Menology

RADA to be Reinstated with WADA Before May

Putin Looking Forward to Angela Merkel’s Visit

Belarus Halts Collection of 'Social Parasite' Tax

MSF Serbia Detail Hungary Police Abuse of Migrants

Several People Injured in Axe Attack in Dusseldorf

Federal Court Affirms Tribe’s Right To Water

Iran Successfully Test Fires Hormuz-2 Ballistic Missile

Moscow Warns South Korea on THAAD Deployment

The Sowden House

03-09-2017 THURSDAY

Putin Dismisses 10 Generals

FBI Dir.: ‘Shoot Clinton By Firing Squad For Treason’

Sessions Spits on Inter. Law: Use Guantanamo

Antimonopoly okays transfer of procurement control

Lukashenko: No Maidans in Belarus

Rothschild's Emissary Leaves Russia

Rothschild's Emissary Arrives in Russia

DPR: Ukraine Fires on Donetsk Rep. Over 400 Times

LPR: Ukraine Violates Ceasefire 11 Times Yesterday

Donetsk Water Filtration Plant Resumes Operation

Kymeta and Intelsat Announce KĀLO

ZTE Corporation Reaches Settlement with U.S.

Syria Regains Control of 21 Settlements in 24 Hours

Openly Racist: EPA Cuts Hit Blacks/Hispanics Hardest

347 Bee Species Dangerously Close to Extinction

3 Bin Laden Family Members Incinerated in Crash

$200,000 Trump Pay to Play at Mar-a-Lago

ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Hiding in Desert

Pentagon Wants Trillions: Tells Lies About Russians

03-08-2017 WEDNESDAY



President V.V. Putin Video Address for Women's Day

Patriarch Kirill Hopes for Peace in Syria Soon

Russia May Buy Oil from Iran

03-07-2017 TUESDAY

CIA Controlled WikiLeaks Released Fake Vault 7

Our Position Has Not Changed: No 911 or Other Bombshells - Crap

Record Amount of Amber Uncovered in Russia

Half of Species Could Be Wiped Out by 2100

Syria: Russian Soldier Dies Protecting Advisors

BP Not Expecting End to Anti-Russian Sanctions

Iran and Russia to Expand Cooperation

Rosatom Implement Paks NPP Project

Russian RF Asks FISA to Clear 300 Athletes

Forex Risk Hedging Mechanism Needed

Russia/Saudi Arabia Discuss Oil Production Cuts

China is Now World's Largest Banking System

Governments: The Enemy of Freedom

Heavy Fighting as Donetsk Under Attack

Ukraine Fires on Journalists, Injured

Ukro Inmates in Crimea to be Handed Over to Kiev

Berlin interested in Russia-US Dialogue on Military

Ukrainian Residents Protest Donbass Blockade

UK Helped WIRETAP FBI, NSA Coup (Obama Sedition)

How Many Terrorist Plots are FBI Created?

Clinton Proves She Received Trump Wiretap Intel

FBI Director Offered to PAY for FAKE “Russia” Dossier

Lawsuit Filed Against CIA and DOJ Over Flynn Leaks

Secret Docs: Cover Up of Cell Phone Cancer Risks

NWO Normalizing Slavery, Traitor Speaks

Big Brother In America Is Now The U.S. Media

David Duke Suspended from Twitter

Mother of 4 Jailed for Kids’ Overdue Library Books

Land of the Free? Jail for Sticker of Stick Figure Sex

Jail for Having Your Life Saved During Overdose

03-06-2017 MONDAY

Rothschilds Behind Trump's Rise to Power

“In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.”

It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.“ This was detailed in a Bloomberg article from March 22, 1992. The same Wilbur L. Ross, still Jacob Rothschild’s right hand man, came out in support of Trump’s nomination in March 2016, also reported by Bloomberg. Jacob Rothschild’s son, Nat Rothschild, even dated Ivanka Trump.

Le Pen says Moscow poses no threat to Europe

Descent into Fascism: Corporate-Militarist Paradigm

This Is a Fight Against Fascism

Russia: We Live in the Post-Western World

Genocide in Yemen: Saudi Arabia, U.S. Grab Oil

South Africa On The Brink Of A Race War

60,000 Slaves Labor for Private Prison Companies

Visualizing Decline Of Freedom Worldwide

12-Year-Old Boy Murdered for Fighting Slavery

Green Card-Holding Iraq War Vet to be Deported

Coroner Embarrasses Police With Facts Then Arrested

SS Agent Say Pizzagate Will Finally Explode

TSA New Pat-Down Procedures Intimate

03-05-2017 SUNDAY

Army drone’s 630-mile odyssey across western US

SOA Graduates Killed Environmental Activist

Pentagon Deploying Special Forces in ME N. Africa

Philippines Recover Beheaded German Hostage

US Empire Conducts 20 Airstrikes in Yemen: Report

Hundreds Dying as Severe Drought Hits Somalia

1,000+ in Gorlovka Remain in Blackout After Shelling

Nigerian Pirates Free Russian Sailors

Kiev Sells the Rothschilds Ukraine Through IMF Deal

Illusion of Freedom: The Police State Is Alive & Well

McCain’s Campaign Manager Arrested for Pedophilia

McCain Took: $1 Million Saudis, $300K Rothschild

McCain File

Zuma Calls for Confiscation of Outright of White Land

GCHQ/MI6 Spied on Trump for Obama

Rothschild Illuminati Conspiracy Completely Exposed

The History of the House of Rothschild (1743-2006)

Russia Ready to Continue Fighting IS Alone

Putin, Nazarbayev Discuss Next Talks on Syria

Russia: No Uniting Opposition on HNC Platform

CB: Russia's Tatarstan Banking Sector Under Control

CB: Inflation Slowdown Above Forecast

UN: Civilian Casualties Soar in East Ukraine in Jan-Feb

Ukrainian Nazis Block Rail Lines on Border with Russia

Demining of Donetsk Water Purification Plant Begins

Devil’s Punchbowl American Concentration Camp

US Agents Aggressively Target Unauthorized Migrants

03-04-2017 SATURDAY

Mass Grave of Babies, Possibly 800, Found in Ireland

Erdogan Attacks Germany for Aiding Terrorism

DPRK: Conspiracy Led to Kim Jong Nam Arrest

1,000+ Refugees Rescued from Mediterranean

MOSSAD Backed Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons

Brain activity at the moment of death

24 Year Old Indian Woman Cremated Alive

DNR Cuts All Ties With Nazis Controlled Ukraine

CIA Pretending Their Agent Snowden is Russian Spy

US DHS Will Attempt to Take Away/Traffic Children

Iran Successfully Tests Russian S-300 system

Demining of Donetsk water purification plant begins

11 Donetsk Buildings Damaged by Ukro-Nazis

Putin’s Five Years: Russia Walks its Own Path in World

Trump Declares Open War on the Deep State

After Learning Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower

President Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. Airport Searches to Become More Intimate

Young Argentinian Faces Deportation Without Hearing