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Exclusive for JAR2 - The Types of Revolution Most Feared by the Elites and Police

The Types of Revolution Most Feared by the Elites and Police

Dick Cheney’s Whirlwind Network Tour for the Promotion of Torture Rebutted and Forwarded to the ICC for Criminal Prosecution

Dick Cheney’s Whirlwind Network Tour for the Promotion of Torture Rebutted and Forwarded to the ICC for Criminal Prosecution

Fighting the US/CIA/ZIONIST Alternative Reality on Ukraine

Blame for the situation in Ukraine lies fully with the United States and those in Kiev, and for the most part western Ukraine, who were ready to sell out their country to advance US/NATO geopolitical interests. The goal of US/NATO is not one that normal people truly understand, it is one where military objectives against the phantom enemy of the USSR must be carried out and Russia and then China neutralized in order to advance US hegemony which only benefits the elites. For these military planners the people and the countries they are destroying mean nothing. Ukraine to them is an abstraction on a map where pins must be placed showing the location of nuclear missile aimed at Moscow.

The Russian Federation and its leadership for its part has consistently attempted to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and has been forced into a defensive stance by mindless US military expansion directly onto its front door. That is the reality that the US continues to attempt to obfuscate.

Those in the West carrying out this plan have absolutely no morality, no consideration for the millions of lives they eradicate and no respect for rule of law or international standards. Their one goal is global military domination at any cost.

The truth is what the US is afraid of because when their crimes are recognized and the egregiousness and illegitimacy of all their actions, especially since 9-11, become too much for the world to stomach any longer, all of their plans will be stopped dead in their tracks. In a normal world we might hope for prosecutions for the crimes against peace and humanity that the US has been guilty of, but the Bush reign shows that this will never happen because the US controls all of the organs of international law and the people of the world who can bring about such prosecutions are either bought and paid for or too meek to actually do something.

Through my journalistic work I have documented and taken issue with the way the US government and the military machine that controls it have been bashing around the world and imposing its will illegally while eradicating the lives of millions and at times it seems to no avail as the US continues its campaign of mindless global domination to advance its own interests while lying to the world about terrorism and democracy.

I receive a lot of mail from readers and those who are also alarmed with the crimes against humanity that the US continues to get away with with impunity and the massive illegality that has spread through the US Government since the 9-11 neo-con coup. From torture to mass surveillance, from extra-judicial executions to mass secret detention, from literal genocide to multiple acts of aggressive war, the US Government (in their own terms) has gone completely off the reservation.

One of my readers and a contributor to the Voice of Russia recently wrote a very concise article on the situation in Ukraine and one which I believe needs to be shared. As a former high level military planner and trainer inside the US military machine in my opinion his views are of special interest. The following is an article by Joseph Zrnchik, a retired US military planner and trainer . I hope you find it as informative as I did.

Did Kerry actually accuse Putin of destabilizing Ukraine?

May 13 2014 by Joseph Zrnchik

Seeing how Victoria Nuland was placed on Youtube on an intercepted phone call plotting for the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government and is then seen on Youtube bragging about how the U.S. had funded opposition groups, that included fascist elements, to the tune of $5 billion USD, one would have to be impaired to take John Kerry’s latest remarks seriously.

After the US State Department funded anarchy and helped to pay for a fascist government that used paramilitary groups to conduct false-flag atrocities whereby its snipers executed unarmed police while also killing their own pro-Ukrainian protesters to foment unrest so as to accuse the former president of crimes against humanity, Kerry then had the audacity to accuse Putin of "distraction, deception and destabilization." It really is true what they say about effective propaganda in that you accuse your target of doing the exact same thing you are doing. Yet, Kerry is now crying to Moscow to beg for Putin’s help while at the same time accusing Putin of creating this Washington-sponsored fiasco.

Putin, to his credit, has taken the former Soviet position of allowing democratic secession following the same principles that allowed for the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Putin has stated that democratic principles ought to allow for the self-determination of millions who feel they would otherwise be held under boot by an oppressive and fascist government that has been illegally constituted and that has proven itself willing to kill innocents and now incinerates its citizens by engaging in Waco-styled atrocity.

Much has been written about the recent slaughter being committed by mercenaries. There are mainstream news stories from reputable media organizations that German intelligence now has identified over 400 former Blackwater mercenaries in Ukraine carrying out atrocities for the regime. It seems the Kiev government could no longer count on its elite troops whom earlier surrendered to unarmed protesters and then defected to Crimea after having been sent on an "anti-terrorist mission." It is apparent that the US wants the pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine to know that the US.

Empire is perfectly willing to incinerate protesters to achieve its ends as one wonders how long it will take for the UN to make some lame and meaningless comment that exonerates the US while placing all blame on Russia. The UN has become so dysfunctional that one wonders if it can any longer even cite its principles or constitution much less be taken seriously anymore.

That Kerry can now stand by and accuse Putin of trying to destabilize the Ukraine and reestablish the Soviet Union drips with hypocrisy, lunacy, stupidity, irony and lies. It is apparent that this man knows absolutely no shame and has told such brazen lies that it led to Lavrov and Putin refusing to take any calls from the US State Department for weeks while Kerry started to look unhinged while making crazier and crazier remarks and threats.

Putin has stood by and watched the US expand NATO almost to the Russian border while the US makes threats against Russia. Now the US wants to engages in economic warfare as Putin has merely stood by and watched US plans unravel as it seems the US has overplayed its hand and gone one coup too far. When considering eastern Ukraine, one wonders when the right of a population to be repatriated should be granted. It is apparent that the US has no foreign policy except for opportunism and the theory that might makes right.

But, all is not lost for the US and its elites as it is seen they always benefit from the chaos they sow. Now the US wants to deploy more troops, sell and deploy more weapon systems, create more bases and expand US militarism in an attempt to influence a situation that it can now only aggravate. The US, even after its failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, still seems unable understand the limits of military power in dealing with situations and problems that are essentially economic and political in nature. Who pays the costs for this? It is the American taxpayer who gets put on the hook for costs, but it is the people of targeted nations that suffer consequences never reported on or mentioned in the U.S. media. Who benefits? It is the Washington political establishment that is heavily invested in the military-industrial complex and bankrupting the US as it continues to reap obscene profits from the misery, unrest and mass murder it sponsors.

Ukraine's acting President, Alexander Turchynov, has proven to be a stooge of Washington’s and had already been singled out by Victoria Nuland as the US puppet designed to give the coup a thin veneer of legitimacy. The problem is that the same crooks that installed Turchynov are also the same crooks that have sent the country teetering in the brink of financial collapse and anarchy. The fact is that this government has now sold out its people to Western imperialism and there will be nothing but ruin and destitution in store for the people for as far as the eye can see. The full effect of the country being sold out has yet to be felt, but it is sure to end in unmitigated disaster for Ukrainians.

While the US wanted war crimes tribunals and International Criminal Court involvement for what was the bloodless and democratic repatriation of millions of ethnic Russians, the US voice now falls silent as the Ukrainian government incinerated dozens of its own citizens who did not support its fascist putsch.

Now it has become clear that the US is allowing mercenaries to attack the very citizens whom Ukrainian soldiers had refused to fire on. The US is also trying to smear a democratic political movement by branding it as terrorism, yet it seems the only people being incinerated are unarmed protesters. Again there is no call for recrimination by the US against the current government for incinerating Russians or for the killing of unarmed police and even pro-Ukrainian nationalists by this gangster government. Does Kerry really think Europeans are as politically ignorant as Americans?

Even as the EU tries to defuse the situation, NATO, which lost its reason for existence with the demise of the Soviet Empire, now seeks to threaten Russia in an attempt to dominate and control Russia’s near abroad. Given that we now see with perfect clarity what the US has tried and failed to do, yet using its failure as an excuse to expand military spending, how can Russia not deploy soldiers on its border?

Imagine if Russia were destabilizing Mexico and then installed a pro-Russian fascist government in Mexico that had incinerated its citizens and used military snipers to create chaos and division, and then had Russia demand that the US pull its troops back from the US-Mexico border, would Putin be reasonable in demanding that the US evacuate Fort Hood?

US' goofiness may end up dragging the EU into war with a trading partner who merely seeks to do business without the threat of being completely encircled by a country that has a thousand military bases in over 120 countries. That the US now seeks an "Asian Pivot" as it also has begun deploying forces even in Africa, ought to make people with more than two functioning brain cells understand that all of this potential for death and destruction should be hung at the neocon's front doorstep. The US is now attempting to threaten a nuclear power and has taken arrogance to an art form. Those who have engaged in this crime ought to be brought to justice.

It is high time the American people quit believing US propaganda and lies and start thinking for themselves. Our criminal elite have run amok for too long because we Americans have been lazy and willfully ignorant. Whatever tragedy befalls Americans, so long as we stand idle against international crime by our elite, we will deserve whatever happens. But, you can bet that those profiting from any war will not be the ones having to fight it.

No American should count on the media to help educate the masses or work to avert disaster. The media has turned propaganda into a state religion. It now serves only to propagandize the masses. Given what I have seen over the last two decades, it appears the neocons are correct in their strategy of using media to control the masses. When I talk to teachers, police, lawyers, blue-collar workers, medical professionals, bankers, and businessmen, none of them have any idea what is going on in the Ukraine, nor do they have a single iota of historical perspective regarding the current situation. They mindlessly quote all the talking points given by the media’s talking heads. It is as if they are mentally challenged. To know the truth and see the ridiculousness of the narrative makes me disgusted. The truth has become is so inverted that I personally have lost all hope. I now know there is no depth too low for my government to sink. The media, instead of telling the truth, exposing lies and contradicting propaganda, is now achieving the neocon dreams of Strauss and Trotsky in serving to sell war to the masses. I no longer hold any hope and am no longer under any illusion regarding the brutality of the American government, but then look and see how easily the American government was able to sell genocide of native Americans to the European settlers.

US Failures Leading to US Self-Destruction

Download audio file   18 April, 2014 00:20

Like a house guest whose exit has long been overdue, the United States continues to bash around Europe as many European countries are beginning to realize that the damage being caused by US geopolitical strategy is far worse than any benefits that they may be able to gain. This was stated in an interview with the Voice of Russia by Joseph Zrnchik, a retired US military planner and trainer. Mr. Zrnchik believes that US failed foreign policy has weakened the US economically, militarily and geopolitically and that this failure is leading to the collapse of his country.

Hello this is John Robles I am speaking with Mr. Joseph Zrnchik, he is a retired US military observer/controller/trainer turned geopolitical commentator.

Robles: You recently wrote a very interesting article regarding the situation in Ukraine where you called US foreign policy "schizophrenic". Can you tell us what you meant by that? Regarding the situation in Ukraine where do you think it is headed?

Zrnchik: It is schizophrenic because on one hand they are attacking different various groups, and then on the other hand they start assisting the same groups that they are attacking, and it makes no sense and it doesn't advance US interests at all, when you attack Al-Qaeda and then you fund Al-Qaeda. That is just the case there.

Same thing in Syria: you work to destabilize the government and then support the CIA to attack Syria, and then the same groups that attack Syria, you sit back and go "Oh, my God, what were we thinking? It looks like these Jihadists are winning, so we need to start backing off".

And then often times the fact that they try to believe a reality that they know it is false, they sit there and tell everybody that it is true and everybody knows it is false. It is like if everybody is looking at this crazy person and they are just shaking their head going "Ok, we will just believe whatever you say because it is easier to do that than try to reason with the US government".

Robles: You say the US is operating from a weakened position militarily, economically and politically. Can you expand on that?

Zrnchik: We have had a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iraq fiasco has just been disastrous, I mean if you are looking at it from an advantage of what the US was trying to accomplish, it totally failed in the war.

There is still war going on, in Iraq you have Sunni-Shiites with sectarian violence, hundreds being killed a month after all that money was spent.

You've got a war going on in Afghanistan. And now the US is trying to figure out how to bow out without losing too much face, giving away billions of dollars and the economy in the US is really… They all keep saying: "We think it is going to get better" but all the experts are saying it is about ready to crash. So, that is economically.

Politically you can look at everybody, everybody is just tired of the US, the US has just added insult upon injury and then more injury, and you look at spying on the rest of the world on its closest allies, the leaders of those countries, like Merkel.

You look at all the ways that the US has been called to task by people in reference to its inconsistencies, its hypocrisies, and people are just tired of hearing it, they know that everything that comes out of the US Government's mouth is just ridiculous and if not ridiculous, then it's a lie. So, that is politically.

And then militarily, it might have a lot of power right now because it has these weapons and equipment but right now the American military is exhausted, the American people don't want any more war, they don't want to pay for any more war.

They look at what the last decade of war has gotten and it has gotten us nowhere, in fact we were told that Al-Qaeda was going to be destroyed, on its last legs and couldn't carry out any operations, and now we find out they have divisions of Al-Qaeda and more and more groups are swearing loyalty to Al-Qaeda, so if you take into taking all those aspects of what is going on, I don't understand how anybody could think that the US is better off than they were 10 years ago.

Robles: What do you think about the Ukrainian situation and sanctions and the EU? How is that going to affect US foreign policy and relations with the European Union? Do you see that going in the negative direction for the US?

Zrnchik: Oh absolutely! Because a lot of Europe already knows that the US is "full of it". I mean, they are just way out of line, everything they say is ridiculous and the US wants to implement sanctions on Russia and in fact Russia's economy is just too important to Europe, and that is where they get their oil from, Russia is going to be a major player in the Eurasian Trade Pact and providing fuel to China, and so the EU is already in bad shape except for Germany.

Germany is doing really well but when we are talking about how they couldn't even do what it took to try to keep Italy from falling apart and yet they think that they can come up with the money to start putting into the Ukraine, and they keep saying: "Putin is going to go in there, he is probably going to try to grab the rest of the Ukraine!" Well that is just ridiculous! Who wants this basket case.

The only reason Putin is involved in Crimea is because there are ethnic Russians who have always been Russians, who want to be part of Russia, and they seek the protection, and it is a duty that is owed to Russian people by Putin. So, he is doing that, but as far as him wanting to absorb the rest of the Ukraine, it is utterly ridiculous.

He can't afford it, the US can't afford it and the EU can't afford it. And I think that there is going to be a lot of chaos that is going to occur because of the fact that there is not going to be enough money to bail out the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is probably in worse shape than a lot of other, what they were calling; "The PIIGS Nations", saying that they needed all that money to be bailed out.

Robles : What were they calling them? Which nations? The pig nations?

Zrnchik: "PIIGS Nations", which was the nations that we were having big trouble economically that they were having to impose austerity measures on, which was Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Greece.

Robles : They call them "PIIGS Nations"? Who called them that?

Zrnchik: It was in western media, it became very common because it was PIIGS, and I guess they wanted to do that to say these countries were just pigs and that is why they are in the mess that they are in economically and of course to deflect any blame from the EU, and then also to create a situation in which Americans weren't sympathetic to those European countries who were having austerity measures forced upon them by the EU.

Robles : Are you talking about Ukraine? Is it a "PIIGS Nation" too?

Zrnchik: It is not but it ought to be included in there because of the fact that if you look at how much money they are consuming, and that is the bottom line, that they are consuming more things than they can pay for. And for the sake of civil society Russia wasn't benefitting from selling them oil at the reduced price. Why were they doing that? It was clearly a case of Putin saying: "Look, people need these things to live and so we are going to sell them at a loss".

Robles: Russia was subsiding the Ukrainian economy and they've been doing that for about 20 years.

Zrnchik: In fact I was just reading Putin is trying to extend an Olive Branch to the rest of the EU saying: "Look, how can we work together to provide for the Ukraine so that there isn't a total collapse of Ukrainian society?"

I mean if there is a total collapse and you've got fascists in charge, who knows where that is going to lead to.

Robles: The latest thing now in Maidan, this started about 12 hours ago, we are starting to get reports that there is a new wave of protests on what the US branded the EuroMaidan Square, it is actually Independence Square. On Maidan there are now protests against the Junta government. So, everything is completely turned around.

The US installed their puppets, they were successful in that, but these were people the population didn't want, they wouldn't have never voted for them and there is now mass protest beginning to build up against that government. How do you think that is going to play out?

Zrnchik: I think it is going to play out a lot like it did in the USAID operation that was going on in Cuba. It is another case of that exactly, there was a great article written on it. And what it was is they tried to create this Twitter account or business that was going to operate in Cuba.

And initially it was set up so that the Cuban would start using it and they could have Social Media and they were going to back it and have it be pro-Cuban and just involved in what was going on in Cuba, but the eventual plan was that they were going to start introducing more and more information that would then pit the people against the government and try to create chaos that way.

It ended up being that they thought it would eventually win and enough people in Cuba would start subscribing to it, that it would become self-sustaining. What ended up happening is when they cut off money to it, the thing collapsed.

It left all these people in Cuba wondering what the heck was going on. The USAID people who were doing legitimate humanitarian work were furious because now they are viewed as a part of the CIA practically and that they are involved in trying to overthrow governments and destabilize and so there is a lot of people who are angry who were working for these agencies, they are saying now we are going to be targets because of what you are doing.

But the bottom line was it was just the military-industrial complex, people who were trying to make money and create some need, a business that the US would go ahead and fund, and there was a whole bunch of people lined up. And then like I said, what happened was when it was supposed to be going on its own, it collapsed and then the State Department was trying to find out who was involved in it, the Senate was trying to find out who was involved in it and so far nobody wants to claim responsibility, nobody knows who was in charge, nobody knows who ordered it.

I mean it is that kind of chaos, it is ridiculous. And I think the same things are going to happen with the Ukraine. They probably are going to try to dump everything on Nuland and a few people within the State Department and Hillary was smart because she bailed. But let's face it, that policy did not just come about in the last two days. That was a policy that was being carried out by Hillary Clinton for her entire time as head of State Department.

I think it is going to be an utter disaster for the US and I don't know where they are going to go. I don't know what Ukraine is going to do. Those are things that can't be answered at this point. It is going to be a disaster, there is going to be people that are going to have to provide humanitarian assistance and I've got a feeling that a lot of people are going to be saying "Russia had it right".

Robles: Eastern Ukraine was full of all the industry and everything, they were supported by sales of manufacturing to Russia, which was a big problem with why Yanukovich didn't sign the EU Association Agreement because they wanted him to cut off all ties with Russia, which would have been suicide of the country economically.

Zrnchik: One of the things that I was going to mention is I think that a lot of problems that the US is having like every empire, what ends up happening is that the more you go out and become belligerent on the world stage, the more people start lining up against you, and pretty soon the empire creates so many enemies for itself that anybody who's against its interests, it is pretty easy for them to go ahead and oppose the US.

I mean everything has been so leveraged that once one thing collapses, everything else starts going down. And so we can see the US is worried about the toppling of these dominoes in that its leadership is going to start being challenged, every act of defiance or even disagreement ends up being something that the US goes completely ballistic over because they worry that any disagreement is going to end up leading everybody else to say "the US isn't necessary. It is more harmful than what it is helpful" and the American people are going to begin to understand the complete failure of the neo-cons Project for a New American Century and of course they are hoping that the American people remain ignorant as to the harm that it's caused to this country even while it causes harm on the world stage.

So, I said in my article: "Gone is the day when the US can go ahead and ship pallets of hundred dollar bills literally by the ton to other countries like they did in Iraq, in a ham-fisted attempt to rebuild civil society.

They hadn't done it in Iraq and they had just pallets of hundreds tons of hundred dollar bills, there is no way that they are going to able to do anything like that in Ukraine. So, it is just stupid for them to be doing that.

Right now they ought to be working constructively and not worrying about who is in charge but worrying about what the needs of the people are going to be and how they are going to maintain the continuity of government amid the imminent collapse.

It ought to be something that the US ought to be studying because of the fact that I could see this happening to the US down the road, especially with the weakening of the petrol dollar, especially with Russia deciding that it wants to have economic ties with China and those two working together, I think it is really going to spell trouble for the US, and so the US needs to start cooperating with other people and try to build friendship as opposed to trying to oppose things that aren't really anything to argue over.

In the Crimea the people have to have the ability to be able to determine their own future and the US has said that over and over again but as soon as it goes against whatever the US policy is, then everything gets thrown out of the window and that is the problem with the US because constantly it is the hypocrisy that drives the rest of the world crazy.

And that is why right now if you look at polls that have been taken, the rest of the world considers the US to be the greatest challenge and the greatest threat to peace.

Robles: Now Joseph, very last comment on the demonization of Russia and President Putin in the western media, and this almost maniacal war propaganda that it seems like all the western media outlets are trying to outdo each other in transmitting to the masses?

Zrnchik: I think right now the biggest problem is Obama looks weak and they are trying to support Obama so they don't want to admit the fact that the US foreign policy is just such a problem, that it is causing problems for the US.

I don't think that they have thought things through and so I think that the US is trying to save face right now.

And the other thing is The Global War on Terror has been such a disaster and it has done nothing but created more chaos, more than the US could ever have hoped to solve.

So, now I think a lot of it is they have wanted to go back to this Cold War mentality, it was safe for the US when the US was just opposing Soviet Union.

If you look at it now, it was actually a very stable time and you knew what each side wanted, what their foreign policy was, what they were going to do, now there is nothing that the US can control anymore.

You were listening to an interview with Joseph Zrnchik a retired US military observer/controller/trainer turned geopolitical commentator. That was the end of this interview thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Ukraine Shows Depth of US Desperation - Part One

Download audio file  13 March 2014

It is a rhetorical question but one that has to be asked again and again; what would be the US Government’s response, if for example protestors went into the Democratic National Committee, burned it down to the ground, occupied government buildings, shot police who were unarmed and then placed themselves in the seats of power by force? he fact is there would be a bloodbath and the authorities would open fire on the “peaceful demonstrators”. 

According to Mr. Joseph Zrnichik it is ridiculous that uniformed Americans continue to buy into the “Putin is an evil guy meme”. He believes the US is growing desperate and lashing out irrationally as they see their empire collapsing.

Hello, this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. Joseph Zrnchik. He is a political analyst and geopolitical commentator.

Robles: Hello Sir!

Zrnchik: Hello.

Robles: I’d like to ask you some questions regarding Ukraine, starting out with the financial elements. Now it began with an EU agreement that would have given the country approximately $1 billion over 7 years and a Russian Customs Union and which would have given the country $100 billion over that same period. Now the US has come up with their $1 billion loan again. Ukraine currently owes Gazprom $2.5 billion for just gas alone. Can you comment on that please?

Zrnchik: Sure, what is being offered by the EU right now and by the US is chump change. And really, I believe that a large part of what is being offered is only so that the IMF and the EU could further get its hooks into the Ukraine. And I really believe that it is just a method no doubt to do what they’ve been doing basically throughout the entire world, which is being able to get them in debt and then you’ll cause them to surrender their sovereignty, and then be able to exploit that country, and be able to suck its wealth out of that country.

The US has done that through the IMF, the World Bank. I mean, that’s the kind of stuff that they do. It is really just a global loan sharking operation. And I think that is very short-sighted of the Ukraine to fall for this. And I’m really surprised, because one of the other things that I was considering and other people are considering is the fact that the main thing behind the EU is to cause countries to surrender their sovereignty, so that they can be put under the thumb of the EU with Van Rompuy.

And now we are looking at the exact opposite taking place here. We have ultranationalists who are taking over the country. And the question is – are they going to pay back and what’s their response going to be when the IMF or the EU comes in and says: “Well, now we are going to implement austerity measures, we are going to start forcing you to sell off parts of your country.”

And I think it will be real interesting to see what is going to happen in the long-term. I think it’s going to be much more unrest than what we are seeing now.

Robles: OK I’d like to comment on what you said and add… I don’t know if you are aware of several facts here. Now, their leader Yatsenyuk – the leader of these neo-Nazis – he is aware and they said that he would just be selling Ukraine off if they sign the EU agreement. Now I don’t know if you are aware of this, part of this EU agreement entails handing over 100% of the gas pipeline that runs from Russia into Europe through Ukraine, handing that over to Exxon oil, 100%. It also calls for handing over 50% of key mineral resource industries also over to German concerns. So, if they sign that agreement they are basically guaranteeing that they are just giving away their country. They know what they are doing.

Now, you raised an interesting issue. How is the US and Europe, how can they possibly trust these people. I guess $1 billion is not very much of a loss if they lose it. But do they really trust these people who are ready to sell off their own country, that they are not going to stab the US in the back?

Zrnchik: Well, and that’s why of course they always maintain they work at developing ties with other groups. Their connections with the fascists was really a marriage of convenience and what they were using in the short term to try to destabilize the Ukrainian Government. You know, they had a whole other group of people who were the people that they were hoping that they were going to work with.

Of course, just as it … has happened in Syria, the US ties its boat to one of groups, one of the Jihadist groups that’s fighting in … that they had considered was going to be a moderate group. And then, what happens is that moderate group was literally wiped out and when they had the Geneva-2 talks, there weren’t even any representatives, well there was one representative and there was no organization behind him.

So, it was really kind of a joke that, and I think the same thing is going to end up happening, that the people that the US had hoped were going to be there aren’t going to be there and in the long-term this is going to blow up in their face. So, again, it is short-sightedness. The US doesn’t look at second and third order effects of what it is that they are doing.

Robles: Libya - they wanted to get rid of Gaddafi, they supported some extremists, Islamists and NATO was their support for them. Syria - they wanted to do the same thing. They supported these Al Qaeda people and these Islamic lunatics who were murdering Christians and everybody else. And then they wanted to call in basically NATO air support for them.

In this case they have Yatsenyuk, Klitchko and their little neo-Nazi leader who was openly calling for killing Russians and Poles, and Jews etc, and blacks. Of course, there is not very many blacks in Ukraine, but they were calling for the killing of blacks as well. Then, they used these neo-Nazis as basically military support for their little group and it’s gotten out of control. Or do you think they were planning to support these neo-Nazis from the beginning?

Zrnchik: Well Victoria Nuland was talking in Washington and she was bragging about the fact that the US had spent… and in an article I’ve put $5 million. And I was going to research that and I found out they had spent $5 billion just to destabilize the government. To me that is incredible! Right now this country is on the verge of bankruptcy and they want to offer them $1 billion, while the whole country is ready to go down the drain. And yet they spent $5 billion just promoting the opposition groups inside there. So, there is so much blood money floating around that.

It was just kind of like with Syria. I mean, weapons ended up going in all these other groups’ hands. It was the same thing with money, with that much money being thrown into the Ukraine. I mean some of that money was going towards these fascist elements, and I don’t think that the US had a real good handle on it, anymore than they had a handle on what types of jihadist groups in Syria were ending up with weapons that were coming from Saudi Arabia or from the EU.

Robles: Now, the people in Kiev right now, they were …I don’t know how else to put it, they are just thugs. They forced the government out, they put themselves in the seats in the Parliament and they are pretending to be the Government.

Zrnchik: Well, they were holding prosecutors and they were holding legislators at gunpoint. And there is not a word of that in the Western media. Our media is just distrusting, it is useless, it’s ruthless and when you read it here, it is so skewed. In fact I wrote an article just about how skewed the media is in reference to what is going on in the Ukraine, and it was called “The US Media's Warped and Twisted Coverage of the Ukraine and Crimea”.

And in it there’s quotes, these are active quotes, and I’ve brought it up right here I want to read it real quick. There’s some quotes about from the CIA talking about how they control the major media. And here is one it says: “you can get a …” and this is by Deborah Davis. She wrote - and she was quoting a CIA agent – she said that she had interviewed him. She said: “the reason why the US media is so bad is because you could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred bucks a month”. And that was in a book that she wrote, called Catherine the Great.

And then, another one it says the CIA agent, he said: “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone, owns everyone of any significance in the major media”. And that was by William Colby, who was the former CIA Director. Another quote was: “There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are CIA Agency people at the management level”. And that is by William B. Bader, who was a former CIA intelligence officer, while he was briefing the Senate Intelligence Committee.

And then it says here: “The Agency’s relationship with The New York Times was by far the most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials”. And that was in a book that was written “CIA and the Media” by Carl Bernstein.

So, you see, that the CIA brags about what it does. And here is one by Robert Gates. It says: “PAO (Public Affairs Office of the CIA) now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation”. And that was by Robert Gates.

So, you see, the media that we have here is…in the height of the Soviet Union the West used to talk about how poor their media propaganda was. Well, I’ll give the US one thing – they have become so sophisticated in their media propaganda that Americans are just flooded with nonsense and the truth about what is going on is just not getting out in the mainstream media.

Robles: How do you get some of the truth? Because, obviously, you’ve seen some real reports coming out of Kiev. Where did you find your information?

Zrnchik: Well, there’re some people who write for like and, people who are former government officials. Well you look at Ron Paul, here is the previous presidential candidate, he ran as a Republican, and he is saying the exact same thing and making the exact same arguments that Putin is making. So, how crazy can it be what Putin is saying and what Russian officials are saying, when Ron Paul, a presidential candidate, is backing up exactly what they said as being the truth?

Robles: Well yeah. Crimea, I mean, this is not part of the media dialog in the US, but Crimea has always been very close to Russia. Crimea was actually part of the Soviet Union until Brezhnev gave it to Ukraine. And there’s illegitimate these Bandera Nazis have threatened openly to kill Russians. They’ve killed actually, there is a report of a bus load of people that were killed.

Zrnchik: … There’s some media has covered what has happened here and they’ve spoke about the opposition, fascist opposition hiring thugs to execute, to assassinate and snipe at both the police and the protesters.

Robles: Right!

Zrnchik: And the people here, some of the writers here have said – well what would be the US Government’s response, if with Obama they went into the Democratic National Committee, burned it down to the ground and then occupied government buildings, shot police who were unarmed and here was a gesture to try to deescalate the situation and make sure there were no injuries.

And I don’t know. As bad as it was, that the police were getting killed, I could imagine what would have happened if the police were armed. They would have blamed all this slaughter strictly on the President. And now they are trying to go ahead and have him tried as a war criminal, which, again, it would be another US kangaroo court.

Robles: Well, they tried that anyway. They tried it anyway. No, you know what would happen in the US if some supposed political opposition went in and they started a…there was about 89 police officers killed by sniper fire.

Zrnchik: There would be a blood bath. They would open fire on all of the protestors.

Robles: Can you imagine if 89 unarmed policemen were killed in the United States and, then these people took over the US Congress, for example, kicked everybody out of the Senate and put themselves…I’m just speechless that they could actually support anything like this!

Zrnchik: I tried to speak with people about it and the overall ignorance of Americans and how much they just buy into this “Putin is this evil guy meme”, I mean it’s ridiculous. The fact of the matter is – the EU wants and the US want to be able to exploit … they are at the end of their ropes, they are going broke, and they are becoming so desperate that they are behaving in an irrational manner. And they are like a little kid, when he gets to the point where he has no argument left, he just starts doing crazy things. And you wonder what they are doing. And I’m kind of thinking, that’s where the US is right now.

In fact, I remember Noam Chomsky said well things are getting so bad for the US that he could see them just hitting everything with a sledgehammer just to see what is going to happen, because they already know what is going to happen if they don’t do anything. And the fact of the matter is the way things are can’t continue. And that’s the problem that they have right now, that the country is going broke, the international money system with the US being threatened as the global currency is going down the tube. They are worried about Putin putting in oil lines and they need to control that and they are worried about his … the trade pacts. What was it called, the Eurasian, or what was the trade …?

Robles: Well there is now a Eurasian Trade Union that is coming up, right. There is the Customs Union. There is the BRICS countries, of course that’s a worry for the US, I suppose.

Assange was obviously set up - Part Two

My first question is kind of a little personal. I'm interested why you as a long-serving military officer, why did you decide to speak out about all the illegality in the US, especially when there's so much backlash to anyone who dares to question the government?

Zrnchik: Well, one of my biggest concerns was that I served in the military all those years and all that time it was because I was a very big constitutionalist, and I believed in those rights that we were told that we had. And the moment I went to exercise those rights, I ended up suffering criminal charges at the hands of my own government. And the worst part of it was, not only did I suffer these charges, but they were complete lies, I mean, the police said I was screaming and out-of-control, and threatening, and nothing like that ever happened and, lucky for me, there were witnesses.

But all these rights - and it's happening on two different occasions -so all these rights that we were told that we have, the second you try to exercise them, the Police State in our country just totally turns you into this criminal, and then you're not able to exercise those rights whatsoever. So I'm very angry about that, of course. Because of that we're not able to have the political change that we've always been told that the citizens can work for. So that was one of the biggest reasons why I decided to speak out.

Then the second reason was, just like I'm a very inquisitive person and so I started reading the background of all the stuff that's happened in the Middle East since 1953, since the overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh. And,when youreally get into the history, I mean, I was just appalled at how ignorant my fellow Americans were of all the major things that occurred,whether you're talking about the run up to the Iraq War, Saddam wanting to use euros in oil-for-food program, the attacks on the Iranian Oil bourse to prevent the rest of the world from having to be taxed by the US government through this whole scheme of the petrol ballot recycling that occurs. So the more you look into things, the more you realize - everything that you thought you knew was a lie."

Robles: Can you tell us, I don’t mean to pry, but what exactly, just going back a minute,to what happened with you at the US authorities? How did you try to express your constitutional rights? - If you can talk about that.

Zrnchik: Yes, sure. On one occasion I took a picture of a car accident, the police came up and wanted toseize my camera. And I said: "this is my property; you have no right to seize it. If you would like to have the pictures I took, you can go ahead and get a subpoena and I'll be more than happy to comply with the subpoena," then they said: “well, you know,if you don't give it to us, we're going to say that you were tampering with evidence." I said, "There’s all these people here. I can prove I didn't tamper with evidence." Well then they turned around and they said that I started screaming and cursing at them, when I was arrested. I said, "Well then, what did you arrest me for?" And they said, "Wellbecause you're being disorderly." And I said, "When I was disorderly?" And they said, "Well you were disorderly after we were arresting you." I said, "Well how can you arrest me for disorderly conduct before it even occurred, and then when you arrested me, you claimed that I became disorderly." And then they charged me with resisting arrest, interfering with law enforcement, so I was really-really astounded.

The amazing thing to me, and this happened in Valparaiso, Indiana, the police were so worried about what had happened, they sent the Assistant Chief of Police, they sent the Chief Detective; they sent the Patrol Lieutenant. They sent, you know, like six police officers there. And the amazing thing was - the jury took the word of two 15-year-old children over that of an entire police department’s senior leadership. You know, and you would think that they would be humiliated about it, but they weren't at all.

And that's not the only thing that happened to me. The other thing was, and prior to that, I was running a traffic school for a court system, and it was when I had first joined the military and I believed in duty and our country, and I wanted to help the people out, because one of the things that happens is that people get … when they get traffic tickets, their insurance rates go up, and then they get tied into the corporate modelin the United States. So you go out and you drive your car and you get a traffic ticket, and you report it to your insurance company, and then your insurance goes to the roof.

So I went to a court and I said, "Look, I’m a drivers’ educational instructor, I'd like to teach a traffic school. All I'm asking for is a $100 per class. You can put thirty people in this class and,you know, I’d make ateacher driver’s safety class, where in that way they won’t have a conviction on their record for a minor driving offence."

Robles: Right, right.

Zrnchik: The judge turned around and said, "Well what I want you to do is pay the Police based on the number of the tickets that they write." Well the Police ended up going from writing about 25 tickets a month to writing 150 tickets a month. And then they wanted to get paid 150 people times $30 per person. So these police officers started writing all these kind of tickets. Well I told the judge I didn't want anything to do with this scam, that I got involved in this because I wanted to help people. I wasn’t going to turn this into a revenue generating scam for a local government body. And he turned around and called him to meet him in a bar.

He was wearing surveillance equipment. And then he started asking me, because I told him, I was going to go to the media to let the media know what was going on. And he met me in a bar then and he started saying, "People told me you had a gun, and that you shoot dangerous." And I tell, I said, "Are you serious? I mean I'm a college educated guy, I’m an army officer, I'm a teacher. Why would you say things that are so stupid?" He took that to a prosecutor, the prosecutor as a favor to him, because he was a judge, I'm decided that they were going to go ahead and try to indict me with aGrand Jury. Well it's a real weird laws in the United States in reference to Grand Juries.

Robles: Yeah, I know.

Zrnchik: Because if you, as the target of an investigation are not allowed to examine, cross-examine, introduce evidence, have witnesses on your behalf. Then it only takes 5 out of 23 people to indict you. Then all 23 people told the judge and the prosecutor, who acts as the judge for a Grand Jury hearing, to go get lost. And they said, they issued what was called No True Bill. But I mean this is how abusive our government has become.

The funny thing was, the judge had a secret tape recording and when the Grand Jury listened to it and I explained in there that - I didn't know that he had any recording device - but I explained to the judge what was going on, and what my disagreements with him were, and how this was turning into just a criminal scam that I didn't want any part of.

After the Grand Jury heard what I had said, they issued a No True Bill, because what happened was that judge tried to say that I was blackmailing him, and I told him, I said I don't want anything to do with this scam and so, of course, he had nothing else to say and then,what he was trying to make me hire him back, and he wanted more money, and it was obvious from the secret tape recording that the judge had made himself, that all of his accusations were lies. But again the way the legal brotherhood works together in this country, it's really like the prosecutors, the judges, and the Police - they're all allied against the American people. And this is just part and parcel of what goes on millions of times per day.

Robles: Yeah, I’ve had very similar and even worse experiences; maybe we’ll talk about that one day. Ok, thank you for sharing that with us. Can you tell us a little bit about your book? I think that would be interesting, especially for some of our international listeners.

Zrnchik: Well, yeah, I just couldn't understand why they wouldn't allow Assange to be able to face his accusers. I mean, if all they were really interested in was these sex allegation charges, I couldn't understand why they wouldn't allow him to answer all the questions that a prosecutor had, and in fact he offered to answer all those questions before he had left the country. And then what amazed me was, of course, that - they just wanted him in prison, they kept him in jail for all that time and I was amazed at the way these other countries bent to the will of the United States and refused to protect their own citizens' rights.

So I started doing some research into the two ladies that made the allegations against him. I remember that one of those names was Arden. I forgot what the other one’s name was. But I started finding all these ties that were connecting her to the CIA."

Robles: Right, right, right, right, right.

Zrnchik: And so she was actually involved in like Miami groups with ---

Robles: Cuban, Cuban.

Zrnchik:---anti-Castro groups, and she had actually went to Cuba and was actually kicked out of Cuba for conducting anti-government activities.

Robles: Right, right.

Zrnchik: And it sort of amazed me that people couldn't believe that this was obviously a trap laid for Assange by somebody who - if you read the whole story about her - leaving for a couple of days and then coming back early, when she said she was going to be gone, so that he was in the same house with her. Then she decides to have sex with him, and then she admits it was consensual, and then she turns around and wants this, it makes her mission in life to have this guy prosecuted.

And even afterwards she'd have given him money, she drove him to the train station, she'd gone out to eat with him, and then the weird thing was - there was connection between her and the other young lady, because they had worked at the college together, so it was like she introduced Assange to her friend, and that her friend could have sex with him also, you know. And so you wonder how things could be as crazy as they were and how there could be so many connections and things that just didn't make sense. And the more I looked into it, it became obvious to me. And it angers me that our government could behave in such a manner, and then that the rest of the world, if the rest of the world would just say, "Hey, we're not going to play ball with this nonsense anymore!"

And it just amazes to me how easy it is for politicians from other countries to be bought off. And that's why it really amazed me with Putin is that he stood up to the Saudi Royal Family. He said basically, "I don't want your money." He decided he was going to be a statesman and do what was right in the geo-political interests of Russia. And not be brought off, I mean the Bushes would have sold Americans down the river in a heartbeatfor no amount of money, because these ruling elites, they couldn’t care less about duty and our country, patriotism and those are just nonsense words. Everything is about them ruling, being the ruling class and, of course, ruling us minions, us mundanes.

Robles: You were listening to an interview in progress with Joseph Zrnchik, a military and political analyst and a 25-year veteran of the United States Army.

Russia Needs to Challenge American Interests Everywhere Part Three

Download audio file 1 April, 22:58

The United States continues to cause crisis after crisis all over the world and is the single greatest cause of global instability. This was stated in an interview for the Voice of Russia by Joseph Zrnchik, a Retired US Military Observer Controller/Trainer turned geopolitical commentator. Mr. Zrnchik stated that this being the case then Russia needs to start challenging American interests wherever and however it can. 

He likened the US Government to people living in a glass house and throwing rocks. Mr. Zrnchik also cited Ron Paul who called out John Kerry for his ridiculous invade on false pretenses comment and said that the US is no longer a capitalist country because there is no capital being formed and there is no capital being lent out and nobody wants to lend money because they don’t look at the US as being a good place for businesses to be able to grow.

Hello, this is John Robles. I'm speaking with Joseph Zrnchik. He is a Political Analyst, a Geopolitical Commentator and a Retired US Military Observer Controller/Trainer. This is part 3 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website

Robles: War is very expensive and I think they've overextended themselves, I think Ukraine was just – it's too big of a piece even NATO with all of its allies and everything else and the US will not be able to digest Ukraine. It will not be possible, no matter how much they want it.

Zrnchik: Right.

Robles: What I see from over here it is quite frightening but it is like you said a minute ago they are desperate, this is like the endgame: if they don't do it now, they will never do it and they are getting irrational in their desperation which is extremely dangerous when you are talking about things like these.

Zrnchik: And China has been very quiet while this is going on, I mean it doesn't want to tip its cards and doesn't want to get to emotionally involved. The US is talking about its "Asian Pivot" and wanting to start challenging China because China of course is starting to invest. I mean it's being a good business partner. It is not seeking to dominate, it is seeking to do business.

Robles: Joseph, how much of US debt does China own now? Do you know? Do you have any idea?

Zrnchik: I heard that it was just at a trillion but I find that hard to believe given the trade inbalance that we have. That is one of the things that really hasn't been talked about in the media and I've tried to find it before. And the only thing I found is previous stuff about trade . What have you heard in the international media, I mean?

Robles: Not too much, not too much. I think they are purposefully hiding all that information. But as far as I know China basically owns 80% of the US, as far as bonds, outright companies it owns, foreign debt, etc. This was a few years ago when they came out with some figures. Literally I have not seen any figures like this for about three years.

Zrnchik: I've read that China is buying a lot of gold. I've read that the US hasn't been able to get Germany its gold back, that the Germans have been trying to get back, they said it is going to take them 20 years to transfer the gold from the US Treasury back to Germany.

So that is kind of interesting. And the problem for China is this: I mean they don't want to have a big panic when they get stuck holding however much debt that they are holding and they are holding all this devalued currency and all these devalued financial instruments.

And so there is an old saying that says: "If you owe somebody a million dollars that is your problem, but when you owe somebody a trillion dollar that is their problem."

That is kind of the position China is in right now and who knows what is going to happen. I've read more and more that a lot of these foreign countries are beginning to buy property and land and other types of things in the US of course and the US has done everything it can to try to keep China from buying major businesses and stuff like that but at some point they are not going to want the dollar. And the other problem is, I'm sure you are familiar with SDRs, right?

Robles: Yeah.

Zrnchik: So Special Drawing Rights, well no one wants to work with the dollar anymore. And they were worried about the US. If the US goes ahead and it capitalizes the IMF and the World Bank with money that comes right fresh off a printing press and it wants to buy Chinese businesses but yet it doesn't want the Chinese to use any of that money to buy American businesses it becomes a very one-sided exchange very quickly.

Robles: Yeah, I don't think China is going to allow that to happen. Joseph, anything you want to finish up with because we are out of time.

Zrnchik: I think I've covered the major points, the things that I wanted to discuss outside the fact that more and more the US is slipping into a fascist police state in which people have less and less rights and all you keep hearing more and more is police just beating people to death just for taking pictures of them, all different typed of police abuse, tyranny from inside the Justice Department.

The last thing that is kind of interesting is the fact that now the Justice Department is actually starting to get involved in looking at what the CIA was doing because the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee she is demanding that there be prosecutions that take place and not prosecutions because there were tortures and murders that occurred, she wants prosecutions now because the CIA started looking into the Senate.

So the fact that the CIA was carrying out torture and murder and then destroyed evidence all that is ok. But now that the Senate finally decides to start looking into ten years later this things is kind of getting to a head so it is really interesting because this thing has made the major media. And I'm wondering where that is going to play put, how they are going to try to sweep this back under the rug because of course they cannot go forward with it because the entire political establishment in the US is guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and the like.

So the US is going to slip farther and farther into being a police state, there is going to be more and more oppression. The country is going to get poorer and poorer. And the question is how is that going to play out on the world stage and given the fact that the US is war weary the American people are just sick of having a stagnant economy in which there is no money velocity. And the only thing that keeping our head above water is continually, you know the government just grabbing more and more money and spending it on weapon systems and trying to make money off selling weapon systems to the world. It is going to be interesting to see if this thing goes to an armed conflict: how well our weapon systems are going to work.

And I've got to tell you I've been following this for a long time and I'm kind of interested in seeing how the Russian anti-ship missiles – how well they work. I watched video on them and the S300 and S400 systems and I think that the Russia is going to have to get behind Iran more. If the US is going to create this type of global instability then Russia really needs to start challenging American interests wherever and however it can.

And I don't think that the US is – when you live in a glass house you should definitely not be throwing rocks. And the US has just lost track of what it is doing and we got people like Kerry who act like little children who have been mocked so hard because of the fact that...he said we don't invade countries under false pretenses, and the Ron Paul came up and he named like ten different instances when the US invaded countries under false pretenses and not just invaded but carried out wars and occupations…

Robles: Yeah. You were talking about weapon systems. I've had the opportunity to talk to, these were secret sourse but they witnessed the NATO/US anti-missile defense system in action. And it doesn't work. This system allowed 40% of large missiles through and was completely ineffective on smaller missiles. So there you go..

Zrnchik: The Yakout was supposed to be faster, smaller, engage in violent end maneuvers and from what I've read they said: "Threatening nations with carrier groups is going to end up being a thing of the past."

So it is interesting how this plays out. And the old Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times", I can't think of a time that is more interesting than what it is right now.

And I mean it is scary world we live in and I just hope that cooler heads will prevail.

Robles: Well, I hope it stops being a scary world and I hope peace prevails and rule of law prevails because all the war and the illegality – I think it is not only the American populace who are sick of it, I think most of the world is sick of it completely.

Zrnchik: Yeah, I mean we can have peaceful trade with all these nations. I mean look what China has done for the US. If it wasn't for the fact that China being producers and making all those things they are making, I mean Americans would literally have been miserable for the last 30 years.

We've gotten great products, that was a country that was supposed to be such a threat to us and they all they wanted to do was do business and now they want to do business in Africa. And of course now the US created AFRICOM, it is starting up all this trouble in Africa it wants to keep China out of there, from being able to do business and make people's lives better.

So we could be really at the beginning of the entire new age.

Robles: To be honest that is all Russia wants to do, that is what the BRICS countries want do. They want to: in peace conduct business, build their societies, build their economies and be free from intimidation and treats and the stealing of their resources and outside control and manipulation.

Zrnchik: And the fact that the US and the EU control money, they are really keeping all these other countries down because of the fact that they are in control of the monetary system.

Robles: Well, they are trying to, but it is not working, that is the thing . I mean you can't keep the whole world down from Brussels, it is not possible or from Washington. It is a big world out there.

Zrnchik: The collapsing of the system right now might be the best thing that can happen for the US because the longer you try to subvert economic reality the greater the expenses. In the end it is not going to work.

You can go ahead and try to print money, you can try to create markets, you can lie, you can steal, you can do all these things and wage war and try to carry out all this nonsense but in the end an apple is still worth the price of an apple.

Robles: Joseph, do average Americans have any hope left? As far as young people – do they have any of starting a family, getting a job, having a couple kids, buying a house? Or is that gone?

Zrnchik: That is gone. The American dream is over with. There are so many people right now that are unemployed, there are so many bankruptcies, there are so many home foreclosures, there are no jobs out there .

It got so bad that the US decided that it was going to start counting fast food working from McDonalds because they make hamburgers as being a production job. I'm not kidding you. They want to be able to disguise how bad things have gotten in the US and they just keep getting worse.

Right now they created trillions of dollars and start to try dump this into the economy and the fact of the matter is we are getting really close to the time where all that money is gone. And it is false stimulation of the economy and effect which was a very small effect is gone.

So bills are going to come due and when other countries start deciding that they want..all the money that we do of course is short term and continually based on whatever the current market is they can readjust the interest rates.

We are stuck keeping the interest rates at zero because the US cannot afford to pay interest on all the money it owes, it can't afford to pay any. So to look at how the interest rates are it is ridiculous. And that is just one side of….

What kind of capitalist country? It is not a capitalist country, if there is no capital being formed and there is no capital being lent out at any interest rate and nobody wants to lend money because they don't look at it as being a good place for businesses to be able to grow. What does that tell you? I mean capitalism in the US is dead.

Robles: Capitalism is dead you say.

Zrnchik: Yeah, we have crony capitalism, that is not true capitalism.

Robles: Right. On that note maybe one real quick last comment and we will finish up with that .

Zrnchik: I would just ask your readers and listeners to look at Lou Rockwell dot com and find about the Austrian School of Economic Thought, I would ask them to look at They have plenty people who are American statesmen, historians, ex-CIA people who are critical of where the government is taking the country and the people are real statesmen and honorable men and they write great articles down there.

I get all my news out there and the thing is for the last 15 years that website has been 100% spot on. Everything that it has stated going all the way back to before the Iraq war, so when it starts talking about Iran, if it starts talking about Israel, the Palestinian situation it's just spot on with everything. Everything that it says is against the US. I mean, you look at what happened in Bosnia – this is interesting to see we turned around and as told "Bosnia, we are going to tale Kosovo away from you and create Kosovars. And now they are saying they cannot do it in Crimea. It is ridiculous.

If people go there they will become well educated and very informed on ..

Robles: Joseph, I'm sorry what about the Voice of Russia?

Zrnchik: Yeah, actually too. You know what, here is the funny thing. RT is great too and more and more people, I was surprised because I was talking to my parents about what is going on and they said we've seen that on the RT, they quit.

Here is my parents in their seventies and they were never politically sophisticated and they were not really involved in politics or geopolitics and economics and now they said: "We no longer watch network news".

It is so ridiculous and it so blatantly apparent that even my parents said: "We don't watch them anymore". I went to my parents' house to say hi to them and my dad has got RT on and he was watching what was going on there. So it is kind of interesting.

And I certainly appreciate the chance to be able to talk with you here and get my story out and another point of view. Hopefully this will come back to the US and more Americans will listen and hear and see what is going on.

Robles: Ok, you are not censored here. So this is still honestly a free speech zone.

Zrnchik: Thank you very much for having me. I look forward to talking to you in the future.

Robles: Alright, great, thank you, stay in touch.

Zrnchik: Ok.

Robles: Thanks a lot, take care.

You were listening to an interview with Joseph Zrinchek. He is a political analyst and commentator. That was part 3 of a longer interview.

Americans Want to See Obama Defeated in Middle East Writes Joseph Zrnchik

By Joseph Zrnchik, 3 September, 2013 10:45

Dear readers, I have received a lot of mail from all of you as of late in response to my efforts covering the Syrian crisis and in particular to work on trying to uncover the true connection between Saudi Prince Bandar "Bush" and terrorism, in light of his threat against President Putin and the Russian people. One of the best and most detailed responses came from an unexpected source, unexpected because I am fighting for peace and this response was from an almost lifetime member of the US military. What he has to say is worth reading, so please let me introduce Joseph Zrnchik a Retired U.S. Military Observer Controller/Trainer who served the United States from October 1981to May 2006 (24 years 8 months) and taught Battle Command Staff Training (BCST), Operational Planning, Tactical Operations Center Training (TOC Training) and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Training. Mr. Zrnchik has independently contributed this work for the Voice of Russia. Thank you all, and best wishes. John

The exhortations for government support has worn thin. It is currently great weather in the US if you like to be peed on and told its raining. Not only does the US government have no credibility with the international community, but it no longer has any credibility with any American displaying common sense. The excuses given for attacks on other nations, banker bailouts, NSA destruction of the 4th Amendment and the right to be free of unlawful search and seizure, having the unalienable right of habeus corpus, the institution of police state brutality for the purpose of crushing peaceful dissent, the violations of international laws banning torture, the destruction of the US Constitution with regard to presidential claiming power to assassinate Americans, the death knells of due process, the heinous abuses common people suffer at the hands tyrannical police and the criminals in robes sitting in judgement who now serve the state as opposed to providing justice to the people, all make it clear to Americans that those having any connection with the government are now using government as a means to loot the people and protect their criminal rackets that are being perpetrated on a global scale.

The absurdities, lies and hypocrisies place Washington DC at the pinnacle of human arrogance, hypocrisy and stupidity. As the economy crumbles in the US, Americans stand idly by as bankers and defense contractors steal hundreds of billions of dollars. This is occurring as the government gives perverse justifications for the expansion of police state powers. It is sickening to listen to the corporate media as they refuse to address the medacity of government officials by using even the most basic levels of reasoning abilities. And with many Americans cheering for the government against Snowden, Assange and Manning, it is as if many Americans want their government to lie to them and abuse them. The refusal by the political elite to admit what everyone knows is the truth has finally disgusted Americans to such an extent that the government is now in fear and has emplaced legislation that will shut down the internet, usurp the Constitution and turn America into a full-blown police state with the flick of a switch.

All informed Americans now know the forces fighting in Syria are 90 percent Saudi-financed foreign jihadists of the al Qaeda variety who are being rightfully crushed by Assad and Hezbollah. All informed Americans know Israel wants the US wallowing in the mire of religious and sectarian Middle East violence as they support al Qaeda as a CIA/Saudi proxy terrorist army. All informed Americans know the Saudis have supplied the terrorists with chemical weapons that they have repeatedly used in an attempt to drag the US into war. This war proves Saudi Arabia controls al Qaeda and that al Qaeda can only be defeated by attacking Saudi Arabia. But, the US wants al Qaeda so that it has an excuse to steal more money and liberty from Americans by pushing the US’s Global War on Terror into its second decade. We have spent a decade fighting the global war on terror only to watch Al Qaeda swell is numbers to division level with the entire al Nusra Front swearing loyalty to al Qaeda. The claim that al Qaeda has been attritted to a few hundred world-wide is Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clinton nonsense. We will now be forced to follow empire to its logical conclusion as Americans discover imperial politics benefits the few at the expense of the many. But Obama is being humiliated by the common soldier, sailor and marine as they post social media videos telling Obama they will never fight along side or support al Qaeda who had been killing thousands of American service members in Iraq and killed thousands of American civilians on 9/11.

Obama has decided to shoot his mouth off and attempt to place Americans in the position of supporting Sunni sectarian slaughter. Thankfully people like Rand Paul have placed a check on Obama as he is being forced to confer with congress before attempting to begin the first ever war initiated by a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. The US Congress has finally placed a check on Obama’s radical attempt to expand his executive power, and not a moment too soon. Obama has said he meant what he said about using US military might in Syria, but the US military does not belong to Obama so much as it does the American people whose representatives regarding whether to wage war is the US House of Representatives. The House of Representatives represents the American people and there is no army without the people. For the US Army to expect homage is absurd, because it is the people and not the military who provides the funds, mans the weapons and fights the wars. It is the US Army who owes the American people homage and not the other way around. I say this as a retired Army officer who had served for over 24 years.

Major media networks have played Obama’s and Biden’s speeches criticizing Bush and threatening him with impeachment for attempting to begin the Iraq War without proper congressional approval, without observing the War Power Act and without abiding by the US Constitution’s Article 1, Section 8. How both can now make the claim that the president can act as a unitary executive is rank hypocrisy and makes both look like laughingstocks every time the video is played.

Considering the way the leadership of our military has thrown soldiers under the bus for the political considerations, it is amazing anyone would be so stupid as to further believe anymore of the imperial nonsense spewn by globalists and the corporations they own. These globalist have served to loot the American people as they prove to be a knife to the throat of nations who seek to act in the best interests of their own citizens and in accordance with international law. That the US could excuse itself from the International Criminal Court and disregard the Geneva and Hague Conventions makes one question the intellectual level of any soldier who could believe such obvious lies and contradictions. That people could be made to be so stupid ought to scare leaders who expect soldiers to be able to think for themselves. I question why any American would want to serve such an obscene government.

When one considers how the US Army lied about Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch as it covered for and excused torture and murder sanctioned by senior military officers and government officials like Cheney, Rumseld, Bush, and Alberto Gonzales, this ought to force every American to support politicians who would begin war crimes tribunals. While as they literally engaged in mass murder, torturing to death even Iraqi generals, they were able to throw Pvt. Lyndee England under a bus for "torture" without batting an eye. That all she did was humiliate Iraqi prisoners which brought her years in Leavenworth ought to make people wonder how US officials got away with suffocating Iraqi generals and hanging people backwards by their wrists until death. Yet people remain ignorant, stupid and apathetic.

Look how the military allowed Israel to slaughter dozens of sailors on the USS Liberty as they machine-gunned the severely injured on lifeboats. Look how John McCain’s father, Admiral McCain covered for the Israeli atrocities by whitewashing the investigation thereby ensuring his son’s political future in the Zionist-controlled US political establishment. Not only did the military establishment lie about what happened, but it threatened with treason anyone who would expose the crimes of the elite as President Lyndon Johnson left Americans defenseless while recalling a fighter wing so that Israelis could continue their slaughter of killing injured sailors left on the high seas in life rafts.

One Hollywood movie you will never see is about the USS Liberty. Israeli savagery would make any Jaws movie seem mundane in comparison. All the movie producers would have to do is change the "A" to an "E" and the new horror movie "Jews" would show that there are creatures with less of a soul than a Great White Shark.

With regard to the war in Syria, the US screams that Assad needs to be attacked because he used chemical weapons against "his people". So let’s look at the deceptions here. First, the Syrian opposition is one-third al Qaeda. Those that are not al Qaeda are associated forces collected from across the Sunni Arab world and are militants supplied and funded by Saudi Arabia to wage war against Shiite governments. These forces are illegal under the all international law and The Rules for Land Warfare. These terrorist groups have been caught red-handed using chemical weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia both in hopes of killing Shiites and with the intention to create a false flag situation. The Syrian oppositional forces are made up of only about ten percent of the Syrian population and are hard core Salafist, Wahabbist and Takfiri fighters who in no way represent the overwhelming majority of Syrian society. The other ninety percent come from across the entire Middle East where kings rule lawlessly and democratic movements are always crushed with the utmost brutality. While Assad has asked for talks to save Syria, the foreign fighters have no concern about laying of of Syria to waste.

The US constantly talks about how we need to attack Syria due to its violations of international law while Israel and the US have both used white phosphorous to attack civilian population centers. In the case of the US in Fallujah, the Marines surrounded the city, allowed women and children to flee while holding the men captive in the city and then unleashed a vicious barrage against thousands of non-combatants.

During Operation Cast Lead the Israelis bombed a UN observer post and killed all the international observers so that no one could see the war crimes it was committing as it opened fire on schools and civilian refugee camps using the internationally banned weapon of white phosphorous. When the IDF found it could not defeat Hezbollah, it then began an orgy of destruction targeting civilians and infrastructure in violation of international law. Was there ever a word spoken by the US against Israeli atrocities?

During the Iran-Iraq War, the US supplied Saddam’s Sunni Baathist military with chemical weapons he used to conduct an illegal war and kill 600,000 Iranians. Then, the US lied about the slaughter of Iraqis by Saddam and said the Shiite civilians that Saddam killed in Iraq were killed by Iranian chemical weapons. When Saddam finally had enough of the US and decided he would no longer accept the dollar and sought to use only the euro for oil sales in the Oil-For-Food Program, the US suddenly claimed he had to be overthrown for using chemical weapons against his own people over a decade earlier.

So, how is it that this hypocrisy can be ignored by the mainstream media regarding Obama’s desire to intervene in Syria? In the US Civil War President Lincoln, regarded as a hero by neocons, presided over the slaughter of over 600,000 Americans while the population of the US at that time was only 1/3 greater than Syria. Moreover, this carnage was done with primitive weapons and would have continued indefinitely until the US central government got its way. Yet, in Syria Assad is condemned as a strongman when the deaths in his war are fractionally much smaller even given adjustments for population differences. Assad’s war would have to claim three times what the US Civil War did to be proportionally as deadly. Yet, Lincoln did not face tens of thousands of foreign fighters gathered from across the globe who were supported by the world’s greatest military powers.

In light of Saudi intervention, one also has to consider the implications if it is determined that the House of Saud was in fact behind a false flag attack as many knowledgeable military theorists and analysts admit. And if the Saudi jihadists used chemical weapons to kill Syrians that were provided by Saudi Arabia, and given the Saudi kingdom’s admitting to controlling Chechen terrorists and threatening Russia, would not Russia be within its right to conduct a major attack on Saudi Arabia as Putin has threatened to do after being threatened by a Saudi prince with terror?

That Israel would demand humanitarian bombing for alleged Assad use of chemical weapons because it care about jihadist fighters is so hypocritical that it is sickening. But, one wonders what Israel’s position would be if it was discovered that the chemical attacks were false flag operations supplied by Saudi Wahabbists.

The 600 lb. gorilla in the room that the Western media seems to ignore is that the forces in Syria are Saudi Arabia’s irregular forces that are used as an instrument of Saudi foreign policy. These forces are not accountable to anyone and have absolutely no standing under international law. During all of the Syrian war they have executed every single Syrian soldier and slaughtered thousands of civilians due to religious sectarianism. While the US and EU brand Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, it has not engaged in sectarian slaughter of civilians, is a uniformed force, and has a clear command structure that has acted in accordance with international law.

If Obama decides to attack Syria and it is found that Saudi Arabia is not only funding international terrorism in Chechnya, but supplying chemical weapons to kill Syrians and foment a world war by creating a false flag event, Russia would be completely within its rights to flatten Riyadh and begin an Arabian uprising.

The whole world knows that Saudi Arabia holds on to over a trillion dollars in US debt. The world knows the Saudis seek to maintain the dollar as the world’s reserve currency to the detriment of poor and developing nations. The petrol dollar scheme is a tax the US charges the world as it exports its inflation to the world’s economies. The US can not build a phone or television but can build the most expensive fighters Americans can be taxed to procure. As Americans are taxed to pay for the Department of Homeland Security, we find ourselves funding our own slavery.

As the dollar continues it decline, the world knows that Saudi Arabia can spend its troves of freshly printed hundred dollar bills on only four things.

They are:

Advanced US weaponry

Fomenting civil wars that pit Sunni against Shiite

Suppressing domestic dissent

Trying to buy friends (as in Egypt and the unsuccessful attempt to buy off Putin)

The Sauds will do anything to keep the bankrupt petrol dollar scheme afloat while it holds trillions in US debt. There is an old saying about governments that says: If you owe someone a billion dollars, that is your problem, but if you owe them a trillion dollars, that is their problem. We can see that the Saudis problem is that they are willing to betray Islam and their jihadi fighters in order to maintain their kingdom. Sunnis are little more then useful idiots to the House of Saud. Right now we see the beginning of the end to the defeat of Saudi lunacy in the Middle East and with it will begin the continued advancement of Iran and the Non-Aligned Movement that will provide prosperity to those nations whose governments are not so greedy that they betray their people for Zionist banking interests. The petrol dollar recycling scheme is coming to an end and US hegemony will also end. The elite at the CFR, Bilderburg and Trilateral Commission have already schemed and are willing to have America fall to advance a globalist agenda and New World Order.

Libya should be ample example that anyone foolish enough to become involved in the international loan sharking operation known and the World Bank and IMF will raped by lenders or overthrown for attempting to oppose neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism. Iran’s primary reason for being assigned membership to the "Axis of Evil" by the Bush administration is its refusal to be dominated by Zionist banking. We see the results of Qaddafi opposing the international banking cartel. The US and NATO claimed Qaddafi needed to be overthrown to protect Libyans from annihilation even while half the entire nation conducted rallies in support of him. After seeing the US lies and the Saudi funding of Qaddafi’s opposition from jihadists across the Middle East, Russia and China were not so stupid as to allow Saudi Arabia and the West to attempt this transparent ploy in Syria. It now seems Iran and Russia are both telling Obama that he is risking a serious disruption to the world’s economy and a conflict that has no end in sight and very long-term implications of which nobody can know.

Qaddafi proved to be too much of a forward thinker for the US as he worked to provide an African Monetary Fund and African central bank. He built the Great Man-made River Project that was kept hidden by the media and it was the first thing the US bombed to prevent Libya from being the breadbasket of Africa. The US then ended Qaddafi's RASCOM plan to put an advanced telecommunications satellite in space for a small fraction of what the West was trying to change. Then, the IMF got really mad when Qaddafi stopped the West from looting Africa by paying back IMF loans interest-free to indebted nations to prevent forced austerity sell-offs of resources and infrastructure for pennies on the dollar to Western corporation. This is why the Libyan people now live in lawless squalor. Such was the result of the US backing jihadist fighters.

The US has now begun to lie like the Israelis and the Israelis lie like people blink. The US has blown Iranian airliners out of the sky as in the case of IR Flight 655 and the US media, and to a lesser extent the global media, hid the fact that every single assertion made by the US proved to be a lie to cover up the slaughter of over 290 Iranians. When you consider that the US Navy accidentally shot down Flight 800 and killed dozens of US passengers and to this day continues to lie, threaten and obstruct, it is of little surprise to me that the elite can kill a president as they did with Kennedy and then kill his brother to prevent the crime from being exposed during what would have been a succeeding Kennedy administration. As the world now looks to see how successful Iran will be at suing the US for the overthrow of its elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh, few will hold their breath in waiting for the US for conform to international law. How is it that the US bombings Iranain oil platforms in support of Saddam’s war against Iran can be omitted from any conversation about international law?

As a retired Army officer and American citizen I can tell the world that we Americans are at our wit’s end in dealing with our government. This past week two major media operations were bought by globalist corporate entities so as to continue to stuff lies down the throats of the American people. It seems our elite are leaving the American people with little choice except revolution. As Orwell warned, the lies of the elite ad the reality under which the world suffer are beginning to bump up against each other in what will continue to be a growing Syrian conflict. As the US continues to define this conflict using even greater lies to hide its mendacity, the conflict will continue to spread onto a much greater battlefield. Hopefully the American people will not allow our lying Republican and Democratic criminals to lead this nation into another war.

When Sunni Muslims across the world wake up, they will see that the House of Saud is made up of a bunch of lying, murderous and pretentious infidels whose demise would benefit the entire Middle East. If the House of Saud was ended the entire Middle East could be free of radical jihadists and corrupt US and Zionist influence.

Once the US is defeated in the Middle East and Americans are left to suffer the consequences, Americans will finally realize they can also defeat the government’s tyranny under which we continue to suffer in increasingly greater measure. While this suffering had formerly only been inflicted upon the brown-skinned people of other nations, it is now being doubled down on because force is the only tool the government has and knows how to use, but this too will come to an end eventually. Then America will have a chance of being free again and regaining its lost liberties.

The US government has made itself the enemy of the American people and the nation is ripening for revolution. When the time comes I hope other governments will help American freedom fighters and true Americans will begin trials for treason and crimes against humanity by the criminals who now lead this country.



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