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The Tyranny of “Security”, “Likes” and Germans Displeased with PRISM

14 July, 20:03  2013

As the world continues to learn more about the level of U.S. spying few countries have seen the level of displeasure and public outcry as has the Federal Republic of Germany.

What is perhaps a little surprising is the level of non-response from other countries that we know have been targeted by the NSA’s PRISM program and which were supposed to have been U.S. allies and thus believed themselves not to be the target of such broad and prying surveillance.

Many countries such as Russia and China have known about the existence of such mechanisms being used by the NSA since their inception, as such a large data flow as that going back to the CIA and the NSA is impossible to not detect, so the reaction has been rather muted, but for German citizens in particular, who believed in the West and trusted Washington, the existence of such a program seems like a betrayal.

Germany, a country recently reunited and one which was literally on the front line of the cold war and was the subject of one of the most massive and sustained western propaganda campaigns in the history of mankind, one that sought to win the minds of East Germans and demonized the Soviet Union and the East German security structures such as the Ministry for State Security (Stasi), has every reason to react with outrage as they learn that their American “liberators” are even worse than the Stasi ever were.

Kim Dotcom recently made the point clear by projecting the words “The United Stasi of America” onto the American Embassy in Berlin. Mr. Dotcom is just another in a long (much too long) list of victims of the hyper U.S. security state and another victim of the internet being used as a tool by the U.S. Government to surveil, entrap and imprison thousands upon thousands of innocent people and anyone who goes against the official line.

We can see by the encircling of Russia by U.S. missiles, the global spread of NATO and the all encompassing global surveillance system that the U.S. has cleverly unleashed on the world under the guise of “the Internet” and our precious “devices”, that the United States of America never stopped their activities once they won the cold war. Winning that victory has called for another, and that new front is complete and total global domination until the end of time.

The world’s population has been manipulated into believing that they cannot live without their devices and the internet, and for many it has become an essential tool for securing their livelihood, here it is important to note that our much beloved internet started out as a military intelligence communications network.

So dear reader. Surprise, surprise! There was no end to the entire cold war military industrial global domination machine that the United States of America built to destroy the idea of Communism, all the resources were just expanded to engulf everyone with the goal of complete and total global domination, or as the Project for a New American Century called it a “Homogenous American World”.

Germans are right to be upset but getting the rest of the world to react may be an impossible task for many reasons. One being that the new generation of citizenry have little memory of the world during the cold war, there is no clear option to “Amerika” like there once was. The social justice and equality that were the precepts of Communism have been so distorted and demonized by the Western propaganda machine for so long, and with the collapse and demonization of the USSR it is no longer seen as a viable option. So today there is no option for the young.

The West has been so successful in its “War on Terror” fear mongering and its crackdowns on everyone who has dissented that many people the world over, who are more concerned with keeping their I-Phones and getting “friends” on social media, care little that they are being spied upon or are too afraid to speak out or act.

Just like the people who looked the other way as the Nazis began their rise to power, many people the world over want to hear nothing of the true plight or message of Jeremy Hammond and other hacktivists.....

For Germany the story may have some blowback and may result in some changes because the people still remember what tyranny means, but there is reason to be doubtful. Just like in Serbia, it appears that German politicians have been bought off, or who knows, even blackmailed into silence or inactivity by Washington.

On Friday Hans Peter Friedrich, the German Minister of Internal Affairs, met with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. National Security Advisor Lisa Monaco and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to PRISM spying against German citizens.

He came back empty handed with more empty assurances by Washington to the ire of many Germans. According to the site NEWSEUROPE a representative of the German “Left Party) PDS), one Steffen Bokhann said: “A Minister of Internal Affairs, who does nothing against that data collection, against violations of rights, simply does not understand his tasks. It looks like Friedrich has caught a thief in a store, and thanks him for having confessed the theft, not thinking about criminal prosecution.”

The reaction from others has been similar, according to the site EN.HABLER.COM “Neither of Germany's main opposition parties was satisfied with the assurances Friedrich received during his meetings in Washington. Thomas Oppermann the parliamentary floor leader of the Social Democrats said Friedrich's trip had not achieved much. Konstantin von Notz, the Green Party's interior affairs spokesman described Friedrich's trip as a complete flop.”

Citizens of the world, if your officials and leaders cannot or will not do anything to stop the U.S. from spying on you, take measures to protect yourselves, even better just turn everything off.

Securing Your Privacy in a Post PRISM World, Back to Basics

12 July, 06:28 2013 

With the knowledge that the NSA, the CIA and all of the major worldwide internet giants have entered into an evil alliance to spy on every single thing you do, people the world over have begun to think about their on-line security and in protecting their privacy. Even if all you are doing is sending your sister a birthday card, or checking into your favorite news site, you deserve and have the right to maintain your privacy.

There are many methods and means to do this, from the extreme to the simple, and while some of them may be frowned upon as being some sort of “hacker” exploit or even go into legal gray areas, there are a host of things you can do to protect yourself. To clarify, a hacker is merely someone who knows more than the average user and/or is capable of taking things apart and putting them back together so they work. So the term hacker is a positive term, see the net for terms such as cracker, phreak, spook and others terms if you are interested.

The methods and tactics that I am about to present to you are not recommended by me nor are they in any way connected to myself or the Voice of Russia, some may be outdated or already rendered ineffective by new counter technology and they are merely ways to be aware of or protect your privacy. This work can thus be considered academic in nature and a journalistic endeavor and not a how-to-way to beat a system. I am not an expert on the matter nor do I claim to be.

As this is merely a short article and to approach this subject properly would take hundreds of pages I will just go briefly into certain areas and mention one or two examples of tools etc, that you can use to protect your privacy. If you are worried about PRISM it is a military grade surveillance system and military grade spying is too technical for the average user to combat. However the following tips might help to slow them done or make them work for their money. This article is only dealing with some privacy issues for the common user, this is in no way a systems security white paper.

Computers and the internet

Would you buy a car with an engine compartment you can never open? Well if you have a Windows based computer that is exactly what you have. If you want to be secure and know no one is accessing your data, your web camera, your PC speaker as a microphone or more, do not install Windows. That is until Microsoft finally reveals the code of their massive platform, but since that will never happen, the only option is stay away from it and install open source software platforms like Linux. If you can’t, or are too used to your Windows read on.


If you have work you do that is sensitive, proprietary or for any reason you do not want it accessed by anyone, one of the simplest solutions is physically isolate the computer that such work is done on. That means do not connect it to the internet in any way shape or form or to a LAN. You must also be aware of who has physically access to your computers and all your devices and you must maintain system security through strong passwords, BIOS level security, case locks and the like.

Operating system

When installing your operating system for the first time do not use your real name or personally identifiable information, if that is legal and possible in your area. That means everything from registration to naming your computer on the network, John’s secret PC on the Robles workgroup is not the most intelligent option.

Secure your system by doing such things as: renaming the administrator account; disabling remote desktop, pipe shares, the server service, fast user switching and automatic updates; using ctrl+alt+delete to log on and using passwords that are more than 23 characters in length. Now that we know Microsoft is also in bed with the NSA: disable Windows defender and the firewall; secure your ports; use your computer with limited privileges; research current security recommendations and use a vigorous security template. The NSA’s own Windows security templates were available on the net several years ago, they were used to secure U.S. government computers, if you can find them use them. Why not?

Once you install your operating system and everything is up and running and you have not done anything that can personally identify you on the computer you want to go online with it is time to connect to the web. If you hook up through any single dedicated internet provider keep in mind they will always be able to identify you.

Make sure you are behind a firewall, that your IP address is not exposed if possible and that your real MAC address is protected. A MAC address is the physical address of your computer and/or network card. While MAC spoofing may be illegal in some areas this is the most fundamental way by which you will be identified.

Some routers allow you to change your MAC, for example CISCO routers, and there are various tools on the internet but they are also questionable. You can change your Windows MAC on a wireless adapter for example by modifying the following key in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}\, search for “NetworkAddress” and change the value to what you want. Keep in mind banking services and some sites use this to identify you as do most routers.


The only browser today that comes anywhere close to protecting your privacy is the browser put out by the TOR Project, the only problem is you have to log on to their network to use it and as always you can never 100% certain who is behind everything and who is running the cloud.

When you log onto any server where a website is located, an amazing amount of information is passed along, including details about: your operating system, browser, who is logged on, your IP address, even your MAC and if you enable cookies even more information can be had.

If you cannot use TOR do other things, Disable cookies, empty your internet cache after every session, never save passwords or form fields and the like. Never install 3rd party plug-ins or toolbars. For some reason it has become harder to delete such items as well. Never press okay in a dialogue Window unless you know exactly what you are agreeing to. Never store your passwords, history of favorites on a remote machine. Try to use a memory stick based browser. TOR works on a portable memory device for example and stores almost everything on the portable device. Always us strong passwords and anonymous login information.


Be aware and know your processes. This will prevent spyware and trojans from compromising your system. How many processes do you have running? You can press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and go to task manager for that. Simply write down how many processes your computer has at rest and periodically check for new ones. With today’s super powerful PCs it is very easy to hide a keyboard logger and other such spying programs. Back in the 486/28.8 modem days these types of programs were easier to detect and notice as they took up resources.


Encrypt your messages, but keep in mind this will almost guarantee the attention of the security services and can also be cracked unless you know what you are doing. PGP 6.5.8 was said to be virtually uncrackable and became a headache for the U.S. Government but shortly afterwards it was bought out by a big corporation and was compromised. I would recommend it if you can find it, however there are issues with running PGP 6.5.8 and earlier on Windows 7 and 8, operating systems which are so full “secrets” that I would never keep anything sensitive on such a platform.


Due to the technical nature of the password architecture in Windows, passwords longer than 23 characters are virtually unbreakable. Always use upper and lower case letters, characters and numbers in your passwords.

Cell phones and GPS devices

You finally get away from your computer and you think you are safe from snooping for the time being, sorry. One of your most trusted and beloved gadgets, your cell phone, may also be the spy in your pocket. If you are running and Apple or Windows based phone then it has been documented that they collect and send information about your location and can be used to physically track you as you switch between cell towers and wind your way home.

When you leave the office just turn it off. Simple, otherwise assume you are being tracked and listened to.

Like all devices with a MAC cell phones have what is called an IMEI which can be used to identify you.

The only way to get around this is but a “clean” phone every time you make a phone call and throw it away after every call. Not practical. Encryption? Possible but expensive.

Portable devices

Any device including media players and GPS devices which connect in any way to the internet are suspect. Although GPS devices are said to not be trackable, once you connect to the internet for traffic jam information for example, they are the perfect tracking device and offer the NSA a real time tracking tool to know exactly where you are.

Check the traffic on the internet “before” you leave the office and turn of the device.

Landlines and phones

Assume that any phone call you make and anything you say is recorded and subject to interception. Satellite phones are not an option, they give the NSA even more options to surveil you. Even super expensive encrypted ones. The only option is military or intelligence grade encrypted phone system.

If you want to have a private conversation you will have to meet face to face or send smoke signals.

Surveillance cameras

With facial recognition software this is the latest tool available to the spooks and one they are spending billions on. This was one of the key technologies used to shut down the Occupy Movement and surveil protestors and is effective for mass crowd scenarios and real-time street surveillance and identification. Assume that any CCTV system anywhere in the world is accessible to the NSA.

Wear an Anonymous mask or a scarf everywhere you go (half-joking) and keep your eyes open for cameras.

TVs and appliances

Do you really want the spooks to know what your eating habits are?

Don’t order food on the internet. Don’t buy a refrigerator with an internet connection or any appliance for that matter.

Credit and bank cards

Assume any financial transaction you make that is not in cash and/or involves any kind of card, even a discount card, is recorded and subject to surveillance.

Withdraw all your money immediately from your card or in person from the bank and make all your transactions in cash.


Want to send your vacation photos or documents over the internet and don’t want the spooks to be eyeing your half-nude bikini photos?

Zip and encrypt everything. It may not stop them but it will make them work for their money.

Social media, Skype, instant messaging

If you want to maintain your privacy stay away from them. Period. The fact that they have sold you out to PRISM should anger you.

Use IRC chat through a secure client.


There is no way to absolutely be sure that you are not being spied on and that your data is not being used for any number of nefarious purposes from racial profiling to marketing so the only way to really protect yourself is just turn everything off. Use a pay phone, drive a car without all of the connectivity gadgets and rather than spending half your life on the internet. Read a book.

Recommended reading:

Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics and Countermeasures


TOR project


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Anonymous Security


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From PRISM to Open Censorship, Lessons Not Learned

29 June, 04:08 

In what can only be described as an assault on freedom of speech and access to information, the U.S. Government has made the decision to block and filter internet access to the site of the U.K.’s Guardian on its U.S. Army networks, with the revelation coming to light after complaints from soldiers at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.

According to the Voice of Russia one Gordon Van Vleet, a spokesman for the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, or NETCOM, stated that press coverage and online content about NSA leaks is being filtered and blocked.

Media reports say the blocks do not only apply to the facility in San Francisco but that they in fact cover the entire global U.S. Army network and while this is supposed to prevent U.S. Army personnel from accessing data that is available to the rest of the planet (more or less) it is not preventing them from viewing the information on their cell phones or their personal laptops or computers at home.

The hypocrisy here seems self evident. Here we have the people that are supposed to die for America and they are not allowed to view information concerning their government that is available to everyone else. The claims that the Department of Defense has made that the documents and the information on the PRISM program that are available online are classified and therefore can not be shown on unclassified sections of the U.S. military network seem plausible and credible until you consider that the information is now in the public domain and anything that was “classified” about it can no longer be the case.

While this is preventing soldiers from accessing the information on the PRISM program, surely one of the biggest revelations in the last several years, it is also preventing, or attempting to prevent soldiers from viewing or taking part in the debate and viewing the reaction from Americans and the world on the matter.

The fact the U.S. Government is attempting to censor what is viewed by American soldiers, people who are supposed to be ready to give up their lives to protect the American people and that very same government, throws the unbelievable arrogance of the United States once again, right out there for the world to see. It is also an indication of the almost lunatic level that the U.S. Government is going to in its attempts to hide its own illegitimacy and criminality from the American people, a people whom they are supposed to serve.

Like the assault on whistleblowers and anyone who attempts to expose the thugs in Washington and the criminality of the U.S. Government, this attempt to keep soldiers in the dark and dumbed down just adds to the overall mosaic of illegitimacy that the U.S. continues to paint of itself for the eyes of the world to see.

Of course from a command point of view it is not expedient that the troops on the ground and GI Joe and Jane know that the government that they are serving and that they must be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for is no longer a legitimate government adhering to the constitution that they are all sworn to protect and must also be ready to die for.

Soldiers, analysts, diplomats and everyone up and down the chain of command are supposed to blindly follow orders and do exactly as they are told and it is now clear that anyone with a conscience or an ounce of human decency who has the courage to stand up and report illegality, they will be branded as traitors and persecuted with extreme prejudice.

The criminal cabal that has taken over the United States Government, under the control of the biggest criminal of all sitting in the U.S. White House, has proven time and time again that the law only applies to those that it itself determines they apply to. The unapologetic, arrogant and absolutely remorseless and conscienceless way that the extra-judicial executioner in chief and the government react to revelation after revelation is as frightening as it is nauseating.

The PRISM revelations which should be a damning indicator on the true state of the U.S. Government and which have proven that the entire terror paradigm is a complete and utter fabrication and has been since day one, have once again shown that the illegality that has been exposed and the egregious violations of law and the U.S. Constitution that are being uncovered on a regular basis, mean nothing to those in power who are committing them.

The criminal cabal calling the shots in the United States from the Kingpin in the White House to every single one of his henchmen, are all above the law and have become a law unto themselves.

The sanctimonious and hypocritical way that they go on and on dictating to the world about freedom, justice and human rights and pursuing policies dictated by double standards is becoming ever the more laughable with each and every passing day.

What has been revealed about PRISM and the violent reaction his revelations have evoked from the criminal corporate military cabal in Washington should prove once and for that a plague of historic proportions has spread through the U.S. Government and the only way to cure the disease will be to put down the patient.

The fact that they are facing worldwide condemnation for their global spying network has not fazed them in the least, like a huge bully with an IQ of 40, rather than making corrections to their behavior they continue to employ the only tool they have, a sledgehammer. A sledgehammer which they continue to employ brutally against anyone they see as a threat to their own endless power, power they believe is absolute, but as absolute power corrupts absolutely, in the end it also destroys absolutely.

PRISM was created to control the world, it is illegal an abomination and must be shut down, however those controlling it are blind in the greed for control and power and now, rather than admitting they are wrong they will continue to snub their noses at all of us continue to violate international law and international norms right in our faces.

Normally the bad child caught with his hand in the cookie jar pulls his hand out and apologizes to his mother. This child has grown insane with its own power and instead picks up the cookie and brains his mother with it so he can continue eating the cookies he has no right to.

Illegality, subjugation, invasions, destruction, spying, assassinations, droning and a relentless mindless effort to bring the world to its knees and to achieve complete and total control over every single person on the planet are what we can expect from the U.S..

PRISM: Every move you make, “they” will be watching you

26 June, 2013 17:55  

The US Government and the unified global communications network operated by an alliance of the secret SIGINT units of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States called UKUSA, has developed, expanded and spread unhindered to such a point that everything and anything you do on the internet, on a cell phone and through every other means of electronic based communications can, and now we know, is being collected, recorded and spied upon.

Like United States military infrastructure, through its international global military arm NATO, U.S. signals intelligence operations have now spread to every corner of the globe and are greedily gobbling up anything and everything that is flowing through cyber space, regardless of its origin or the rights of those being spied upon.

Two points are important to recall here, one that the Internet that we all so love and use and which has taken over the way the world does business and exchanges information was initially a U.S. global military network, and two that the expansion of the surveillance of the Internet to today’s present level and form was made possible by the “War on Terror” paradigm which has existed since 9-11 and has cowed most of the world’s population into fearful submission allowing the security services to expand their scope with almost complete and unhindered impunity.

Despite the reported efforts of the Global Network Initiative, a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the stated goals of preventing Internet censorship and protecting the Internet privacy of individuals there has been little that they have been willing and/or able to effectively do against the massive expansion and scope of spying programs being run by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the United States SIGINT System (USSS).

According to open source intelligence the PRISM SIGINT Activity Designator (SIGAD) replaced the post 9-11 Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) which was operating illegally without the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). However such programs, once the foundations and infrastructure are in place and if they have proven to be effective, may just be temporarily closed and re-launched using different names, locations, personnel and financial and administrative bodies and methods to hide and obfuscate their existence and true nature.

Hence programs like TSP, ECHELON, CARNIVORE may be shut down, paused and then restarted and repackaged and renamed. PRISM is the likely product of such projects and the unification of platforms across the SIGINT intelligence operations sphere. PRISM was approved by the U.S. judiciary and hence has been operating with impunity since at least 2007, controlled and operated by the Special Source Operations (SSO) unit of the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

PRISM is just the tip of the iceberg and is just a small part of the U.S. Government’s mechanism for spying on and controlling the countries and the peoples of the world. I mentioned the UKUSA group, their efforts are also worth noting, especially in light of the recent revelations. What about the other partner countries in the spying alliance? Are they innocent of such egregious spying? Yes they are and even worse because they pass the private information of their citizens to the United States.

In this article I am dealing with Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) as it effects the average citizen of the world, this in no way means that the programs and the methods that I am discussing are by far the only instruments they are using to dominate the globe, all allowed and tolerated in the name of security. SIGINT involves many different intelligence collection instruments and methods and with the recent advances in technology these have grown incredibly. The basic areas of SIGINT can be grouped into two broad categories: communications intelligence (COMINT) and electronic intelligence (ELINT). As technology advances the crossovers and combinations of the two grow by the day, meaning for example information from a Skype chat would fall under both COMINT and ELINT, not a fact of vital importance but one that should be noted.

The members of the UKUSA Security Agreement: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, are also referred to by a number of abbreviations, further obfuscating their nature and existence such as AUSCANNZUKUS and Five Eyes. All of these countries are members of the ECHELON spy network. Which was originally, like NATO a program set up to spy on the former USSR and the Eastern Block and has been expanded, like NATO, at an incredibly rate since the end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Gone are the days when the CIA would spend years attempting to dig tunnels and splice into the telephone networks of Soviet cities. Today they are connected to absolutely everything and anything. According to a report on ECHELON it is capable of intercepting telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and other data traffic worldwide including satellite based transmission, public switched telephone networks (which once carried most Internet traffic), microwave links, fiber optic communications and cell phone line of site networks.

With the revelations of the PRISM program which they say has been operating since 2007 it is now evident that the data collection capabilities include: e-mail, voice and video chats, streaming and other video, any and all photos, stored data on your hard drive, voice over IP (VoIP) conversations, file transfers, notifications of logins, etc., social networking details and a special category called “special requests”.

If we throw in satellite surveillance, CST systems, RFID chips, cell phone location and usage monitoring including interception of text messages, automobile tracking devices, credit card and purchasing information collection and GPS device related transmissions, then almost everything you do is subject to surveillance and monitoring, in a nutshell this means the spooks can now find out what you had for dinner last night, with whom and how much you paid for it, as well as every other private aspect of your lives.

United Kingdom

The U.K.’s programs are more hidden than those of the U.S. and there is less information available about them either because they are better at hiding them or they are less in number but their scope is almost equal to that of the U.S. however they are more restrained than their American “special friends”. We know that the U.K. is an active member of the ECHELON based infrastructure and now we know that they are also active in the PRISM SIGINT Activity Designator (SIGAD), or simply PRISM.

There are still calls from people like Stella Rimington for the expansion of U.K. spying so it is possible that the U.K. is lagging behind their American friends although judging by the number of CCTV cameras in London this is doubtful.

As for data collection stations the main ones for the United Kingdom are the Menwith Hill (US) facility, the Aiyos Nicolas Station in Cyprus and of course GCHQ, the U.K.’s version of the NSA. Again there is little information available on specific programs, which come under the aegis of directorates of Military Intelligence and GCHQ.

A little known fact about the U.K.’s Military Intelligence is that they have at least 20 directorates that are known about. With regards to SIGINT these might be handled by MI-1 (codes and ciphers), MI-5 and 6, MI-8 (signals and communications), MI-10 (technical), and perhaps MI-13 which like the NSA until recently doesn’t exist.


Although you may have thought Australia might be behind when it comes to the level of its secret bureaucracies and the amount of spying it does think again. Among entities in Australia that provide for governance and policy over the secret service and operations are: the NSC, the SCNS, the NCTC, the NICC, the NICMC, the NIOSC, the HIAM, the NSIPC, the NSA (not that one), the DNSA, the NSCIO, the ISD and more.

Intelligence agencies include the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), the Defense Intelligence Organization (DIO) and but not limited to, the Defense Signals Directorate (DSD). However it is probably the DSD that we are most interested in as they handle the analysis, collection and distribution of foreign SIGINT and are responsible for communications, information, cyber and computer security.

Their main global station is located right in the center of Australia at Pine Gap but they have stations throughout Australia.


Canada’s Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in not only part of the UKUSA group but shares intelligence with the U.S., the U.K., and Australia under what is called the “Quadpartite Pact”. CSIS is the principle Canadian intelligence service and are a civilian service unlike the MIs and the NSA and CIA. However Canada’s Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) is responsible for SIGINT in Canada.

CSEC has facilities at CFS Leitrim, the main SIGINT facility, and at other locations such as CFB Gander Newfoundland, CFS Masset, BC and CFS Alert, Nunavut.

CSEC relies mainly on the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand for its intelligence collection and benefits substantially from UKUSA, especially when it comes to foreign communications.

Currently Canadian programs are still largely secret although involvement with PRISM, ECHELON and other programs has been documented, to what level they provide the CIA and the NSA information on Canadians remains to be seen.

New Zealand

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) listens to phone calls and intercepts e-mail and other communications but is not supposed to do so on citizens of New Zealand, they have been reported to be a part of ECHELON.

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS or SIS) is responsible for foreign intelligence operations and information gathering. However it is the super secret Combined Signals Organization (CSO) that handles SIGINT, ECHELON operations and the like.

PRISM operations in New Zealand would fall under the GCSB and the CSO, but again their level of participation may be minimal and due to New Zealand’s small size they are more likely largely beneficiaries of UKUSA and PRISM operations. 

Verizon and PRISM spying: the tip of the iceberg from the Puzzle Palace

8 June, 12:46  2013 


The Washington Post recently revealed the existence of a top secret NSA public data mining program called PRISM which has been operating since 2007 and which involves the willing participation of nine internet giants who have been forced into hyper damage control mode as the news of the program spreads and public discord begins to mount.

US President Barrack Obama has tried to play down the PRISM data mining bombshell and the back to back revelation that the government was collecting information on all of the calls of users of Verizon. He openly admitted to the Verizon call records mining but was less forthcoming on PRISM. Obama said “In the abstract you can complain about Big Brother or how this is a potential program run amok, but when you actually look at the details I think we’ve struck the right balance.”

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that the data gathered by PRISM was “among the most important and valuable… we collect.”

As for Verizon on Thursday, Britain's Guardian reported Verizon which has 121 million subscribers was ordered in April by the National Security Agency (NSA) to supply data regarding all phone calls it handles within the U.S. as well as all international calls. Almost at the same time the PRISM news was leaked.

According to open source intelligence the PRISM SIGINT Activity Designator (SIGAD) replaced the post 9-11 Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) which was operating illegally without the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

PRISM on the other hand was approved by the court and hence has been operating with impunity since at least 2007, controlled and operated by the Special Source Operations (SSO) unit of the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

The information about PRISM that has been released says that they can collect almost everything you can possible do on the internet and your computer and intercept and record every kind of internet and computer based communications possible, including: e-mail, voice and video chats, streaming and other video, any and all photos, stored data on your hard drive, voice over IP (VoIP) conversations, file transfers, notifications of logins, etc., social networking details and a special category called “special requests”.

What makes PRISM particularly troubling for the public is the list of the internet giants that have participated in the PRISM SIGAD program and even though said companies have gone into damage control mode, jointly issuing multiple denials and statements claiming no knowledge of the program, secret NSA documents released by the Washington Post and the Guardian paint an entirely different picture.

According to top secret NSA PowerPoint slides, with the classification; TOP SECRET//SI//ORCON//NOFORN, released by the Washington Post and the Guardian, the internet giants who are apparently a part of the program are as follows with their date of membership listed after their names: Microsoft 9-11-2007, Yahoo 3-12-2008, Google 1-14-2009, Facebook 6-3-2009, PalTalk12-7-2009, YouTube 9-24-2010, Skype 2-6-2011, AOL 3-31-11 and Apple 10-2012.

The involvement of these companies and the fact that they are allowing the NSA access to their servers to engage in massive data collection is extremely troubling and should cause a huge outcry all over the world.

There is also concern that since the majority of the internet giants involved operate globally they are collecting information from users worldwide without the knowledge or the responsibility to disclose the information they collect to the countries where the information is gathered. This includes the U.K. where it is likely the US is collecting information on British citizens that even GCHQ and MI-5 and 6 do not have.

The revelations are outrageous but there are also reasons to believe the entire PRISM program may not be real or that it may have been a carefully planned distraction designed to take the public’s attention away from the Verizon story.

There are reasons to believe, and anyone who has examined the slides carefully has no doubt come to the same conclusion, that the slides may have been “clever” fabrications. You see the slides obtained and released by the Washington Post and the Guardian are similar but they containing glaring differences.

There is also the fact that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the NSA already have a different program called PRISM described as the Planning tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management and is related to Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) or in other words satellite imagery. It is highly unlikely, knowing the love of the secret agencies for their code names and abbreviations that the name PRISM would be used for two different programs and that PRISM would actually stand for a real “prism”, as the slides claim. Since when do “Top Secret” programs use literal naming conventions? Please Louise.

Let’s get back to the slides for minute. First off to believe that something has actually been obtained from the top secret, super secure US intelligence community (USIC) JWICS network or from the NSA, an organization which was so secret until recently that the government did not even admit it existed and from which almost nothing is leaked, is a bit of stretch.

The “Puzzle Palace” or “No Such Agency”, is either getting sloppy, or there are other games afoot. Such as the upcoming two days of meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping during which Obama is supposed to bring up the subject of Chinese hacking against America, or as I said the Verizon scandal.

Again the slides: the super secret classification TOP SECRET//SI//ORCON//NOFORN, which stands for TOP SECRET (meaning that release would cause 'exceptionally grave damage' to national security), SI (Special Intelligence), ORCON (ORiginator CONtrolled) and NOFORN (NO FOReign Nationals), also makes the document appear to be a true bombshell but again makes it highly unlikely that it would ever be released. The ORCON almost guarantees this.

I am not saying this is proof they are fakes but those facts alone should allow the thinking person to doubt them. Regardless, let us assume they are real for the time being. Unfortunately there are other problems. First off is the almost child-like way the logos of the internet giants are grouped at the top of the pages. Not only is the existence of the logos unprofessional looking but one must ask oneself, would the top, hardened intelligence officials and NSA members who made or handled these slides really need cute little corporate logos on an intelligence briefing? Maybe, I mean George Bush did have copies of the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) and military briefing adorned with religious scripture by those who produced them for his viewing pleasure. So okay, it is possible.

But wait there are more problems and they point to either the same document released at different stages, or two different documents released to two different newspapers. Both cases highly unlikely, but then again, anything is possible. First the weird looking PRISM logo, on the Guardian it has an orange background and on the Washington Post there is no background but the orange can still be seen around the edges where it was cut out (I could have done a better job myself!), and the logo itself does not follow standard government log conventions. No government seal, flag, agency insignia, or other official looking image, merely a prism. Okay, once again anything is possible.

Lastly, well not really lastly but all that I am going to get into for now, the slides showing the years that the supposed internet giants joined the program are also different. They have different weird looking green arrows behind the yellow circles listing the companies. The fact that the date that Apple joined is not complete (October 2012) also looks odd, the exact date for the others is known and the date that Microsoft joined September 11, 2007, which was a Tuesday and was called Global Day of Action for the 9-11 truth movement also seems odd. But hey, stranger things have happened.

Perhaps the slides were recreated by someone who was told what they contained and then they attempted to recreate them from memory. The Washington Post says they came from a career intelligence officer who had firsthand knowledge of the system and was horrified at its capability and said “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type.”

The Washington Post says the documents indicate the PRISM SIGAD is "the number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA analytic reports." And the President's Daily Brief in 2012 cited PRISM data as a source in 1,477 items. This may be true and will require further checking.

Even if the program were real, as it most likely is, all of the statements of denial by law abiding internet giants are meaningless. Meaning if they received an order under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) amendments, they are forbidden by law from disclosing anything and in relation to this it is also important to note that on May 28, 2013, Google was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston to comply with National Security Letters issued by the FBI to provide user data without a warrant.

For what it is worth, meaning that they cannot admit to their servers being compromised even if they were, the giants have said:

Apple: "We have never heard of PRISM. We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order."

Facebook: "We do not provide any government organization with direct access to Facebook servers. When Facebook is asked for data or information about specific individuals, we carefully scrutinize any such request for compliance with all applicable laws, and provide information only to the extent required by law."

Google: "Google cares deeply about the security of our users' data. We disclose user data to government in accordance with the law, and we review all such requests carefully.”

Microsoft: "We provide customer data only when we receive a legally binding order or subpoena to do so, and never on a voluntary basis. In addition we only ever comply with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers. If the government has a broader voluntary national security program to gather customer data we don't participate in it."

Yahoo!: "Yahoo! takes users' privacy very seriously. We do not provide the government with direct access to our servers, systems, or network."

The US Government and the unified global communications network operated by an alliance of the secret SIGINT units of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States called UKUSA, had ECHELON, the FBI CARNIVORE, and there are thousands of other spying programs being run by the US Government so PRISM is not a stretch if in fact that is its real name.

Like ECHELON, which gathered and monitored voice and other forms of communications using satellites to intercept radio and cell phone transmissions, PRISM also uses keywords and Dictionary Computers to sort through the mountains of data and with new face and voice recognition technology and all of the new technologies out there the possibilities are staggering.

On another note, it will be interesting if the US Government goes after the Washington Post or the Guardian in the same way they have gone after WikiLeaks. I think if they do not this will be a pretty good indication that the whole PRISM thing is a fake and the other motivation for arranging such a lie might be to attempt to show that there is actually freedom of the press in America and that sources are protected, even though we all know this is not true and the recent scandals with the several mass media reporters bears this out.

So assume that that no matter what you do the US Government is spying on you, they know where you work, how you travel to work, who you talk to, who your friends are, what interests you have, what you read, what you said to your mother last night, what you wrote in that letter to your best friend, what you had for breakfast, every location you and your cell phone has been and where you are right now, etc., etc. and as the supposed source told the Washington Post: “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type.”

If it is true that Microsoft is working with the NSA and allowing the NSA unfettered access to it servers, then the next time you boot up your computer using a Windows OS, it might be safe to say, you are not alone. The NSA may be listening to you through your system speaker, watching you through your web camera and recording every keystroke your keyboard makes. The may also be reading every message you said and recording every conversation you have with your friend.


US Spying on Americans, Trading Liberty for Security: What Not to Do

14 December 2012, 17:49  

The US continues to take away the liberties of American citizens and expand the tools available to the already out-of-control police state to rule and control the people with an iron fist. Not only have they now used the UN as a tool to implement worldwide cyber surveillance but it is now legal for the US to spy on the whole world and collect data on Americans who have nothing to do with the terrorism and haven’t ever been criminals. The goal of a recent meeting of the ICU behind closed doors was to implement tools to allow easier global surveillance.

The NCTC has been spying on Americans since at least the beginning of 2012 and is being allowed to do so in the name of security and in protecting Americans in the supposed “War on Terror”. Their access is almost completely unhindered and unlimited in its scope, including government databases, unhindered access to intelligence data, full access to commercial and “private” data bases and company records and full monitoring of internet and wireless communications. The only test for gathering and keeping the information on any US citizen is “possible relevance” or “reasonable belief” that the data may be connected to terrorism.

“A society that would give up liberty for security is deserving of neither and will lose both.” Those words, spoken almost 300 years ago by US statesman Benjamin Franklin, are as topical, if not more so today, as they were in the context of 1759 America. Those words were a warning, one that has been unheeded and ignored by the small circle of elites carrying out their plans for a New World Order (NWO) that will effectively enslave each and every one of us.

While the world, in particular those distracted and dumbed down by the western corporate mass media, is fed round the clock coverage of what we all know is set to be the next US resource invasion, namely Syria and the further taking over of the Middle East, and the continuing endless “War on Terror”; under the radar, the NWO proponents are actively taking away more freedom and expanding their scope to a global level.

Vladimir Lenin said, “While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there will be no State.” He was also said and understood that “liberty is so precious that it must be rationed”, also ideas that are as topical today as they were when he spoke them. The US State knows this better than anyone, the paradigm being superimposed on the system the US populace was taught to believe guaranteed freedom and equality, is completely antithetical to those principles, leaving the populace forced to adopt a paradoxical belief system, necessitating their dumbing down and the propagation of the belief that their security is constantly under dire threat.

Many of the tools being used to now expand and superimpose this paradigm of a total and complete police state onto the world are right in front of you. They include endless terror propaganda, complete state control of media and mass communication to facilitate the distribution and manipulation of information designed to allow them to meet their goals, tools to control and limit the freedom of travel and movement, economic and financial manipulation and the endless list of laws and tools limiting your freedom as a sentient and wonderful human being.

This was to be an article on the spying on Americans by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the recent meeting of the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the secret passing of the Deep Packet Inspection Standard (DPI), and not a treatise on the enslavement of mankind, but unfortunately the one requires the intelligent discussion of the other, as they are completely interdependent.

For Americans who still held some sort of belief that they were not already being spied on by the CIA, the NSA, the FBI or the DHS, this should serve as a wakeup call, albeit one that is, for all intents and purposes much to late in coming. The NCTC now officially has the right, after the implementation of a document titled the “Guidelines for Access, Retention, Use and Dissemination by the National Counterterrorism Center and other Agencies of Information in Datasets Containing Non-Terrorism Information” to openly collect, store and distribute any and all information on American citizens that it wants, until the end of time.

In an article on the matter in the Wall Street Journal the former Chief Privacy Officer at the US Department of Home Security, Mary Ellen Callahan, in a “Situation Room” meeting at the White House protested the move stating: "This is a sea change in the way that the government interacts with the general public." Despite her concerns the Obama Administration backed the move and the new guidelines were authorized. Due to her efforts Ms. Callahan, just another in an almost endless list of Americans punished for fighting for the rights of the American people, lost her job and is working elsewhere .

The fact that the entire US Intelligence establishment can do whatever it wants to non-US nationals worldwide, including droning and extra-judicial execution is something no one bothers to talk about in the US but when the same intrusive spying, classification, listing and surveillance occurs on Americans then those who have not been terrorized and cowed into blind obedience by the out-of-control-police-state, do still speak out and, as we have seen repeatedly, do face the consequences for voicing their concerns.

Human nature, with all of its imperfections and perfections, incongruities and valiant traits, is something that is not compatible with the complete and total police state. Even the simple act of sharing, one of the nobler traits of the human animal, is something that the police state has decided they will not allow.

The necessity for total control is not for your well-being, nor for the well-being being of your country, it is not even necessary for the continued existence and propagation of the human race as a whole. It only serves the interests of a very small group of elitists. Call them the 1%, the NOW, or what have you, and their only goal is complete and total world domination.

This is one reason the internet, which was supposed to connect the free world, has become at once the largest threat and the most vital asset. For this reason: information activists, hackers, hacktivists, journalists, bloggers and even programmers have become the biggest threats to the US police state.

The total crackdown and use of the internet to spy on and attempt to control the masses is something that many have been warning about for years, but few listen.

We saw the total police state in action after the planned destruction of the World Trade Center on the 11th of September 2001 and the almost complete and total attempt by the US government to put in place a worldwide media blackout on anyone who questioned the unbelievable official version of the events of 9-11, and we have seen it since on an almost daily basis in case after case. An iron-fist crackdown, arbitrary detention, persecution and marginalization of anyone who threatens the criminal regime that usurped US power after 9-11: Manning, Assange, Hammond, Doyon, 9,000 people who disappeared after 9-11, Kelly, Tomlinson, Grabbe and hundreds of thousands more including yours truly, all marginalized for seeking the truth and attempting to expose the criminal regime that started at the Project for the New Amercian Century and continues today.

As Vladimir Lenin said: “Politics begin where the masses are, not in places where there are thousands but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin.” The internet is such a place. The US is confident much of world has become enslaved to their computers, devices and the internet but what will they do when the global population decides enough is enough with the total control and just turn off?

The paradoxical nature of the internet may be the apotheosis of the human condition, people who sought freedom naturally swarmed to it, as any organism would flow to the path of least resistance. The internet was a place where people thought they could be free, and as we saw above, freedom and the state may be incompatible.

For the US police state the internet became an evil because it was being used to expose the high-crimes of 9-11 and afterwards. Instead of cleaning their own house and rewarding whistleblowers and truth seekers they decided to go to war with you the people and destroy everyone and everything that says their house in disorder.

Now the same internet and the massive surveillance establishment which has been turned against the American people is to be turned on the rest of the planet with the United Nations serving as the tool to bring that about. We saw this with the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union recent secret meeting and we see this almost every day in myriad ways.

It seems fitting that the US Statue of Liberty was recently permanently closed, now all they need to do is put a black gunny sack over her head and dress her in an orange jumpsuit.

Americans continue to allow their government to do what it pleases. Should the rest of the world? I hope not.


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