S: Connecting Dots: Chester Bennington murdered for exposing PEDOGATE

07-25-2017 S Wrote


Sure .... its just an analytical theory ..... sans the Mandella Effect

I figure they seem to think that our short term memory is being conditioned from their braindead programming, but it shows that there is obviously only one type of front and that is the Okey Dokey play-a-long or get "rejected" as a Conspiracy Theorist stigma pushing everything out of their way as they laugh their asses off at the scams ...... so I just lay all the parts on the table and say, COULD this actually have happened, and well this one scenario seems to fit all their personality traits and their behavior is reflective of the shakedown that is happening behind the scenes, and they know it's only one branch of their Black Market Monopolies.....

We just saw the bomb in Afghanistan ...... gotta pull the troops out now ..... as the opium and heroin is ready for harvest and processing is done .... big shipment rushed through as a "bombing" by the "Taliban" makes everyone run around looking for the "bad guy" .......

I mean if you were a tribal govt at one point and had respect and some prestige internationally, to all of a sudden be called a terror organization by an Invading Country (US), theoretically, would you want the people to be able to find you easily by name and hunt your people down?

You would call out these agents and remove them from your country. You wouldn't fear them and blow up a truck now and then.......it would be an all out war for your own survival.

Would you keep "Claiming Responsibility" for bombings you never did ? These are mostly SITE press releases in the US that tell the public that their "Sources" are legit through almost every claim of responsibility. Soon after every seated person in the spotlight will have a statement about their condolences......it all got its Hallmarks......

Terrorists don't call their enemy and claim responsibility, that whole scenario is a worthless illusion. Almost every time something blows up after Sept 11th there was something else being orchestrated. Before that time it was to position something or someone in a desired location and trigger events to happen.

This was how they got to where they are today, but they had to eliminate everyone along the way who was not their "Brand".

There is a new theory that the Click Bait sources are also managed through Intelligence Agencies as there is never a physical location to contact at an address of nearly ANY of these news agencies and they all are acting suspicious as if they are playing roles and degrading the status of the news since 9/11. Now nobody will have anyone to "Trust" if the media is all lies, and then the distrust spreads to hysteria and mass revolts and multiple splinter factions all looking to fight. Riots and clashes and potentially the excuse to initiate the Militarization of the Country in a lockdown......

The real issue is not how much they stole from everyone in taxes, its what they do with it that is so illegal while they are still alive, as it is never going to be useful to them in any manner after they are dead and gone, and they know that the demographics are changed completely in the generations after them, so they are really stockpiling USELESS amounts of $ and goods for?......

We don't live that way is what I am saying, and it's such a joke to see these aged conglomerates all jokingly controlling masses of "equity" in the world, as if their agendas will continue past their average life expectancy. Dark and Morbid to think about it like that, but they are just stalling us all in our own lives to live out the rest of their's in fear.


07-25-2017 S Wrote


Just waiting for any updates on this #Swordgate issue on the #ChesterBennington pages on twitter.....the buildup was pretty big and now it seems this deadline is stalled.

What I see are the trips to Haiti by prominent Jewish actors and actresses, the recent El Chapo Takedown involving the same actors, and everything online related to these ciphers in the Fair Game Movie being related to Drug Business and their active cabal takeovers of lucrative enterprises.

Swordfish is something of a DEA related operation from the past that went sour when they started skimming the take from the confiscated loot.......the dirt related to it is lingering for someone that slipped through, say someone that had ties to them and was laundering their money for them, someone named Trump.

The idea of using #Swordfish is the cover I am thinking, as Trump's siblings are in the Epstein Black Book..... a subtle threat that if exposed in rerouting their new channels through Haiti that they will bring down Podesta AND Trump.....Podesta is then forced to take it from all angles as they whack Cornell and Chester Bennington.

They want an offshore location for their direct trafficking routes, and they just fucked the cartels in Mexico over, and the unrest in Venezuela is the cover for a new Cartel organizing these routes through.

They know that during the times of destabilization of the Military being called to the streets, that they can make any type of takeover happen, or stir up temporary distractions to reroute the drugs through these channels.

So they are setting up cover front companies in Haiti as Charities, siphoning millions for fund raising to route to these "revolutionaries".........the earthquakes happen there all the time and they used a whole series of Global Warming/UN Actors that are Coke Heads and are waiting in line......so many are playing these little roles everywhere as a minute distraction until their new game is sealed and in motion.
So the media is silent in the MSM about these "Suicides".

Too hard to tell, but how serious does Leonardo Di Caprio look representing anything of the Environment? A set up for the flopped Paris Agreement.....and look at everyone waiting in line for "Stimulus Money" for Green looking ideas? Its just a big stall tactic to see who will recognize their connections to the Drug Trade.


07-24-2017 S Wrote


Your posts are far more in depth so far .......I am wondering what these are all about these recent releases of information that are moot as far as the investigations coming.

Really not interested in digging that deep but the ciphers are easy to spot.

Another tangent.....both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were founders of groups and support actually came from these Clinton Foundation Scams......

What would you wanna guess they are sitting in the sun in Haiti right now......

Apparently Sean Penn is there as well.  This all smells of End Game......as in they are moving off the continent.

Faking deaths?


07-24-2017 S Wrote


It was found in the Cipher from the video, and discussed on the page I was working with German Cryptographers.

Feel free to cite me about it all.....

This should go in the Podesta Stuff.....

Here is the #SWORDFISH Manifesto by someone in the industry that is supposed to announce this today

This is something major so stay tuned, I found numerous signatures in the cipher using multiple ROT methods of decoding a Ciphertext message, and also helped sort through another person's variance.


  07-24-2017 S Wrote


The cipher in the video IN THE END by the artist LINKIN PARK was a set up and an insider joke on the artists who were involved in the investigations of the PEDO Rings......they were setting him up since the video was made back in 2010.......then using him and Chris Cornell as a hush hush killing to scare off others......

Also talks of the possibility that JAY Z is a ringleader that is bought out through industry affiliates and is mentioned as the MC that he was a part of with Chester Bennington in the "ENCORE" remix.......possible, but speculative as JAY Z just released a 4:44 album, playing off the themes of The Orange Theory/Feldman Center NYC Bombing Attacks.

He apparently looks like Podesta and there is talk of him being KIN to Podesta online and in the media.

This is a form of shorthand or a Stennograph message.

?KC – HOW K(ill) C(hester)
HAJJAH (have a 10) MINUT(e)
HA(ve) HN(an) HAJJAH (father) LIAKIN (like kin)
LP (Linkin Park)
MC (Master of Ceremonies)



Chris Cornell Was About To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring Before He Died

Chris Cornell



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