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  REX84: HR 645 Full Text Will Allow Imprisonment of Millions for Dissent

Full Text PDF of bill H.R. 645 directing the establishment of internment centers on military bases 

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Orwellian US Propaganda Tool VOA Finished in Russia

10 April, 06:09 Published on the Voice of Russia World Service Website and then deleted by the CIA MOCKINGBIRD HASBARA puppets who took over

Orwellian US propaganda tool VOA finished in Russia

The US Broadcast Board of Governors, the organization which runs the US Government's media and internet operations, recently received a letter from Dmitry Kiselyov, the head of Rossiya Segodnya, in which he stated that the Voice of America and Radio Liberty would not be allowed to broadcast in Russia any longer after their contract with Russia ran out. 

The move is yet another indicator of the fact that the Russian Government, which has so far been patient as the US/NATO attempt to continue to surround it with missiles and continue to demonize everything Russian, is beginning to take serious measures to protect itself, its people and its allies.

In another example of Russia following the rule of law and honoring its agreements and contracts with all its partners and at a detriment to itself, the US Government's propaganda tool the Voice of America was allowed to continue its subversive sanctimonious self-serving propaganda disguised as democracy and freedom (as long as you are with them) broadcasting into the territory of the Russian Federation until the expiration of its contract. The grudging cooperation of the Russian Government with the main instrument of American subversion has come to an end with one simple sentence from Rossiya Segodnya's outspoken head Dmitry Kiselyov who the US recently added to its useless sanctions list because he dared to tell the truth about Ukraine.

"We are not going to cooperate anymore," said Mr. Kiselyov in a letter dated March 21, 2014 to the US Government's Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and to be honest nothing more needed to be said.

With headlines from the Orwellian alternate universe that the United States exists in like "Experts Liken Ukraine Crisis to Soviet's Afghanistan Invasion" it can be no wonder that the Russian Government and in fact any truth loving country or citizen of the world might want to ban the voice of the aging recidivist Cold War propaganda machine seeking to stay relevant by creating its own bogeymen and brainwashing the masses to promote knuckle dragging caveman policies of force and subservience.

Russia's refusal to continue to allow the US its beloved platform for incessantly attempting to subvert its government and brainwash its people is a move that must be applauded and one that any country in the world which does not want to face its own EuroMaidan when the Brzezinski brigades in Washington become concerned about their "democracy" must emulate.

It is understandable why the US and its subservient "West" continue to demonize Russia and its leader President Putin (who enjoys an over 92% approval rating something I believe no American president has ever attained) and continuously take issue with the fact that our president worked for the KGB, namely because they keep losing and for some strange reason every single attempt at subverting Russia keeps failing. You see dear reader, having a patriotic incorruptible member of the security services as a president (which is how I would describe President Putin), rather than a corrupt career politician or a "Euro" Maidan-style-bonehead-puppet like Vitali Klitschko or Arseny Yatsenyuk, is Washington's worst nightmare, other than a patriotic socialist of course.

President Putin, as a former KGB intelligence officer, understands perfectly well and perhaps better than any other leader in the world (with all due respect to Fidel Castro who the CIA tried to assassinate over 638 times and the Chinese State who even their staunchest allies know little about) the tools and methods that the United States in particular uses to subvert countries, dispose of leaders, bring about regime change and advance its own hegemony and "interests".

Presidents and leaders of the world please take note: if you value your country's sovereignty and want to advance the interests of it and your people pay attention to what President Putin has been doing and doing well. During his first terms he brought about a complete turnaround to the neocon/Brzezinski plan to divide Russia into 68 autonomous regions, he put an end to the rampant US promoted corruption (Washington's favorite type of country and official is a corrupt one), he stopped the nose-diving population numbers, he stopped the brain drain and the massive runaway escape of capital from Russia and he ended to 1990s near anarchy that was tearing Russia apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That was internally.

President Putin's plans for Russia are more in keeping with American Indian thought than anything the West has come up with. The Americans Indians believe we must regulate our moves and actions with the well-being of 7 generations ahead in mind, and from what I have seen (and I may be wrong here perhaps it is more), President Putin's vision is somewhere about 400 years ahead. This is why he is running circles around leaders like Obama who has sold the current and next several dozen generations down river and is ready to completely frack the entire North American continent into an uninhabitable wasteland so that he and his oil company buddies can get a quick fix. President Putin is like a chess player who is playing 250 moves ahead while the rest are struggling with 3 (not even close to the grandmaster level of 12).

Now, closer to the matter at hand lest I digress, with regard to the architects of the collapse of the single greatest power in world history, namely the US Government and all of its instruments of international subversion, who sought to colonize Russia and gain control of it and its resources, President Putin has acted equally effectively and in each and every case followed the rule of law, the Constitution of the Russian Federation and his oath of office. Something so called "constitutional scholars in chief" might make a note of in seeking to emulate conditions for attaining a 92% approval rating by their populaces.

His moves for securing Russia from the out of control imperial hegemon included the law on NGOs (which Ukraine, Egypt, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Yugoslavia and other US regime change targets should have done) and foreign agents, the expulsion of CIA front company USAID which since the 90s had infected everything from pre-natal centers (eugenics?) to the banking sector, the very professional and subtle neutralization of McFaul and his color revolution brigades of church defilers rent-a-mobs and his principled and uncompromising insistence on pursuing international relations based on mutual respect and rule of law.

Of course the American exceptional hegemon is upset by all of these moves, and they should be I suppose, given that they keep failing in their "Democracy is: a McDonald's, free resources for big oil, "open" markets and a US puppet government" drive to rule the world, but things look like they will get worse for the US corporate controlled government and its CIA/NATO "destroying countries are us" over ambitious desperately faltering geopolitical imperial architects. They keep messing with a waking bear and that bear is defending itself.

Now I do not want to help Washington in anyway, but they should take heed. They keep pushing and Russia will push back. There is now talk of changing Russia's oil and energy trade to the ruble (something I think should have been done decades ago), establishing a Russian based international credit card system (goodbye to the Visa/MasterCard global monopoly) and other projects in the works in the fields of stock exchanges, organizations like the BRICS and the Customs Union and more Eurasian integration and cooperation. Russia and the world want to do business and advance their countries and peoples; this is bad for the empire of death.

So the big loser, when the world begins trading its oil in something other than the dollar and the whole worthless paper currency house of cards comes crashing down will be the United States of America, which really produces nothing to offer the world except weapons, some clever computer stuff that they use to spy on you and death and destruction.

The US is failing, in Russia, Ukraine, Syria and worldwide. And the world is beginning to wake up to the fact that the US is a rogue superpower, trampling on international law worldwide, engaged in an attempt at global domination through force and subversion and has only its own quick-fix-interests in mind.

No matter the current alternative universe Orwellian Ministry of Truth operations of the subservient corporate controlled media, which have attempted to paint the US billion dollar regime change/resource grab/NATO expansion/destruction of a state as somehow being Russia's fault. The US will fail because there is one weapon that there is no way they can win against and at the end of the day that weapon will win. That weapon is the truth.

Another reason that the US and its regime change subversion operation failed in Russia is that Russians are too smart to fall for rent-a-mobs running in the streets screaming for regime change while offering no reasonable alternative. Russians are too smart to fall for infantile American propaganda, which is the main reason US elites and the government make sure their educational system continues to be one of the worst in the world and higher education is only available to their own kind.

Unfortunately the average American is kept dumbed-down focused on non-issues like abortion and two men engaged in grotesque relations as marriage and terrorized and perplexed by never ending laws and ever more oppression by their own security state which has enslaved them. So with that in mind it is logical and natural that the US should support the illegitimate government in Ukraine which has shut down the media, freedom of expression and is ruling by brute force and fear. Yes dear reader, if you are hearing this for the first time the US/NATO/EU funded, trained and employed violent neo-Nazi criminal thugs, killers, insurrectionists and terrorists to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine so they can expand their territory and take what they want. That is the truth.

Again I have digressed from the matter at hand but the background is necessary. With all of that the Voice of America broadcasts ridiculous propaganda like the previous Ukraine/Afghanistan "Russia is to blame" comparison piece I mentioned.

On second thought it is pretty good comparison and as a journalist for the Voice of Russia I would love to hand the comparison back to the Voice of America. You might even say it is an "excellent" comparison because: as in Afghanistan where the US "created" Al-Qaeda and backed murderous Islamic lunatics to overthrow the socialist government, the US "created" the Right Sector and backed murderous Nazi lunatics to overthrow the democratic government; also Russia was asked to intervene in Afghanistan and helped the Afghan people just as Russia was asked to intervene (no invasion) in Crimea and helped the Crimean people; another similarity is that the fact that the war against the socialist government in Afghanistan was a CIA operation just as in Ukraine, for which Russia is being demonized by a concerted media effort, is also a CIA "op".

Back to the Spam of America, Dmitry Kiselyov who was added to what I call "the honorary sanctions list" said the issue with Voice of America and Radio Liberty has nothing to do with freedom of speech but is due to the fact that the US propaganda tools have nothing original to say and they sound like they broadcast from another world, or at least from a world that doesn't exist anymore.

He is absolutely right and once again the US has stepped on the same rake for the umpteenth time. They tried to influence and pressure Russia with "alternative universe propaganda" and sanctions and began trying to rewrite history to a well-informed people they know nothing about, as they always do, and they have had their lunch handed right back to them. Banning the Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) and their fake news outlets from Russia was something that should have been done ages ago in my opinion.

The BBG should not worry though, last July they were allowed to broadcast their Ministry of Truth vitriol disguised as "democracy radio" into the United States after being previously banned. Useful tool I imagine for Obama's brainwashing of the American populace as they are being trampled upon and oppressed.

I can say what I want about the BBG and their "product" and will not, unlike the Voice of America, try to convince you I am "fair and balanced", I work for the Voice of Russia and love Russia and President Putin, so I have a certain pro Russia bias. The difference is I am not hiding that fact and you dear reader can therefore adjust appropriately. I will say that we at the Voice of Russia are not trying to change reality unlike the Voice of America, and as for myself I am always trying to inform my readers of the truth.

Perhaps it is better if I quote an American who had the Voice of America banned in America. In the 1970s James William Fulbright moved to restrict the Voice of America saying they "should be given the opportunity to take their rightful place in the graveyard of Cold War relics."

Fulbright's amendment was bolstered in 1985 by Nebraska Senator Edward Zorinsky, who argued that such "propaganda" should be kept out of America as to distinguish the U.S. "from the Soviet Union where domestic propaganda is a principal government activity."

So dear reader, I thank you if you have stayed with me this far, if the US itself banned the Voice of America from being broadcast in America and upon reinstatement was protesting, why should Russia and your country allow and assist its most recalcitrant "partner" from attempting to poison the minds of its people.

And one more little final note and then you can go back to your regularly scheduled surfing. I would like to leave you with these facts for thought: someone in collusion with the United States neocon/coup government of George Bush killed 2,999 civilians and 9-11-01 and no believable explanation has yet to be given; the US continues to maintain the illegal torture prison at Guantanamo where it is holding hundreds of innocent men in violation of every conceivable international law and convention; in the last 15 years the US/NATO illegally invaded and committed acts of aggressive war against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya (these are crimes against humanity and peace); the US/NSA/FVEY is spying on the entire planet and all governments and even allied officials; every Tuesday the president of the United States decides on a list of people to extra-judicially murder without trial or charges; the US is engaged in a war against journalists and whistleblowers; the US was completely responsible for the violent coup in Ukraine (a democratic European country) and the US/NATO are admittedly expanding worldwide and in the business of destroying countries. Do you really want such "people" who pretend to be fair, balanced, friendly and "democratic" manipulating your mind? I would think not.


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