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Dr. Kay: Interim Progress Report

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Energy Price Manipulation

Intel Overview '98 secret

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NSA subliminal post hypnotic scripts

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Fed Polygraph Test Guidelines

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Storage Guidelines Report August 2003
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 .: 9-11: An Inside Job :. jar2

"9/11 was not an inside job..." - Bill Clinton 03-04-08

"Give up your kids as collateral." - Nancy Pelosi 05-07

The truth about 9-11. 284 Mbs.

9-11 The Truth  FTP


"PNAC=9-11, Endless


Tailed and Pwned New Middle East Border zones Surveillance Team Sitting on Nathan Folks CIA Lies

USJSOC Preparing to Murder Kim Jong-un

Outed CIA: Jared Kartchner, John Hardman, Raymond Castillo, Robert Briskman 

CIA Officer Raymond Alexander Castillo

Current COS in Prague (Under diplomatic cover using various titles, such as Counselor for Public Affairs) Previous Stations Kabul, Afghanistan 2012 Windhoek, Namibia 2006 to 2009 Kuala Lumpur 2005 Burkina Faso 2002

CIA Officer Robert A. Briskman COS in Riga, Latvia 2008 – 2010

CIA Officer John Thomas Hardman Currently stationed in Moldova. Previous Stations Milan, Italy 2006 – 2008 Kazakhstan 2003 – 2006

CIA Officer Jared Allen Kartchner Previous Stations Abuja, Nigeria 2004 Antananarivo, Madagascar 2006 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

 CIA/MOSSAD Agent - Infiltrates Media As ME Expert, Operation VOR Robles



CIA Officer Martha Anne Howell Current COS in Canberra, Australia CIA Officer Ted “Teddy” Fatovic Currently Belgrade, Serbia Previous Skopje, Macedonia 2012-2014


Clinton Order on Human Experimentation Programs


Indictment Against Harold Martin NSA/CIA

download pdf


NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Data Far More Sensitive than Snowden Docs

By James Holbrooks
     According to an indictment released Wednesday, the information stolen by Harold Martin, a former N.S.A. contractor who was arrested in August of last year, may be far more damaging to the U.S. intelligence community than anything taken by Edward Snowden.
     On October 5, the New York Times broke the story that the F.B.I. had arrested an employee of the intelligence community over suspicions the worker had stolen highly classified computer code.
From that report:
     The contractor was identified as Harold T. Martin III of Glen Burnie, Md., according to a criminal complaint filed in late August and unsealed Wednesday. Mr. Martin, who at the time of his arrest was working as a contractor for the Defense Department after leaving the N.S.A., was charged with theft of government property and the unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents.
     According to the Times, a neighbor saw “two dozen F.B.I. agents wearing military-style uniforms and armed with long guns” storm Martin’s home and later escort the man out in handcuffs.
     At the time, there was speculation that Martin could be connected to stolen N.S.A. code that found its way into the hands of a group called the Shadow Brokers — for a period, Martin worked for the elite N.S.A. unit from which the data was taken — but even now, authorities can’t prove he actually passed on any information.
     But the mere fact that he possessed such highly sensitive material is enough to put Martin away for the rest of his life, as the recently released indictment indicates.
     “For more than two decades,” Business Insider wrote on Thursday, “Martin allegedly made off with highly-classified documents that were found in his home and car that included discussions of the US military’s capabilities and gaps in cyberspace, specific targets, and ‘extremely sensitive’ operations against terror groups, according to an indictment released Wednesday.”
     The indictment gives the public a much clearer look at the type of data Martin allegedly stole. And next to Edward Snowden, whose security clearance limited the documents he took to
mostly training materials, it appears Harold Martin’s reach went far further into the national intelligence community.
     Martin is charged with 20 counts of having unauthorized possession of classified material. The government alleges that over this long intelligence career, the 51-year-old took material from the N.S.A., the National Reconnaissance Office, U.S. Cyber Command, and even the C.I.A.
     Some of the items allegedly taken, according to text from the indictment, include:
>>>A 2008 CIA document containing information regarding foreign intelligence collection sources and methods, and relating to a foreign intelligence collection target.
>>>A USCYBERCOM document, dated August 17, 2016, discussing capabilities and gaps in capabilities of the US military and details of specific operations.
>>>A description of the technical architecture of an NSA communications system.
>>>An outline of a classified exercise involving real-world NSA and US military resources to demonstrate existing cyber intelligence and operational capabilities.
     Martin’s first court appearance is set for February 14. If found guilty, he faces up to 200 years in prison.
This article (NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Data Far More Sensitive Than the Snowden Docs) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to James Holbrooks and Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific.

 CIA Chiefs of Station List


Other CIA Chiefs of Stations

CIA Chief of Station in Afghanistan Richard Blee

CIA Kabul Chief of Station Spike Dubbs

CIA chief of station Ted Shackley

Cofer Black, the CIA Chief of Station in Khartoum in 1995 

Deputy chief of station in Tripoli, Gregory Hicks

CIA Chief of Station in Islamabad, RoBert Grenier

chief of station islamabad craig peters

Station Chief in Islamabad, namely Craig Osth

COS/KABULGregory Vogel aka Craig, the Spider and the Wolf

COS/KABUL Chief of Station, Kabul 1972-75 Samuel H. Rickard III
COS/ALGIERS Chief of Station, Algiers 1973-76 Edward R.M. Kane
COS/VIENNA Chief of station, Vienna 1970-76 Charles Trofford Malton, jr.
COS/DACCA Chief of Station, Dacca 1972-75 George T. Walsh
COS/BRUSSELS Chief of Station, Brussels 1971-75 Michael S. Thompson
COB/ANTWERP Chief of Base, Antwerp 1970-75 Rowlands E. Roberts Jr.
COS/LA PAZ Chief of station, La Paz 1973-75 Frederick W. Latrash
COS/BRASILIA Chief of station, Brasilia 1972-74 Wilfred D. Koplowitz
COB/RECIFE Chief of Base, Recife 1953-75 Thomas J. Barrett Jr.
COB/RIO DE JANEIRO Chief of base Rio De Janeiro 1964-75 Stephen F. Creane
COS/RANGOON Chief of Station, Rangoon Clyde R. McAvoy
COS/BUJUMBURA Chief of station, Bujumbura John C. Beam
COS/PHNOM PENH Chief of station Phnom Penh John F. McCarthy III
COS/YAOUNDE Chief of station, Yaounde Jeff Corydon III
COS/OTTOWA Chief of station, Ottowa Cleveland C. Cram
COS/BANGUI Chief of station, Bangui William L. Mosebey Jr.
COS/SANTIAGO Chief of station, santiago Stewart D. Burton
COS/BOGOTA Chief of station, Bogota Nestor D. Sanchez
COS/SAN JOSE Chief of station, San Jose Comer W. Gilstrap Jr.
COS/PRAGUE Chief of station Prague Richard A. Kahane
COS/SANTO DOMINGO Chief of station, Santo Domingo Thomas A. Clayton
COS/QUITO Chief of station, Quito Paul V. Harwood
COB,GUAYAQUIL Chief of Base, Guayaquil Norman M. Descoteaux
COS/CAIRO Chief of Station, Cairo Arthur M. Niner Jr.
COS/SAN SALVADOR Chief of station, San Salvador Kenneth R. Goodman
COS/ADDIS ABABA Chief of station, Addis Ababa Eugene L. Jeffers Jr.
COS/HELSINKI Chief of station, Helsinki William C. Simenson
COS/PARIS Chief of station, Paris Eugen F. Burgstaller
COS/BERLIN Chief of station, Berlin George Weisz
COS/ACCRA Chief of station, Accra Joel D. Ticknor
COS/ATHENS Chief of station, Athens Stacy B. Hulse Jr.
COS/GUATEMALA Chief of station, Guatemala city Edwin M. Terrell
COS/CONAKRY Chief of station, Conakry Peter V. Raudenbush
COS/GEORGETOWN Chief of station, Georgetown Robert H. Riefe
COS/PORT-AU-PRINCE Chief of station, Port-Au-Prince James D. Montgomery
COS/TEGUCIGALPA Chief of station, Tegucigalpa Glenn O. Brown
COS/NEW DELHI Chief of station, New Delhi William C. Grimsley Jr.
COB/BOMBAY Chief of base, Bombay Edward J. Gotchef
COB/CALCUTTA Chief of base, Calcutta E. Norbert Garrett III
COB/MADRAS Chief of base, Madras Jack S. Ogino
COS/JAKARTA Chief of station, Jakarta Clifton R. Strathern
COB/MEDAN Chief of base, Medan Thomas L. Norwood Jr.
COB/SURABAYA Chief of base, Surabaya Robert H. Mills
COS/TEHRAN Chief of station, Tehran George W. Cave
COS/ROME Chief of station, Rome Howard E. Stone
COS/ABIDJAN Chief of station, Abidjan Martin J Bergin Jr.
COS/KINGSTON Chief of Station, Kingston Thomas J. Keenan
COS/AMMAN Chief of station, Amman Frederic H. Sabin III
COS/NAIROBI Chief of station, Nairobi Howard T. Bane
COS/KUWAIT Chief of station, Kuwait Robert C. Ames
COS/BEIRUT Chief of station, Beirut John J. Seidel Jr.
COS/LUXEMBOURG Chief of station, Luxembourg Felton M. Wyatt
COS/BAMAKO Chief of station, Bamako Raymond F. Denicourt
COS/VALETTA Chief of station, Valetta George A. Chritton
COS/PORT LOUIS Chief of station, Port Louis Vasia C. Gmirkin
COS/RABAT Chief of station, Rabat Charles G. Cogan
COB/CASABLANCA Chief of base, Casablanca Mark T. Colby
COS/KATHMANDU Chief of station, Kathmandu Joseph A. Murray Jr.
COS/MANAGUA Chief of station, Managua Joseph Piccolo Jr.
COB/KADUNA Chief of base, Kaduna Robert W. Ince
COS/MUSCAT Chief of station, Muscat Robert L. Headley Jr.
COS/ISLAMABAD Chief of station, Islamabad Donald F. Vogel
COB/KARACHI Chief of base Karachi Edward R. Brown
COS/PANAMA Chief of station, Panama city Joseph Y. Kiyonaga
COS/LIMA Chief of station, Lima Richard S. Welch
COS/MANILA Chief of station, Manila George T. Kalaris
COS/WARSAW Chief of state, Warsaw Carl E. Gebhardt
COS/BUCHAREST Chief of station, Bucharest Jay K. Gruner
COS/JIDDA Chief of station, Jidda Raymond H. Close
COS/DAKAR Chief of station, Dakar Charles L. Randolph
COS/SINGAPORE Chief of station, Singapore David T. Samson
COS/MOGADISCIO Chief of station, Mogadiscio David P. Hunt
COS/PRETORIA Chief of station, Pretoria Jarrel H. Richardson
COS/COLOMBO Chief of station, Colombo James A. Higham
COS/KHARTOUM Chief of station, Khartoum Murat Natirboff
COS/DAR ES SALAAM Chief of station, Dar Es Salaam Harry S. Slifer Jr.
COS/ANKARA Chief of station, Ankara John H. Hoskins
COB/ISTANBUL Chief of base, Istanbul Robert B. Goodwin
COS/ABU DHABI Chief of station, Abu Dhabi James M. Fernald
COS/LONDON Chief of station, London Cord Meyer
COS/HONG KONG Chief of station, Hong kong Joseph J. Simon
COS/MONTEVIDEO Chief of Station, Montevideo Martin C. Hawkins
COS/CARACAS Chief of station, Caracas Wade E. thomas
COS/SAIGON Chief of station, Saigon Thomas Polgar
COB/DANANG Chief of base, Danang James M. Howley
COB/BIEN HOA Chief of base, Bien Hoa Thomas W. Lamb
COS/BELGRADE Chief of station, Belgrade Richard F. Stolz Jr.
COS/ZAGREB Chief of station, Zagreb Paul J. Redmond
COS/KINSHASA Chief of station, Kinshasa James Kim,Stuart E Methven
COS/NEW YORK Chief of station, New York Rudulph E. Carter
COB/GENEVA Chief of base, Geneva Leon Sandel,Throop M. Wilder Jr.
COB/PARIS Chief of base, Paris John H. Kenney

Past CIA Station Chiefs and operatives working out of embassy in Moscow:
Paul Garbler  1961 - 1964
Richard F Stolz  1964 - 1965
John Sager  1965 to 1966
Serge Taube  1969 - 1971
Robert T Dumaine  1971 - 1973
David B Kelly  1973 - 1975
Robert M Fulton  1975  1977
Gardner R Hathaway  1977 - 1980
Burton L Gerber  1980 - 1982
Carl E Gebhardt  1982 - 1984
Murat Natirboff  1984 - 1986
Jack G Downing  1986 - 1989
Michael K Cline  1989 - 1991
David Rolph  1991 - 1993
James M Morris  1993 - 1994
Michael J Sulick  1994 - 1996
Stephen R Kappes  1996 - 1999
Jonathan Banks  Unknown
Ronald Czarnetsky  2006 - 2007
Stephen Holmes (AKA Steven Hall)  2013 - 2013
Michael A. McFaul Special Operations 2007 - 2013
Ryan C Fogle 2011 - 2014
Benjamin Dillon 2011 - 2013
James M. Olson  Deputy chief of station (Exact dates are unknown) 2011 - 2013
John Ivan Guilsher  1977 - 1980

Moscow CIA OC AC Officer Ryan Christopher Fogle's Cover Blown


FSB catches CIA Agent Controller red handed

CIA Inspector General's Report on Torture and Interrogation

08-27-2009 PDF    ZIPPED   

Top Secret, Heavily Redacted    CIA: Yet another torture technique  


CIA Used Mock Executions as a Tool  

Moscow CIA OC AC Officer Ryan Christopher Fogle's Cover Blown

08-18-2009Moscow CIA OC Officer Kyle Hatcher's Cover Blown by Johnson

Kyle Hatcher first Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and CIA O officer, whose official responsibilities include liaising with members of the Russian religious community, including the highest levels ofthe Russian Orthodox Church and the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities, has been caught engaged in sex with various prostitutes by unknown individuals who filmed him in the act. CIA apologists claim that due to his legend he could not possibly be CIA but upon attempting to verify his legend it comes up hollow. Congratulations to the CIA on this one, once again it goes to show that when it comes to HUMIT operations and million dollar training, the CIA can't control their baser functions namely keeping their Johnsons under control. Kyle Hatcher and his little friend is our outed CIA agent of the month.     

Video Here      Photo Here 

Postscript: The real issue here is not the fact that he was engaged in illicit sex during his free time but that he was apparently unaware for hours and perhaps days or months that he was being followed, video taped and his cell phone conversations were being recorded. As the official CIA resident he should have been aware and have taken counter measures. Such entrapment and "honey trap" operations are common and are usually used to blackmail individuals of interest. Apparently Mr. Hatcher was not blackmailable, or was of no interest to those who filmed him any longer

2013 FSB catches CIA Agent Controller red handed

The NSA is spying on everything you do and warrants our attention

Mossad suicides double agent

30,000 drones flying over the United States in the next 20 years


AISO and their Facebook Operations

CIA Plans to Assassinate Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

Analysis of DOJ White Paper Authorizing Extra-Judicial Executions

Off-site 'State sponsored terrorism' or USAID funds terrorist groups

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely: Benghazi attack carried out by al-Qaeda linked terrorists?

Benghazi attack on largest CIA regional operation, Steven’s death collateral 

Ambassador Stevens died like a cur, he got what he deserved. He came, he saw, he died.

Anna Chapman spy ring accused of “grooming” kids

  Benghazi attack on largest CIA regional operation, Steven’s death collateral

USAID Funds Terrorist Groups and Covers for the CIA

My article about  the decision to ban USAID from Russia on the Voice of Russia

Putin agrees: USAID out

USAID is a tool to meddle in civil society, Major FAIL for the major CIA front

USAID must cease operations in Russia

USAID is kicked out of Russia A list of CIA front companies

Rumors of spy exchange in Bout case   Bout Exchange jar2

"Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request  PDF   
"Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request DOC

CIA: Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case

Is Swine Flu A Synthetic Race-Targeting Biological Weapon?

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

Goldstone: Dear Congress, About All Those Lies Re My Report

  Susan Lindauer on Pre 9/11 Warnings and the Iraq War

April 4, 2012 "Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request  PDF   

"Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request DOC    

Poland  US Lapdog

UNHCR is a U.S. tool Thanks WikiLeaks  07MOSCOW104  2007-01-12 15:03  2010-12-06 21:09  SECRET  Embassy Moscow  HCR

Since the year 2000 the US Government has been spying on the Norwegians, Germans, Swedes, the Dutch

Kurt Cobain Killed by CIA?

Secret CIA Report RED CELL (US as Exporter of Terrorism) PDF

CIA Mole Mr. Mohammad Zia Salehi Burned

MI-6 Housekeeping or a hit? MI-6 Dead Agent in a Bag

Ten Russian Agents Plead Guilty and Are to Be Removed from the United States

FBI Counter Intelligence claims woman who could not even pass along a passport to be highly trained Russian "illegal" spy

No evidence of espionage in (Criminal) complaints. Actual complaints. PDFs  ONE and TWO

CIA Afghanistan Propaganda Ops: European Support

CIA Plans to Destroy Wikileaks

Spanish prosecutors want 13 CIA agents arrested

APA Scrubs Pages Linking It to CIA Torture Workshops

Castro’s secret archives: US Special Ops prepares to snatch five decades of damaging material

‘Hit teams’ taking out American Embassy Employees

CIA???-MOSSAD???-MI-6??? 26-member hit squad carrying European passports   photos of 17

MI-6 intelligence-gathering methods leaker arrested

CIA Inspector General's Report on Torture and Interrogation    PDF    ZIPPED    Top Secret, Heavily Redacted

CIA Rape Charges

Three CIA Agents in Iran Blow Their Cover

CIA Torture Black Site: Secret Lithuanian Prison

CIA Predator War

The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses

Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire, Ex-U.S. Operatives Dot Firm's Roster

Judge Tosses NSA Spy Cases  

Ex-MI6 chief likely to give evidence to Chilcot inquiry behind closed doors

CIA: 7 Dead Officers in Epic Afghanistan Failure

CIA Ends 2009 With Another Epic HUMIT Fail Harold E. Brown Jr.  Fairfax, Va and Bolton, Mass Scott Michael Roberson 39  

US Intelligence Spat  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair Listen on VOR    Download

Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case

British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide'

All-Knowing' Oleg Gordievsky: MI-5/MI-6 Disinformation Spokestool, Wheeled Out

CIA Officer's Official Cover Blown in Moscow

When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim Osman by J. Orlin Grabbe (One of us. DECEASED)

The CIA's Family Jewels All Documents From JAR2 zipped   FTP

Tenet on NIE and Extracts

Tenet Statement Iraq WMD Report 10-03-03

The CIA's Worlds Factbook 2003

CIA Director takes the heat for Bush



Secret WTC base.doc

The CIA's Worlds Factbook 2002

US Military Counter Intel Manual

US Military Counter Intel Manual  zip

US Defense

OSS Manual

CI Scope Polygraph and the Test for Espionage and Sabotage

Analytic Thinking and Presentation for Intelligence Producers


US-UK Nuclear Tests

NIC Report on Russian Nukes and Nuclear Forces

Storage Guidelines Report August 2003 PDF ZIP File

Storage Guidelines Report August 2003

Triggering Devices for Nuclear Weapons

How-to weapons guide 06-21-03


Annual Report  2000

Annual Report  2003

Tomlinsons Book


Our Third Leak from 1998 on a Site Called Interceptor - Shut Down by US Gov


National Security Agency - NSA

Australian Security Intelligence Organization - ASIO

The Council on Foreign Relations - CFR (The Shadow Government)

The Central Intelligence Agency - CIA (Original Page From Old Site)

The Central Intelligence Agency - CIA Front Companies

The Central Intelligence Agency - CIA Officers and Employees List

The Central Intelligence Agency - CIA Chiefs of Station List

The Central Intelligence Agency - Leaks and Files

FVEY: The Five Eyes Alliance of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US

The MOSSAD List - Over 35,000 MOSSAD Officers, Agents and Assets

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO

The US Agency for International Development - USAID (A CIA Front)

 WikiLeaks (A CIA Front)

CIA Black Operations and Narcotics Trafficking

 The Central Intelligence Agency - Weather Manipulation

 The CIA and REX 84 H.R. 645 National Emergency Centers Establishment Act

 The CIA and Their Extensive Operations and Networks in Russia

 911: The Horrendous CIA/MOSSAD/Saudi Mass Murder of 2,999 Human Beings

 The Illuminati List - Enslaving the World for their New World Order

 The MI6 List - Over 400 MI6 Officers

 The FBI List - The FBI List Up to J (Jenkins) Download of FBI Database was stopped


 The Ukrainian Banderavite ATO List - Over 14,000 Ukrainian Nazis

 Pizzagate: CIA Child Trafficking, Sacrifice, Pedophilia and Blackmail

 MKULTRA MONARCH Kathleen Sullivan/Cathy O'Brien - CIA Mind Control

 SERBIA, Yugoslavia: Organ Trafficking, Black Operations, Land Theft, Genocide

 The Clinton Drug and Human Trafficking CIA Crime Family

 GOOGLE IS EVIL: How The CIA/NSA Made Google

 Operation Snow Den: The CIA Sent Greenberg to Russia to Protect 911 Cash Flows

 WADA: How the CIA, the Cabal and the MIC Turned the Olympics into a Tool

 Cody Snodgres Exposes the CIA Black Ops Community and Horrendous Operations

Black Ops Agent Claims He Was Paid To Bomb OKC in the 1990s By Deep State; Hours Later Has A Car Crash






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