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The True History of Russia's Victory in WWII

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REX84: HR 645 Allow Imprisonment of Millions for Dissent

Full Text PDF of bill H.R. 645 directing the establishment of internment centers on military bases

BBG: HR 5736 Allowing BBG Propaganda in US

This law allowed for Broadcast Board of Governors to create, distribute and spread false news and propaganda into the United States as it had been doing to the world..

BBG: HR 5181Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016

Gives more power to the BBG and now allows the targeting of media which counters the false information being put out by the BBG and the fake US media

BBG Teeth:  2943 National Defense Authorization Act  2017

Creates BBG Executive continues to cement the powers of the security state and enslavement of the people

Worldwide Ban On Criticizing Israel And Jews, New Law Proposed

H.R.6208 Combating European Anti-Semitism Act 2016



Operation Beluga: MI6 and CIA Killed Litvinenko

Operation Beluga MI6 and the CIA Killed Litvinenko


Demonizing Russia: Russia Could End the Information War in One Minute

But as long as the CIA and MOSSAD are controlling Russia it will continue its spiral to hell.

Russia, could end the Information War, end the threats of World War III, stop US Hegemony, stop all the False Flag Terrorist Attacks, stop Israel, destroy the CIA/MOSSAD 5th column operating and controlling the Russia media, stop the Illuminati, stop NATO expansion and end all current NATO wars and in doing so regain Russian Sovereignty, international respect, Moral Authority and leadership in the world in one minute and with one act.

EXPOSE 911. But Russia does not do so? Why? If Russian does not it will either be destroyed or forever a vassal to the New World Order.

Russia could cut the ties of Western control by ending the dollar’s grip on Russia and forbidding the World Bank and International Monetary Fund from controlling Russian policies but it does not. Why?

Russia could easily end the control by foreign forces of its media and easily stop the activities of the 5th Column which is advancing the New World Order Globalist Agenda, revising history and dumbing down the population of Russia while spreading fake Western propaganda and ideas and subverting the state but Russia does not. Why?

It would only take one act.

Demonizing Russia: Silent Collusion - By John Robles II

Demonizing Russia: silent collusion

19 June, 2014 07:06

Part of the demonization that has allowed the Kiev junta to wage a war against ethnic Russians and the Russian speaking population in Ukraine is a very carefully planned and intense campaign of demonization and dehumanization. Another aspect is the silence and non-coverage in the western media of war crimes and atrocities being committed against innocent civilians. This was no more evident than in Victoria Nuland's recent visit to Odessa at a time when there was a ceremony being held for the victims who died at the House of Unions. While Nuland paid US officials paid respects to those who died on the Maidan she ignored the event and reportedly met with Kolomoisky or his representatives.

The Language of Silent Collusion in the Media

With the unprecedented media campaign being waged by the West in support of the junta, with White House spokes tool Psaki, who confuses Iran and Iraq, uses phrases she does not understand like "carousel" and denied that she had any information that two Russian reporters were killed, anyone who attempts to ignore or chooses not to report the reality of what is happening in Ukraine is guilty of silent collusion.

It is this silent collusion that allowed the neo-nazi lunatics to come to power in Ukraine in the first place and this silent collusion serves the interests of fascist groups in any country when they begin to gain power. They may start by demonizing foreigners and immigrants, and this is allowed get by unchallenged, and once such a precedent is set they gain force, as they did in Ukraine. So it is the responsibility of any media outlet or journalist to document the truth, and not flee from it to please an audience. The responsibility of a journalist is to get the truth to the audience, not pander to it. The tactic of psychological transference, where the victim becomes the aggressor is being used in Ukraine and I have written about this before. This goes with the demonization and dehumanization and serves to remove all blame from the true aggressor.

Call it what it is

The western-backed Ukrainian government which is trying to claim it is legitimate and represents western and European values is engaged in a punitive war of genocide against ethnic Russians and anyone opposed to it. The regime is also engaged in a war against the media and any reporter, including writers like myself, who dare to present the truth are targets and a danger to the nazi junta whose greatest enemy is the truth. They have proven this. They will kill anyone who publishes the truth or attempts to report the truth. Is this what they mean by European and "Western Values"?

If we look at the price that Julian Assange has had to pay for telling the truth and the war being waged on "hackers", bloggers, reporters, sources, whistle blowers and even anyone who simply links to content the US Government does not approve of, then perhaps Nuland is right in supporters the nazis in Ukraine? Perhaps as the United States was founded on genocide the real western value is genocide? That would explain why Nuland still has her job and the American media are marching lock step with the narrative, which is enabling genocide.

Two honorable young men, with families and friends and a group of innocent refugees were killed by some lunatic peering through the sights of an artillery weapon. The junta has forbidden refugees from fleeing the conflict zone as it continues to eradicate them. And the "West" is silent as the US continues to sugar coat genocide, which has become, as seems to be the case, official US policy.

Demonizing Russia: Formula for Extermination - By John Robles II

Demonizing Russia: formula for extermination

19 June, 2014 07:05

How is it that in our age of information technologies, the internet and lightning fast communications that a nazi junta has been allowed not only to come to power but has been allowed to legitimize itself and then engage in a war to (in their own words) clear out half of the country of those who are opposed to them?

The answer to the question I have posed is quite simple really and the formula works for almost every state and grouping. It begins with nationalism or patriotism or some other reason why a certain policy or group is better than the rest. This usually proceeds by the enabling of those who would promote hate or racist polices and even in the extreme, genocide. Finally when the polices or campaigns are begun they are allowed to grow and flourish by quiet or passive collusion (perhaps out of fear of reprisal or loss of social status) and by the subtle or outright demonization of the target group. As the campaign grows to the point where to all thinking people there is something obviously wrong (this may occur at any time during the process) then the campaign to terrorize or demonize or outright eradicate those who would express dissent, the press, the academic community or even religious bodies. Finally there is institutionalized denial and historical revisionism, either by rewriting the history or by omission.

From the genocide of the American Indians, to the genocide of the Jews, the Serbs, the Tutsis and the Slavs, these elements have always existed. In order to facilitate the genocide of the Indians they were classified as animals, the Jews as genetically inferior and sly manipulators and architects of control and repression and for the Slavs ignorant or godless invaders and aggressors, not exactly in that order and not only limited to those areas, but you get the idea.

Determining the Target, Unleashing the Tool

Why would Ukrainians want to commit genocide on their fellow Ukrainians? In reality few of them would, which is where the foreign hands come in and this is the dirtiest part of the situation in Ukraine and one which no one wants to talk about. The US wants NATO in Ukraine and they want to fulfill their other objectives which include turning Ukraine against Russia. Politically and with the use of billions of dollars turning Ukrainians against Russia did not work out so well. Organizing multiple "color revolutions" and installing puppet governments also did not work out, so the need arose to eliminate the pro-Russian part of the population. Since this was the majority and the Russian speaking part of the population was immune from western manipulation, elimination was the only solution. With that in mind backing and unleashing Ukrainian nationalists was the natural choice. Who else?

Demonization and Dehumanization: the Language of Death

What normal Ukrainian man, enlisted in the army and sworn to uphold his constitution and protect his country and his people would kill his own women and children? None. Therefore the targets have to be demonized and more importantly dehumanized.

Operation Ukraine has a component that non-Russian speakers are not very aware about, Stevan Gajich pointed out to me in an interview recently. This component is one that I also elaborated on with journalist Sergey Bolous who recently spent over a month in Slavyansk Ukraine and other areas of Donbas where the junta is engaged in punitive military operations. This component is one which has allowed the nazi junta to demonize a large segment of the population to the point where there are thousands who are convinced that it is okay to literally exterminate them.

The Kiev junta with the advice of Soros, US NGOs and the entire US propaganda, war and intelligence machine set about demonizing those who would support Ukraine's historic affinity for Russia. The US wants Ukraine in its orbit and will do anything to bring that about, including genocide. Genocide is not a problem for America. It is a country founded on it and dependent on it for its continued existence. Just ask an American Indian.

Official Kiev (which officially we have to call them), in other words, the junta is currently engaged in what the Russian government and media are calling a punitive war against the people in the eastern part of Ukraine. More and more evidence, including statements by the junta regarding "clearing the regions", is pointing to it being in fact a scorched-earth genocide of the entire populations in the east, again semantics.

This war is being facilitated by officially calling and labelling everyone in these regions as terrorists, terrorist supporters and enablers and separatists. Just like the US justified invading Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the attempt on Iran and extinguishing millions of lives, this label is working for the Ukrainian army, even though it has nothing to do with reality. Officially that is the label, unofficially it is worse. Just like the US habituated US racists to calling Muslims ragheads, sand niggers and the like and portraying them as backward, uncivilized and worst of all "non-Western" Ukraine has also waged a campaign of dehumanization.

While the Maidan Defense Forces and Right Sector were burning people alive in Odessa the crowd was chanting "burn, Colorado, burn" and "glory to Ukrainian patriots". Although primitive the labels employed by Ukraine's murderous nationalists are effective. According to journalist Sergey Belous Colorado is a reference to the Colorado Potato Beetle and this phrase is used by many public speakers in the media and those wishing to demonize those in the east. The children of the Ukrainians who are against the junta are called Colorado larvae which actually look like worms. Of course it is psychologically possible or easy for the lunatics doing the bidding to brutally kill a woman or child if you can plant in their minds that they are mere insects or worms.

The term Colorado comes from the colors of the St. George's Ribbon which the Svoboda Party wants outlawed. The St. George's Ribbon symbolizes Russia's historic victory over nazi Germany. As Svoboda sees itself as a nazi party it members see the defeat of Nazi Germany as a day of shame. Even Victory Day was changed in very carefully coded language by the Ukrainian authorities to a day of "memory of the victims" rather than a celebration of the victors, in effect turning the holiday into one where the "victims", the Banderavites and the nazis, are remembered.

In general those wishing federalization or simply against the regime are called insects. There are other words such as Rashisty and a combination of Putin and Hitler which attempt to paint the pro-federalization Ukrainians as somehow being nazis. This is clearly for the western audience as well. Rashisty is a combination of natsisty (nazist) and Russian.

In order to facilitate eradicating the people in the east the junta has also come to calling the residents of these regions "okupanty" or occupiers. How one can "occupy" one's own country is beyond me but that is the logic here. This demonization goes hand in hand with the demonization of Russia as well which anyone can see on any western media outlet.

Although the populations in the east and in particular Lugansk and Donetsk which held referendums, had initially merely wanted federalization as they saw this as the only way to have their language and religion respected, they were immediately labelled as separatists by the junta. It is important to note that the junta and their neo-Nazi paramilitaries, now organized as the "National Guard" (a name which gives them credibility), are not only engaged in an illegal (Geneva Conventions) campaign of collective retribution and "clearing" operation but have also regularly targeted not only schools and hospitals but churches. The destruction of churches and the killing of journalists are almost unprecedented events in world history, in fact I do not recall any regular "army" which literally bombed and targeted churches. Other than CIA created Al-Qaeda and the western-backed Islamic lunatics in Syria no other "force" in recent history has targeted churches.

Back to the language. Another term being used is Moskal(i) a derogatory for (Muscovite), Sovki and Sovok (derogatory terms which plays on the word Soviet and the Russian word for dustpan "sovok").

All of the terms and the stirring of nationalist sentiment while targeting Russia and ethnic Russians and others whom the regime does not find to their liking is simply a common trick used by all nationalist/fascist movements to justify what normal people know is wrong.

US Russophobia Approaching Pathological Transference - By John Robles II

21 April, 2014  08:14

The headline in the Boston Globe reads: "Obama focuses updated Cold War approach on Putin" and the New York Times article by one Peter Baker that follows is one of the one of the most acidic, fact-starved, sanctimonious, self-righteous, chest beating, Russophobic, war-propagandistic, Putin-envious, out-of-touch diatribes to come out of the western media in the current tidal wave of Gleichschaltung-like anti-Russian war-propaganda. 

The attack is almost criminal in its eschewing of the truth and if you dear reader ever entertained the idea that Boston was a bastion of liberal truth and that the first black American president was some sort of Martin Luther King, you may now group Boston with the vilest redneck burgs in Alabama and the president to the right of the farthest right of the neo-conservative war profiteers.

Rarely does an article deserve to be taken apart at the seams but this one does as the outright lies and vitriol are so blatant that there is a danger if even a small portion of the masses believe even 10% of it.That danger is not to the world, or to us over here in Moscow (we are unfortunately used to these kinds of attacks from the Russophobic lunatic fringe), that danger is to the American public, who continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes by a president and a government that is ready to send them off to die and force countless generations to come into slavery to pay for their maniacal excesses.

Openly Reviving the Cold War

To begin with the headline and the first paragraph take no issue with the fact the Cold War is over. However it does serve to announce to the world that what even three months ago was a well kept secret and something denied by politicians and those in power in Washington, namely that the US/NATO were pursuing a continuation of the Cold War, is now official policy and neither Obama and his henchmen nor the US media establishment have the slightest reservation (due to their delusional architecture) in admitting to what is in fact the complete and utter failure that is forcing the US to cling to a desperate outdated recidivist strategy that it now hopes to apply to a democratic country.

Baker writes: "The crisis in Ukraine defies easy resolution and President Obama and his national security team are looking to forge a new long-term approach to Russia that applies an updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment."

The outright idiocy of the first sentence (as if the US is actually looking for a resolution) denies the fact that it is the US that destabilized Ukraine in the first place and that they continue to support the illegitimate coup government and the neo-nazis who brought the junta to power.

"... updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment."

We must recall that this strategy was supposed to be against the Soviet Union and in order to stop the spread of Communism. Yet like bringing nazis back to power in Europe, we can see that the US never learns history's lessons and continues to pursue dangerous, confrontational, aggressive caveman policies on the international stage

The US Pariah's Psychotic Transference

Let read the next installment:

"Just as the United States resolved in the aftermath of World War II to counter the Soviet Union and its global ambitions, Obama is focused on isolating President Vladimir Putin’s Russia by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside world, limiting its expansionist ambitions in its own neighborhood and effectively making it a pariah state."

Clearly the pathological transference of those directing the writer and the manipulation in the above is aimed at painting Obama as some sort of great "war president" when in fact he is a cowardly puppet who gets pleasure from authorizing extra-judicial executions and destroying countries.

The pathological transference of applying outdated policies designed as tools against the Soviet Union to Russia and accusing Russia of having "expansionist ambitions" is stunning. Just the fact that Obama and the US think they have some right to meddle and dictate to Russia and Europe, what they can do in their own neighborhood is a sign of their own expansionist mindset.

The unbelievable arrogance, hypocrisy and self-serving historical revisionism is also stunning in the above as we know that it was the US that destabilized Ukraine, organized the armed takeover of a democratic European nation and brought nazis to power in Europe who are calling for killing Russians.

The truest pariah and rogue criminal state in the world is the United States of America. Guilty of multiple acts of aggressive war, continuing to maintain an illegal torture prison, continuing to execute its own citizens, executing people worldwide without trial or charge and overthrowing governments and killing leaders whenever the whim pleases them makes the US the most dangerous pariah nation in the history of mankind.

Now tell me. In what way is Russia a pariah nation?

Obama Stomps His Feet and Holds His Breath

The writer says Obama has "concluded he will never have a constructive relationship with Putin" no matter what. I dare say after the campaign by the US to ruin the Sochi Olympics, Obama running around the world trying to implement sanctions against Russia for the coup d'état he himself signed off on, the non-stop placing of NATO war elements closer and closer to Russia and the fiasco in Syria, I think it would be safe to say that it is President Putin, who has continuously tried to work with Obama, who should refuse to have anything to do with Nobel-Peace-Prize-fraud president.

Ignore the Master?

"Obama will try to minimize the disruption Putin can cause. .. ignore the master of the Kremlin."

The disruption Putin might cause? What "disruption" is the writer talking about? Disrupting plans by Washington to violate further the sovereign state of Ukraine or NATO continuing to surround Russia and the People's Republic of China or perhaps the extermination of Russians in Ukraine and the attempted destruction of the Slavic World or the invasion of the next country that Washington is planning to destroy?

And what is with the "master" thing? This is a new one. Is this another transference of endemic US racism and an attempt to conjugate and/or elicit slave/master images?

“That is the strategy we ought to be pursuing,” said Ivo H. Daalder, formerly Obama’s ambassador to NATO, "... it may solve your Russia problem.”

Your "Russia problem"? Perhaps Mr. Daalder has also lost it? Maybe he will enlighten us with a "final solution"? Unbelievable!

McFaul 2.0: Dangerous Russophobe

The article states that John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active and involved and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama is seeking more experiences hands.

Dangerous rhetoric

With regard to the assignment the article states: "... now there is no reluctance to offend the Kremlin."

The US insists on isolating itself even further, for such a policy will backfire as Russian diplomats and leaders continue to stay open to dialogue and diplomacy. Again the arrogance is stunning.

An International Consensus: Coalition of the Willing 2.0

The US is becoming more and more hated every day. As Europeans and the world realize that Obama and his myopic, knuckle-dragging foreign policy elites vetted (like Obama himself) by senile-rabid-Russophobe Brezhinsky are only interested in resources and expanding their own caveman hegemony by force, the consensus against the US will grow thousand-fold. The writer tries to say China is against Russia, this is while China and Russia are discussing plans for tighter military cooperation against the ongoing provocation that is the placing of NATO war elements around both countries.

"The administration’s priority is to hold together an international consensus against Russia, including even China, its longtime supporter on the UN Security Council."

The US is Broke

The writer revealed a little too much I think with the following statement:

"... economic advisers and White House aides urging a measured approach have won out, prevailing upon a cautious president to take one incremental step at a time out of fear of getting too far ahead of skittish Europeans and risking damage to still-fragile economies on both sides of the Atlantic."

We know the US economy is about to collapse and we know that in contrast to the $15 billion Russia was ready to single-handedly hand Ukraine, the entire US/NATO/Eu could only come up with a $1 billion "loan".

Money talks, as they say.

More Sanctions Blackmail: Outright Lies

"The White House has prepared another list of Russian figures and institutions to sanction in the next few days..."

The first round did not phase Russia and was laughed off. I doubt this round will be more successful. Washington might take heed: Your sanctions will backfire I can promise you that.

"... while Putin seems for now to be enjoying the glow of success, he will eventually discover how much economic harm he has brought on his country. Obama’s aides noted the fall of the Russian stock market and the ruble, capital flight from the country and increasing reluctance of foreign investors to expand dealings in Russia."

Again Washington must be delusional, the Russian economy is going strong, the country is in the black and unlike almost all of Europe which is suffering from austerity measures, and the US with forced austerity where the public pay approximately 33% of their income in taxes and are enslaved to the military industrial complex for the next 1,000 years or more, Russia is growing stronger by the day.

Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag? But then again, that is the real "Russia problem" isn't it?


All McFaul/Moscow Related Intel WikiLeaks Obfuscated or Simply Did Not Publish



Additional research should be done! The demonization of Russia is scripted by the Illuminati and the NWO many of whom are Zionist Khazars and Ashkenazis... They have an over 1,000 year blood feud against the Russian Slavs... Hence trying to destroy Russia in WWII, multiple attempts by the Illuminati and the Rothschilds to make Russia a vassal, including the complete liquidation of Royal Russian bloodlines and we see that they continue today. They control the United States and they control the World's media, thus any real discussion of Russophobia must include the real origins of the narrative and the Black Nobility.



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