Boris Berezovsky

Boris Berezovsky.

Berezovsky Died Alone by Hanging in a Locked Bathroom

26 March, 04:22 2 

U.K. Home Office pathologists have determined that Boris Berezovsky died of hanging. This would indicate that the man, whose life seemed to be ruled by selfish greed and who would do anything to enrich himself, ended as selfishly as it had been led. Near the end he tried to run back to the country he had fled from in order to flee the country that had generously taken him in but sadly for Berezovsky this was not to be and apparently, sadly for those who cared about him, he ran to the only place he could.

After a postmortem examination, according to officials in the UK, the cause of death of fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky was “consistent with hanging.” The Themes Valley police report that a Home Office pathologist stated Berezovsky was hanged and his body showed no signs that there was a struggle.

British police have said that Berezovsky left no suicide note and that there was no evidence of injuries or damage that pointed to third-party involvement in the sudden death of the fugitive oligarch.

All signs point to the fact that Berezovsky’s death was sudden and unexpected even for those around Berezovsky. He apparently left no suicide note and there are reports that it is unknown whether or not he left a will or instructions on where he was to be buried. If he did leave a will it may have been with lawyers who have made no comment to the press.

Initially speculation that he may have been poisoned was fueled by the fact the authorities had called in biological, chemical and radiological emergency response teams and had cordoned off the area surrounding the ex-billionaire’s home in Ascot, Berkshire, not too far from London.

These suspicions may now be laid to rest as the Themes Valley Police have made the announcement that his death bears the signs of hanging. What the exact signs are the police have not said. This also brings to question how it was that Berezovsky was reportedly found on the floor of the bathroom. Perhaps he had merely let his feet slide out from under him as he hung from a bathroom fixture.

Some of the western media are of course bringing up the death of Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with Polonium 210, as he was a close associate of Berezovsky, but as more information comes in, it is a possibility that Berezovsky had something to do with the death of Litvinenko and the fact that an upcoming inquest into Litvinenko’s death may in fact expose a connection, may have played a role in Berezovsky’s suicide, if it was in fact such. This was stated recently by Michael John Smith an intelligence expert who has been following both of these cases.   

The fact that his body was not removed for almost a day after his death has further fueled the speculation that his death was not accidental, and if he was in fact found hanged, this would explain the delay as investigators combed the scene for clues making sure absolutely no rock was unturned in a case the eyes of the world are watching. Perhaps those who found Berezovsky’s body were attempting to hide the fact of a suicide in order to obtain insurance money or for other reasons and may have tried to stage an alternative scenario which may explain why it took police this long to make an announcement and why it took those who found the body so long to call emergency services.

According to verified accounts one of Berezovsky’s bodyguards had to force open a door to one of Berezovsky’s bathrooms in order to determine if his boss was okay as there was no response when he knocked and the billionaire had gone missing.

It seems unlikely that foul play was involved as he died alone and in a locked bathroom and the absence of a ready will and the fact that he was broke leaves out the motive of foul play by someone close to him ready to take his money. The fact that the door was locked from the inside would rule out strange assassination theories even by the most intrepid conspiracy theorists but stranger things might happen.

If the death was a suicide, which it appears more and more that it was, it might be worth noting that with Berezovsky’s business acumen and knowledge of the law and business practices, including no doubt insurance company policies, there is little chance he would have left a suicide note for the world to know about. Undoubtedly he had life insurance and he knew his beneficiaries would not receive anything if he committed suicide.

The Guardian reported there was a scarf at the scene and that witnesses reported that Berezovsky had marks around his neck. The Guardian also reports that since the loss of the court case against Mr. Abramovich, Berezovsky was in a deep depression that apparently continued until his death.

The widow of Alexander Litvinenko told the Telegraph she doubted that he had committed suicide but there are many signs he may have had a motive for taking the easy way out. Not only did he recently lose a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, where he attempted to fabricate a case against the Russian billionaire, but he was called out on his fabrications in open court by the judge who called him an, “unimpressive, deliberately dishonest, inherently unreliable witness who viewed truth as a transitory, flexible concept.” Those words effectively obliterated what was left of his reputation. That and his subsequent rants against the Crown and the UK authorities made him seem a selfish figure convinced of his own righteousness and engaged in a battle against the world.

The suit against Abramovich, seeking $5.6 billion for damages Berezovsky claimed were owed to him due to “machinations” involving Sibneft the result of which he claimed, caused him to be short changed and cheated, was supposed to infuse his shrinking bank accounts with billions. Instead of refilling his coffers with money gained from Abramovich, he instead was ordered to pay Mr. Abramovich more than $5 million.

Berezovsky also recently lost more than $100 million in his recent divorce from Galina Besharova, the largest divorce payout in UK history, and may have racked up at least $100 million in legal bills since 2011.

Recently Berezovsky began selling his paintings and several properties pointing to his growing desperation. That and his apology to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his pleas to be allowed to return home, no doubt untouched, point to a man at the end of his rope (excuse the paronomasia).

Recently Berezovsky was calling for the overthrowing of the Russian Government and the Russian President so it seems rather odd that he would beg for forgiveness and beg to return home and it seems extremely generous that the President and the Government have been so gracious in their treatment of the news of his death.

The end of the wanted fugitive, who survived several assassination attempts, no doubt due to his double crossing business deals and reported deals with Chechen terrorists, seems a selfish and cowardly way out. But for a man who ran from Russia because of the problems he created for himself, then tried to run away from the country which had taken him in due to the same kinds of problems he created in his new homeland, it seems logical. Instead of standing his ground and facing the music, he chose to run to the only place he could, a place where he will have no escape from justice and will have no one to blame but himself.

Boris Berezovsky: A long way to fall after robbing billions, selling out his country

24 March, 2013    09:42 1 

Russian oligarch on the run Boris Berezovsky is done running, and with his death it seems the end of an era. He met his end in the bath of his suburban London home and even though the official cause of death has not been determined or announced, already the world is beginning to look for answers and concoct theories. What is true is that the man lived big, climbed high, and then fell brutally from the very heights he had climbed. Toward the end he showed signs of humility, but sometimes a little too little can be a little too late.

The mystery surrounding the death of Boris Berezovsky continues to grow as more and more facts continue to come in, with people all over the world trying to make sense of the man’s death, which now seems to many of them to be as much of a mystery as the man’s life.

While experts and pundits try to clarify and define who Berezovsky was and give their opinion of a man the world felt symbolized what it meant to be a Russian Oligarch, many of the facts surrounding his life seem to be getting blown out of proportion or forgotten entirely.

Regarding his death, it is useless to put forth or contemplate endless conspiracy theories as the official cause of death has not yet been announced although it is most likely he committed suicide, or died of a heart attack. Those are the first versions and in cases like sometimes the first versions are the most honest ones. But there are questions that need to be answered.

For example there are reports that he may have died on Friday and that he was discovered on Saturday morning but an ambulance was not called until sometime Saturday afternoon. Why the delay?

There are also reports that radiological, chemical, biological and nuclear emergency experts have closed off the entire scene, something I would not read too much into as the UK authorities are more likely than not just being thorough. Or are they?

Berezovsky was man who had made many enemies during his life but he was surrounded by a cadre of body guards all of the time and since his humiliating loss of a lawsuit against Arkady Abramovich for $5.6 billion, an expensive venture designed to refill his deep coffers, he had kept a pretty low profile.

Such a loss and the humiliation of being labeled an unreliable witness in front of the world, may have pushed Berezovsky over the edge. For those who want to contemplate suicide as a motive, there are many reasons to believe that this may have been true other than the lost lawsuit.

Berezovsky’s last wife recently left him which might be enough to drive any man over the edge. He was also a man used to living an unbelievably, and in his case unsustainable, extravagant way of life, and there are widespread rumors that he was completely broke and selling off property to try to make ends meet.

There was also the mystery apology he made to President Vladimir Putin, in which he asked for permission to return to Moscow and said he was sorry for the mistakes he had made. Apparently he was rebuffed, after all he was a man who had attempted to overthrow the Russian Government and the Russian President and made an attempt to influence the last Russian elections in order to try to open a door for him to return to Russia and be powerful again and regain his past glory and influence. In all this he failed and was called irrelevant and not to stick his nose where it did not belong, surely a humiliation.

There was also the inquest into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, who some say was ordered assassinated by Berezovsky himself, or at least with his knowledge. And this was by far not the only dirty deal that Berezovsky was involved in.

The fact that he was a fugitive from justice in Russia and attempted to paint a picture of being persecuted due to his “political persuasion” was also a disingenuous argument, he was a criminal who stole billions of dollars taking advantage of the instability and disorder that befell Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and made billions upon billions of dollars doing so.

The fact that he backed Chechen terrorists and along with Litvinenko attempted to initiate the overthrowing of the Russian Government both from within and without are also reasons that he may have been driven to suicide if these facts were becoming increasingly widespread.

Despite all of the possibilities, the most likely is the simplest and most banal. He was broke and for a man used to such an extravagant lifestyle that was enough to drive him to suicide or simply cause him to suffer a heart attack.

The Voice of Russia spoke to Fyodor Lukyanov and in an interview he stated that Berezovsky was one of the most talented and most visible figures who was able to obtain almost anything while manipulating the situation that existed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Mr. Lukyanov stated that at the end of the 90s Berezovsky was one of the five most influential people in Russia but that when that stage was over he happened to find himself out of the game.

In an another interview shortly after the death of Berezovsky Michael John Smith, the last person who was convicted for spy ing for the Soviet Union in the world and a man who has become an expert on intelligence and such affairs since his wrongful conviction said that Berezovsky was not very loved in UK. Mr. Smith characterized him as a rude and loud inconvenience and an embarrassment for the government of the UK and some one who was in reality damaging Russian UK relations.

Mr. Smith also broke the news that Berezovsky may have died on Friday night and that he was found in his bath at about 11 o’clock in the morning by his bodyguard. Mr. Smith also said that the ambulance was not called until 15:30 in the afternoon, a fact from which many conclusions could be made.

In a previous interview Mr. Smith spoke about the likely connections between Berezovsky and the death of Litvinenko and he gave his views on the apology to President Vladimir Putin and his plea to be allowed to return home, no doubt, without having to face the courts for his crimes.

Mr. Smith said he was a broken man, facing legal problems in the UK, who realized that he had nowhere left to run and would have rather faced what he had to face in Russia rather than what was coming up in the near future in the UK.

Broken man or not one can not be that sympathetic to a man who did everything and anything to grab power and enrich himself, including but not limited to attempting to overthrow governments.   

Fugitive Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has died in London at the age of 67

The report emerged in the Facebook account of his son-in-law Yegor Shuppe.

Boris Berezovsky, a Russian business oligarch, government official and former mathematician, was born on 23 January 1946 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Forestry Engineering Institute in 1968, then he worked as an engineer, from 1969 till 1987 serving as assistant research officer, then he headed a department in the Institute of Management Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Berezovsky conducted research on optimization and control theory, publishing 16 books and articles between 1975 and 1989.

Berezovsky made his fortune in Russia in the 1990s when the country went through privatisation of state property. He profited from gaining control over various assets, including the country's main television channel, Channel One. In 1997 Forbes magazine estimated Berezovsky's wealth at US$3 billion.

Berezovsky helped fund Unity – the political party, which formed Vladimir Putin's parliamentary base, and was elected to the Duma on Putin's slate. However, following the Russian presidential election in March 2000, Berezovsky went into opposition and resigned from the Duma. Later he moved to Britain where he has been living until his death.

Berezovsky established the International Foundation for Civil Liberties, to "support the abused and the vulnerable in society – prisoners, national minorities and business people" in Russia and criticized Putin's record in the West.

In 2012 Berezovsky lost a High Court case he brought against Roman Abramovich in London over the ownership of Sibneft, where he sought over £3 billion in damages. The court judged Berezovsky as an "inherently unreliable" witness, who "regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept, which could be moulded to suit his current purposes" and that "At times the evidence which he gave was deliberately dishonest; sometimes he was clearly making his evidence up as he went along in response to the perceived difficulty in answering the questions." The court concluded that Berezovsky had never been a co-owner of Sibneft.

Voice of Russia, RIA, BBC, AFP, RT, Reuters

Sedition: Berezovsky (Oligarch on the Run)

Sedition: Berezovsky (oligarch on the run)

31 May 2012, 02:28   

He fled the Russian Federation with billions of dollars that he amassed in criminal schemes after the collapse of the Soviet Union (Mainly involving Aeroflot but who is keeping track?) and claimed that he was being politically persecuted because the government was seeking to prosecute him for his crimes.

He fled the Russian Federation with billions of dollars that he amassed in criminal schemes after the collapse of the Soviet Union (Mainly involving Aeroflot but who is keeping track?) and claimed that he was being politically persecuted because the government was seeking to prosecute him for his crimes.

With his billions he fled to the UK where he was quickly given asylum and a new identity and quickly began working with MI-5 and 6 against the interests of the Russian Federation. He told them what they wanted to hear saying anything to malign Russia and to paint himself as a poor victim of the system. He also paid millions of dollars to political parties and politicians and to anyone else who could help him and who was willing to take his money to look the other way.

Even though he has a record of funding Chechen terrorists and direct involvement in other criminal enterprises including in the killing of police the UK continues to give him asylum, and they continue to protect him for the sole reason that he helps them to keep their anti-Russian rhetoric and policies alive and well.

In case you haven’t noticed every time it seems that there is a concerted effort by the intelligence services of the West to attack or to attempt to change the political or economic landscape of the Russian Federation, somewhere in the mix Berezovsky’s name inadvertently pops up.

When the Litvienko affair caused Russian-British relationship to almost return to cold war levels, whose name kept coming up again and again? Gordievsky? Yes. Berezovsky? Yes.

When efforts by the West were stepped up right before the latest presidential elections to try to throw the country into a state of upheaval whose name came up and who threw his two cents into the mix? You got it, Berezovsky.

The West has many of their agents in Moscow and their efforts are becoming more open, concerted, active and energetic but the agents they have, have so far proven to be ineffective and the Russian people are much too intelligent to fall for the lies and the provocations that the West keeps putting forward. Whose name keeps popping up? Berezovsky.          

One of the most official bodies of state power, the Russian Investigative Committee, does not do things lightly and takes its responsibilities very seriously. They do not open cases where there is not enough evidence to convict and they have opened two more criminal cases against Boris Berezovsky, this time for publicly instigating mass-scale unrest, or in other words “sedition”.

According to the spokesperson for the Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, in April Berezovsky posted statements on the Internet calling for massive violent riots and for preventing the inauguration of the legally elected Russian President. Not only were there calls for violence but Berezovsky even promised to pay huge sums for evil deeds against the state.

And here we have that word again, “sedition”, for that is exactly what Berezovsky is guilty of. If anyone were attempting to do such things to the US Government, i.e. attempting to overthrow it, the instigators would be targeted by Obama’s hit teams and liquidated, let there be no doubt.

Yet here in Russia, for some reason the government is supposed to tolerate such things; to show that they are “democratic” and allow dissent. Why doesn’t Russia do the same as the American government and sanction extra-judicial executions?   

Russia could also come up with a hit list and the president could also play God like Obama does and decide who lives and who dies. One of the people on the first list could be Berezovsky. Why not? If Obama can do it why can’t Putin or any other president for that matter?

Boris Berezovsky’s candidacy to be on such a list would be backed by almost anyone who loves Russia even the slightest bit. Not just for his calls for the Russian opposition to wreck the presidential vote, but also for attempting to interfere in the country’s internal affairs.

Even Russia’s real opposition leaders such as Sergey Mironov are tired of Berezovsky. Mironov recently said: “Let Mr. Berezovsky mind his own business and not pry into Russia’s internal affairs, he is Russia’s enemy.”

Berezovsky has even alienated Orthodox Christians with his purported attempt to form a party with the word Christian in the name.

“I think Boris Berezovsky must first prove his devotion to Christian values and donate the capital that he has to the Russian Pension Fund or to charity foundations.” Yabloko leader Sergey Mitrokhinwas quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

According to RT a Russian Orthodox Church cleric said Berezovsky should create a “Party of the Antichrist” and mentioned the Vsevolod Chaplin of the Church and Society Relations Department of the Holy Synod as saying Berezovsky’s reasoning sounded like parts from the Gospel that described the antichrist.

Whatever the case may be, and whoever Berezovsky really is, be he Mi-5 tool, Chechen terrorist financier, mafia-boss in hiding or the anti-Christ, few would argue, it is time for the UK to wake up stop harboring the fugitive. Or is it time for Russia to also start drawing up lists?

Just a thought, have a great day.




Berezovsky knows something will come out - Smith

7 January, 2013 18:57





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